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Chapter 80

They were now located in Z County, near the village where Qi Jingchen’s foster parents lived . Z County was a very common county, and because many youths fled outwards during the recent years, its population wasn’t large .

This wasn’t a densely populated place like the coastal areas south of the Yangtze River, but the entire region wasn’t a forest that was undeveloped either .

From childhood, Qi Jingchen had often seen hedgehogs, hares, and skunks; his foster father had even caught one for him to raise . However, they definitely did not have something like a wolf here . Since his childhood, he had only seen wolves on Nat Geo .

Since it was like this, why was there suddenly a wolf howling?

Nie Yi stood on the car roof and looked afar with his binoculars . He only saw that a lot of zombies were gathered in a distance, and seemed to be besieging a neighbourhood .

“Go over and check . ” Qi Jingchen opened the RV’s sunroof and spoke to Nie Yi .

Nie Yi nodded, and their team began majestically advancing forward . Several zombies were attracted to them, but were already killed off before they could even approach .

The ability users could generally conduct long-ranged attacks while sitting on the truck, but a few of the regular people in the team climbed down the truck and fought those zombies . Those people were completely covered up and wore gas masks and motorbike helmets . As long as they didn’t allow the zombies to come near them, they would generally be fine .

Their team would usually do this whenever they reach a place with more zombies . Naturally, they wouldn’t go to places with more zombies if there wasn’t a need . For example, today, they planned to detour around Z County .

As a result… The northern area of Z County had so many zombies gathered, and didn’t seem to have many living people…

The heavy snowfall had already stopped, but the whole world was still covered in white . Against the whiteness, the zombies covered in snow were extremely conspicuous . Some of them already lacked arms or legs, and fell with every step on the snow-covered ground . However, no matter how hard they fell, they would crawl back up and continue walking, or simply crawl on the ground… all of them were heading towards their fleet .

These corpses who had already lost their rationality were just that tenacious, and those watching simply felt their hearts go cold .

Because there were more zombies, the fleet’s advancement was slowed down . It was when they drew nearer than Nie Yi and Qi Jingchen saw the actual situation, and the people in the neighbourhood also saw them .

“A lot of people are coming!” A woman in her thirties saw Nie Yi’s fleet from afar and spoke excitedly .

“They probably don’t have malicious intentions, right?” A man at the side furrowed his brows .

“What malice could they have? When all is said and done, everyone’s human . ” The woman said, “Moreover, how much worse can the situation get? Also, perhaps they’re just pa.s.sing by . ”

That’s right… Pa.s.sing by… Even if those people originally weren’t pa.s.sing by, they would probably decide to pa.s.s by after seeing so many zombies right? When the man heard the woman’s words, he revealed a bitter smile .

Z County was an extremely common little county, with no garrison and only a few cops . Some leaders died while others fled to the secure bases in the city, and there weren’t many left, and so they couldn’t establish an official base at all . There was only a group of people gathered in a neighborhood, forming a small base that couldn’t even be called a secure base .

A secure base had supply reserves, and the leader would be responsible with distributing portions of food to the ones below and arranging work, but here… The people here basically minded their own business, and each went out to look for their own food to eat .

Of course, the leaders here were also those ability users who—when they had relatively sufficient supplies—had even been willing to distribute food to the elderly, the weak, the women, and children .

However, presently, the weather was getting colder and the zombies outside were increasing . Even the ability users who had stored up a lot of food weren’t willing to share food with people of no relations— Who would disdain having an abundance of food?

As a result, when everyone thought that many of them would starve to death, the zombies had surrounded the neighbourhood they resided in…

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“Gjwc la! Ktbrf hbwylfr jgf milwylcu eq jujlc!” Ktf kbwjc ktb tjv qgfnlberis rqbxfc sfiifv, “Ktfgf’r jirb j tbif yfibk! Sjgat jylilas erfgr, teggs!”

Ca atlr alwf, atja wjc jirb vlrmbnfgfv atlr rlaejalbc . Pa aegcfv bea atja jr wbgf hbwylfr ujatfgfv jgbecv atf qfglwfafg, atf wbgf mgjwwfv atfs yfmjwf . Ktbrf ja atf yjmx vlvc’a tjnf jcs batfg kjs ab rdeffhf obgkjgv . Ktf hbwylfr ktlmt mjwf ijafg mbeivc’a rdeffhf jtfjv, jcv rb mgjkifv bc abq bo atf hbwylfr lc ogbca .

The zombies had no intelligence, but they managed to climb on top of their kind through a series of coincidences . The more they piled up, the higher they were; the zombies below had also dug around the perimeter walls and were an extreme threat to the people in the secure base .

