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Chapter 329: Death of the Female War G.o.d

What he heard from the female War G.o.d simply overturned Lin Jiufeng’s understanding.

If it was really as the war G.o.ddess had said, then the water in this world was very deep.

But Lin Jiufeng didn’t believe it completely either. He looked at the female War G.o.d coldly, his body on guard at all times. No matter how powerful the female War G.o.d was, he was no longer afraid.

Hence, he looked at the female War G.o.d calmly, wanting to know more.

The female War G.o.d seemed to enjoy seeing Lin Jiufeng’s shocked expression.

Little by little, she would overturn Lin Jiufeng’s understanding of the world by telling him the secrets of this world. The so-called Human Race and the so-called Myriad Races were nothing at all.

“What evidence do you have for what you said?” Lin Jiufeng questioned. It wasn’t easy to make him believe some strange truths with just a few words.

“Evidence?” The female War G.o.d smiled in disdain.

“Me being alive now is the biggest evidence.” The female War G.o.d looked at Lin Jiufeng with her nose pointing towards the sky.

“You are really thick-skinned!” Lin Jiufeng ridiculed without holding back.

The female War G.o.d’s face darkened. She looked at Lin Jiufeng in displeasure and shouted, “Do you know my background?”

“Aren’t you just a member of the female War G.o.d lineage of Immortal Court? A lineage with a single descendant every generation which is all very powerful,” Lin Jiufeng said.

“Correct, but also wrong!” The female War G.o.d shook her head.

“Please enlighten me!” Lin Jiufeng asked seriously.

The problem that had always troubled him was that this world seemed to be covered by a thin veil. The people of the world could only see the world above the veil, but no one knew what was hidden behind the veil.

Even though Lin Jiufeng had been investigating, his gains were minimal.

Now that the female War G.o.d was right in front of him and had such a strong desire to share her knowledge, Lin Jiufeng had to seize this opportunity to clarify the doubts in his heart.

“The female War G.o.d lineage of the Immortal Court has always had a single descendant every generation. Only when the previous one died would there be a next generation. But do you know that there are differences among the female War G.o.ds?” The female War G.o.d asked.

“Tell me!” Lin Jiufeng answered solemnly.

“The first female War G.o.d and I are from the same place. The others were nurtured by the Immortal Court themselves. This is the biggest difference,” the female War G.o.d said.

“From the same place?” Lin Jiufeng frowned. The meaning behind these words wasn’t trivial.

“Where did you come from?” Lin Jiufeng asked.

“You don’t need to know that.” The female War G.o.d spread her brows and smiled, not wanting to tell Lin Jiufeng.

“In your eyes, I’m just a dead person. Can’t you tell the dead the truth?” Lin Jiufeng resisted the urge to make a move. What kind of person would leave half the words out?

“You are indeed a dead man in my eyes, but why should I let you know everything?” The female War G.o.d said loftily.

“Tell me the entire truth and let me be a contended ghost. In exchange, I will tell you my motive for coming to the Western Desert and here.” Lin Jiufeng thought for a while and proposed the deal.

“No, there’s no room for discussion on this matter. I can only tell you that the first female War G.o.d was very powerful. In the end, she didn’t die but returned to where she should be. The subsequent successive female War G.o.d was trained by her. That’s why the following generations of female War G.o.ds were so weak and were killed until I appeared.”

“I was very powerful and at the Immortal King Realm, but there were still people in the G.o.d Race who could kill me. But they didn’t dare to kill me. Instead, they used all sorts of methods to lure me to the Third World and racked their brains to suppress me. After finis.h.i.+ng me off, a huge battle broke out between them and the Immortal Court. From this, you should know whether what I said is true or false,” the female War G.o.d said coldly.

Speaking of her origins, she was very proud.

Lin Jiufeng fell silent. He vaguely believed her words in his heart.

The Immortal Court, the G.o.d Race, and the Myriad Races were basically all created by the race or faction behind the female War G.o.d.

