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Chapter 636: He can decide his own way of life! (2 in 1)

Translator: Radiant Translations Editor: Radiant Translations

“There’s nothing Grai can do about this. He has already given his all. However, those people from the Mo Family are just like machines! They’re already so hard to deal with, yet they’re not lacking in strange techniques!”

“All of the martial arts under the world originates from the Mo School, you know.”


Mo Ling dashed forwards. Although he had sustained heavier injuries, he was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy, and did not suffer much of a loss to his combat strength. On the other side, Grai, who had already exhausted all of his energies in the terrifying rush earlier, was obviously unable to regain it in just one of two breaths.

Grai continued to form runic imprints with his hands while retreating from Mo Ling. However, his retreating speed was clearly unable to match up to Mo Ling’s speed of advance. In the blink of an eye, the golden glow radiating from the 9 rings monk staff had already appeared before Grai’s eyes as it smashed down furiously from above!

Nevertheless, Grai continued to form more imprints with his hands. With a stamp, his body suddenly swayed about like a willow in the wind, evading the incoming staff smash with ease. In the next instant, he had appeared over 2 metres away from his original position.


The golden light blossomed as it travelled through the air, before smas.h.i.+ng fiercely against the ground.

Frankly speaking, although the 4 Beasts Fusion Body had made Mo Ling extremely agile, while Grai’s movements have obviously become slower, he still possessed a clear advantage in evasion, movements and fluidity of combat techniques. As long as he was able to drag this fight out by 2 or 3 more seconds, he would be able to unleash another Subwoofer Cannon! He did not believe that Mo Ling was truly able to defend against another wave!

Everyone had similar thoughts as Grai. However, Grai’s movements suddenly came to a halt, as he felt as though his retreating body seemed to have collided into an invisible wall, as though he had been grabbed by a pair of large invisible hands, rooting him onto the ground!


With the 9 rings monk staff as its core, a golden barrier suddenly appeared on the stage, completely locking Grai and Mo Ling up within it!

Seal —— 4 Spirits Mandara Runic Array!

The 9 rings of the 9 rings monk staff, which Mo Ling had smashed into the ground, was now floating equidistant from one another, forming a golden halo around the staff! The golden barrier was formed by the light radiating from the golden halo. Although this barrier had a relatively small radius of about 3 metres or so, it was just enough to envelop Grai and Mo Ling within it!

Seal, formed!

Countless sparkling runic patterns were present on the golden barrier, while rivers of light flowed across its surface. Now, the 2 fighters were only inches apart from each other, leaving them with no choice but to resort to hand to hand fighting. It would be a nightmare to display any combat technique within this small s.p.a.ce. This was basically the nemesis of all a.s.sa.s.sins!

Immediately, Grai gave up on forming the Subwoofer Cannon. At this point of time, there was nowhere else for him to retreat to! The only thing left for him to do was to fight for his life!

Bang bang bang bang…

In the blink of an eye, both sides sent punches rumbling out! This was a cage fight, a flesh on flesh fight!

From the frequency of attacks, Grai appeared to have a slight advantage in this aspect. However, he was unable to compete with Mo Ling in the power behind the punches. On the surface, Grai had unleashed more attacks, though Mo Ling was much tougher than the former. At this moment, Grai was just like rapid-fire crossbow, unleas.h.i.+ng a flurry of barrages. However, the only variable was whether Mo Ling’s fleshly body could withstand such a violent exchange!

Both sides were giving their all, with the loser being the one that failed to continue holding on! Nevertheless, both Grai and Mo Ling were not giving up! This was especially present in Mo Ling, who continued to stand tall, just like the majestic Mount Tai!


2 legs smashed into each other, before both parties retreated a step. Grai proceeded to s.h.i.+ft his palms, as layer upon layer of palm imprints started to draw spiral arcs in the air.

—Hundred Fold Palms!

In this situation, Grai was unexpectedly able to display such a combat technique! However… before everyone react, Mo Ling’s mountain-like body had already tilted forward, smas.h.i.+ng the s.p.a.ce before him with incomparable fierceness! In an instant, there was nowhere else for Grai’s palm imprints to move!

