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Right at the heart of the forest, the ruins of an Adept Tower could be seen, the previous majestic building has now turned into a huge pile of rock fragments and debris.

The once seven floors tall Adept Tower was now left with only the bottom three floors intact, and the collapsed brick fragments had buried all of its entrances. Meanwhile, large wild vines and flower bushes had littered all over the ruins, blanketing the entire place under a dense green foliage.

Even so, wisps of light green smoke still rose continuously from under the debris, and the demonized plants present here in this area had become so much thicker and stronger than those outside.

The m.u.f.fled sound of footsteps came from the end of the street. Afterwards, a giant alligator appeared and strode forward, the green vines that blanketed the streets and the roof of houses could be seen retracting, revealing the traces of human activity in the past in front of the intruder.

Following the noise of collapsing houses, an even more larger and stronger Rock Snake broke through these dilapidated houses and slithered away all over the place. Various things left a mark on its body, there were corrosive traces due to the green acid, burn marks caused by lightning strike, scars that was cut by Wind Blades, charred marks left by a fire burn… all these traces could still be evidently seen by one’s eyes, and they were the proof of how tedious and frightening the five miles journey was in the forest!

If not because the Chip learned the elementary knowledge of Golem creation prior to this excursion, and enhanced the core of the Earth element Golem with a tempering magic array, thereby making the Earth Elementium dense enough to form hard solid rocks, just with Demon Alligator Hunter alone would be impossible for Greem to fight his way out, eventually arriving safely in the heart of this area where the ruins of the Adept Tower was situated.

Behind their backs, the continuous roars of demons could still be heard from the forest. But strangely enough, as if they were frightened by the ferocious slaughter of Rock Snake, none of them dared to step into the innermost area of the ruins where Greem and his Golems are.

Greem furrowed his brows, a gloomy expression surfacing upon his handsome face.

Those were the type of demons which aren’t afraid of death. They would never allow any outsider come to this place and disrupt the source of magic energy which could give them a tremendous benefit. So the reason they dared not to pursue further was not that they were fearing at Greem’s group, but…

Greem turned his head over and sent his glances towards the ruins blanketed in layers of demonized plants and his heart suddenly started to feel heavy.

Could there be several stronger demons hiding in the ruins, which is why those fellows at the outer perimeter dared not to intrude in this territory? Even though it was just a speculation, but deep within Greem’s mind, he had a hunch that this was the most logical reason!

Looking at the wisps of light green smoke, Greem suddenly had an idea.

Although the Adept Tower looked like it was thoroughly destroyed, but part of its Elementium Pool still hadn’t completely lost its functionality. Many years had already pa.s.sed but it was still working properly tenaciously. It’s a pity though that the Elementium energy gathered by it couldn’t be stored properly, that’s why they dispersed in the surrounding area, causing a tremendous transformation.

“Go, dig out that place for me!”

With Greem’s order, the Rock Snake moved its ma.s.sive body and darted into the collapsed tower.

Suddenly, an explosive sound burst out of nowhere, followed by a green beam piercing through the air and forcefully nailing the Rock Snake’s in the forehead. The sudden explosion of green energy quickly corroded away a fist-sized hole at the point of contact. Furiously, the Rock Snake let out a loud hiss, retreating to where it was with an incredible speed and coiled up its body.

Greem was briefly overcome with panic. Tracing back the faded trail left in the air by the green arrow, he quickly found the attacker.

It was a beautiful girl with a pair of translucent wings of light on her back. She had a perfectly curved body, a short dark green hair, and a small face with two emerald eyes. She was naked, with only her important body parts covered with brilliant rose branches and green vines, barely hiding her seductive figure.

Right at this moment, she was hovering above the collapsed Adept Tower, a magical bow engraved with strange patterns held in her hands, she was staring angrily directly at Greem.

Greem slowly gulped his saliva.

An extremely strong green Elementium glow had flooded his Elementium Vision. If not because he had reduced the brightness of it, perhaps he wouldn’t be able to stare right at this extremely beautiful yet frightening demon.

“Chip, can you detect the source species and overall strength level of this creature?”

“Beep. Gathering energy aura…”

“a.n.a.lysis of the data is as follows:”

“Source species of the demon: Fairy – 70%, Flower Spirit – 17%, Forest Genie – 9%…”

“Overall strength level: Adept level.”

“Elementium spectrum: Plant Element.”

“Scan results of magical item: Green Magical Bow. Able to unleash Elementium arrows that inflicts 30-40 points of damage. Attack Method: Single target. Also able to unleash Elementium Arrow Rain which inflicts 8-10 points of damage. Attack method: Area of Effect (30-50 meters).”

“Scan of magical item: Armor of Rose. Seven mysterious flower branches were found growing on it. Each is capable of defending 60 points of physical damage and 40 points of elemental damage. When the damage is beyond the defending limit of the mysterious flower branch, it will be destroyed and vanish. Only when all of the flower branches disappear will the creature suffer the external attacks itself. Note: When mysterious flower branches are destroyed, a new flower branch will regrow every five minutes. Note again: Fire Elementium and Negative energy can inflict double the damage to the creature.”

When the data flowed into Greem’s mind like a waterfall, he finally couldn’t hold it in and drew in a few sharp cold breaths.