“Since the faction behind you is so huge, why didn’t it continue to attack and instead let this world be ruled by us humans?” Lin Jiufeng asked, puzzled.

“I don’t know either. I have no idea what exactly happened in the past 20,000 years. But now that I have recovered, I can unveil the curtain of this era. In essence, this world in your eyes is just a huge testing base. You guys have been allowed to grow freely for 20,000 years, and now it’s time to return to normal.” The female War G.o.d’s desire to speak ended. She walked elegantly towards Lin Jiufeng.

She wanted to kill Lin Jiufeng and then turn this world into what it was 20,000 years ago.

“This world has escaped its original trajectory. It’s time to correct the wrong.”

“It’s a pity for you. You comprehended the 3,000 Great Dao. You should have been very powerful and become an outstanding person of a generation. Perhaps you could have been of use to us. But now, you are going to die early. I must kill you today.”

The female War G.o.d raised her palm. Energy gathered in her palm and transformed into a sharp sword, the kind that could kill.

The sword pointed at Lin Jiufeng. The female War G.o.d’s expression was cold as she said, “It’s enough to talk to you so much. You can be a contended ghost now. It’s time for you to die.”

Lin Jiufeng let out a long breath and asked, “Do you really think that you can kill me?”

“This time, I will avoid that despicable magic treasure. I won’t be tricked by you again.” The female War G.o.d was confident of her victory. She knew that the reason why she fled in a sorry state the last time was that she activated that magic treasure and suffered a loss.

This time, she would definitely be very careful and not give Lin Jiufeng any chance.

With her current strength, as long as she didn’t activate the General Appointing Platform, even if Lin Jiufeng held the 3,000 Great Dao, he wouldn’t be a match for her.

This was also the reason why she walked over without hesitation the moment she discovered Lin Jiufeng.

With the sword in hand, the female War G.o.d was in high spirits.

Lin Jiufeng was very calm. He strode forward and shouted, “Since you are unwilling to tell me, then I will beat you down. I will let you know that even without relying on the General Appointing Platform, I can still defeat you.”


Without hesitation, Lin Jiufeng immediately threw a punch. With the 3,000 Great Dao in hand, he struck out a gorgeous light.

“Dream on!” The female War G.o.d shouted coldly. With a flick of the longsword in her hand, a resplendent light instantly scattered down. A vast and mighty fluctuation appeared, and the terrifying energy directly crushed a part of the void.

Then, a dragon’s roar sounded. The sword in her hand transformed into a dragon that flew out. It roared at the sky as if it could collapse the heavens and the myriad worlds!

This was the soul of the treasured sword that she carried with her 20,000 years ago. Although it no longer had its true form, its soul still existed and still had an unstoppable might.

The soul-form treasured sword had a dragon head that was the sword blade. It had nine claws and a dragon tail that transformed into a sword handle, emitting a terrifying might. It scattered resplendent light. Even if 10,000 suns were gathered together, they wouldn’t be as resplendent as it was.

A dragon’s roar reverberated throughout the ages.

In the very next moment, it was like an eternal light that slashed out directly. With the power to break spells, it split apart Lin Jiufeng’s 3,000 Great Dao and directly hovered above his head.

The terrifying force made Lin Jiufeng’s body tremble. His skin split open, and he almost knelt down in wors.h.i.+p.

The soul-form sword was just that terrifying.

“That’s all you can do?”

“You want to kill me with just this little strength?” The female War G.o.d looked at Lin Jiufeng in disdain.

Lin Jiufeng’s skin split open and then quickly recovered. But in the very next moment, it still split open. This proved how terrifying this soul-form sword was.

However, Lin Jiufeng’s expression was calm. Golden light burst out from his eyes. In the very next moment, Lin Jiufeng let out a long roar. A vast domain rose behind him.

G.o.d’s Domain!