“Awoo!” Another sound similar yet unlike a wolf’s howl rang out . Then, a husky with matted fur opened its mouth, producing ice blades and beating out the zombies that wanted to climb over the wall . After that, it proudly ‘woof’ed a few times .

“Xiaoxiao, you’re really amazing!” The woman praised the husky . Thank goodness her family’s Xiaoxiao had skill, or else even if it wasn’t killed off to be eaten, it would have starved to death with the lack of food .

The woman sighed, then revealed a delighted expression . “Those zombies are heading for the fleet!”

Even though it wasn’t kind, but now they really hoped that that fleet would attract those zombies… as for killing off all the zombies here… they felt that it was impossible .

While these people raised the height of the perimeter walls, they also raised the soil in the secure base so that it would be more convenient to fight, and even created a few mounds where one could look at the situation outside .

“My G.o.d! They’re killing zombies while heading over to us!”

“That fleet is really amazing!”

The people of that fleet were truly amazing . The zombies they couldn’t brace against for much longer rushed towards the fleet for, and were unexpectedly killed off in large numbers . Especially the man who stood on the RV at the very front; he would kill off a large expanse of zombies with ice blades just by a wave of his hand .

“I thought that Xiaoxiao was already very very amazing since he could produce ice blades, but I never imagined that someone else was even more amazing!” The woman in her thirties petted her pet dog’s head, her face full of excitement .

“That’s right, they’re too amazing! Each ice blade he produced seems to have killed a zombie!” Someone at the side also said . Because of the cold weather and the snow, their water ability users could also produce ice, but they only could create hail at most…

Ice blade? It was also just that foolishly cute dog that could do it!

Everyone’s attention was attracted by Nie Yi, and the residents living in the upper floors of the neighbourhood nearby cheered when they saw the situation from afar . At this time, Nie Yi used a fireball and roasted a few level two zombies straight into ashes—level two and three zombies also had something in their mind that was like an ability user’s energy nucleus; it was safer to burn it .

“Isn’t he an ice ability user? How did a fireball come out?”

“How amazing!”

“Is this a dual ability user? It turns out that there’s something like this!”

After more than half the zombies were drawn away, the remaining also no longer concentrated on digging out the perimeter fence due to the scent of living people behind the walls, which immediately allowed the people in the neighbourhood to energetically discuss everything happening outside; their worship of Nie Yi could not be any greater .

The battle outside continued for one whole hour . After an hour, Nie Yi finally cleared out the zombies outside the neighbourhood . Because of their battle, the snow outside had completely melted as well .

“Ping Shengchao, tell them to open the gates . ” Nie Yi instructed, then doused himself with some water, washing himself clean before entering the RV .

In the RV, Qi Jingchen was sitting on the bed and looking at the scene outside, while Qi An was playing with Xiaomao on the seat .

Qi An was surprisingly tactful this time and did not run off to the bed… Nie Yi gave Qi An an appraising look, then crawled onto the bed and laid by Qi Jingchen’s side, and even hugged Qi Jingchen . “Jingchen, I can’t bear it anymore…”

What is Nie Yi saying? He isn’t thinking about propositioning in front of me, right? Qi An antic.i.p.atively looked over, then heard Nie Yi say, “My ability is about to upgrade . ”

Qi An: “…” Could you not pant deeply while speaking?

Qi An looked at Nie Yi indignantly, but Qi Jingchen was extremely calm . “Then just upgrade ba . ”

Nie Yi sat down and began to turn the ‘waterball’ in his mind into a gummy; meanwhile, Ping Shengchao had begun to shout from outside the wall .

At first he had wanted to find where the door was, but found no signs of a door in the end after circling around, and could only shout .

“Hold on, we’ll make a door right away… Our earth ability users are a little out of energy already, so I’ll have to trouble you to wait a while,” someone inside said .

“…” Ping Shengchao pushed up the leather cap on his head . “If you don’t mind, our ability users can do it . ”

“We don’t mind! We don’t mind at all,” the person inside immediately said . Towards these extremely amazing people, they were very welcome to them .

Hearing this, Ping Shengchao immediately had Shao Zhenglan create a door on the perimeter wall .

As another earth ability user, Fei Xuelei’s ability’s combat power was extremely strong, but Shao Zhenglan was especially proficient in opening up a path .

A gigantic gap appeared on the wall, as well as a flat path leading to the outside . Seeing that it was done, Zhang Zihai drove his RV in .

There were still many vehicles left outside, and the neighbourhood’s people were at a loss when they saw this .

