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Chapter 1007 Modified Beasts and Gargoyles

Trying to break through the Crimson Clan’s defensive line with an army of Frost Giants alone was a little difficult.

As such, when the frontline descended into a ma.s.sive, chaotic battlefield that stretched for two kilometers, the Third Grade adepts of the Fabres Clan had no choice but to send in the second subordinate army onto the battlefield.

The modified beast army.

It was a terrifying crowd formed entirely of a particular fearsome beast from another plane. There were over seven hundred of these creatures.

Every single member of the army was a strange beast with a lithe figure, golden scales, and whose appearance resembled a sabertooth tiger. They had a foot-long-claw at the end of their limbs and leaped through the air as if they were flying. They appeared almost like ferocious and agile magical beasts.

However, every time they stomped against the ground, a tiny crater would be left on the spot. That indirectly revealed that they possess power that could match their agility!

It was a powerful army that excelled at offense, simultaneously possessing strength, agility, and offensive power. Moreover, judging by the golden scales that had been stimulated to grow on their bodies through some unique method, their defense would not be lacking either.

If the Fabres Clan had sent out the modified beast army from the very start, they would have had trouble collapsing the Crimson Clan’s defensive line, given their size. Now that the line of defense had been torn to shreds by the Frost Giants, the modified beast army had the perfect opportunity to storm forward and tear an even larger wound into the enemy.

The modified beasts that thundered onto the battlefield almost instantly suppressed the morale of the Crimson Clan that had just been lifted by the Brutalblood Army. The unusual animals swarmed onto the battlefield in packs, lunging, and using their sharp claws and teeth to pin the magical machines to the ground.

These beasts were also clearly a dominant species with incredible intelligence. They intentionally avoided the metal sh.e.l.ls of the machines and attacked their weaker joins and magic energy weapons. Their claws even tore through the rifles and cannons forged from magical alloy.

Without their energy weapons, the magical machines could only fight in the most primitive of ways. Naturally, they weren’t as powerful when doing so.

Even when a magical machine’s roaring firepower was unleashed upon the beasts, the metal bullets would be deflected by the golden scales that were as hard as steel. The magic energy beams would also bounce off harmlessly. Only exploding magical energy fireb.a.l.l.s would leave a bowl-sized burn mark on their bodies.

However, this amount of damage was not enough to take down these strange tigers, with their almost four-meter-large bodies. Quite the contrary, the intense pain would further stimulate the beasts, causing them to become more ferocious, more savage, and more fearless in their slaughter.

Many of the creatures broke through the line of magical machines and reached the formation of the goblin chariots at the mid-rear end of the army. They turned the place into a mess.

For a moment, the offensive firepower of the goblin chariots’ cannons stalled severely!

Just as the strange tigers went unchecked deep in the defensive lines of the Crimson Clan, dragon roars could be heard from Pinecone City in the distance. Several majestic dragons covered in green scales beat their wings and took to the skies, descending upon the battlefield in the blink of an eye.

Most of the dragons that had appeared were the green dragon subordinates that Iritina had brought with her from Faen.

Though they were only at First or Second Grade, their dragon’s aura of might and their natural predatory instincts allowed them to reign superior over these modified beasts.

Indeed, it was undeniable that these alien tigers were not a native species that had naturally evolved in a planar world. Instead, they were modified beasts that the Fabres adepts had bred and cultivated using several different but powerful alien magical creatures.

Even if the adepts had employed various methods to give them powerful defense, offense, and regenerative powers, they could not change the fear of dragons that had been etched deep in their souls.

When the overwhelming dragon’s aura of the seven green dragons spread across the field, it wasn’t just the tigers that started faltering. Even the Frost Giants began to show restraint in their attacks, lacking any of their former courage or bravery.

The seven Third Grade adepts were all watching the battlefield on the floating wooden ship far behind the lines, either through their crystal b.a.l.l.s or through the use of Eagle Eye.

When the green dragonflight charged onto the battlefield and incited chaos among the foreign armies, two of the Third Grade adepts let out a disgruntled grunt. Clearly, the Frost Giant Army and the Modified Beast Army were managed by the two of them!

The subordinate armies they were responsible for cultivating for the clan might have decent offensive power, but they had ma.s.sive flaws as well. A severe light gleamed in the eyes of the two adepts. They were obviously thinking about more ways to further strengthen their soldiers once this war was over.

“Since the enemy has released the dragons, it’s about time we send out the Gargoyle Army!” The one in the lead was an elderly Third Grade in a gold-lined robe. He turned his face, and his gaze landed on a young female adept wearing a golden headband, “Triumph, it is up to you next!”

