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AST 1385 – Qing Shui was also capable of cultivating the Phoenix Cry Sonic Attack. Phoenix Form Phoenix Finger, Che Clan

Qing Shui wouldn’t be surprised at whatever power he provoked. In order to stand firmly in a continent’s city, he would need to stamp on some of the powerful forces in it. Or rather, establish himself with his medical expertise. But now, things weren’t going as well for Imperial Cuisine Hall, he had already captured the attention of some of the forces,

If all went well, it was unlikely that Yelang Clan would try to challenge him once again.

The Linghu Clan was a clan which he was able to get along quite well with. Even though he didn’t expect them to do anything for him, if anything was to happen, he could still seek them for some help.

As for the Che Clan, Qing Shui was unaware of what kind of att.i.tude he would get from Che Clan. Judging from the fact that they were able to become a Custodian within the Dancing Phoenix Organization, it could be seen that they were still quite a considerably strong clan. Logically speaking, there should be very powerful existences within Che Clan.

However, the person whom he had a conflict with, was nothing but a wastrel from one of the branches of Che Clan. The only problem was that despite it being a branch family, it still had the t.i.tle of Che Clan. Furthermore, Che Clan took care of the weak ones from their clan really dearly. Otherwise, the branch clans wouldn’t have dared to act so arrogantly.

As for who got sick or injured, Qing Shui has expressed little concern for it. He was reluctant to treat people from this kind of clan and let alone back then, the Imperial Cuisine Hall already had such a rule. Hence, naturally, they wouldn’t try to break the rule for a mere branch of the Che Clan.

Speaking of making exceptions, Qing Shui was certain that there would be times when he would make exceptions. Furthermore, there would be quite a lot of circ.u.mstances which would require him to do so. But one thing that was for sure was that he would definitely not do so for situations like today.

Now, Qing Shui had already completely mastered the Hundred Birds Wors.h.i.+pping The Phoenix. This technique didn’t require any grades. It was fine as long as he managed to use it proficiently. It would be perfect as long as he managed to unleash it instantaneously.

Recently, Qing Shui was also trying to learn the Phoenix Cry Sonic Attack. Even though he wasn’t that talented in music, he still decided to give it a try upon seeing that it was a battle technique from Phoenix Form. But after a period of time, he started to notice that the pace at which he picked up the skills of Phoenix Cry Sonic Attack was not inferior to Luan Luan.

Since Qing Shui got the chance to learn it, naturally, he wouldn’t want to abandon such a good battle technique. Even though it was a bit awkward for a man to play a zither, it didn’t really matter at all.

The Five-string Zither and Seven-string Zither of Phoenix Form were both simple yet imposing. Everyone could be suited to play the tunes.

With his legs crossed, Qing Shui was sitting in the middle of the air with the Five-string Zither floating horizontally in front of him. If he had done this in his previous incarnation, he would have been regarded by others as a magician or if not, a G.o.d. But when done here, it wasn’t really a feat to be surprised over.

Qing Shui squinted both of his eyes as he began to play various music notes with the Five-string Zither. As he did so, a chilly aura started spreading through the air. That was an ancient feeling. People who heard the melodies would sense a strong feeling of solitariness. It made people feel as if they had lived alone for thousands of years, rendering them no longer able to contain the loneliness within their heart.


A stirring noise rang. Like before, the aura being emitted around the area was still chilly. It was just that this was a kind of feeling of wealthiness. It was as if a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses had appeared across the sky. Sword Qi, as well as Origin Qi, were shuttling across the sky, destroying and snapping the victim’s limbs. It was as if the air was filled with smells of blood. The intense music notes replenished the people’s fighting spirit, it was as if their entire bodies had been filled with strength. It was a kind of aura capable of tearing the entire sky apart as well as sweeping off an entire army of a thousand people.

Without himself being aware of it, Qing Shui realized that he had taken a liking to Phoenix Cry Sonic Attack. It felt really majestic, so much so that at times, he was able to silently a.s.sa.s.sinate his opponents. And that was not all, Qing Shui had also noticed an important factor.

The Phoenix Cry Sonic Attack shared a relations.h.i.+p with Spirit Energy. The stronger the Spirit Energy, the stronger his capability to exercise control over the attack. The effect would be even more significant if he could manage to achieve a state where their minds resonated with each other.

