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Chapter 410: Clas.h.i.+ng For the First Time

The faint words reverberated throughout the night without disappearing.

The eyes of the white-clothed young man were ice cold, as he stared at the untamed and arrogant face of the other young man. The former did not say any other words. His wrists twisted slightly and a faint silver-colored Dou Qi began brewing in his palm. There was actually a faint, soft, m.u.f.fled sound of thunder being emitted from within it.

“Lightning Type Dou Qi?” Astonishment flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes as he heard the m.u.f.fled lightning sound emitted from that silver-colored Dou Qi. He did not expect that this fellow actually possessed this rare Dou Qi element, similar to his Second Brother.

Xiao Yan moved his hand. A pale-green Dou Qi also overflowed from his palm as Xiao Yan watched this white-clothed young man whom he had met once during the daytime with an indifferent expression. He did not have the slightest fear or timidness.

“The weak do not have the qualifications to possess her!” The white-clothed man glanced indifferently at Xiao Yan, who did not shrink back. He laughed coldly and his toes abruptly pushed off of the pile of rubble. His body turned into a silver glow that cut through the darkness, and shot explosively toward Xiao Yan in a lightning like manner.

Due to the sharp offensive of this white-clothed young man within the darkness, some weak thunderclaps actually appeared out of nowhere.

The silver glow swiftly expanded within the dark, black eyes. Xiao Yan’s expression still remained calm. He slowly tightened his hand and a pale-green-colored Dou Qi slowly spat out and shrunk on his fist, much like numerous tiny long snakes.

“Bai Shan, what are you doing?” The silver glow cut open the dark night. However, just as Xiao Yan was prepared to unceremoniously counter the attack, a lovely cry, which contained some anger, suddenly broke the silence of the night. Quickly following this, a golden glow shot out and finally intercepted the silver glow in midair. The two energies collided abruptly, and an intense energy storm blew the rock fragments on the ground until they flew in all directions.

Xiao Yan shook his head helplessly the moment the lovely cry sounded. He slowly relaxed his tightly clenched fist and lifted his head to watch the white-clothed man, whose body flashed back toward a tree branch after being intercepted by the golden glow.

A pale-green colored figure flashed out from the house and appeared by Xiao Yan’s side an instant later. Her eyebrows were vertical as her pretty face contained a hint of anger, while she eyed the white-clothed man on the tree branch.

“It is nothing. I just want to spar a little with Junior Xiao Yan.” After seeing the green-clothed young lady appear, the gaze of the white-clothed man remained paused on her body. He coldly glanced once at Xiao Yan by her side and immediately said with a faint smile, “Xun Er, why do you need to be so anxious? With Junior Xiao Yan’s ability, how could he partic.i.p.ate in the Inner Academy Qualifying Compet.i.tion if he could not even block a random blow of mine?”

“Senior Bai Shan, I only treat you respectfully because I respect you as a senior. However, if you continue to cause unreasonable trouble in this manner, don’t blame me for not giving you any face.” Xun Er slowly calmed down the anger in her heart as she softly replied.

Bai Shan’s calm face changed slightly when he heard this. Since he came to know Xun Er, their relations.h.i.+p may not be considered to be overly close, but based on what he thought, the two of them could at least be considered friends. Yet, when he heard Xun Er actually using such a tone to talk to him, he could not suppress the emotions within his heart, even with his scheming. His expression had became a lot uglier.

“If you are a man, then don’t hide behind a woman.” Bai Shan slowly inhaled a breath of air and suppressed the anger in his heart. He coldly glanced at Xiao Yan, lifted the corner of his mouth and laughed coldly with disdain.

“Bai Shan! You better not go overboard!” Xun Er’s face quietly sunk. She shook her delicate hand and a golden-colored energy swiftly began to agglomerate in her palm. After Bai Shan had repeatedly provoked Xiao Yan. she had already reached her breaking point.

“Girl, stay behind. It is fine for us men to settle these matters.” Xiao Yan suddenly extended one hand and grabbed Xun Er’s wrist. She turned around to take a look, only to see the faint smile on Xiao Yan’s face. With her comprehension of Xiao Yan, she knew that when it came to such an instance, he would be extremely serious. She immediately hesitated for a moment and could only nod her head and take a step back.

“Do you want to fight?” Xiao Yan took a step forward, twisting his neck. He glanced at Bai Shan on the branches, and softly asked with a smile.

“I will not mind if you want to.” Bai Shan gently flicked his sleeves as he coldly said. When he saw Xun Er, who had been maintaining a distance from him, was actually obedient and docile toward Xiao Yan, an evil flame surged up within his usually calm heart. With his appearance, strength and training talent, in what way was he weaker than this person called Xiao Yan in front of him? However, why does… she keep ignoring him?

“I mind!”

A cold cry was suddenly emitted from within the house. Instructor Ruo Ling immediately flew out. Her expression was somewhat ugly as she looked at Bai Shan before she said in a deep voice, “Student Bai Shan, this reckless action of yours is against the academy rules. If you want to challenge him, you can wait to see who is better in the Qualifying Compet.i.tion. By coming stealthily in the night, not only are your actions against the rules, but you might also end up with the reputation of taking advantage of others.”

Seeing that even Instructor Ruo Ling had also come out after being disturbed, Xiao Yan shook his head helplessly. He knew that they could not fight this battle tonight. Immediately, he could only withdraw the Dou Qi into his body, pulled Xun Er before turning around, and slowly walked toward the house.

