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Chapter 866: Kill

The three gazes from Fang Yan’s group were dull as they looked at the blood-colored flame that was being trapped within that deep-green fire barrier. Their hearts stiffened when they heard Xiao Yan’s mocking words, and an unusually bright-redness surged onto their faces. With a ‘grug’ sound, three mouthfuls of fresh blood were spat out violently at the same time.

That Sky Fire Phoenix was agglomerated from most of the Dou Qi that belonged to Fang Yan and the other two Elders. Moreover, due to it possessing their essence blood, the three of them possessed a slight connection with the fire phoenix. However, the moment the deep-green flame barrier was formed, the thread of connection disappeared from the hearts of the three of them…

Of course, the thing that disappeared along with this connection was the pure Dou Qi that Fang Yan and the other two had practiced for so many years to obtain… this disappearance of Dou Qi meant that the strength of Fang Yan and the other two would miserably decline. The result of this…

Their mouths panted while some whiteness appeared in Fang Yan’s red-colored hair at this moment. His originally old face appeared even older. After wiping off the blood trace from his mouth in a quivering manner, he turned his vicious gaze to Xiao Yan, who remained in the air with flapping wings. He did not give up. Instead he chose to clench his teeth and change his hand seal.

Nevertheless, Fang Yan was merely looking for a needle in a haystack regardless of how he stimulated the connection with the fire phoenix in his heart. There was absolutely no response. That palm-sized flame barrier was like an unbreakable cage that completely isolated his connection with the ‘Life Transforming Flame’.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, release the ‘Life Transforming Flame’!” An Elder from the Demon Flame Valley sensed his increasingly weary internal body. He could not help but sternly yell at Xiao Yan with blood-red eyes.

Xiao Yan’s gaze was calm as he glanced at the greatly reduced aura of Fang Yan’s group. His gaze was as if he was watching a couple of idiots. Did they think that they were playing a game?

Having lost the ‘Life Transforming Flame’, Fang Yan’s group was already no longer one that he needed to be afraid of. Their reduced strength had difficulty contending with him.

If one were to discuss it, this ‘Life Transforming Flame’ could be considered to have been delivered by Fang Yan. If they had not raised a ruckus and used Dou Qi to delay Xiao Yan, the latter would have difficulty defeating them other than to use some Dou Techniques that would exhaust a great amount of Dou Qi. Moreover, even if Xiao Yan managed to defeat the three of them, his body would also be depleted. How else could he be in this leisurely condition of his? Moreover, he had also trapped the ‘Life Transforming Flame’ of the other three without incurring any problems.

Fang Yan inhaled a deep breath of air. The viciousness in his eyes gradually converged as he raised his head and laughed at Xiao Yan, “Ke ke , chief Xiao’s ‘Heavenly Flame’ can really be considered unrivaled in the world. It looks like us three elders were a little presumptuous. This ‘Life Transforming Flame’ is something that is formed from our Dou Qi. It is useless to you even if you trap it. All you can do is wait for it to disperse by itself. Why don’t we do this? If chief Xiao returns it to us, the old me will guarantee that the Demon Flame Valley will withdraw and not meddle with the Bodhisattva Body Transformation Saliva. What do you say?”

Xiao Yan glanced at Fang Yan’s smiling old face and grinned. He slowly shook his head. “First Elder Fang Yan, all of us are people who clearly understand this situation. Please do not continue to say any more childish words. I will not trust you in leaving by yourself after I return you the ‘Life Transformation Flame’. Moreover, if I put it bluntly, is your departure still important in this current situation?”

The smile on Fang Yan’s face gradually solidified as every word from Xiao Yan was transmitted into his ear. A vein pulsed on his forehead before he finally could not endure the irritation and ferocity within his heart. He furiously roared, “What do you plan on doing? Other than taking it and watching it automatically disappear, what else can you use the ‘Life Transforming Flame’ for? What do you want? Just state your desires clearly!”

One could not blame Fang Yan for being this agitated and losing himself. This was because he clearly understood what it meant for them to lose the ‘Life Transformation Flame’. It meant that his level of having one foot in the Dou Zong cla.s.s would decline until he was merely an ordinary Dou Huang. Moreover, following the loss of his essence blood, the damage he suffered would be an everlasting one. He might end up remaining in the Dou Huang cla.s.s forever without the slightest advancement. This fate was undoubtedly a terrifying torture to someone like him who had quite the wild ambition.

Fang Yan might have lost his cool but Xiao Yan was not a kind person. Moreover, he also knew that being merciful to people like this was being cruel to himself. The hearts of most people within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ hid a knife, a sharp one that could perce anyone at anytime. Moreover, First Elder was one of these people who possessed an even sharper knife. If he once again got hold of the ‘Life Transforming Flame’, he would definitely fail to keep his promise to turn away and leave. Instead, he would once again join hands with the other two Elders to engage in a wild attempt to a.s.sa.s.sinate Xiao Yan…

Moreover, due to the loss they had suffered last time, they would not use their flame to fight with Xiao Yan the next time around. This would mean that there would be a Dou Qi battle. At that time, even if Xiao Yan was able to defeat them again, the price he would have to pay would definitely be more than ten times it was at the moment. Given the many years of experience Xiao Yan had, how was it possible that he would perform such a foolish act?