When Qing Shui had time on his hands, he once again reviewed the Phoenix Form. He was surprised to discover yet another new battle technique revealed.

Phoenix Finger!

Qing Shui looked through it once. This was an unusual battle technique. It was used for melee combat. The primary use of Phoenix Finger was to destroy the blood vessels, meridians and acupoints in a person’s body. It was a technique which was specifically invented to counter against Demonic Beast Armor Manifestations and opponents either with powerful defense or were stronger than the user themselves.

Qing Shui felt deeply stirred. He was really happy.

The reason being that the Phoenix Finger required a very precise body motion. If the user was unable to engage in melee combat, the Phoenix Finger would be useless. However, Qing Shui had the Nine Palace Steps, he had significant advantage in terms of speed.

Seeing that there was still time, Qing Shui begun to cultivate the Phoenix Finger and Phoenix Cry Sonic Attack. He realized that his speed of cultivating his own Nine Animals Mimicry Technique was very fast. This should be something to do with his Inheritance. Additionally, he had the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal a.s.sisting him, which made it really easy for him to cultivate.

Actually, Phoenix Finger only had six techniques. The first one was a normal heavy strike. This attack could cause damage worth a few times more than that of the user’s original strength to the opponent. Also, due to the enormous pressure exerted from the finger, its actual damage was even stronger than what was stated. The second one was striking the acupoints. Acupoints were scattered all across a human’s body. Each and every one of them had different functions. When one of the vital acupoints were hit, the damage of the Phoenix Finger would be multiplied. But similarly, experts also had their methods of protecting their acupoints. For example, true masters were able to s.h.i.+ft the positions of their acupoints.

The third one was striking the meridians. It could temporarily cut off the meridian’s across the victim’s body. Of course, with sufficient strength, the user might also be able to permanently cut off the victim’s meridians.

The fourth one was striking the organs. The attack was specifically aimed towards the humans organs, internally damaging them.

The fifth one was striking the blood vessels. It had the strength for lacerating, or even destroying the opponent’s blood veins.

The sixth one was striking the opponent’s vital essence. It could destroy a part of the opponent’s vital essence. There was even a certain chance it could make the opponent collapse.

Qing Shui was really happy upon seeing the abilities of Phoenix Finger. He should be able to master it quite quickly once he started cultivating it. Despite this, the technique itself was still really profound. It might seem like a simple single finger strike but when performed, one would know that it was actually more complex than they thought.

Retrieving a pillow just as he had started yawning, this was how Qing Shui was feeling right now. Upon encountering a clan like Che Clan, even the Paragon Heavenly Technique would be useless against them. His resistance towards attacks on the other hand, was quite strong. The technique raised his defense by three times. His speed was already really terrifying to begin with. With the additional boost provided by Shadowless Paragon, it became even more formidable. The only thing he lacked was a powerful battle technique with fatal injuring power. Paragon Strike could only be used once. Now, with Phoenix Finger, by combining it with Nine Palace Step and Shadowless Paragon, they would definitely be a match made in heaven.
Single Finger, Heavy Strike. The attack contained tremendous Divine Force. It was a simple yet significant ability. He must blend this ability into his own strength.

Very quickly, Qing Shui had already mastered it. This was the basic skill of Phoenix Finger. The reason being that the following finger techniques were all centred around this fundamental skill. Hence, Qing Shui spent a lot of time on this Single Finger.

By the time Qing Shui was barely able to use Second Finger, which struck the acupoints, time was already up. After brus.h.i.+ng his teeth and changing into new clothes, he went out. It was yet another new day, would today be a peaceful day?

Qing Shui, who had nothing to do upon coming out, taught the two girls his Phoenix Finger. Of course, he started off with the First Finger. He once again emphasized the importance of the body motions. Other than that, Qing Shui had a higher accomplishment in terms of his Phoenix Cry Sonic Attack compared to the two girls. He was able to investigate and research it with the two girls.

Upon learning that, the two girls were dumbfounded. Back then, the two of them started to learn it earlier than Qing Shui. Originally, they thought that they would be ahead of Qing Shui but to their surprise, there was now already a huge gap between Qing Shui and themselves. Furthermore, they also learned that his wasn’t the strongest. Qing Shui’s daughter was able to play it even better than him.

This had agitated the two girls a bit.