A huge mountain range appeared in the domain and then directly erupted.

Lin Jiufeng executed the activation method of the Life-Reversing Great Dao Array Formation.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

In an instant, an extremely terrifying power erupted from the G.o.d’s Domain, enveloping the surrounding s.p.a.ce.

The sky instantly turned dark and shrouded the ground. Thousands of miles of black clouds were pressing down and bolts of lightning were running in the clouds. It was very terrifying.

Heavenly punishment!

The Life-Reversing Great Dao Array Formation was activated at this moment. It erupted with an extremely terrifying power, turning this world into a sea of lightning.

As for Lin Jiufeng, his eyes flashed with lightning. He gritted his teeth and forcefully pushed the female War G.o.d’s dragon sword away. He shouted, “I’ll treat you to a taste of the Life-Reversing Great Dao Array Formation!”


At this moment, the lightning was vast and boundless.

In the surroundings, lightning flickered, connecting to the nine heavens and directly drowning the land.

It was extremely terrifying.

Wherever the lightning pa.s.sed, soil and stones would be scorched. Mountains would collapse. The sound of metal being pierced and stone shattering shook the sky, directly causing the female War G.o.d to let out a tragic cry. Her eardrums were shattered.

Blood slowly flowed out.

This made her retreat rapidly as she looked at the lightning that filled the sky in disbelief.

She discovered that she had become the center of this divine punishment.

As if she had committed a heinous crime and was punished by the heavens.

“What the h.e.l.l is this? Life-Reversing Great Dao Array Formation? I’ve never heard of it before. Where exactly did you get it?” The female War G.o.d roared. This was the first time she was fl.u.s.tered.

After all, she was once a female War G.o.d at the Immortal King Realm. She had experienced a lot and had fought many battles, but none of them were this terrifying.

She was fl.u.s.tered.

Because once this heavenly punishment struck down, it would really be difficult for her to resist it.

This was a doomsday-like scene. It was vast and boundless with no end in sight. The sea of lightning swept through everything, and nothing existed anymore.

Lin Jiufeng tried his best to control the G.o.d’s Domain to prevent the Life-Reversing Great Dao Array Formation from collapsing and was withstanding a huge pressure.

But the female War G.o.d felt even more pressure. She screamed and directly drew her sword, slas.h.i.+ng at the sky.

At this moment, she wanted to crush this divine punishment.

The dragon sword shone in the divine punishment and counterattacked. The sword light rushed forward like an Azure Dragon soaring into the sky, its might almost crus.h.i.+ng this world.

In the end, the female War G.o.d slashed out more than ten sword energies. They gathered together and transformed into a heavenly dragon that circled in the air. Endless light illuminated the sky and cleansed every inch of s.p.a.ce.

The heavenly punishment seemed to have been wiped out.



A few seconds later, the heavenly tribulation began to erupt. Lightning flickered and directly struck down. It was completely unreasonable, striking the heavenly sword that was condensed from the sword energies.

The dragon sword let out a sad cry and was torn into pieces. The lightning didn’t decrease in speed as it directly smashed into the place where the female War G.o.d was.


The female War G.o.d left decisively. Her delicate body moved very quickly. The lightning didn’t strike her, but it flattened the mountain where she was. It became a barren land with smoke and dust everywhere.


Thunder rumbled endlessly, and the world shook. It was as if the most terrifying demon of the world was roaring and shaking the sky as it stared at the female War G.o.d.

“d.a.m.n it!!!”

The female War G.o.d shouted angrily, her eyes filled with anger. She didn’t expect this scene at all. Lin Jiufeng actually obtained such a terrifying heaven-defying array formation. She hurriedly tried to escape, but it was still useless.

Lin Jiufeng’s face was cold. He forcefully supported the G.o.d’s Domain and stared at the female War G.o.d. He shouted, “Today, I will shatter your pride and then capture you. I shall see if you are still going to keep your secrets to yourself then.”

