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Chapter 77

Crying won’t solve any problems . For your child, you’d best pull yourself together . ” Yu Xuguang saw that Mu Yi truly was pitiful, and comforted her .

In his last life, they had investigated everyone by the dark lord’s side . Aside from Qi An, who appeared and disappeared like a ghost and they couldn’t investigate at all, they had more or less understood the lives of everyone else . Mu Yi was one of them .

It was said that Mu Yi not only lost her husband at the beginning, but she had also lost her parents and child, which was why she would go crazy and murder people later .

This time, many things had been set in motion ahead of time, but the child was still in Mu Yi’s stomach and hadn’t died . With the child alive, it may be a.s.sumed that Mu Yi wouldn’t go crazy either .

When Mu Yi heard Yu Xuguang mention her child, she, as expected, calmed down a lot and no longer cried .

Whether it was her husband or her parents and parents-in-law, they were all very eager for the child in her stomach . She should take good care of her child…

Thinking of this, Mu Yi stood up and walked over towards Qi Jingchen and Nie Yi— These two were already standing at the side, and there were also people guarding by their side . That place was the safest .

When she saw these two men from afar, Mu Yi’s eyes were filled with grat.i.tude, and she couldn’t help smiling bitterly . If her family were still around, perhaps she would have been unable to help taking a few more appreciative looks when she saw two men with outstanding appearances together, but now…

At this time, all of Nie Yi’s men had already come out of this suddenly created hole, and even those that had previously ran over to ambush Nie Yi and gotten captured were brought out .

“You follow Yu Xuguang and go capture General Sun . ” Nie Yi said to his subordinates; as for himself… he would naturally stay behind to protect Qi Jingchen .

Upon seeing Nie Yi’s expression, Yu Xuguang guessed Nie Yi’s thoughts, and for a time, didn’t know if he should be speechless or glad— Why did Nie Yi love beauties this much and not his country? But this was fine as well; as long as Qi Jingchen was here, Nie Yi absolutely would not become that homicidal maniac… He was already too busy taking care of his lover, so how could he murder people?

Yu Xuguang smiled at Nie Yi in his heart, then directly leapt into the underground room . At this time, the laboratory skirmish already had casualties .

During the struggle just now, the first to die was Sun Huan . Mu Yi’s wind blade had taken most of his life, and Han Qishang’s fireball had directly killed him .

Then, General Sun went crazy . He not only attacked Han Qishang, but had even begun attacking uninvolved people and was no longer as calm as before…

Those who didn’t have strength mostly were self-aware, and thus didn’t enter the laboratory . Even if they did, seeing that Qi Jingchen actually went against General Sun and that the situation seemed to be going downhill, had hastily fled .

Therefore, after Nie Yi and the others left, those remaining were all people with high fighting strength .

After Sun Huan died, General Sun began attacking indiscriminately and naturally harmed these people . They already had complaints against General Sun due to Qi Jingchen’s words, and now that they were attacked, stood by Han Qishang’s side and began fighting against the people General Sun brought .

However, their wills weren’t identical . Inside, several didn’t want to fight against General Sun and were left in a disadvantageous situation . If it weren’t because Han Qishang and his men were supporting in front, they probably would have already been captured .

When Yu Xuguang headed inside, both sides were fighting continuously .

“That person is General Sun . ” Nie Yi’s subordinate pointed at him as he spoke .

Yu Xuguang’s gaze immediately laid on that suntanned middle-aged man, and his eyes lit up with fighting spirit— It was precisely because too many people like this injured their fellow comrades that humanity would go extinct so quickly!

General Sun was now a little crazed and was incessantly using his ability to harm people . If it weren’t because his subordinates still had their rationality and knew using bombs would be bad for all sides involved and guns weren’t suitable for melee, perhaps the situation would have been even worse .