Qing Shui felt that Phoenix Finger suited him really well. The reason being that his weapons were now already in possession of the Paragon in his Dantian. Not holding a weapon shared the same effect as him holding a weapon. This way, he could constantly change between his fists and fingers. He could draw out the same effect of the Thousand Hammer Technique with his fists.

Linghu Clan joining the Imperial Cuisine Hall had caused a slight change to the situation. However, only one “Guest Card” was available to be handed out per day. Furthermore, it also had to be someone whom the Imperial Cuisine Hall recognized.

Even though the ‘doorstep’ to Imperial Cuisine Hall was really high and a lot of people also accused them for favoring the rich and disdaining the poor. The free medical treatment which Imperial Cuisine Hall carried out once every ten days managed to shut these people’s mouths. As a matter of fact, Imperial Cuisine Hall had also stated specifically what kind of people they wouldn’t cure.

On this day, news came. Che Chong from Che Clan had pa.s.sed. Che Chong was the clan’s owner of one of the branch clans of Che Clan. He was also a powerful existence among the branch clans of Che Clan. Among all of the branch clans, Che Chong’s branch was undisputedly one of the top, which was also why Che Lang was able to stay so arrogant. It was also why he imperatively came to Qing Shui the other day.

As long as Che Chong was around, this branch would have unlimited glory. Without him, there might still be no one who dared to bully Che Clan but despite this, they would fall significantly in their ranks. Maybe after more than ten or a hundred years, this branch of Che Clan would disappear entirely from Che Clan.

Che Clan was an enormous clan. Despite this, not all of their branch clans could remain as branch clans forever. Over time, as their branches expanded with more generations, only those strong ones could remain as branch clans of Che Clan. The weaker ones would slowly break away from Che Clan. In fact, in every one of the Che Clan’s generations, there would be people from the main clan who would settle down and get married, forming a branch clan of their own. As far as that was concerned, some people from the branch clan might also end up getting married into the main clan. This was to ensure that Che Clan’s bloodline was being pa.s.sed on. For the people who became a part of the main clan, some of them would hope to be the clan’s leader. All of the aristocratic clans were like this. This was a society where only the strong ones were respected. At the end of the day, this was also all just so that Che Clan’s bloodline could be pa.s.sed on.

Che Chong died. It had nothing to do with Qing Shui. Even if Che Clan was to seek trouble with him, they wouldn’t come during these few days. That Che Lang got beaten up by him to the extent he lost one tooth. If not mistaken, there should be people heading here to seek justice from him.

The days went on one after another. In the blink of an eye, it had been three days. Qing Shui had also adapted himself to cultivating the first four fingers of the Phoenix Finger. If the time was to be converted, it would have been a year and a half. The two girls were improving at a really slow pace. But at the moment when they saw the prowess of the Phoenix Finger when Qing Shui unleashed it, they made up their mind to learn it. They also wanted to learn the Nine Palace Steps.

At the moment when vibrating noises and noises of things breaking came through from downstairs, Qing Shui revealed a cold smile on his face. He immediately jumped down from top floor.

As he thought, they had come. Judging from Che Clan’s temper, it was certain that they would show up.

“Since you don’t cure diseases, what kind of physicians are you trying to be? Smash it! Kill whoever who tries to stop you,” a middle-aged man with white hair shouted loudly.

“This place is only for curing patients. What right do you have to smash it?”

Qing Shui’s voice came through from the back.

To his surprise, more than a hundred people came. As of now, the first floor had already been totally destroyed.

The middle-aged man turned around. He was quite a handsome man. He wore a light purple colored attire and he was quite n.o.ble. However, his eyebrows and his eyes were too sharp, which as a result, ruined his overall look.

Upon seeing Qing Shui, he once again knitted his brows, “Are you accusing us, the people from Che Clan?”

Qing Shui let out a sigh in his heart, “Would it kill you to stop mentioning the words Che Clan even once? Within the span of one breath of time, if they don’t stop, I will make sure they are unable to come out forever.”

“d.a.m.ned brat, you are indeed quite courageous. You actually dare to hurt the people from Che Clan, well then, you will have to prepare yourself for a battle against Che Clan.”