“Don’t worry, Lord Kagan!”

The young adept smiled sweetly before turning and walking to the edge of the ship. She touched her headband, and several mysterious mental waves transmitted through the air.

Five kilometers behind the battlefield, a group of elite adepts were secretly stationed in a hidden valley. The Second Grade adept leading the party immediately gave an order when he received the instructions from his superior. Black-armored guards ran through the valley and opened a series of large wooden boxes engraved with mysterious and profound magical runes.

There were many of these wooden boxes. As many as two to three hundred, in fact!

As the seals on the boxes were undone, the magic-sealing boxes exploded as green and gray creatures charged into the sky from within, screeching as they approached the battlefield.

The appearance of the strange creatures immediately drew the attention of everyone on the battlefield. In particular, the Crimson Clan’s forces quickly adjusted the eyeball machines hiding in the sky to look at the true forms of the new approaching enemies.


“They are gargoyles!”

“They must have prepared them for our dragons.”

The leaders of the Crimson Clan cursed in frustration, but there was nothing they could do.

Supposedly, gargoyles were not particularly powerful animated creations. There was no reason to be so concerned about them.

However, these gargoyles were different from the usual variety. That was obvious from the strange stone they seemed to be made out of, as well as the magical patterns that had been carved onto their hard stone bodies. Moreover, as animated magical creations, they had no souls or intelligence to speak of. They would not need to worry about the effect of the dragons’ aura of might.

Two hundred and seventy advanced First Grade gargoyles beat their heavy stone wings and flew across the battlefield. The two green gemstones embedded on their ugly, ape-like faces gleamed with a sinister light.

They headed straight for the green dragons upon appearance. Their large numbers and their two-meter-tall bodies practically allowed them to blot out the sun.

Faced with the approaching army of gargoyles, the seven green dragons reared their heads and roared. They once again took to the skies. After circling above the battlefield once, they folded their wings and dived down upon the gargoyles.

The gargoyles were made entirely out of a large and strange rock. The odd magical patterns carved on their surface made their bodies as tough and st.u.r.dy as golems of steel. However, while steel golems couldn’t fly, they could.

Though their speed in the air was extremely slow, and their maximum alt.i.tude reasonably low, they were still able to fly.

When the green dragons formed into an a.s.sault formation and dove downwards, the gargoyles continued flying slowly under the control of the adepts behind the scenes. It almost seemed like they had no intention of dodging the dragons’ attack at all.

The seven green dragons dived at high speed. When they reached within three hundred meters of the gargoyle army, they opened their mouths in unison and unleashed thick breaths of green smoke. Their bodies then tilted to the side and glided away from the rear of the gargoyle’s formations. While they did so, they made sure to sweep their heads over the gargoyles and smother most of them in green smoke.

It was the poison breath of the green dragons!

Unfortunately, all the adepts of the Crimson Clan started frowning when they saw this. Meanwhile, the Fabres adepts were chuckling coldly.

Were gargoyles afraid of poison? Of course not! What a joke that was!

These green dragons were uneducated peasants from a rural plane, after all. They had obviously never seen an animated construct like a gargoyle in their life. As such, they chose an utterly erroneous method of dealing with them.

On the battlefield, a price had to be paid for every mistake made!

Green and gray chains suddenly shot out of the thick poison mist.

The green dragons were caught entirely unaware due to the short distance. Three of the green dragons were immediately wrapped up in a web of chains.

The other four dragons managed to return to higher alt.i.tudes with a few beats of their wings, but the three dragons could not fly any higher, no matter how they tried. During this time, the horde of gargoyles had jumped onto them and instantly covered the three dragons.

The green dragons might have uncontested flying abilities, but even they could not remain in the air when their wings were wrapped in chains, and a swarm of stone weights grabbed onto their bodies. The three dragons cried out in horror as they crashed from the skies.

Dong. Dong. Dong.

Three distinct thuds could be heard as three ma.s.sive craters appeared on the plains below.

The sound of the dragons fighting with the gargoyles could be heard before the ma.s.sive pillar of dust had even dispersed.

Emerald Dragon Iritina flew into a rage when she saw this. She roared and prepared to charge onto the battlefield to save her subordinates, but Mary stopped her.

“Those three subordinates of yours are finished! Even you cannot save them now,” Mary said coldly, “If I were you, I would hurry to notify the remaining idiots to stop fighting with those gargoyles! Otherwise, the rest of them will probably die in the same place!”

Iritina was livid when she heard this. She beat her wings, fully intent on giving Mary a furious scolding.

However, in that one moment of delay, the other four dragons had dived down to the ground as well, simply because they saw that their companions were trapped.


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