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Chapter 204: Two Months

Outside the ancient city, at the door of a small courtyard.

Lin Jiufeng had built a rocking chair for himself. He sat on it and looked at the vegetable garden and the chicken coop that he had built not far away.

His mood instantly became better.

It was as if he wasn’t the one who killed in fury just now.

Earlier, his G.o.d’s Domain spread and directly suppressed the 30 King Realm cultivators in the ancient city.

Lin Jiufeng’s true body didn’t have to appear in the midst.

Their lives and deaths were already in his hands.

This was the current Lin Jiufeng.

He was powerful!

“Why were you angry just now?” The white cat asked curiously.

“Because some people had overestimated themselves,” Lin Jiufeng replied.

“What about now?” The white cat asked.

“It’s settled.”

“Our life here should remain peaceful for a while. I will just be a farmer, raising chickens and ducks, planting some vegetables, and when I’m hungry, I will make some food for myself.”

“No one will disturb me, and I will quietly stand guard before this Mountain Sea Door.”

Lin Jiufeng wore a smile.

“I feel like I’m about to make a breakthrough,” the white cat suddenly said.

Lin Jiufeng asked in surprise, “Didn’t you just make a breakthrough into the Supremacy Realm?”

The white cat’s cultivation was very difficult.

She had to rely on a large number of resources to reach her current realm.

Of course, she also had her own strange parts.

She seemed to have an extraordinary background.

But Lin Jiufeng refused to believe that it was the case.

The white cat was dull, clingy, and her cultivation was slow.

He even had to guide her slowly in her cultivation.

If her origins were extraordinary and her bloodline was powerful, then she would simply be letting down her bloodline.

Of course, he couldn’t possibly say these words to the white cat.

She would definitely be angry if he did so.

Once she got angry, she would ignore Lin Jiufeng.

Then, Lin Jiufeng would have no cat to pet anymore.

Lin Jiufeng was already used to having the white cat by his side. It has been decades since they accompanied each other. Lin Jiufeng couldn’t imagine his life without the white cat.

The white cat mumbled, “I don’t know either…”

“Anyway, I’m about to make a breakthrough just by absorbing spiritual energy.”

“Perhaps it’s because you opened the Mountain Sea Realm and I absorbed too much spiritual energy from that realm? In any case, I’m already at the peak of the Supremacy Realm,” the white cat said.

“I see. Then, tell me when you’ll make your breakthrough…”

“I will help you keep an eye out,” Lin Jiufeng said seriously.

“I understand, but there should still be some time before I can do it,” the white cat replied sweetly.

Lin Jiufeng hugged her and opened the seal of the Mountain Sea Door.

Someone immediately wanted to rush out.

Then, Lin Jiufeng immediately struck out with a sword move.

Afterwards, Old Man Luo walked over to comfort the defeated cultivator.

He brought him to the ancient city in the oasis.

A line of words appeared in front of Lin Jiufeng’s eyes.

[Defeated Luo Jiaoshan and Sign-In for a 10,000-year-old ginseng!]

Tonight, Lin Jiufeng caught one of the few old hens in his chicken coop and stewed it with the 10,000-year-old ginseng.

Then he shared it with the white cat.

After the meal, the man and the cat laid on the bed.

They looked at the stars while digesting the huge amount of spiritual energy from the ginseng.

Days continuously pa.s.sed in the same peaceful manner.

It has been two months since the appearance of the Mountain Sea Door.

In the past two months, the originally empty ancient city now had an additional 60 people as its citizens.

They were all King Realm cultivators.

The person who was defeated by Lin Jiufeng on the latest day was already at the ninth level of the King Realm, but he was still defeated by a single punch from Lin Jiufeng.

He didn’t even manage to see Lin Jiufeng’s figure.

After two months, the vegetables that Lin Jiufeng planted grew really well.

There were also a few chickens, ducks, and even fishes.

He would make a meal every few days.

It could be considered a habit that he had developed during these peaceful days.

Over the past two months, Lin Jiufeng’s life remained simple and fulfilling.

On this day, Lin Jiufeng was fis.h.i.+ng at the edge of the lake.

