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Chapter 706: You Can’t Kill Us

At the moment that the defensive magic was broken, the Lich King held up his staff and launched numerous powerful Necromagic spells like Withering Death and Stars of Poison at the mages. Although none of the humans had entered the Legendary-realm, the Lich King whose power was at level-23 did not hold back at all while attacking.

The mages who were putting up the defense began spouting blood from their mouths after the defense was broken. Although their expressions were still firm and they still seemed dauntless, they were obviously injured by the magic. Fortunately, there was a tacit understanding between them. Although someone was injured, no one died during the subsequent attacks, because they were all protecting each other. However, the strong Necromagic offensive spells disrupted their formation.

The emergence of the three Undead Lords made the mages fully focus on defense, giving the low-level Skeletal Warriors the chance to use their long iron swords to bring down the mages’ defense. Faced with these attacks, the only thing the mages could do was pathetically put up the defense again. After all, the difference in strength was too great, and the fact that the mages could still put up their defense despite the attacks was actually enough to prove their capability.

However, the dire situation that the mages were in where they were pa.s.sively beaten and struggling to keep up their defense did not make the three Undead Lords feel like rejoicing at all. Instead, they were all losing their temper because they had yet to succeed in killing a single enemy even till now. The obstinate mages seemed to always be able to slip through their fingertips.

Lin Li frowned slightly. Although the mages were barely supporting the defensive layer, it was probably only a matter of time before they got defeated because the Undead Lords were launching continuous attacks. Lin Li took a look at the mages around him, and realized that he was the youngest one. He was the only one who should be staying at the frontlines and hitting them.

However, Lin Li was not being arrogant or conceited. He truly felt that he might not be a match for the three Undead Lords, and he felt that he could only barely protect himself. Indeed, he was now at the peak of level-23, and he had four pieces of the debris of the stars as well as various magical potions. However, the three Undead Lords were all at level-23, and had been living in the Shadowglen for a long time. Hence, they definitely had a tacit understanding among them.

Lin Li hesitated, and was stuck thinking whether he should take action. Meanwhile, Aldwin and Macklin were obviously anxious. Everyone could tell that the three Undead Lords were definitely unbeatable to the mages. However, Aldwin was only at the peak of level-21, while Macklin had just reached the Legendary-realm. The two of them would not be of help at all.

Forget it, anyway, these old fogies wouldn’t want to see me being indifferent and refusing to help while they are working and fighting hard. Lin Li could not stand the dirty looks that Aldwin and Macklin were shooting him, and finally decided to launch an attack. Although it was impossible to defeat the three Undead Lords, he should at least be able to protect the mages and help them retreat safely.

However, just as Lin Li was about to take the initiative to attack, he saw that the arbitrator Megard’s figure was turning a little blurry. Next, it vanished in plain sight without any magical waves. Lin Li panicked, and hurriedly turned to look at the crystal ball, only to see Megard’s rickety figure stepping on the invisible stairs in the sky, slowly making his way above to the battlefield in the Shadowglen like an elderly man taking a stroll in the park.

Although his actions seemed to be extremely slow, Megard had only taken three steps. When he took the first step, there was no terrifying magical wave. However, time seemed to have stopped at that instant, and silence returned. The swords about to stab the mages and the magic spells launched from the top of their scepters seemed to have also paused together with the humans and mages.

Megard slowly took the second step, and the air began to condense, while a ma.s.sive pressure made the Skeletal Warriors and the other Undead creatures which were besieging the mages feel as if an entire mountain was being pressed on their bodies. The skeletons began to crumble and break into pieces, while the Vampires and Humerus Wyrms in the air suddenly fell onto the ground as if they had lost their ability to fly.

After taking the third step, Megard arrived at the top of the battlefield, and as his feet slowly landed, the powerful Death Domain of the Lich King that was shrouding the battlefield collapsed, while the Tide of Death that was continuously summoning Undead creatures seemed to have lost its connection with the Lich King as the tide gradually dispersed.

In the eyes of everyone, Megard, who was standing in the sky without a trace of magical wave seemed to be an extremely ordinary old man. However, the Undead creatures in the Shadowglen and the human mages—including Lin Li and the rest who were watching the battle—seemed to have seen a descending G.o.d.

Although the arbitrator Megard seemed to be closer to Rosen and had been nitpicking Lin Li’s faults, Lin Li had no choice but to admit that Megard was undoubtedly a G.o.dly presence from the Dark Age. Even through the crystal ball, he could clearly feel that the Megard was extremely majestic and domineering.

The appearance of Megard caused the two opposing parties of the intense battle to slow down, but unlike the Undead creatures, the mages did not seem to have been affected by the power of this arbitrator. However, the mages did not continue attacking the Undead creatures, because the appearance of the arbitrator meant that the remaining battle no longer belonged to them. They decided to take the chance to retreat from the battlefield and move out of the Shadowglen.

Megard gently raised the staff in his hand, and a huge wave of unparalleled mana burst out of his skinny body, instantly forming a huge magic vortex over the Shadowglen. Lin Li and others were observing it through the crystal ball, but the three Undead Lords in the Shadowglen, as well as the countless Undead creatures, seemed to have no choice but to face the horror caused by the mana.

