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Chapter 1061

Four grand moon guides were much more than Tianming had expected. They had even witnessed Yueshen Wushuang’s death. Shocked and angry, they had no choice but to believe he had killed her.

“How could it be you?”

“He’s Li Tianming.”

“He killed Yueshen Wushuang….”

No matter how hard it was to believe the young and new concubine of the sovereign would show up at Divine Moon Skylake and kill people while disrupting the formation core, the facts were before them. All four of them summoned their totems, making for twenty-four in total, and they were all eighth-level ascendants.

“Don’t kill him! Just subdue him and leave him to Her Majesty!”

“I’ll hold him back! You two, stop his beasts from ruining the formation core!”

They immediately joined the fray. Yueshen Wushuang had been one of their lifelong friends, and seeing her die in such a terrible manner like that was infuriating, to say the least. Tianming was in danger now, not only from those four but also the messily dressed man that came bursting out of the building. The strongest beastmaster at the ninth level, Liu Qinghuan, fiercely glared at Tianming.

Two of the grand moon guides started attacking Tianming, while the other two brought their totems to stop Lan Huang and Xian Xian. And now Tianming had to deal with an elite at the Nonahonor Sky level too. He had only two choices now: continue hiding his totems to be safe, or risking everything to focus on killing moon guides and destroying the formation core. It might not be possible for him to achieve his goal if he chose the first. The second wasn’t ideal either, as if he was exposed, any hope of saving Feng would be gone.

It was a tough choice to make. Right as the enemies were about to reach him, he decided on the second choice; he would kill all five of these moon guides, and swiftly.

“Everyone, there’s no escape. We’ll give it our all!” Tianming yelled.

“Got it. We have the Greenspark Tower, so we can’t die anyway!”

Ever since Ying Huo and the rest had evolved, they were far more powerful than totems. Even with Tianming’s ten totems, they had still managed to quite significantly close the gap with him. Not to mention, their individual bane abilities made them close to eighth-level ascendants in power. Their star counts were nothing to scoff at, either, even in Orderia.

They hadn’t spared too much effort to kill Yueshen Wushuang. Now that Tianming had instructed them to go all out, the three apart from Lan Huang, who was still focused on destroying the formation core, went wild. All four types of Xian Xian’s flowers bloomed as it used its four main abilities, namely Radiant Vines, Bloodrain Swords, Evernight Curse, and Trisoul Fiendsong. Their effects spread out across the entire lake. The countless vines executed a second-realm whip art as well, managing to suppress the totems no matter how numerous they were. Ying Huo and Meow Meow were also able to stop the two grand moon guides that headed toward Lan Huang.

“How dare a single lifebound beast stop me?” The moon guide had six totems by their side. While lifebound beasts were physically stronger than totems of the same level, they were easily outnumbered, so beastmasters didn’t necessarily have superiority, let alone a single lifebound beast.

“Hmph, you dare to put up a strong front before me? Let’s see your bravado after I drill through your a.s.s!” Ying Huo split up into thousands of clones and intentionally shrank to the size of a palm and became annoyance made manifest; it focused its attacks using Death Inferno and Skyscorch Featherblast on a grand moon guide, matching Xian Xian’s Bloodrain Swords. At the same time, the Evernight Curse and Trisoul Fiendsong’s berserk and confusion effects greatly affected all four grand moon guides, and it would only intensify with time.

Meow Meow, on the other hand, turned into its Regal Chaosfiend form and started blasting away at another grand moon guide. Despite the enemy’s strength, Meow Meow’s firepower managed to keep her from reaching Lan Huang.

But it was still tough for a lone lifebound beast to stop a totem user that was also an eighth-level ascendant. Meow Meow and Ying Huo had been struck a few times, with the former even suffering a few cuts. But the Greenspark Tower ensured that they would completely heal up in mere moments. There was no way they could have held on for that long otherwise.