Having partially recovered, the tortoisesh.e.l.l around him body smashed forwards like a s.h.i.+eld bash, unleas.h.i.+ng all of his power in an instant!

Mo School — 8 Extremes Collapse!

A frightening power was unleashed from Mo Ling’s shoulder! This tyrannical power had exceeded the might of Barran’s Leaning Landslide! This was a super heavy soldier killing move hailing from the Mo School!


Grai was immediately sent flying back, smas.h.i.+ng fiercely against the golden barrier behind him. In the next instant, the rebounding force coming for the barrier launched him back out, causing Grai to appear just like a fly trapped in a jar! Grai clenched his teeth in pain, though he did not retreat nor evade. There was no place for them in this situation! Now, the only thing he could do was to meet Mo Ling head on! Even if he was to die, he would fight on! The intertwining Hundred Fold Palms were sent out with ferocious might!

However, this was precisely what Mo Ling wanted! Now, he was enacting the buffet the Mo Family had specifically prepared for Grai! Having lost the ability to use his agility and movements, Grai’s only option was the meet the fight head on, something that Mo Ling was utterly unafraid of! Once again, he unleashed an 8 Extremes Collapse, sending a blast of ferocious power at Grai!

The myriad of palm shades converged together, smas.h.i.+ng right against the incoming 8 Extremes Collapse.

However, its strength had been drained away. Within those short milliseconds of confrontation, Soul Power surged through Mo Ling’s shoulder, allowing his iron-tower like 8 Extremes Collapse to completely absorb the might of the incoming Hundred Fold Palms. How could the brief high-speed multi-layered palm strike match up to the mountain smas.h.i.+ng power present within the 8 Extremes Collapse?


An intense tremor shook the golden barrier as the 8 Extremes Collapse smashed right into Grai, causing bone-cracking sounds to ring out from his chest. As his organs s.h.i.+fted about, the colour of his face rapidly drained away! However, despite this, Mo Ling continued to move swiftly about as he drew back, before unleas.h.i.+ng the 3rd blow in the blink of an eye!

This was absolute despair! He was giving his opponent utterly no chance to recover!

Finally, Grai had no leeway left to go on the offensive, forcing him into a defensive stance! This…


Bang bang bang bang bang…

Collapse, shake, lean, smash, push, press, receive, strike!

The 8 different kinds of power from the 8 Extremes Collapse formed the perfect attack within this small s.p.a.ce. Although he appeared to be turning left and right while sticking to the centre of the golden barrier, he only needed one step to reach every single location present within this small s.p.a.ce!

Grai continued to move his legs, swaying about just like a willow swaying with the wind, and fluttering about like leaves in the wind. Nevertheless, the cramped s.p.a.ce made it impossible for him to properly dodge and evade. Furthermore, all of his attacks were restricted by the tortoisesh.e.l.l and the 2nd drive power that revolved around Mo Ling’s entire body, resulting in him having no choice but to continue receiving this beating. Despite all of this, Grai continued to persevere! However, the successive heavy strikes had caused his strength to continuously weaken, while causing his movements to be less nimble and agile. Most critically, the last few unavoidable attacks had caused him to vomit large mouthfuls of blood! On the other hand, the terrifying regenerative capabilities of the 4 Beasts Fusion Body allowed Mo Ling’s condition to rapidly improve, increasing the power he could unleash after each and every blow!

If this continues, Grai… would be finished!

The evenly matched flesh-to-flesh showdown had instantly turned into a one-sided beating! Even the most uneducated of Grai fans were able to see the ma.s.sive disparity between the 2 on stage!

Once again, the entire stadium and Skylink sunk into a wave of deathly silence. This was the first time Grai had been beaten up and suppressed like that! The spectacle was so heart-wrenching that many female fans could not bear to continue watching on. The preparations the Mo Family made to deal with Grai was more than sufficient; they definitely wouldn’t let themselves become complacent and treat their opponents lightly just because of their overwhelming confidence in Mo Wen and Mo Ling’s strength.

When Mo Ling had wielded the 9 rings monk staff for this duel, everyone had initially a.s.sumed that it was a hidden weapon that he specialized in. However, from the looks of it, it was just part of the tactic used to deal with Grai! By forcing the latter into a flesh on flesh fight, the tyrannical recovery and physical amplification capabilities of Mo Ling’s 4 Beasts Fusion Body allowed him to forcefully suppress his opponent.

