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Chapter 175: Battle Examination

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Abel had not rested in a big warm bed like this in a long time. When he woke up the next morning, the soft mattress and the swan feather sheets kept him so comfy in bed that he never wanted to get out. Hazy sunlight reached from the pale curtains, filling up the room in a misty atmosphere.

Had he woken up late? Abel had gotten clear-headed all of a sudden. He had not rested this well in a long time, so well that he had woken up late. He couldn’t let the teacher wait too long.

He quickly got out of bed, took a shower, and rushed out of the room. When he arrived at the lobby of the hotel, he realized his teacher Wizard Morton was already eating his breakfast.

“Teacher, sorry, I woke up late!” Said Abel gently, quickly stepping up to Wizard Morton.

“Take a seat, Abel. I have already ordered breakfast for you!” Said Wizard Morton pointing towards a chair by his side.

After Abel sat down, Wizard Morton said with a smile, “It’s good that you can sleep, I haven’t had any deep sleep in a long time. If a wizard has a powerful power of the will, they will need less sleep.”

Seeing that his teacher did not criticize him, Abel let out a breath of relief. At that moment, the waiter had walked up with his breakfast.

The breakfast was elementary, only a bowl of porridge and a cup of juice. Abel looked towards the breakfast which his teacher Wizard Morton was having. It was a piece of soft bread and a gla.s.s of red wine. Wizard Morton slowly tore chunks out of the soft bread and dipped it in the red wine to enjoy.

“I’m old. My appet.i.te had gone bad. Only the red wine you gave me can give me enjoyment. Lately, I realized this red wine is very beneficial to how my body functions. It seems like it is bringing my energy back.” Wizard Morton exclaimed.

Wizards cared about how their body functions a lot. This was because the mana would continuously eat up their body, and they needed to keep taking potions to help them recover. Therefore, every wizard has a deep understanding of their own body, even more than official knights. This must be what the saying of ‘chronic illness is the best doctor’ meant.

“Teacher, if this red wine is good for your body, I’ll prepare some more for you after we go back.” Abel always thought those combined red wines were only appearing to the tongue. However, now it seemed that the things combined through the Horadric cube were not as simple. They could increase bodily functions as well.

“What I actually meant was don’t let the public know about this red wine. Red wine with such power can drive the entire Duchy of Carmel into chaos!” Said Wizard Morton gently as he dip more bread into the wine.

Although Abel knew what Wizard Morton had said might not be totally serious, he was still reminding him. He had underestimated the ability of these red wines.

“Yes, teacher. I’ve only given two bottles of this red wine to my grandparents. Other than that, only you have them.” Said Abel after he thought for a while.

Early in the morning, the hall of the Wizard Union was already filled with a large number of wizards. Although wizards normally don’t talk loudly, the place was still crowded with voices coming from all directions.

“Wizard Morton, I have already organized the examination for you.” The wizard Blight today was not as friendly as the one yesterday. He looked like he was just doing his job.

“Ok, Wizard Blight, let’s get started!” Said Wizard Morton. He saw that Wizard Blight was sick of pretending, so he spoke directly as well.

Wizard Blight then turned to Abel and said: “Novice Wizard Abel, I will now officially examine your ability in regards to your application of the wizard badge, on behalf of the Wizard Union.”

“I accept my ability examination, Mr” Abel replied.

“You wait here for a while!” Said Wizard Blight pointing towards a room next to the battle stadium.

Wizard Blight ignited the communication circle and spoke at it. “Let Jason come here!”

After a while, Abel saw a 2.2-meter tall man walking towards him. It was extremely rare to see a wizard of this built. The strong man stopped in front of Wizard Blight and bowed, “Jason is happy to see Mr!”

Wizard Blight then said, pointing at Abel, “Your mission today is to battle with him, I need to test his fighting ability!”

Now both Wizard Morton and Abel had already realized that Jason was a rank one novice wizard. Still, rank one at such an old age made it seem like he would remain this way till the day he dies.

