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Jing Rong had had enough! He spat, “Who knows how long our investigations would take, Magistrate Zuo? Did you expect us to continue lodging here at your yamen? As the magistrate, your doors should remain open for those in need – how would you be able to perform your duties with this Prince here? Even if you could overcome your fear and stop tiptoeing around this Prince, who said this Prince liked this place to begin with? Let’s do us both a favour, Magistrate Zuo!”

Zuo Yao had no words; and so, they began their ‘move’ the very next day.

Their new ‘home’ was a compound in the city’s west, a mansion set aside by the Yufu government for the county’s guests in the summer. Its original owner was beyond ecstatic that he finally had some business after the mansion was left to stand empty for many years, and the dusty mansion was as good as new in no time.

A broken chair? Fixed!

Tattered curtains? Discarded!

Missing cutlery? Added!

The mansion was impeccable by the time Jing Rong’s party arrived.

Tang Si took an immediate liking to this place; it was as s.p.a.cious and clean as she had wished for, and she had already begun scheming the construction of a platform for her training needs in the back courtyard. Mo Ruo was the stark opposite; he slumped against a pillar in the yard as soon as he stepped in, basking gloriously in the sunlight – for him, it didn’t matter where they were as long as he had some wine!

Holding her two sandalwood boxes, Ji Yunshu turned around to face Jing Rong just a few steps into the mansion, “This place is quite s.p.a.cious.”

“Mm, it wasn’t cheap.”

“We’re not that big a party.”

“Mm-hmm, it’s more comfortable like this.”

“There must be many rooms here, no?”

“There’re quite a few,” Jing Rong could see right through her thinly veiled intentions, “Just speak your mind – you don’t have to beat around the bush with me.”

Ji Yunshu was forthcoming, “I had Zijin check on Aunty Xie today. She was living in a house with a leaking roof. Since we are investigating her daughter’s case, why not bring her over here? Don’t you think it’s not appropriate for a frail lady like her to be living in those conditions without someone looking after her? Moreover, if there was something I needed to clarify with her, I could do so right away, and she would also have someone looking after her needs.”

“This Prince was of the same opinion.”

“Is that a ‘yes’?”

Jing Rong took his time, drawing out his words, “This Prince had already sent for her long ago – she’s in the back courtyard now.”

Ji Yunshu chuckled. Hurhur, you must be a parasite to know me so well!

“Did you think your petty little intentions could escape this Prince’s eye?” Jing Rong strutted off haughtily, but all Ji Yunshu could discern was his condescending remarks about her intellect, or lack thereof.

Shi Ziran followed Jing Rong into the yard, but the hairs on the back of his neck stood up as soon as he stepped in. He flicked a cutting glare towards the roof on his left, and a small pebble flew out from his fingertips, slicing sharply through the air. As soon as that pebble disappeared from sight, a figure jumped down from the roof, catching Shi Ziran’s pebble effortlessly. Shi Zijin landed soundlessly, tossing that pebble away with distaste. She looked like she used barely any strength, but that pebble wedged itself firmly into a pillar nearby.

Shi Zijin was stone cold, “I’m not your enemy.”

Shi Ziran begged to differ, “Speak for yourself; why do you still insist on hiding in the shadows?”

“I’m used to it.”

“Then you have to change that habit of yours. You were lucky that I wasn’t holding a dagger, if not you’d be dead before you could blink.” Shi Ziran did not mince his words.

Shi Zijin chucked her blade over a shoulder, snorting before she walked away, “You think too highly of your skills.”

Shi Ziran mumbled begrudgingly, “Your personality is just getting from bad to worse. We haven’t seen each other in half a year – first you don’t greet me, and now with your jibes. Do you still take me for your older brother?”

“Nope.” Shi Zijin sniffed.

What the -? Shi Ziran had never been too fond of his little sister, not because he hated her, but because this sister of his was much harsher than he ever would be. The cherry on the cake was her equally cold and distant personality.

Lang Po chuckled, patting Shi Ziran sympathetically on his shoulder, “How come the two of you always try to kill each other every time you meet? You are both His Highness’s men – if one didn’t know, one would have thought you were archenemies!”

Hmph! Shi Ziran was unimpressed, leaving Lang Po in his wake,“You really never forget you are His Highness’s man.”

Lang Po was bewildered, “Am I wrong? We belong to His Highness!”

Ji Yunshu was tickled; she sometimes would wonder if she had transmigrated into the wrong dimension. Stories always spoke of cold and haughty royals, but this Prince in her life was not only the opposite, but also had quite a poisonous tongue. Even his servants had characters as unique as he was, like Lang Po or Shi Ziran! Or even those living in the Palace.

Once all her affairs were in order, Ji Yunshu set off to look for Aunty Xie. Jing Rong was well-prepared – he not only brought her here, but also arranged for two servant girls to look after Aunty Xie.

As soon as Aunty Xie saw Ji Yunshu, she wanted to kneel in thanks. Ji Yunshu quickly held her up before she could, seating her down at a table, “Your health is not the best, please don’t do such things as my elder.”

“Teacher Ji, I … I don’t know how to thank you enough.”

“You’ve already thanked me more than enough on our journey here.” Aunty Xie was genuinely grateful. Ji Yunshu continued, “I just wanted to tell you that we need to open your daughter’s coffin for our investigations. I’ll bring your daughter’s remains here, so …”

“As long as I can help my daughter, Teacher Ji can do whatever is needed.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll do my best.” Ji Yunshu consoled her before she returned to her own yard, only to be startled by a shuttlec.o.c.k landing at her feet from across the wall.

Hmm? Who would be playing at this hour? Ji Yunshu picked up the shuttlec.o.c.k, carefully examining it in her hands. This was a shuttlec.o.c.k constructed from goose feathers; it was not of the finest workmanship, but it was sufficient and served its purpose. [1]

“Big brother, that’s mine,” A thin, childish voice could be heard from across the wall.

Ji Yunshu turned around to find a young girl struggling to hold herself up against the wall’s ledge, peeking over. She looked about ten or so of age, her cheeks flushed with effort as she stared curiously at Ji Yunshu.

Ji Yunshu held up the shuttlec.o.c.k, “Is this yours?”

“Yes, it’s mine!”

“Sure, I’ll kick it over to you,” Ji Yunshu delivered on her promise.

The little girl laughed, “Thank you, Big Brother.”

“You’re welcome.”

The little girl descended from the wall back into her own yard. Ji Yunshu was pleasantly surprised – she had not expected a neighbour. She called for Qiao’er, asking, “Do you know who lives next door?”

Qiao’er replied, “There’s a traditional dye house next door that has been operating for many years.”

“Is there a little girl living there?”

“Yes, the young mistress there is ten years old. Her name is Xiyue, and she’s known for being both adorable and clever – they say that she’s eloquent, skilled in the arts, and friendly to all. Everybody in Yufu simply loves her.”

“Oh? Is that so?” Ji Yunshu smiled.

[1] This is not the badminton shuttlec.o.c.k, but one with four feathers on a weighted circle, meant to be kicked upwards directly with the foot. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jianzi#Related_games,_derivatives_and_variants


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