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Chapter 67 – Arnold is Courting Death

At this time, Scarlet had already arrived back in her dormitory. A faint smile had graced her face the entire trip back as the Tianjing Academy’s G.o.ddess felt incomparable happiness. To her, this feeling was wonderful, yet also indescribable.

Scarlet recalled the first time she had met w.a.n.g Zhong. It had been inside the library. His earnestness and concentration had caught her attention, and the moment a shaft of sunlight had s.h.i.+ned through the window and lit up his face, for some ineffable reason, her heart had begun beating faster and developed some curiosity towards this boy.

Earnest men were extremely handsome and held an attractiveness that was obviously a weak spot for a girl like Scarlet. Only after probing deeper did she realize that he was actually the ‘disgrace’ of the commander department, a person the teachers most wanted to remove.

At first, Scarlet had lost her curiosity toward him, but she always seemed to run into him whenever she visited the library. It was at this time that the world had already been abuzz with news about this ‘disgrace’. Every person used a disdainful gaze to stare at him, so the topic of friends was moot. Yet, this boy continued to do things at his own pace, immersed in his own world. His eyes held not a shred of dismay at his situation, but on the contrary, brimmed with a spark of life that caused others to feel emotionally excited. It was a light seemingly filled with ‘hope’.

Scarlet’s face became slightly red as she thought of this. She knew that she had made the mistake of becoming lovestruck. Luckily, the alarm on her skylink sobered her from the memories.

It was for All-Mouthy King’s match.

She was highly interested in this mysterious person, even more so than for w.a.n.g Zhong. w.a.n.g Zhong’s level of strength probably wasn’t even a tenth of that man, yet All-Mouthy King wouldn’t hinder him. Instead, he may become something like a role model for him, a goal.

All-Mouthy King. Rune weapon: None.

Lei Bing. Rune weapon: None.

Combat battlefield: Mock Antarctic Continent

This result immediately confused everyone in the audience and forums. They’d all thought the same issue; Was there any meaning to this?

The Mock Antarctic Continent was a simulated battlefield prepared by the Federation in the event that an expedition were to be sent to this unknown region. This wasn’t the main problem, however. Would All-Mouthy King have to fight a skilled ice ability user in the Antarctic Continent battlefield?

It had to be said that those supporting All-Mouthy King weren’t feeling alright. They were all wondering how he was going to fight this battle. After all…

He also had no weapon!

Lei Bing knitted his brows. He felt that this kind of fight held no meaning whatsoever as he had a simple understanding of his opponent’s condition. His techniques weren’t bad, and there should be some profit in them comparing notes. Yet, when Lei Bing was within an ice-cold environment, his talent would blossom and would gain a 10% increase in soul power. Basically speaking, this would be an instant kill.

“You can change the combat environment as you wish,” Lei Bing invited.

Immediately, everyone watching breathed a sigh of relief. Although this brat was young and seemed both cold and unfeeling, he didn’t have a bad character.

There were now quite a few who held a favourable impression of Lei Bing. Most wouldn’t see any need to fight under such an environment. Regardless of the results, praise should be given to Lei Bing as this was the demeanor of an expert.

But in the next second, everyone was flabbergasted. He had actually rejected the offer.

This… this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, was he really doing this?

Arnold Teuton couldn’t help but shout, “Did that fellow let pride get to his head!? His opponent is an ice ability user of the elite division!” Due to Laura’s fire ability, the group’s heart would always be against those with an ice ability.

Even Laura faintly creased her brows. As a special ability user, Laura was very clear about the influence an environment had on a person. Although a fire ability user still couldn’t survive inside a sea of flames as they couldn’t change the const.i.tution of their body, a complementary environment had a large influence on one’s manipulation of their special ability. One’s power would also be amplified, as well as boosts in other aspects such as endurance. If a special ability user were to fight an opponent of similar strength in an environment that suited them, then it would most certainly end in victory for the special ability user.

