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Chapter 412: Rival

Xiao Yan withdrew his gaze from Bai Shan, who was on the opposite side of the arena. His gaze then swept across the surroundings of the stadium once more. In the middle of the viewing gallery, there were some good seats with the best views. Seated on these seats were merely four, white-haired, old men. Although the auras of these four people were no different from ordinary old men, Xiao Yan’s gaze landed on their bodies first. Other people might not have sensed anything, but with his outstanding Spiritual Perception was able to faintly sense a vibration in s.p.a.ce that occasionally surfaced from the surroundings of these four old men. This kind of spatial fluctuation was only created when the strength of the Dou Qi in one’s body had reached a certain limit, which enabled it resonate within the s.p.a.ce of the outside world.

Among the strong people whom Xiao Yan was acquainted with, even Hai Bodong had yet to achieve this level. Only those who had already entered the peak level of a Dou Huang, like Jia Xing Tian or the even stronger Yun Shan, were able to achieve this.

While Xiao Yan was observing these four old men, who were dressed in an extremely plain manner, the four of them suddenly appeared to have sensed something. Their originally lazy eyes were raised and turid gazes made contact with Xiao Yan’s eyes. The few pair of eyes looked at one another and Xiao Yan eyes immediately felt a little pain. The Dou Qi in his body swiftly circulated before a wisp of green flame suddenly flashed across his black pupils. Only then did that painful feeling gradually weaken. Besides being shocked in his heart, he hurriedly retracted his gaze.

“Huh?” Just as the wisp of green-colored flame quietly flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes, a soft, shocked sound was spontaneously and simultaneously emitted from the four old men seated on those seats. Three among them exchanged glances with one another as they opened their mouths to speak, “What a strange Dou Qi. It is as hot and agile as a flame.”

“This kind of Dou Qi is the best fuel to refine medicinal pills. It would really be a waste if Xiao Yan were not an alchemist.” A shock flashed across the eyes of an old man who was seated furthest left as he slowly said.

“Ke ke, Old Huo, I heard that this Xiao Yan had once become the champion of the Jia Ma Empire’s Grand Alchemist Meeting. His medicinal refining talent is quite great. If you can recruit him to your place to refine medicinal pills, I’m afraid that his achievements in the future would leave people speechless.” A gray-robed old man in the middle said with a smile.

“Ah, having such an achievement at only eighteen. His potential is extraordinary. He is indeed a good seedling. However, I think that he should already have his own teacher. Otherwise, he would definitely not be able to reach such a stage at this age with just his talent alone.” The old man, who was addressed as Old Huo, first nodded before he immediately replied.

“There is no conflict even if he already has a teacher. There is not much conflict between the academy and private teachers. Moreover, Jia Nan Academy’s Alchemist Department has been founded for so many years. If he can enter it and practice, there are many benefits for him. After all, no matter how vastly knowledgeable his teacher is, it would be difficult to compare with the many years of inheritance your Alchemist Department has, right?” The gray-robed old man shook his head and said with a smile.

“Besides, the Alchemist Department is independent of the Outer and Inner Academy and does not have much conflict with them. If this Xiao Yan were interested in coming to the Alchemist Department, I would not mind having another outstanding student.” Old Huo glanced at Xiao Yan in the distance and said faintly.

“Among the four of them, the three people, starting from the left, are the Deputy Headmaster of the Outer Academy and two elders who have quite great prestige in the academy. They have extremely great authority to speak in the Outer Academy. Moreover, their strengths are around that of the Dou Huang peak level.” When she saw Xiao Yan’s gaze, Instructor Ruo Ling, who stood beside him, explained softly, “The quiet old man, who isn’t speaking much on the far right, is the Department Head of the Alchemist Department. He manages a large group of alchemists under him. Since an alchemist has a special position on the continent, the Alchemist Department is independent of the Inner and Outer Academy. There is no one who can interfere with their matters. Even the Deputy Headmaster cannot do so.”

“Alchemist Department?” Xiao Yan’s heart moved when he heard this name. This so called Alchemist Department was likely an existence that was similar to that of the Alchemist a.s.sociation.

“The distribution of the faction in the Outer Academy is quite messy. Although I know that the strength which you are hiding is extremely strong, you need to be careful of two factions. One is the Law Enforcement Unit. There are as many strong people as there are clouds within the unit. Moreover, their unit’s position causes them to nearly have the authority to make unauthorized arrests. It is quite troublesome to offend them. The b.l.o.o.d.y fight between Jia Nan Academy and the ‘Black-Corner Region’ back then and finally the ‘Death Spirit Tree’, that gives people the creeps, were all their tactics… The other party would be the Alchemist Department. No matter what happens, an alchemist, no matter where he is, would be able to enjoy an extremely special position.” Instructor Ruo Ling sighed. There was some envy in her voice. The treatment of any random tier two alchemist within the Alchemist Department would far exceed that of hers as a Huang cla.s.s instructor.

“Ah.” Xiao Yan nodded slightly as he firmly remembered these two faction in the academy within his heart.

“Additionally, I may have said yesterday that you only need to enter the top fifty in this Inner Academy Qualification but I think that with your true strength, you may perhaps try to break into the top five…” Instructor Ruo Ling smiled as she looked at Xiao Yan. She did not purposefully hide the fact that she had accidentally heard some things last night.

“Isn’t it all the same…” Xiao Yan smiled as he replied.

“It is not the same. If you are able to enter the top five in the Qualifying Compet.i.tion, you would have the qualification to enter into the academy’s ‘Book Collection Hall’.” Xun Er continued on with a smile instead.