“Xiao Yan, I hope that you will not be eliminated from the Qualifying Compet.i.tion. The weak do not have the right to obtain anything. When that time comes, I also hope that you do not continue to hide behind a woman. A man that Xun Er acknowledges should not be a coward, right?” Bai Shan said faintly as he watched the back of the two people who had turned around.


The sound of rus.h.i.+ng wind suddenly sounded. A force cut past the black darkness and violently smashed toward Bai Shan’s face.

A cold glint flashed across Bai Shan’s face when he sensed the rus.h.i.+ng wind force that came toward him from the front. He gently flicked his finger and a wisp of silver light shot out explosively. It finally collided with the rus.h.i.+ng wind force and immediately shattered it into powder. If one stilled one’s eyes to see what the object shot out was, one would see that the item originally blasting through the wind was actually a piece of rock fragment.

“Can you not be so long winded like a woman? You are Bai Shan, right? One of the so-called popular people? You are only so-so. You might be a very experienced person when it comes to jealousy but you need not tell me those fierce and useless words with your razor tongue. We shall see each other at the Qualifying Compet.i.tion.” Xiao Yan’s faint, dark and cold voice slowly sounded.

“You will leave her if you are defeated?” Bai Shan coldly laughed.

“Are you sure you are called Bai Shan and not Bai Chi (Idiot)?” The footsteps of Xiao Yan who was about to enter the house suddenly paused. He turned around, and looked at the green-faced Bai Shan pitifully. After which, he shook his head and pulled the laughing Xun Er as they walked into the house.
TL: Bai Chi – wordplay from the name Bai Shan – means idiot

“Ah, you should go.” Instructor Ruo Ling could not help but sigh as she watched the green-faced Bai Shan. This person was usually very calm. Why was it that he had become this impetuous in front of Xiao Yan today? It appeared that he has deep thoughts for Xun Er. Otherwise, it would not result in him losing his footing in this manner.

Once she said these words, Instructor Ruo Ling turned around and drifted into the house, leaving Bai Shan alone. His expression was green one moment and white at another moment, as he stood on the tree branch, enduring the cold wind late in the night.

Bai Shan stood on the tree branch and inhaled a deep breath of icy cold air. He slowly tightened his fist and muttered, “It is really unexpected that I can actually lose my cool to such an extent because of her. Therefore… she will definitely be mine. That Xiao Yan… I shall defeat him in the Qualifying Compet.i.tion. The woman whom, I, Bai Shan fancy… how could she run? Moreover, she is so outstanding. What qualifications does that, Xiao Yan, have to match her?”

Only after saying this did Bai Shan’s face gradually recover. He indifferently glanced at the house, and gently pressed down on the tree branch with his toes. His body drifted down and with a few immediate movements, he disappeared into the dark black night.

Xiao Yan watched the white-colored figure, who had gone far away, from the side of a window in the house. His eyes narrowed and a cold glint flashed across it. He turned around, eyed Xun Er behind him and helplessly shook his head, saying: “Girl, have you lived well these past two years?”
TL: Girl isn’t the best translation, it’d be more of an intimate “nickname” more so than anything else with a literally meaning

“Ah.” Xun Er’s delicate hand held Xiao Yan’s hand as she gently nodded.

Pulling Xun Er’s hand, Xiao Yan sat in front of the window, and eyed the l.u.s.ter of the stars in the sky. He suddenly whispered with a smile, “Do you want to know how I lived these past two years?”

“Ah.” Xun Er once again gently nodded. She held Xiao Yan’s hand between hers and felt the faint warmth.

With one hand, Xiao Yan slowly rubbed Xun Er’s soft, black hair, which extended to her waist. He was quiet for a moment. Only then did his voice, which was a little hoa.r.s.e, appear. He slowly spoke about all the events after he had left Wu Tan City back then one at a time. Of course, he chose to vaguely pa.s.s over the connections he had with some girls during this time, the ‘Heavenly Flame’, and other things which needed to be kept a secret.

Leaving Wu Tan City, entering the Magical Beast Mountain Range, breaking into the desert, creating a mess in the Mo clan, entering the capital, dominating everyone with his skill during the Alchemist Grand Meeting, ascending the Misty Cloud Mountain, defeating Nalan Yanran, fighting the entire sect by himself, killing a strong Dou w.a.n.g, and after that, escaping from the hands of a strong Dou Zong. Each of these soul-stirring and blood boiling events were spoken about by Xiao Yan indifferently. Although his tone was indifferent, the various dangers contained in them still caused people to have the feeling that their hearts were being held tightly.

By the window side, the faint moonlight scattered downward, s.h.i.+ning on the young man and young woman, covering them with a layer of faint, silver yarn.

A long while after Xiao Yan’s words fell, Xun Er also descended into a silence. Her head gently leaned against the shoulders of the former. Even though she had known most of the events, she still felt an agitation in her heart when she once again heard Xiao Yan speak about it. He had also lived these two years very bitterly.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge. I believe that by the time you return to the Jia Ma Empire, the Misty Cloud Sect will no longer be able to block you.” Xun Er smiled and replied with a gentle voice a long while later.

Xiao Yan smiled faintly. He merely raised his head and eyed the vast starry sky.

At the corner of the wall, not far behind the two of them, Instructor Ruo Ling was leaning against a wall. Her chest slowly rose and fell, as her face was filled with shock.


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