Grai was finished! Being countered in such a fas.h.i.+on, and suppressed all through this fight. It was impossible for anyone to be able to pull off a reversal when in the situation Grai was now in!

Blank expressions filled the entire Tianjing squadron and supporter group. Was this match about to be over?

There’s nothing they could do! Their opponents were too powerful! Mo Ling had defeated Divian in the quarterfinals, and had even used such counter-tactics against Grai. It was useless, regardless of how much w.a.n.g Zhong strategised. Although he might still be able to please the audience and give in to Mo Wen’s request for a 5th duel, Tianjing would have already lost this match. Heaven’s Fate was simply too powerful! What powerful despair! It could be said that they were on a different level from all of the other squadrons partic.i.p.ating in this CHF, so much so that they could be hailed as the strongest squadron in the universe!


Some excited Heaven’s Fate fans were already declaring the match scores on Skylink. Subsequently, countless bullet comments scrolled past the large screens, while the Heaven’s Fate fans present in the stadium could finally calm their nervous and shocked hearts.


“4:0! Complete Victory!”

“Undefeatable, indestructible, and invincible throughout the universe!”

Their berserk shouts instantly resounded across the stadium. In a short span of a few seconds, the shouts grew into an earth-shatteringly mighty voice with satisfied and crazed laughter mixed within.

After all, other than the Heaven’s Fate fans, there were too many fans of the S ranked, S+ ranked, and the aristocratic family squadrons that have fallen to Tianjing in this CHF. These people naturally treated Tianjing as a great scourge, and had an irreconcilable grudge against them. How would they be able to live if Tianjing was allowed to do as they pleased?

“Serve you right, Tianjing! In the end, you all are still getting crushed!”

“Zero! Ha ha!”

“Tianjing wants to partic.i.p.ate in the finals with this kind of standard? Go eat s.h.i.+t! What a s.h.i.+tty team! What s.h.i.+tty luck!”

Various kinds of voices filled the stadium, raising the noise level to ear-shattering levels. Clearly, this was purposely incited by some people. Although this situation wouldn’t happen if Tianjing won, they would think of a thousand and one ways to hit the downed Tianjing if they were to lose.

Grai’s movements seemed to come to a slight halt as Mo Ling’s 2nd drive attack struck home once again. However, Mo Ling suddenly felt a sliver of unease as a tremor shook through his hands. Extending his hands to grab onto Grai’s, he immediately felt as though he was grabbing a piece of scorching iron! Despite the resistance capabilities of his 4 Beasts Fusion Body, he felt the heat radiating from Grai’s arms had reached near intolerable temperatures, immediately spiking his vigilance!

At this same time, a reddish fog suddenly erupted out from Grai’s body.

Mo Ling instinctively retracted his hands. Although the fog wasn’t scorching hot, it burned in a corrosive manner. This came precisely from that mysterious red fog! Although there wasn’t much of it, there were more than enough to form a thin layer around Grai’s body, causing the latter to turn into a blood-red figure that radiated with a b.l.o.o.d.y glow. As this happened, white smoke started to be fume out of the golden barrier behind him that was in contact with the b.l.o.o.d.y glow, before a large hole started to sizzle and form!

In the next instant, the golden barrier disappeared, transforming into a ray of golden light that entered back into the 9 rings monk staff. The b.l.o.o.d.y glow radiating from out from Grai’s body grew increasingly dense as light continued to condense around his body, transforming him into a blood-red, dazzling sun!

Mo Ling instantly retreated a number of metres back, as the now floating Grai had given him an intense feeling of threat. This did not stem from the latter’s strength; it was a strange, primal and instinctual submission and threat.


A soft bang rang out, before the dazzling b.l.o.o.d.y glow disappeared, appearing as though it had been absorbed right back into his body.

In the next instant, a strange aura expanded out across the stage.

This was!

Mo Ling’s eyes contracted fiercely as he took in the spectacle before him. Grai had started to float up slowly in the middle of the stage. At this moment, his pupils had turned into a shade akin to the freshest of blood, while a paleness covered his face. In fact, his jet black hair now turned into a silvery shade!