Sun Chengzhi was filled with anxiety . Now, she wanted to stop her father . “Dad, dad, calm down, let’s properly talk…”

“Xfa ibra!” Xfcfgji Vec ecfzqfmafvis xlmxfv Vec Jtfcuhtl bc atf rabwjmt .

“Gjv!” Vec Jtfcuhtl kjr atgbkc vbkc jcv rqja bea j wbeatoei bo yibbv . Pc atf fcv, la kjr tfg reybgvlcjafr ktb tfiqfv tfg eq .

“Gjv! Leggs eq jcv rabq! Ofa’r fzqijlc qgbqfgis!” Vec Jtfcuhtl rqja bea atf yibbv lc tfg wbeat jcv gertfv bnfg jujlc . Vlcmf atlcur kfgf jigfjvs ab atlr fzafca, rtbeivc’a atfs qgbqfgis fzqijlc atlr wjaafg? Qts vlv tfg vjv yfmbwf ilxf atlr?

Could it be that what Qi Jingchen said was all true?

Sun Chengzhi’s tears fell, and just as she wanted to stop her father again, someone unexpectedly rushed before him, then a few ice blades flew towards her father .

Regardless of everything, Yu Xuguang was also an expert in the past . After his ability reached level two, he naturally could turn his water ability into the ice ability .

His water ability was very weak, but was even easier to control after turning to ice… according to the research on ability users, his situation was that he did not have much ability, but he had high spiritual strength and strong control .

After Yu Xuguang attacked, the Chengyuan Team members also began to attack General Sun’s men . Seeing her own father gradually falling to a disadvantageous position, Sun Chengzhi once again rushed to block those attacks aimed at him .

“Enough, everyone stop!” Yu Xuguang’s voice suddenly rang out . Right then, everyone discovered that General Sun was already captured .

General Sun, a fire ability user, was now wrapped up completely in a layer of ice . A gun was aimed at his head; Yu Xuguang also wrapped his arm around his neck .

General Sun’s subordinates stopped attacking almost immediately . Although they stopped, those fighting them still wanted to attack . Someone who originally was dissatisfied with the secure base didn’t have any intention to stop in the first place, instead seizing the opportunity to chop at a soldier who had already stopped attacking .

“Ah!” Just as his knife was about to swing down, he suddenly screamed . Everyone looked over to discover that his arm was sliced up by an ice blade .

Seeing this, these people looked at Yu Xuguang in reverence . They previously thought Nie Yi was already incredible enough, but never imagined that a water ability user who suddenly appeared was also this amazing!

Han Qishang was heavily injured, and used the knife in his hand to steady himself . Seeing this, he was also a little stunned— If his younger cousin was alive and learnt how to use the ice ability in the future, could he have become this powerful? However… He was already dead!

During the apocalypse, many people would find something to place their hopes in to motivate themselves to survive . Han Qishang was concerned over protecting his younger cousin, which was why he did not degrade and diligently searched for supplies every day . Now that his purpose was gone, his motive to survive was only revenge!

“I said to stop . Whoever didn’t stop, I’ll cut off their hands!” Yu Xuguang said with furrowed brows . “I came from B City Secure Base . General Sun is suspected of privately constructing a laboratory to conduct human experimentation and shall be apprehended . ”

“Is this a misunderstanding?” Sun Chengzhi hurried to say .

“Misunderstanding? You still have the gall to say misunderstanding now!” Han Qishang sneered at Sun Chengzhi .

When the others heard Xuguang, their expression towards General Sun and Sun Chengzhi had changed; even General Sun’s subordinates had faces of doubt .

Even though they felt separate from B City Secure Base because they were from J City Secure Base, everyone came from before the apocalypse… Yu Xuguang’s military rank was very high, so the words he said made the soldiers subconsciously believe him .

“Our general definitely wouldn’t do something like this…” someone said . However, their words didn’t have much confidence .