Looking at Jason’s built, it seemed like he was one of those ‘late power of the will possessor.’ Only these kinds of people would maintain such a built after becoming a wizard since they had only discovered that their power of the will had reached the standard of a Wizard after they became an adult. Although normally people like these won’t get accepted by a wizard, there were outliers. Jason was one of them.

Although Abel had already reached the height of 1.9 meters, he still looked like a kid as he stood next to Jason. A deep smile emerged from Jason’s face as he said, “little guy, it’s nice to be a wizard, isn’t it? I bet you’ll have a nightmare every time you think about what happened today.”

Wizard Morton frowned. This Jason guy should not even be considered as a wizard. He was only a thug with a rank 1 novice wizard ability. Wizard Blight wanted to use Jason’s huge body to directly oppress Abel, so he could fail Abel for unleas.h.i.+ng the rank 3 wizard spells for too long. Up to this point, a cold smirk emerged from Wizard Morton’s face. He knew his disciples very well. Although the mana did impact Abel’s body, he was still a knight. A strong man like this shouldn’t be a threat to Abel.

Wizard Blight looked the two of them at the stadium and said, “No rules. Whoever knocks down the other first will be the winner. Don’t worry, and I’ll be here to protect you. You guys won’t get hurt. Now, let the examination begin.”

As soon as the words of Wizard Blight landed, Jason was already rus.h.i.+ng towards Abel at full speed. His steps were very quick, seemed like he had undergone some specific training.

Abel did not move on the spot. He merely flicked his fingers in mid-air, mumbled some spells, and a pattern quickly emerged in mid-air.

The speed at which Abel was able to unleash the spell was a little beyond Jason’s expectations. In a flick of a hand, Jason sent a string of red flame towards Abel.

“Rune sign?” Abel immediately stopped the pattern he was drawing to dodged the red flame attack like a flash of lightning. He cursed to himself in anger.

Abel didn’t want to show his true ability. He was in the Wizard Union, and if he had shown his true ability, he would attract way too much attention. Therefore, he had tried to slow down the speed in which he unleashed his spells, so he seemed more like a normal rank 3 wizard.

However, Jason’s use of a rune sign was beyond his expectation. Although rune signs were a method of attack, it wouldn’t show a person’s true ability. On top of the high value of rune signs, they would never be used in a normal examination battle.

“Wizard Blight, how can you use a rune sign during a rank 3 wizard examination?” Wizard Morton asked angrily.

“That rune sign was made by Jason himself, so it was still part of his ability.”Wizard Blight explained.

“I will report what happened today to the Wizard Union,” Wizard Morton said with a deep voice.

“Whatever!” Wizard Blight said like he didn’t care at all. This was because he thought to himself darkly in his heart, do you think you could make it back alive?

As the two were talking, Jason had already thrown out ten rune signs. It was all fire attack rune signs, which meant that during this short period of time, Jason had thrown out 200,000 gold coins. By this point, Abel already sensed something was very wrong. This was only an examination.

If it was a life and death battle throwing out that much rune signs could be understandable. However, under these circ.u.mstances, it was clear that someone was intentionally trying to give him a hard time. Normally a wizard who had just reached rank 3 might not even be able to withstand 5 rune signs, let alone 10.

Luckily since Abel had become an elite knight, his speed was doubled. Although Jason had undergone some specific training, his speed was still far behind an official Knight. These rune signs had been thrown out by Jason like dark weapons. It had nothing to do with his rank 1 novice wizard ability at all. Even Abel still did not show his true ability, and he could still successfully dodge all of these attacks.

“How.. how could you dodge all of my attacks” Jason was stunned as he shouted. He had already used up all of his rune signs, and Abel had dodged all of them.

Abel couldn’t care less if Jason was stunned. However, he was sick of trying to use spells, so he directly kicked Jason right in the stomach.

As Abel was not using his combat qi, he could unleash around 4500 pounds of force. Since he had learned close body kickboxing, he drew the force from his foot on the ground and delivered it from his s.h.i.+ning waist to the leg in which he had strikeout horizontally. Just like that, 4500 pounds of force had almost entirely landed on the waist of Jason.


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