This wasn’t some mid-air dancing move! Nevertheless, some kind of mysterious energy was lifting him into the air. As his silvery hair fluttered in the air, instantly turning the earth-shattering noises resounding within the stadium into absolute silence.

Bloodline strength?

He had hidden his strength and a killing move? In such a situation???

Everyone was dumbfounded by what they saw! Never in their wildest dreams did they expect Tianjing to have something like a trump card left up their sleeve! Grai had actually possessed a bloodline strength?

The people that were screaming about earlier appeared to have seen a ghost… NO! It was the feeling of being screwed! Was this really Tianjing? Even the aristocratic families weren’t able to hold their cards for so long!

Without talking about other people, even the Tianjing squadron members were stunned by what they saw. In fact, even w.a.n.g Zhong himself was surprised by this development. Although he knew that Grai had been concealing his true strength all the while, he did not expect Grai to unleash something like the strange bloodline power he was currently displaying on stage.

“Blood Race…” it was unknown who made the astonis.h.i.+ng first guess.

In an instant, the entire stadium turned peaceful as everyone kept their mouths shut in fear. Even those female Grai fans and those girls that were shrieking excitedly when Grai’s silvery hair fluttered in the wind were instantly frightened into silence, with all of their fantasy-filled minds being smacked back into reality.

Countless eyes were focused on Grai. There might be one person out of ten that wasn’t clear what was happening. However, the remaining 9 were definitely showing fear and dread within their eyes!

Floating in the air, Grai didn’t rush forwards hastily to attack. Instead, he did not do anything at all. In fact, he did not even place his eyes on his opponent! Grai proceeded to slowly raise his head towards the sky.

Despite it being noon, where the sun s.h.i.+nes the brightest, the multiple layers of radiation and dimensional energies present in the sky were blocking some of the ultraviolet rays s.h.i.+ning through. This allowed for even ordinary people to look straight at the sun without feeling any discomfort.

However, Grai was now forced to narrow his eyes.

It felt slightly dazzling…

At this moment, not only did the sunlight feel slightly dazzling, everything around him felt more detailed than before. In fact, he could even hear the faint heartbeats from Mo Ling, who was standing 10 metres away from him. Ba-dump, ba-dump. He was even able to hear the sounds created as blood circulated through his blood vessels…

It had really been a long time since he had felt such sensations! This was the first time that he was appearing before everyone from the Federation as a member of the Blood Race. What outcome would this lead to? The Blood Race was a race of mutated humans, and was wiped out to extinction by mankind during the dark era. Even in this glorious era, there was basically no good ending for anyone discovered to be a member of the blood race.

Nevertheless, there was no trace of any anxiousness present on Grai’s face. That’s right! This was a choice he had made! If he had conveniently fallen in this duel, this entire match would come to an end. There wouldn’t be any trouble, nor would he need to reveal any extra details about himself. However, for some unknown reason, the ever-so-calm Grai didn’t want to stay cool-headed!

Why do people live? Was it just for the sake of living?

That was basically no different from dying! Grai had always been pondering about this issue, on whether or not he could be considered as a human, if he was qualified to live his life as a human. He wished to stand proudly and frankly with w.a.n.g Zhong and the others, as they had given him courage! Although other people could go on and predict how he would die, so what!

He would decide how he would “live”!

Grai was a member of the Blood Race, a mutated species that was hunted and prosecuted by the Federation.

On one end, the members of the Blood Race were basically unable to control their emotions, and were bloodthirsty by nature with an extremely strong murderous tendencies. Coupled with their mysterious abilities, and overly powerful strength, there was basically no one in the Federation who could control them. This escalated to the point where they needed to be eradicated. On the other hand, when one awakened their bloodline as a Blood Race, they would undergo a ma.s.sive transformation of their outer appearances, turning into an appearance that did not resemble humans at all. This was one of the basic characteristics that the Federation used to determine Blood Race members. Through all of these, it was logical for the Blood Race to become a species that was anti-human, leading to them becoming a universal target, and being eradicated by the Federation. This forced them into eternal d.a.m.nation, while all traces of them disappearing from Earth.

At this moment, the entire stadium, Skylink, and even the entire Federation had turned silent.


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