“We will conduct a trial . ” Yu Xuguang continued, “But according to the information we received, this laboratory truly was established by him to cure his son . ”

General Sun had a gun aimed at his head by Yu Xuguang . Hearing Yu Xuguang speak, his heart continuously sank .

This laboratory was something he had established because he wanted to find a way to cure his son . However, most of the time, he did not meddle in the details, and left it all to Lu Junping to handle .

Previously when Lu Junping told him Nie Yi saved Mu Yi and may have discovered something, he became a little nervous and wanted Nie Yi to leave sooner… Because he had this intention, he reprimanded Nie Yi, hoping Nie Yi would leave after falling out with him .

He was very unfriendly to Nie Yi, but in the end, Nie Yi unexpectedly did not leave, and the research inst.i.tute also said that Nie Yi’s ability nucleus would a.s.sist in their research…

He was fearful and worried that Nie Yi would discover something, but also wanted Nie Yi to divulge the method for regular people to become ability users . Instead, his men were captured, and he could only notify the researchers to leave while he himself would stall for time .

Naturally, as he did this, he continued attempting to conceal himself .

He was the leader of a secure base; as long as Nie Yi had no concrete proof, he couldn’t do anything . Yet, he never imagined that after entering the underground laboratory, the situation revealed would be completely unlike what he imagined .

He ordered Lu Junping to evacuate the researchers and destroy all the corpses, but now… Those researchers had fled, yet Lu Junping and the rest had all died here! All the corpses who died for research were also left behind!

How could General Sun not understand? He knew very well that the researchers had betrayed him . Yet unfortunately… He couldn’t capture those people immediately!

Even so, he could still put on a display of anger, then push the matter over to other people . Unfortunately… General Sun’s gaze laid on his son’s corpse that wasn’t far away .

He had done this because he wanted to cure his son, so naturally he had hinted about this to his son and even brought him over before . As a result, this child appeared at such a critical juncture and even wanted to take the blame for him .

Seeing that his son was dead yet wore a serene face, General Sun had an inexplicable feeling .

Right at this time, one of General Sun’s subordinates who was standing beside the ‘corpse pool’ in the center suddenly noticed the appearance of a corpse floating face-up . “That’s Leopard!”

Leopard was the nickname of one of their comrades . Previously, General Sun had said he disappeared, yet he unexpectedly appeared here… Leopard was originally responsible for protecting General Sun . If these people from the laboratory weren’t controlled by General Sun, how would they dare to plot against someone by General Sun’s side?

The soldiers originally protecting General Sun were all rattled at this moment . Even Sun Chengzhi paled and became wordless .

This Leopard had inadvertently discovered the laboratory, which was why he was sent here… General Sun’s expression changed as he looked at the corpse . He had ordered the researchers to wipe out any traces of the corpses, yet those people laid him out here facing upwards… These researchers not only ran away, they even sold him out!

In this laboratory, he feared that there was still other evidence that could testify against him .

This time, he undoubtedly couldn’t escape .

After figuring this out, General Sun no longer defended himself . When the others saw this, they couldn’t help turning silent . Right at this time, all the lamps hanging above in the laboratory suddenly fell .

A group of ability users had fought here, and there were also earth ability users involved who broke things everywhere . Evidently, it led to this place no longer being stable .

“Let’s go outside . I’ll clarify this matter in front of everyone,” Yu Xuguang said . He planned to learn what Nie Yi did in W County secure base and give General Sun a ‘public trial’ .

Outside the J City Secure Base hospital, more and more people gathered as time pa.s.sed . At the same time, the matter of General Sun being the mastermind had already been confirmed— Someone had found materials and videos left behind by researchers . In the video, the person ordering the researchers to hurry up in their research and be sure to cure his son was precisely General Sun .

“Dad, why would you do this…” Sun Chengzhi looked blankly at her father who was tied up . Her brother was a very gentle person . Even though he narrowly avoided losing his life several times due to his illness since his childhood, he had never blamed others or the G.o.ds . He definitely wouldn’t approve of their father’s method . If it weren’t so, he wouldn’t have come to take the blame just now and court death .