The three Undead Lords yelled menacingly at the same time, causing the frail human mages to feel threatened again.

As the Lich King swiftly chanted the strongest spell that he had mastered, the huge black gem on top of the staff in his hand was covered in cracks under the induction of mana. The Humerus Wyrm spread its wings open and opened its mouth at the sky while continuously acc.u.mulating destructive power. The body of the Skeletal King was also emitting a strong death aura at this moment. It then flew up into the sky as if it were going against Megard.

The three Undead Lords with powerful strength of level-23 seemed to also be exuding their own power now because the great sense of threat told them that they would only be facing complete destruction in the end if they did not stop the old mage.

However, Megard did not give the three Undead Lords a chance at all. Instead, he raised the staff gently before putting it down again, causing a dazzling ray of light to flash in the sky above the Shadowglen.

Lin Li was immediately shocked, for he was not unfamiliar with that spell. When he was in Tutankhamun’s hut, he had seen the G.o.d of Mages, Geresco, releasing that magic spell through the s.p.a.cetime Beacon Spell. It was a level-25 magic which had extremely harsh requirements for mental strength, in addition to requiring a ma.s.sive amount of mana.

When he saw Geresco’s Starfall, Lin Li got a great shock. After casting an equally powerful Legendary magic, the G.o.d of Mages immediately released the level-25 Starfall without rest. It was simply something that was unachievable by humans.

The arbitrator Megard might not be able to emulate Geresco, but when he released the level-25 Starfall at this moment, it seemed extremely effortless.

Is this the power of a Sanctuary Master? Lin Li was filled with desire to advance to the Sanctuary-realm while also feeling horrified. Staring at Megard’s skinny figure, Lin Li could even imagine the scene of Megard overthrowing the mighty High Elves during the Dark Age. No matter how biased Megard was towards Rosen in the past few days, Lin Li still found him extremely tall and majestic.

Even Andoine and Rosen who were in frequent contact with Megard were filled with infinite awe and admiration towards his abilities and his contributions to the human race.

Above the Shadowglen, the three Undead Lords exerted all their strength and rushed towards Megard. However, before the three Undead Lords could even reach him, the s.h.i.+ning stars descended with a whistling sound.


A meteor hit the back of the Humerus Wyrm, causing its body to sink all of a sudden. However, the countless beautiful and dazzling, s.h.i.+ning meteors created a nightmare for the three Undead Lords.

The meteor shower was beautiful, but when it fell on their heads, there was nothing beautiful about it. The entire battlefield and half of Starfall were in the attacking range of the falling stars. The dazzling meteors were constantly falling like a storm, stirring up glimmering magic and relentlessly destroying the Undead creatures.

Is this really a magic spell? It’s just like a punishment! Although Lin Li was not being attacked, he was still incredibly astonished. It was his second time seeing the Starfall, but the shock that Lin Li felt was no less than when he saw Geresco cast the magic spell.

Although the magic of Starfall was powerful, one of its greatest problems was the fact that it would perceive everything in the attack range as a target of destruction, regardless of whether they were the enemies or not. At the beginning, Geresco used Void of the Stars after releasing Starfall in order to nullify his body so that none of the offensive spells would be effective on him.

However, Void of the Stars could be considered to touch the realm of the G.o.ds. Lin Li had no idea if Megard had mastered that magic or not, but he didn’t cast the spell to avoid the falling stars[1]. However, even if there was no Void of the Stars, it seemed that there was no need to worry about Megard’s safety, because all the meteors that were falling towards him would be deflected to the side by an invisible force.

Lin Li could tell that it was not some magic, but rather an application of nomological power which directed the attacks away from one’s body. It was easier said than done, and even if one had already understood all the mysteries of the nomological power involved, they still might not be able to achieve it.

The three Undead Lords had already been smashed back to the ground by countless meteors, including the large Humerus Wyrm, which was covered in dense cracks. The once-gilded bones were also been smashed to the point of becoming dim. The Lich King continuously put up defensive spells before becoming crushed again. The robe on his body had already been tattered beyond shreds. The only thing that was still intact was the hood covering his face.

As for the Undead Army in the Shadowglen, they had no resistance to Starfall at all, and all of the Undead creatures, including the Vampires that were moving swiftly and the Dracolich[2] that was exhibiting magic, seemed to have been crushed and smashed into the soil.

In just a few seconds, the black mud on the ground in the Shadowglen was replaced with a gray color, and the three Undead Lords were crawling in the mud while still suffering from the falling meteors. They looked extremely pathetic, and their soul fire was growing dimmer, seemingly about to become extinguished soon.

The Skeletal King, whose arm had been broken, finally raised his head and shrieked at Megard who was in the sky, “You can’t kill us, Geresco has promised us this before!”

[1] Meteors in Chinese are literally falling stars.

[2] No idea where this guy came from, possibly the author’s mistake… Or he forgot to mention that there was one among the skeletal dragons summoned earlier.


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