“There simply isn’t any chance of victory. I had compared notes with Lei Bing before and that guy is an all-rounded soldier. He has comprehensive close-range techniques, and his special ability allows him to instantly discharge for ranged combat. Moreover, this was his condition two months ago,” Anlor suddenly said.

“f.u.c.k, next time just say whether you won or lost,” Arnold Teuton said. Though, once he saw Anlor’s complexion, he immediately knew the result.

The road of an elite division was truly far. In their case, all they could do was slowly simmer in their current placement. If they could reach the elite division before graduation, then they would even burn expensive incense.

As he watched the two partic.i.p.ants enter the battlefield and the focused Laura, Arnold Teuton’s eyes began to tear.

“Captain, I see that Anlor has been quite miserable after being oppressed by you. As his brother, I can’t help but speak out.”

Laura smiled faintly as she replied, “What, do you want to help him shoulder some of it?”

Ever since he had lost to All-Mouthy King, Anlor had been used as a punching bag for Laura’s Explosive Flame Bear. It was truly a tragic sight to behold.

Cough cough. “If All-Mouthy King wins this match, I’ll become your training partner,” Arnold Teuton replied. A crafty smile lit his face as he added, “How’s that, captain? Do you dare to bet on this?”

Laura glanced at Arnold Teuton. When she saw how the other side had grown some guts, she said, “And if Lei Bing wins, did you wish for me to go out on a date with you?”

“This, I will definitely not force captain. This should be captain’s voluntary act.”

Arnold Teuton laughed until he looked as if he deserved a spanking. Anlor, who had initially felt touched by Arnold Teuton’s brotherly love, now felt like strangling this shameless fellow to death.

“Fine. I’ll gamble with you,” she replied suddenly. Her straightforwardness had startled even Anlor.

“For real?”

“When has this Laura not kept her word?” was her reply. This time, they weren’t watching through the skylink broadcast, but from inside the OP system viewing gallery for greater clarity.

Keeping a poker face within the OP system wasn’t very important. What was important was that feeling. Seeing All-Mouthy King’s eyes, she felt that he was definitely aware of how strong his opponent was, but they still brimmed with self-confidence.

Girls like her weren’t arrogant or pampered, but the males surrounding her simply weren’t able to dominate her in terms of strength or charisma. It was either that they had a little strength, which made them egotistical and very arrogant, or they were just weak.

Moreover, girls didn’t just look at the strength. What was even more important was that sense of calmness, a feeling that could give her a sense of warmth and dependence.

Regardless of what he ran into, this All-Mouthy King would remain as steadfast as Mount Tai and wouldn’t budge.

Was it just a misconception? Unknowingly, she thought about testing it.

Upon entering the battlefield, w.a.n.g Zhong felt the glacial air of his surroundings. The temperature here was -30° celsius, still within permissible range for new humans. Snow and ice covered the ground, and it was a bit slippery.

This kind of environment could be considered as striking the potluck for Lei Bing. Despite this, the climate conditions on the outskirts of Aurora City was much worse than this since it was just a Mock Antarctic environment. For an ice ability user, it was akin to coming home.

Lei Bing was also sizing up his opponent before him. He felt that his opponent was older than him, but not by much. In the beginning, he’d just wanted to be polite, but he just couldn’t say All-Mouthy King’s name.

Because he felt his opponent wasn’t worthy of such a thing.

“Please,” Lei Bing said as he politely signaled him with a hand.

w.a.n.g Zhong also made an inviting gesture. In the next second, Lei Bing launched himself forward with a thunderous sound. His explosive dash was something heavy soldiers excelled in. Not only did it carry a fierce momentum, it also had frightening speed. It was akin to an acceleration that was achievable only when ice-skating.


His first attack was a punch, and w.a.n.g Zhong took the attack straight on. As his body sank into the snow, his opponent had already flipped 180° over and smashed his hand down onto w.a.n.g Zhong’s head.


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