“So many cars parked inside…” Before they even finished speaking, they saw the people outside had already cleared up the zombie corpses on the ground and constructed an even larger perimeter wall near their neighbourhood’s perimeter wall .

This neighbourhood has a public park beside it, and the cars of that fleet all parked in the park . The enormous perimeter wall was just enough to encircle the park and the cars .

It could be done like this? When the people in the district saw this, they were first dumbstruck, then incredibly reverent—This was truly a skilled person!

Finally, it was only that RV that entered the neighbourhood while the other vehicles in the team were arranged outside . They even began to do what they always did, preparing individual residences for everyone .

The best at ‘constructing houses’ was undoubtedly Shao Zhenglan; she had been with Nie Yi the longest and was a friend, Nie Yi had taught her many ways to use her ability, to the extent that she could even build a house by using her ability once .

This district also had two earth ability users, one male and one female . They believed their ability to be very strong, but now that they saw Shao Zhenglan, they realised that they weren’t strong at all and followed behind her with the appearance of humbly asking to be taught .

However, most of the ability users in the neighbourhood had all surrounded the RV—They had all seen just now that the very amazing ability user entered this RV after the battle!

They wanted to take a look at that strong ability user, but the other never came out . Instead, it was the baldie in the driver’s seat who came out and put on a leather hat in pa.s.sing, heading over to the person who took the initiative to talk to them before .

“Welcome . ” The thirty year old woman with a husky was called Chu Yunxiu . She herself was also an ability user, and she also had a dog who suddenly became very powerful . She could be considered the one with the highest position here . Nie Yi did not come out, so she went to look for Ping Shengchao who was arranging various matters and seemed to be the main manager . “Excuse me, where are you from? And who’s your leader?”

“We’re the Chenguang Team from B City . Our boss is in the car in front . He probably has something to do before he comes out,” Ping Shengchao said . At the same time, he glanced at the RV in confusion— Why did Nie Yi suddenly choose not to come out of the car?

“B City?” Chu Yunxiu gasped a cold breath . There was a secure base in the city of their county, but they couldn’t go there due to too many zombies outside on the road . Yet, these people could actually come from the distant B City!

Chu Yunxiu asked Ping Shengchao about how to manage a team, and Ping Shengchao also asked Chu Yunxiu about this neighbourhood’s matters, which was when he learnt that this neighbourhood was the last secure base in Z County’s downtown .

There were few non-locals in Z County, and generally only locals lived here . Back when the apocalypse struck, everyone mutually aided each other, and formed a few survivor bases in several places . For example, a group of people were living in a high school, a group of people were living in middle school, and a group of people were living in a government building…

But now, only this neighbourhood had living people remaining . The people from other places had either fled here, or had turned into zombies .

This community was built by a local big boss when house prices were soaring . It was built next to a large park with a lot of reforestation and a swimming pool . It could be considered the highest grade community in the whole county; after the real estate companies began publicising it, almost the entire county population paid attention to this community . The slightly rich in the county all wanted to buy a house here .

Probably because too many people expressed their desire to purchase it, the real estate company ultimately gave a high price of 8,000 per square feet .

At first, those who wanted to buy houses were reportedly 20,000 people, and once the opening price came out… The one who truly bought them were a scarce few .

It had to be known that this real estate was high grade real estate; even the smallest house was 140 square feet with three rooms and two living rooms, and most were 180 square feet with four rooms… With 8,000 per square meter, all the houses were over millions . With so much money, why not just buy a house in the city?!

As a result, the houses had sold very poorly . After the houses were handed over last year, there were even fewer people who renovated them and moved in… Of course, they were able to live thanks to this .

Even though these houses didn’t sell well, during the initial construction, a lot of manpower was spent and the quality produced was very high . Moreover, most of the house keys were found in the security guard office and the showroom nearby; wasn’t it precisely to give them the best shelter? At the beginning when their earth ability users weren’t great, they could completely rely on the community’s perimeter walls to block off the zombies!

However, they did not have weapons or rations . It was still fine during the beginning few months, but presently, if it weren’t for the Chenguang Team’s rescue, there would probably be only the path to death .

After Ping Shengchao had asked and thoroughly understood the situation, then after calmly asking a few questions about that husky and learning that the husky could use an ability, he had even taken out a bag of dog food .

The dog food was something they picked up in pa.s.sing . Originally, they thought that if they didn’t eat it, they could give it out to the more dest.i.tute secure bases . One could never imagine that they would actually b.u.mp into an unusual dog!

With a tranquil surface and an excited heart, Ping Shengchao looked at the husky a few times, then looked at the RV, wondering whether he should go and knock .

Right at this time, the RV’s door opened .


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