In the very next moment, the heavenly punishment descended.


An extremely thick lightning bolt that was as thick as a mountain fell.

At this moment, this part of the world was drowned.

This bolt of lightning seemed to be formed from tens of thousands of lightning bolts.

Descending from the sky, it shrouded the female War G.o.d and infused her with it.


The female War G.o.d let out a tragic cry. She was really experiencing trials and tribulations now.

This attack wasn’t that of multiple lightning bolts attacking at once. The smaller lightning bolts were all gathered together and fused into a single attack. When it erupted, it was really an attack that could take one’s life.

“Heavenly Energy!” A furious roar came from the female War G.o.d’s tragic cry. She once again executed a type of energy that Lin Jiufeng couldn’t understand.

Ancient words appeared. They were still words that Lin Jiufeng couldn’t understand. With a huge amount of energy, they actually formed a protective s.h.i.+eld and protected the female War G.o.d.

At this moment, the female War G.o.d’s hair was in a mess. Her face was flushed red, and her eyes spat fire. She fell down and knelt on the ground, looking at Lin Jiufeng with infinite killing intent in her eyes.

“I’m going to kill you!” She let out a hysterical roar.

She had completely gone mad. The calmness just now, the smugness just now, everything just now no longer existed.

She wanted to kill Lin Jiufeng.

“Let’s talk more if you can escape from the Life-Reversing Great Dao Array Formation!” Lin Jiufeng shouted coldly. He injected all of his strength into the Life-Reversing Great Dao Array Formation. He withstood the huge pressure and instantly erupted its power.


Then, after the Life-Reversing Great Dao Array Formation brewed for a while, a bolt of destructive lightning descended.

This time, it also drained all of Lin Jiufeng’s energy. His legs turned soft and he fell to the ground.

But the shocking lightning had already descended.

This was a beam of light that reached the sky.

It was as if it had descended from the eternal unknown. In an instant, it connected the sky, the earth, the past, and the future.

It was extremely terrifying!

It was destroying everything!

It was silent!

The arrival of this lightning didn’t make any sound. In fact, it wasn’t even purple lightning. Instead, it was a vast expanse of whiteness.

The only feeling he had was that in the distance, there was a boundless destructive power that was about to shatter this world.

The female War G.o.d was drowned in this attack.

Her anger, her ancient words, and her special energy erupted in an extremely terrifying manner at this moment.

“I sacrifice my Immortal King Dao Fruit to kill you!”

The female War G.o.d went crazy. She burned her Immortal King Dao Fruit and erupted in the lightning.

After the two collided.


The world trembled. At this moment, everyone in the Western Desert felt it.

The thunder finally came.

The sound of the Dao Fruit explosion also sounded.

At this moment, it actually let out a rumbling sound like the sky shattering.

The world was in an uproar.

The collision between the two was no longer something Lin Jiufeng could control.

He was also in a very dangerous situation. He was forced to take out the General Appointing Platform to protect himself, hoping it could protect him well.

At this moment, this part of the world became a kind of super great heavenly tribulation. It wasn’t a flash of lightning, but a complete descent of all the bolts of lightning.

The world was broken and primal chaos descended. The earth, fire, wind, and water energy appeared in turns. The center of the collision had already rotted into a piece of primal chaos, filled with a force that could create a new world. It was unstoppable.

Lin Jiufeng could only hide behind the General Appointing Platform and watch with difficulty.

The destruction of this part of the world was definitely not through the power of one or two people.

This was the collision between the Life-Reversing Great Dao Array Formation and the Immortal King Dao Fruit.

In the very next moment.


The sea of lightning surged. Millions of lightning radiance flickered, creating a dazzling scene. Nothing could be seen anymore.

Lin Jiufeng was also sent flying by this energy. His G.o.d’s Domain shrank, and the Life-Reversing Great Dao Array Formation disappeared.

Nothing existed anymore.