“Ever since I left the Cold Palace, my progress came to a halt. But now that I’m here, I’ve finally recovered the feeling I once felt.” Lin Jiufeng looked at the sparkling lake surface and pondered with a calm expression.

These days were great for him.

His daily routine of signing in quietly and becoming stronger in peace was now being realized once again here in the Northwest Territory.

Lin Jiufeng could endure loneliness.

As long as he could become stronger, it wouldn’t be a problem even if he continued to live here quietly for another 80 years.


Lin Jiufeng felt the fis.h.i.+ng rod tremble.

He decisively raised it, and the fis.h.i.+ng line flew up.

A fish the size of an arm broke out from the surface.

Under the sunlight, it flickered with a crystal-like l.u.s.ter.

“Little Cat, put the fish away. Let’s have an All-Fish Banquet tonight,” Lin Jiufeng said with a smile.

Meow ~

The white cat flew up and hurriedly took the fish off the fis.h.i.+ng rod and placed it in a wooden bucket.

She also liked to eat fish.

Lin Jiufeng was just about to hang the bait and put the fis.h.i.+ng rod down.

But he suddenly remembered that he still hadn’t signed in today.


Lin Jiufeng directly opened the seal of the Mountain Sea Door and saw a person come out.

It was another cultivator at the ninth level of the King Realm.

When the cultivators in the ancient city saw the newly-emerged cultivator, they sighed in unison.

They were hoping that someone beyond the King Realm would appear.

Because ninth-level King Realm cultivators weren’t even worth mentioning for Lin Jiufeng.

Lin Jiufeng didn’t say anything to the newcomer.

He used his finger like a sword and lightly tapped the air.

Then, without looking at the result, he continued fis.h.i.+ng.

And with the tap of his finger…

It was as if everything in the world, the sun, the moon, the stars, and the tide of spiritual energy had all transformed into a sword that could split the mountains and seas.

It rushed over and bore down on the newcomer.


The ninth-level King Realm cultivator instantly spat out blood upon being struck.

He was greatly shocked.

He couldn’t resist at all, as if they were people from two different worlds.

When Lin Jiufeng pointed out with his finger and slashed with it as if it was his sword—the sun, moon, mountains—and the seas were all captivated by his move.

How could he possibly withstand such an attack?

In the ancient city, Old Man Luo sighed helplessly and walked out.

He had now become the receptionist of the ancient city.

He received and welcomed a cultivator from the Mountain Sea Realm every day.

“Take a look at how huge the opening of the Mountain Sea Door is right now. It should be able to accommodate someone with a cultivation base higher than the King Realm.”

Someone pointed out in antic.i.p.ation.

The realm after the King Realm was the Spirit Platform Realm.

The Spirit Platform Realm involved the Divine Soul. It was different from the True Qi and the physical body. Any matter involving the divine soul was extremely dangerous. If one was careless, their divine soul could be irrevocably damaged.

A cultivator at the Spirit Platform Realm was undoubtedly several folds stronger than one at the King Realm.

“But can a Spirit Platform Realm cultivator be able to defeat that man?”

King Kaoshan was doubtful.

He no longer had the confidence that Lin Jiufeng could be defeated after seeing him defeat a King Realm cultivator every day.

Lin Jiufeng’s mysterious might had formed a deep knot in their hearts.

To this day, these people didn’t talk much to Lin Jiufeng.

Lin Jiufeng lived outside the city, while they lived inside, they didn’t communicate with each other at all. In fact, they didn’t even know Lin Jiufeng’s name.

They referred to Lin Jiufeng as ‘that man’.

“Let’s see if someone at the Spirit Platform Realm can defeat him. Otherwise, we will really have to stay here for a long time.”

“In my opinion, it’s fine if we stay here. Although that man is restricting our freedom, we can still comprehend the Great Dao of this world here.”

“But birds that want to fly cannot be trapped forever.”

The others nodded silently. They wanted to leave and take a look at the outside world. At the same time, they wanted to develop their own forces and become heroes and lords of this world.

Only by seizing the initiative could they gain the advantage.

But now, Lin Jiufeng was a huge mountain that was blocking their way to success.


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