“‘Book Collection Hall’? Are the things inside extremely attractive?” Xiao Yan was startled as he asked.

“I can only say that over half of the people partic.i.p.ating in the Qualifying Compet.i.tion have come with the intention of entering the ‘Book Collection Hall’. Within them includes Xun Er, Bai Shan and the others.” Xun Er exhaled like an orchard by Xiao Yan’s side. Her smiling, warm and soft manner caused the surrounding gazes, which were looking at Xiao Yan, to suddenly become much hotter.

“The ‘Book Collection Hall’ is a forbidden place within the Outer Academy of the Jia Nan Academy. Its defenses are extremely tight. Usually, other than a few countable people, who have the qualifications to enter, it is in a locked state most of the time. Only each year after the Qualification Compet.i.tion is over will it once again open for a limited period of time.” Xun Er said softly, “If someone is lucky, one would obtain a benefit that would be difficult to imagine from within it.”

“Oh?” Xiao Yan lifted his eyebrows. With Xun Er’s background, she still had such a high opinion of the mysterious ‘Book Collection Hall’. In that case, the things inside should not disappoint him. He only nodded slightly after thinking about this manner within his heart. There was also some excitement within his heart as he said with a smile, “Since it is like this, then let us do our best. However, I shall say this before hand. Do not place too much hope on me. After all, there are quite a number of strong people in Jia Nan Academy.”

“There should not be much problem with your strength. There are only five people you need to pay attention to during the Qualification Compet.i.tion.” Instructor Ruo Ling said with a laugh. There was a marvel within her laughter: “The first is that Little Witch. Her training talent is not any weaker than yours. Moreover, she has followed beside a strong person like the Deputy Headmaster for so many years. By being exposed to her surroundings, her knowledge far exceeds those of the same age group as her. The cla.s.s of the Qi Technique and Dou Skills which she has learned are also beyond the reach of an ordinary person. Additionally, her character is strange and unique and is unaffected by soft and hard tactics. She totally has the character of a little demon. However, it is fortunate that she does not have much interest in men, so you need not worry about being pestered by her. Of course… with your relation with Xun Er, she might vent her anger on you.”

“The second person is Bai Shan, whom you have met yesterday. As one of the most outstanding students and the one who received the greatest attention within the academy during these past two years, his strength is also extremely strong. It is not an exaggeration to call him a rival… the third is someone you have not met. However, that person belongs among the people of the ‘Law Enforcement Unit’, whom I have told you about earlier. Moreover, his position is quite high within it and has the trust of the current chief of the Law Enforcement Unit. Moreover, he is an orphan and will likely stay in this academy frequently. In the future, he might have the chance to take over the ‘Law Enforcement Unit’, such a strong faction, within his hands.”

“The fourth person is called Lu Mu. He is one of the top students in the Alchemist Department. Not only is his medicinal refining skill outstanding, but he is also similarly not weak in Dou Qi training. He is also an opponent that you cannot underestimate. You must also be especially carefully about him. This is because, according to the sequence, your opponent today might be him.” Instructor Ruo Ling reminded.

“Oh?” Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this. He inquired, “What cla.s.s is that Lu Mu’s strength in?”

“Around a three star Da Dou s.h.i.+. However, that fellow is a complete ‘medicinal pot’. His Dou Qi is superficial and is nothing to be worried about.” Xiao Yu by the side suddenly pursed her lips and said.

“Ke ke, that Lu Mu is one of the top suitors of Xiao Yu. When she first entered the academy , that fellow disguised himself as a new student and brought Xiao Yu to wander randomly around the academy for over half a day. After which, Xiao Yu sensed something and directly kicked him into a pond. Who would expect that ever since that one kick, that fellow came leaning over, repeatedly pestering Xiao Yu. Unfortunately, each time, he would be attacked until wounds covered all of his body. It is really fortunate that he is an alchemist. Otherwise, there would not be sufficient healing medicine for him to use.” Instructor Ruo Ling covered her mouth and laughed in a lovely manner.

A flush surfaced on Xiao Yu’s pretty face when she heard Instructor Ruo Ling’s teasing. She helplessly said, “Don’t mention that sticky candy which I cannot get rid of. He really irritates me to death.”

“Ah?” Xiao Yan was startled when he heard the words of the two of them. His eyes immediately revealed a surprise as he eyed Xiao Yu and jokingly said, “Tsk tsk. It is really unexpected that Elder Cousin Sister Xiao Yu is also quite charming. However, the fellow this time around appears to be a little better than that fellow from two years ago?”

“Hmph, do you think that everyone has the same eyesight as you? It is not that no one wants this lady…” Xiao Yu snorted when she saw the shock on Xiao Yan’s face.

Xiao Yan smiled and once again turned his gaze back to Instructor Ruo Ling. With a smile, he asked, “What about the last person?”

“As close as being in front of your eyes.” Instructor Ruo Ling craftily said.

“Uh?” Xiao Yan was startled. His gaze turned toward Xun Er. When he saw her saucy expression, he could not help but say with a bitter smile, “Indeed, a rival that must be taken seriously…”

Undoubtedly, the last person Instructor Ruo Ling had said that he needed to pay attention to was naturally the one with the most terrifying training talent and a mysteriously large background, Xun Er.

During the time that the few of them were laughing softly, the viewing gallery around the stadium was once again completely packed with students. Noisy sound directly broke through the clouds. The second day of the Inner Academy Qualifying Compet.i.tion was finally about to begin.

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