“I’m sorry. I do indeed have quite a great use for this ‘Life Transforming Flame’. Hence, regarding this matter… First Elder can forget about it.” Xiao Yan gently shook the flame barrier above his hand. His gaze swept toward Fang Yan as he shook his head and replied.

Fang Yan’s expression turned gloomy when he heard these words from Xiao Yan. His gaze was vicious as he glanced at Xiao Yan. Without saying any more unnecessary words, he violently struck a fist onto his chest. A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out before it completely scattered over his hand.

A strange glow was emitted from his shriveled claw-like hand now covered by fresh blood. He waved his hand and it once again formed a strange hand seal.


Fang Yan suddenly let out a low cry as his hands stilled. Following his cry, the cl.u.s.ter of slowly flowing blood-colored flame seemed to have abruptly been activated. It burned intensely as it wildly writhed, attempting to break the flame barrier.

“Stubborn fellow!”

A coldness flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes as he sensed the change within the flame barrier. He flicked his finger and a cl.u.s.ter of invisible flame surged out. Finally, it covered the deep-green flame and once again formed an outer flame layer.

The slight connection that Fang Yan sensed after self-inflicting some injuries onto himself immediately disappeared following the outer layer of ‘Fallen Heart Flame’ taking shape. The ‘Life Transforming Flame’ that was within the flame barrier had once again regained its calmness…

The repeated disappearance caused Fang Yan’s face to turn ashen. A chill surged from his body…

Xiao Yan’s eyes coldly stared at Fang Yan. He opened his mouth and tossed the flame into his mouth as though it was a sweet. His throat rolled, swallowing the ‘Life Transforming Flame’ into his body in front of the stunned gazes of Fang Yan’s group…

“You… you insane fellow. You actually dare to swallow a flame?”

The corner of Fang Yan’s mouth trembled when he saw Xiao Yan’s crazy action. The interior of a person’s body was their weakest point. Even an elite Dou Zong would likely end up in an extremely miserable state if anything charged into their bodies. Yet, Xiao Yan had actually swallowed a flame that possessed a great destructive strength into his body. Such an act… was really crazy.

Xiao Yan burped softly, emitting some hot air as he did so. He smiled at the stunned Fang Yan’s group. Although the interior of one’s body was the weakest spot, the interior of Xiao Yan’s body had the protection of two ‘Heavenly Flames’, the Green Lotus Core Flame and the Fallen Heart Flame. If it came to a critical juncture, he would even use the Bone Chilling Flame that Yao Lao had left in his body. Under the protection of these three ‘Heavenly Flames’, the interior of Xiao Yan’s body was unnaturally safe…

In this current situation, Xiao Yan would naturally not attempt to see if the ‘Flame Mantra’ could swallow this ‘Life Transformation Flame’. Hence, he could only store it within his body in order to avoid the flame scattering and disappearing into the air.

Xiao Yan’s eyes once again turned to Fang Yan’s group after storing the ‘Life Transformation Flame’ in his body. A cold glint hid within his dark-black eyes. Although the strength of these three people would greatly decline after losing the ‘Life Transformation Flame’, this was not a sufficient reason for Xiao Yan to let them off. The him who believed in eliminating everything completely would never leave some trouble for the future…

“Second brother, third brother, kill him!”

Fang Yan sternly cried out. His face twitched after having sensed the icy-cold killing intent within Xiao Yan’s eyes.

The faces of the two Demon Flame Valley Elders, whose strengths had already declined to a two to three star Dou Huang, changed slightly upon hearing this. They could only grit their teeth and maneuver the little remaining Dou Qi in their bodies. They bite the bullet and attacked Xiao Yan.

The moment these two Elders charged forward, Fang Yan swiftly withdrew. The glare he gave Xiao Yan, while he was withdrawing, was so vicious that it caused one to feel a chill.

Xiao Yan calmly watched the two Demon Flame Valley’s Elders charge over. In an instant, a volcano-like jade-green fire pillar erupted in an abrupt manner.


Fang Yan’s heart quivered as he sensed the hot energy ripple transmitted over. However, he did not turn his head around. The Dou Qi wings on his back were violently flapped as he flew out of the mountain forest.

“Second brother, third brother, the old me will help take revenge for the both of you. As long as I return and alert the valley chief, he will definitely make this b.a.s.t.a.r.d pay with blood! Moreover there is the ‘Xiao Gate.’ At that time, we will definitely not even leave the chickens and dogs alive!” Fang Yan fled with all his might. While he was doing so, a vicious soft voice was also transmitted by the wild wind.


The words had just left his mouth when the fleeing Fang Yan suddenly stiffened. An intense pain transmitted from his chest caused him to feel like he was suffocating. He forcefully endured the pain that drilled into his heart as he lowered his head with great difficulty. Immediately, he saw a hand covered by a jade-green flame penetrating his chest…

The hot flame completely vaporized the blood around his wound. Fang Yan’s head slowly turned back. Finally, an emotionless young face was captured by his eyes. His eyes still revealed some rampant viciousness just before they were shut.

“If you and your companion had joined hands, even I could not deal with all of without exhausting my strength. Unfortunately… you were a silly old fellow…”

A faint voice was softly transmitted into Fang Yan’s ears from behind him just before he slowly shut his eyes.


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