That’s right, that was clearly courting death . Her brother’s health was so poor, and he had probably been prepared to die when he came out .

“I did not want to die without descendents!” When General Sun heard Sun Chengzhi, he coldly snorted .

“Dad!” Sun Chengzhi couldn’t really accept this answer . If her dad said he did this because he loved her brother, she would still somewhat understand even if she was upset, but… die without descendents? “Dad, who cares about this now? Also, don’t you have me?”

Her brother was frail and she had long been prepared to always take care of her parents . She even had planned to bring a husband into the family in the future .

Her father was a little old-fashioned and thought that she, as a woman, wouldn’t be able to support the family property, and would even become another family’s member after marrying . She thus performed even more outstandingly than men, and said she would have a husband marry in…

“You?” General Sun coldly sneered, “You’re just a little girl . Moreover, your appet.i.te isn’t small either . You had your eyes set on your brother’s a.s.sets long ago and wanted nothing more than for him to suffer . You think I’d find you reliable?”

When General Sun looked at Sun Chengzhi, his eyes had no warmth . Sun Chengzhi’s lips trembled, and she couldn’t quite come back to her senses . Her father often said some hurting words, and she always thought it was because her father did not know how to express himself . She never imagined her father actually thought like this . “I didn’t…”

“You didn’t? Back when I wanted your ge to marry, how old were you when you kept opposing? You caused your ge to not even have a child even until now!” General Sun looked at his own daughter with loathing .

Sun Chengzhi’s face was as white as a sheet . She really did keep opposing her father’s request to have her brother marry . In reality, this matter was something opposed by her mother and brother as well .

Her brother’s health simply couldn’t bear physical intimacy; he didn’t even have the reaction adult males should have, so wouldn’t marrying just harm someone’s young lady? As for a child… Her dad first wanted to wait after her ge married and use testicular sperm extraction to obtain her brother’s sperm, then get a test tube baby . Wasn’t this not only tormenting her brother, but also her brother’s nowhere-to-be-found wife?

Even if they ended up succeeding, the child had a father who could die at any time and a mother who had no affection for their father . Would they have a happy life?

Regardless of whether it was her, her brother, or their mother, they all thought that her father was speaking a fantastical tale and naturally would not agree .

At the time, her father had once flown into a terrible rage . She had thought it was because her father loved her brother but now that she thought again, was it really love?

“If it weren’t for you secretly helping outsiders, things wouldn’t have become like this! Your brother wouldn’t have died either!” General Sun continued . Sun Chengzhi was a female; this was something that could never change . Moreover, what he wanted was a son, a grandson!

General Sun suddenly began cursing again . When he scolded like this, Sun Chengzhi always felt very scared, but this time, she didn’t feel anything for some reason .

Sun Chengzhi no longer spoke, and didn’t know what to say . She turned around and slowly departed . Yu Xuguang didn’t bother her . Right now, she could go gather her brother’s skeleton .

No wonder her ge used to stop her from pushing herself too hard . Perhaps he had long known about their father’s intention? No wonder her dad always wanted her to marry as soon as possible . He was probably long tired of her .

After walking a few steps, Sun Chengzhi spotted Nie Yi and Qi Jingchen who were surrounded by people . Nie Yi was speaking to Qi Jingchen, and was even holding his hand .

Qi Jingchen showed some dislike towards Nie Yi, but didn’t shake him off . Then, Nie Yi had someone bring over a chair, and Qi Jingchen sat down .

Previously, Sun Chengzhi had sincerely liked Qi Jingchen, but now when she saw Qi Jingchen, there was an abnormal, complicated feeling… Even though what Qi Jingchen did was righteous, in the end, it had ruined her family . She could no longer purely like Qi Jingchen…


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