Qing Shui felt really funny about it. They were still unable to change their habit. It’s like he was really afraid that people wouldn’t know that he was a member of Che Clan and hence he found constantly emphasizing it something of utmost importance. It left Qing Shui to wonder if they would still continue to have the name Che Clan hanging around


A series of tragic screaming and colliding noises came through. The people who were inside Imperial Cuisine Hall were all getting blown out of the building with fresh blood spurting out of their mouth. Soon after, Yehuang Guwu and Yuan Su came out.

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AST 1386 – Powerful Phoenix Finger, Complete Slaughter, Tianhe Renmo Arrived!

Yehuang Guwu and Yuan Su came out. When they saw people smas.h.i.+ng the hall, they didn’t hesitate to join in. It’s unknown whether their enemies were still alive or not. Yehuang Guwu wasn’t a person who would show mercy. She wouldn’t hesitate to act if she saw one after another of these arrogant and unreasonable people smas.h.i.+ng the hall.

Once Yehuang Guwu decided to attack with no restraint over her own strength, the only thing which awaited these people would be death. To put it simply, the chances of survival for these people were minute. A majority of them died on the spot.

The people who entered Imperial Cuisine Hall to cause a ruckus were all cla.s.sless bullies. The world didn’t lack people of this caliber. They were just bluntly following Che Clan’s order and smas.h.i.+ng whatever places Che Clan told them to, which was what led to this kind of circ.u.mstances.

In the blink of an eye, only slightly more than ten people from Che Clan remained. The person taking the lead was a white-haired middle-aged man. He didn’t reveal any dramatic expression seeing the people getting beaten up and out of Imperial Cuisine Hall.

“Young man, you are indeed really reckless. You are just seeking death.” While looking at Qing Shui, Che Yidao shook his head and said calmly.

“You are such a good actor. It’s as thought, you guys are nothing but a bunch of disappointments to your clan. It’s precisely because of you people who always try to show off using Che Clan’s name that it ends up in bad reputation. It really leaves me to wonder how long more Che Clan can continue letting you people use its name.” Qing Shui despised people who used the name of their clan to find satisfaction the most.

“You have truly underestimated Che Clan. Do you really think that Che Clan is a clan which you can stand up against?” Che Yidao unsheathed a blade as soon as he finished speaking.

A fiery red bird was carved on top of the blade. The blade was two meters long and half a foot wide. Its handle was one inch long. From its appearance, it seemed really heavy. The blade was also s.h.i.+ning with red light. The spiritual fluctuation on it also seemed unusually strong.

Qing Shui shook his head, ” You are no match against me. It’s better for you to go back. I don’t feel like killing so many people.” Qing Shui shook his head. Che Yidao was really infuriated with the way he spoke.

“Beware of my sword! Die! Firecloud Change!”

Che Yidao charged out abruptly swinging the huge blade in his hand. Fire clouds that were about ten meters huge appeared around the blade. They were shaking very vigorously while they charged their way towards Qing Shui.

Water Wall!

Qing Shui immediately unleashed the Tidal Cloud Waves Seal and formed an enormous watery wall in front of himself.


In the five elements, water owns fire. Unless the fire itself was very powerful, it’s unlikely to be able to suppress water. It would only suffer the fate of being suppressed instead. Once that happened, its prowess would be weakened by at least one time.

A heavy noise of collision came through and the fire clouds disappeared entirely. Qing Shui’s current strength wasn’t something which Che Yidao could stop. Qing Shui didn’t intend to hesitate at all. He took a step forward.

Golden Sword!

A ray of golden light shot out towards Che Yidao. It was very fast. Che Yidao immediately, almost instinctively placed the ma.s.sive sword in front of himself.


A thunderous noise came through. Qing Shui managed to push back Che Yidao. Fresh blood started flowing down the corner of Che Yidao’s mouth. Despite the fact the fire suppress metal, Qing Shui was too fast. As soon as he extended his hand, yet another golden ray shot out. It’s just that this time, there were already two men standing in front of Che Yidao. They blocked Qing Shui’s golden sword with their weapons.

“Wouldn’t it have been better if you guys come after me all at once from the very beginning? You would rather choose your face over your very life. It’s no wonder that you have such a h.e.l.l of a life.” Qing Shui smiled and moved swiftly towards them.

Both of the elderly men as well as Che Yidao got really infuriated at the moment when they heard what Qing Shui said. Prior to this, because Che Yidao got hurt, his face originally looked pale with there being a bit of redness on it. But now, his face has turned completely red.

“Try out my finger technique!”