When everything returned to tranquility.

Lin Jiufeng got up with dirt all over his face. He looked at the land in front of him that had been razed to the ground for thousands of miles. This part of the world had collapsed, and the void was like a broken cloth. Many holes appeared in the void, emitting the power of primal chaos.

The power of the world was repairing the void, but it was extremely slow.

This proved how terrifying the collision just now was.

“The collision between the Life-Reversing Great Dao Array Formation and the Immortal King Dao Fruit is too heaven-defying.” Lin Jiufeng took a deep breath and patted away the soil on his body. He walked over, wanting to see the current appearance of the female War G.o.d.

‘She should have been completely defeated. There are no more energy fluctuations.’ Lin Jiufeng thought.

‘Capturing the female War G.o.d and interrogating from her the faction behind her carefully. Figuring out the essence of this world is what I need to do currently.’ Lin Jiufeng was filled with motivation at the thought of this.

The female War G.o.d’s proudness had finally been subdued by him.

Although he was borrowing the power of the Life-Reversing Great Dao Array Formation, Lin Jiufeng was the one who injected all of his energy into it.

Including the 3,000 Great Dao.

If the Life-Reversing Great Dao Array Formation had 90% of the credit, then Lin Jiufeng deserved the remaining 10%.

Walking to the center area, the ground was hot. If ordinary people entered, they would instantly turn into nothingness. Even a False Immortal couldn’t withstand this residual energy.

It was harmless to Lin Jiufeng though. At this moment, his expression suddenly froze.

He saw a corpse in the center!

The head was separated from the body!

This corpse wasn’t anyone else.

It was the female War G.o.d!

“d.a.m.n, the energy is too powerful and killed her?” Lin Jiufeng turned pale with fright. Had his hopes of attaining information from her been dashed?

Lin Jiufeng hurriedly walked over and took a closer look. It was indeed the body of the female War G.o.d.

It no longer had any life in it.

“No, her head still has life force in it!” Lin Jiufeng suddenly discovered that there was a weak soul fluctuation in the female War G.o.d’s head.

This discovery made him overjoyed.

He hurriedly picked up the head.

“Get lost. Remove your claws and let go of me!” The soul of the female War G.o.d roared.

Lin Jiufeng released his grip upon being scolded. The female War G.o.d’s head directly fell to the ground and rolled far away.

“Don’t die. Even if you die, please tell me first what the faction behind you is. What is their motive?” Lin Jiufeng hurriedly asked.

This outcome was different from what he imagined.

“You destroyed my Immortal King Dao Fruit and even cut off my body. What’s worse is that you transformed my soul into another creature! I won’t tell you even if I become a ghost.” The female War G.o.d scolded Lin Jiufeng angrily. She was so angry that she became delirious.

It was only then that Lin Jiufeng remembered that even if the female War G.o.d was killed by the Life-Reversing Great Dao Array Formation that he had activated, her life essence would be transformed, changing her into another type of creature.

“About that, your Immortal King Dao Fruit was destroyed by yourself.”

“Your body was separated by the collision.”

“As for turning you into another creature, I’m sorry!”

“So, on account of my apology, tell me your origins.”

Lin Jiufeng said sincerely.

When the female War G.o.d heard this, she was so angry that she wanted to vomit blood. If she could vomit blood now.

Of course, intense soul fluctuations were inevitable.

“Great Emperor Jiufeng, kill me. You have personally pulled open the curtain of the world. I will wait for you in the Death Realm. My people will kill you, definitely!” The female War G.o.d roared hysterically. Then, she decisively extinguished her soul.

She was dead!

She died extremely decisively.

Lin Jiufeng blinked.

He felt that he had gotten into trouble.


At this moment, Lin Jiufeng felt that a corner of the world was trembling.

Because of the death of the female War G.o.d, an irreversible change happened in this calm world.

“We’re in trouble.” Lin Jiufeng sighed.


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