This was extremely frightening; this was a formidable demon who had reached the level of an Adept! Also, judging from her powerful aura, perhaps even among all other demons in the area, she could be considered the most supreme existence.

Especially when Greem found out the powerful AoE offensive ability that the magical item in her hand had, his mind was immediately filled with a raging storm, making him feel like abandoning this mission.

Different from the magical items crafted by Apprentice Adepts, the magical items that grew together with demons were the most frightening weapons. When an Apprentice Adept crafts a magical item, he would be constrained by the lack of materials and resources, thus it was impossible to use all ingredients that suited their innate elemental affinity. As a result, the final product would have limited power and doesn’t possess the characteristics of continued growth.

As for the magical items used by demons, most of them were produced using part of the demon’s body and some rare resources. Not only were they powerful, they could also keep growing stronger following the improvement of the demon’s overall strength.

Thus, it was pretty obvious which was a better weapon when comparing them together!

Right when Greem was still hesitating, the powerful ‘Fairy’ hovering in the sky suddenly spoke.

“Hehehe… What a surprise, after so long, there’s still an Apprentice Adept who dares to seek his doom here! Little guy, could your master have forgotten to tell you there are some places you just can’t simply visit? But it’s too late to regret now. Be nice and surrender your flesh and soul, it has been a long time since I tasted the delicious flesh of humans… hehehe…” Upon speaking, it immediately revealed a mouth full of sharp fangs, exposing the true nature of a frightening demon.

d.a.m.n, although it had an appearance of a beautiful woman, but it actually had a masculine and hoa.r.s.e male voice. Within a split-second of time, the last bit of liking Greem had for it had vanished into thin air.

However, before Greem could give out a response, the Fairy with indistinguishable gender had already pulled back the bowstring with its right hand, gathering the surrounding green plant element energies onto the string in an incredibly fast speed. In the next moment, more than thousands of glowing green Elementium arrows had rushed towards Greem like a raging storm.

Not even three seconds had pa.s.sed by, the Fire Shield that came out from Greem’s body and the clay armor outside of the Demon Alligator’s body already shattered from the spine-chilling attack. If not because the Rock Snake darted back to where Greem was standing and used its large and strong body to block in front of Greem, perhaps just this attack alone would bore through thousands of holes on Greem’s body.

But even so, a glowing arrow still pierced through Greem’s shoulder. There were even some faint green energies attached to the finger sized wound, corroding his flesh and producing hissing sounds, making his forehead covered in sweat because of the severe pain.

Greem endured severe pain and produced scorching hot flames from his fingertip, poking it in his wound. The strong Fire Elementium quickly neutralized the green energies that was left behind on the wound. After that, with his jaw tightly clenched, Greem pulled out bottles upon bottles of magical potions and medicinal paste, pouring them directly on his wound.

The dizziness caused by the loss of blood, the feeling of weakness brought by the corrosion of green energy, the severe pain coming from the burn he himself inflicted, and the tingling sensation brought by the regeneration of his flesh as the result of magical medicines… all kinds of strange sensations mixed together, restlessly attacking Greem’s mind.

Not daring to hide his true power anymore, Greem crazily tossed out the other two Elementium cores. Following a frightening loud boom that shook the earth, two brand new Rock Snakes squeezed out from the ground.

Currently, Greem had 11.19 Spirit. Together with the +1 enhancement brought by the Circlet of n.o.bility, he had a total of slightly more than 12 Spirit points. Meanwhile, summoning a Rock Snake would consume 3 Spirit points, while the Demon Alligator Hunter would take 2 Spirit points. With the total Spirit he had now, he was barely able to support his troops.

The Demon Alligator Hunter was carrying Greem and slowly retreated, while three gigantic Rock Snakes crazily rushed into the enemy, using their strong bodies and incredible physical damage to fight with the frightening Fairy.

As if the sky was falling and the earth was opening up, the entire place was shaking violently!

As usual, the Rock Snakes fought savagely and brutally!

Their wicked attacks had made the ruins of the city deteriorate in a speed faster than normal.

But even so, three powerful Rock Snake Golems were still not enough to overcome the terrifying ability of the Fairy. No matter if it was the glowing arrows that attack a single target or the AoE Arrow Rain, they always inflicted heavy damage to the bodies of the Rock Snakes.

And it was clear that the Fairy was a demon possessing great agility. While flapping its wings, it was flying in between the three Rock Snakes with an incredible speed. No matter how they tried to bite or slam their foe using their bodies, they always failed to touch even slightest trace left behind by the Fairy. The only attack that could inflict a huge amount of damage to it was the AoE Sand Spray.

Nevertheless, with the blossoming of beautiful roses on the Fairy body, a ma.s.s of green light continued to emerge around its body, helping it to block all of the physical and element damage it was supposed to receive.

Also, this Fairy had a pretty strong melee ability. Whether it be punching or a palm strike, its tiny hands covered in a layer of greenish halo could always shatter the solid rock armor covering the Rock Snakes’ bodies easily, as if those rocks were made from tofu.

Therefore, under the suppression of such an imbalance combat power, soon all three Rock Snakes had their bodies fully covered in scars, while you could see through the countless holes in their bodies!


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