As soon as Qing Shui finished speaking, he began to form a seal with his hands. He finished the complicated seals very quickly. After that, he disappeared immediately far away into the distance.

Nine Palace Step, Vanis.h.!.+


Following on, a heavy noise was heard. The elderly man on the left side immediately spurted out fresh blood and flew away backwards. The old man on the right side on the other hand, quickly stepped back and looked at Qing Shui in panic.

Phoenix Finger, Single Finger!

This was basically just a heavy finger strike. But under the influence of Phoenix Finger, it’s prowess was significantly increased. It immediately blew the old man backwards. Because the attack was directed towards the chest, even though the old man’s organs didn’t get damaged, he has still been heavily injured.

“Let’s go together and kill him!” Chi Yidao roared with rage.

Upon hearing Che Yidao’s roar, Qing Shui narrowed his eyes and focused his sight on Che Yidao. Against people who tried to kill him, Qing Shui has never once shown mercy before.

The remaining people acted very quickly and immediately surrounded themselves around Qing Shui.

“You chose death yourself. Please don’t blame the others.”

Qing Shui stared at Che Yidao and revealed a cruel smile on his face. After that, his figure started to become blurry.

The only thing Che Yidao felt was a chill across his body. After that, he sensed an energy binding around himself. Following on, a bright finger seal appeared. The seal was really faint and resembled a phoenix that was opening up its wings to fly.

Phoenix Finger, second finger!

Shanzhong Acupoint!


It was a sharp and clear bird’s screech. Although it didn’t sound really loud, it was sharp and clear. A bright seal the size slightly smaller than a fist was marked on Che Yidao’s chest.

Phoenix Finger, Second Finger

This was Qing Shui’s first time using the Phoenix Finger in a battle. At that instant, he felt as if his fingers were filled with bizarre strength. It’s as if he could penetrate a hole through the sky itself.

Nothing different was seen from Che Yidao’s body. Despite this, he still fell.

He died. The Phoenix Finger was very powerful. Let alone there was a huge gap between Qing Shui’s strength compared to Che Yidao. With Qing Shui’s current defense, even if he was to stand still and not do anything, Che Yidao would still be unable to kill him.

After the breakthrough, the most powerful feature of Qing Shui was his resistance against attacks. It’s as if the Paragon Golden Armor has put on the toughest turtle sh.e.l.l on Qing Shui.

Che Yidao might not have been the strongest warrior among the people who came, he was their leader. His death has immediately caused the people present to feel like a host of dragons without a head. In the blink of an eye, there was already one death and one injured.

Qing Shui eyed at the people who surrounded him. For a moment, they seemed to find themselves in a position where there was no room for them to advance or to retreat. But one of them didn’t

Qing Shui smirked. He quickly disappeared and approached the person charging towards him with unusual footsteps.

He continuously thrusted out the Phoenix Finger.

It’s just that because there were a lot of people and Qing Shui was in the stage of practicing it, he still made a lot of mistakes. But the current him wasn’t worried that these people would hurt him. Hence, with nothing to worry about, he unleashed the Phoenix Fingers as much as he liked.

This martial technique was very powerful and caused very deadly damage. But to use it, one would need to have powerful footworks and the ability to accurately point out the positions of each acupoints, meridians as well as blood veins. The hand techniques of the Phoenix Finger was also very complicated. Hence, it wasn’t really as useful as thought.

Among the battle techniques, it’s always those with fast speed which would cause insufficient damage. As for those that caused deadly damages, they were easy to be interrupted due to their slow speed. The more powerful a battle technique was, the more shortcomings it would have. Even a divine technique was no exception. But they could be matched and be used together with some subsidiary techniques compatible to it.

Even though he was unable to unleash the prowess which Phoenix Finger was supposed to have, with the amount of power he was able to draw out for now, it was still already enough to put these people in a tough situation. Once they got hit by it, things wouldn’t end well for them. They would immediately either get heavily injured or die.


Qing Shui flew past like breezing cold wind. He struck the fiery red finer seal on one of the old men’s arm. As soon as he did so, that arm immediately hung down.

Phoenix Finger could be used against people many times stronger than the user himself. It could be used against people and demonic beasts with very powerful resistance against attacks. Now, Qing Shui felt like he was practicing more. Hence, all of his finger seals were aimed at the less significant spots across the body of the people from Che Clan. He did so so that he could hit them more times.