Ying Huo’s rain of sword strikes clashed against its enemy’s longsword. One weakness totem users had was that they were unable to go too far away from their totems. So, even if they had six totems, they weren’t able to send even a single one away to circ.u.mvent Meow Meow or Ying Huo, but were forced to fight together.

The two beasts weathered the blows and fought with their all as whips crackled amidst the cacophony of fire and lightning. Ying Huo’s clones were all over the place while Meow Meow relied on its speed, rapidly firing out its abilities. As long as they kept the moon guides occupied, they could keep them away, as there was no way their enemies could take them out easily with the Greenspark Tower’s support, buying Tianming a lot of time as he faced off against the full wrath of two grand moon guides.

Seeing that Liu Qinghuan might act at any moment, Tianming wanted to use three breaths of time to take out two of them! One of them had six three-hundred-meter-long swords as totems. They were called firmament grandswords. The other used plant totems called dreameater blooms. They were giant flowers that looked like the heads of beasts with wide-open mouths that could tear through anything they bit. Not only that, they could even deal spiritual damage that harmed totems as well as the vita. However, Tianming had the Soul Tower guarding his vita, so they only posed a physical threat to him. The swords worked in tandem with their owner’s sword art, while the six flowers came biting toward Tianming’s four cardinal G.o.dswords.

“Li Tianming, I advise you to surrender and be tried for your crimes. You might still be let off lightly if you yield now.”

“Stop stubbornly resisting! It’s beyond your capabilities!”

They sounded confident as they encircled him. If four grand moon guides couldn’t take out a seventeen-year-old brat, then nothing would make sense. Yet after they spoke, Tianming and his lifebound beasts started resisting in full.

Ying Huo and Meow Meow’s teamwork was shocking to see. What shook them even more was Tianming himself. He charged forward, despite the pressure from twelve totems. Though his power was insignificant, compared to those at the Octasaint Sky level, his body exploded with a terrifying power of totems and sword ki swarmed the entire area in an instant.

“Unleash!” Six blasts of sword ki manifested. The two grand moon guides saw even more totem swords emerge from Tianming’s body: the Ordinem Imperius, Welkin Imperius, Sentient Karma, Postmortem Cycle, Grandvoid Universum, and the Infinitum Spatium. They were all different, with one having astral properties, one was as wide as the Welkin plane, one radiated the karma of all sentient life, one represented the cycle of reincarnation, one represented time, and another cut through s.p.a.ce. Coupled with the original four, Tianming had now manifested all ten decapath era G.o.dswords. Though they were all smaller than the firmament grandswords, they were much brighter and more dense thanks to the soul servants.

“Four plus six… ten! Ten swords!”

“Ten totems!”

The moon guides were outright shrieking. Tianming witnessed once more the sheer shock it was for someone to see a decabane. They were so stricken that their moves had completely changed. Everyone, the saint moon guide included, saw it and couldn’t believe their eyes. Their totems themselves also stopped moving.

“Impossible!” The appearance of a Ninemoon G.o.ddess was already impossible enough, and this was even more ridiculous.

“A beastmaster using blood pacts is actually a decabane?”

They were completely numb with shock, even worse than how Huiyue Hai had reacted to it. However, they didn’t know that Tianming intended for this to stay a secret. He swiftly dispatched them without wasting a word, using all of his totems to execute the Moonnight Subdued Strike in tandem with the Grand-Orient Swords, bringing the move to a whole new level.

That move, which focused on coordination between totems and their user, was really suited to him. Each of his totems could adopt a different sword stance. Tianming was able to control each sword in detail, so it was like fighting against twelve swordsmen with different moves but perfect coordination.

Seaborne Moon gave rise to twelve different brightmoon sword ki types. The moons gathered together to form a rather large transparent circle in the air, seemingly containing traces of Feiling’s s.p.a.cetime power.

“Die!” His sword formation swarmed toward the two grand moon guides.


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