By the time Qing Shui stopped, there was no one left around him. The only thing he felt was that after unleas.h.i.+ng the Phoenix Finger so many times, it has helped to raise the use of Phoenix Finger up to a powerful level.

Against warriors with inferior strength, he could kill them instantly. But against powerful warriors, he wouldn’t be able to do so. He would need to acc.u.mulate his strength. For example, the Phoenix Finger, he would only be able to see its effect once he attacked the deadly acupoint, meridians or organs of the warrior a number or even more than ten times. The larger the gap of strength between them, the more times he would require to attack them.

And now, the only thing Qing Shui wanted was a chance to practice his skills. His uses of the Phoenix Finger this time was very important. He has also benefited a lot from it. After that, he slowly lowered down his hands and looked for a few people to tidy up the place.

There were people who were specially a.s.signed to do this within the city. Hence, it didn’t really require Qing Shui to worry about it. They would burn all of the corpses or deliver them back to Che Clan. In any case, they would make sure to clean up the place. This was a very normal thing across the continent. It wouldn’t really cause influence to anything.

“Miraculous Physician Qing is really powerful. That is a False G.o.d Warrior. He is the fundamental existence of the Che Clan branch. And he is gone just like this. Great, they are no longer able to serve even as a branch of Che Clan.”

“Yeah but the Clan’s Head of Che Clan will definitely look for Miraculous Physician Qing. After all, the Che Clan branches are also considered to be a part of Che Clan. He has totally embarra.s.sed Che Clan, they will definitely not tolerate this.”

“*Sigh*, i wonder if Miraculous Physician Qing is going to be able to make it through. No clans would let Miraculous Physician Qing go if such a thing happened to any of them.”

“But you don’t really have to worry about it. Miraculous Physician Qing isn’t an idiot. The fact that he dares to do such a thing already means that he has the ability to defend himself.”

“True, why didn’t I think about that.”

While these people were talking, Qing Shui and the girls had already gotten up and made their way into Imperial Cuisine Hall.

It was just that soon after, there was already someone looking for Qing Shui. The woman servant came up and informed him that a person by the name Tianhe Renmo had come.

Qing Shui went down himself. The person he saw was indeed none other than Tianhe Renmo. Although it hadn’t been too long since they last met, he was able to feel something different upon meeting him again this time. He was able to tell right away once he began to carefully sense it.

He had actually gone through one False G.o.d Tribulation and advanced to become Second Grade False G.o.d.

But his foundation has gotten even more unstable. Luckily, the False G.o.d Tribulation for Grade One False G.o.d wasn’t particularly dangerous. Maybe he had used some kind of unique items to help him through his False G.o.d Tribulation.

“Brother, let’s go up.”

Tianhe Renmo nodded and smiled, “Alright!”
“Brother, Che Clan will definitely come after you.” By that, Tianhe Renmo meant the clan’s head of Che Clan.

Naturally, Qing Shui also knew about it, “Bring it on, I want to see how strong the Clan’s Head of Che Clan is.”

“We will face him together as brothers.” Tianhe Renmo said in a sincere tone.

Qing Shui felt quite touched when he saw the determined look in Tianhe Renmo’s eyes. Those eyes of his were filled with resolution like he was ready to die any second. From this, Qing Shui could tell that he definitely knew about how terrifying Che Clan was.

Qing Shui smiled, “Actually, big brother, you don’t have to involve yourself in it.”

“Little brother, what are you saying? It’s my Martial Sect. My master can’t decide for things, nor did I have the power to change anything. Hence, the only thing I could do was to a.s.sist you,” Tianhe Renmo let out a sigh and said.

“Brother, what are you talking about? You have done enough by being able to make it here. I am really happy to see you here.” Qing Shui didn’t mention anything about letting him leave. Actually, if the Martial Sect could be delayed for a few more days, he wouldn’t have had to make this kind of choice.

Qing Shui and Tianhe Renmo prepared some food and drink and started eating with each other.

“Congratulations brother, for making it through the False G.o.d Tribulation.” Qing Shui smiled as he congratulated Tianhe Renmo.

“Thank you!” Tianhe Renmo didn’t speak more. He feared that Qing Shui would overthink things.

“I’ve said before, when you travel of the sect, you have to come and find me. I have a pleasant surprise to give you.”

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