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Upon hearing Laura, Zhao Hai nodded and said, “Alright. Then I’ll leave it to you. After everything is prepared, we’ll take Uncle Lu and the others to the planet. Although it’s only our decoy base, it’s precisely because of this that we need to build it well so that others would think that it is our real base.”

Laura nodded and said, “Alright, leave it to me. You don’t have to worry. Right, Brother Hai, we have things to deal with about the Lower Realm. How about you take a look?”

Zhao Hai thought for a moment and said, “I think we should delegate the matters of the Lower Realm to other people. This will help us to process the s.p.a.ce’s matters better. After all, dealing with these things is unsuitable with our present status.”

Laura nodded. She didn’t oppose it. Now that the s.p.a.ce has leveled up to this degree, there’s nothing in the Lower Realms that could help it. Moreover, the planets currently inside the s.p.a.ce were now much bigger than the lower realms. It can be said that the Lower Realm was now useless for the s.p.a.ce. Of course, this didn’t include the Underworld.

The Underworld’s situation was special. As long as it had the big heart, the Underworld would continue to develop. Zhao Hai’s heart has also been replaced by the heart in the Underworld. This was the reason why Zhao Hai’s strength was able to increase so fast.

The Underworld couldn’t be left all alone. However, with there being people that could help him, Zhao Hai doesn’t need to be worried. As for other small things, to be honest, Zhao Hai doesn’t really want to care.

After dealing with his issue, Zhao Hai went back to the soft gold mine to take more Demons for the s.p.a.ce. Then he took a few days to rest inside the s.p.a.ce.

Five days later, Margaret returned to the s.p.a.ce. At this point, Zheng Li and the others had been able to properly settle down in the Bone Symbol Camp. Additionally, Zheng Li and the others had joined the camp temporarily. Zhao Hai also gave the Riverpond Branch’s pills and magic artifacts to Zheng Li so that he could give it to Uncle Lu and the others.

This action made Uncle Lu and the others weep in grat.i.tude. They were Rogue Cultivators with no money to buy pills or magic artifacts. Now that they had these things, their cultivation would gain a big boost. Their fighting strength would certainly increase.

Naturally, the biggest problem with being in the Machine Field was that the spiritual density was less than in the Cultivation Realm. This would affect Uncle Lu and the others’ cultivation greatly. But with the pills, this was no longer an issue. Moreover, they were also able to survive. And with the environment of the Bone Symbol Camp, they had nothing to complain about.

Despite being Rogue Cultivators, Uncle Lu and the others could still enter Sects. However, it wasn’t very easy for Rogue Cultivators to enter a sect. People like Zheng Li who were able to reach Core Formation were already very lucky. And the reason why Zheng Li was able to reach Core Formation was because he went to Fabio Planet. Fabio Planet was a very dangerous place. If it weren’t for Zheng Li’s luck, then he wouldn’t have survived long enough to reach Core Formation. And if it weren’t for Zhao Hai, then Zheng Li might have perished from the Bug attack.

Therefore, if a Rogue Cultivator wanted to return to the sect, then it would be very difficult. A lot of Rogue Cultivators were still unable to enter a Sect for generations. In the end, they had to fight for their own survival.

Because of these reasons, Uncle Lu and the others weren’t so opposed to moving away from the Cultivation Realm. At the same time, this allows them to smoothly integrate into the Bone Symbol Camp.

Zhao Hai was glad to see this happening. Meanwhile, he was observing Riverpond City for the last 5 days. The Imperial Water Sect was attaching great importance to the recent matter. The Patriarch personally took charge and then checked all avenues to see how the Branch Hall was eliminated.

However, they weren’t able to see the entire picture. The only thing they knew was that there were two people who came from Seamount City, one was Zheng Li while the other was an unknown person.

But after the Imperial Water Sect checked on Zheng Li, they discovered that he was supposed to have died on Fabio Planet. The Imperial Water Sect became puzzled about this. Then they began to suspect that the attackers were using false appearances in order to stage their attack. The Sect began to feel afraid that this attack was targeted on the entire sect itself.

With the Imperial Water Sect being suspicious, Zhao Hai didn’t dare take the matter lightly. He wasn’t able to find an opportunity to make an attack. However, he wasn’t in a hurry so he waited.

Today, Zhao Hai woke up and then had breakfast. After eating, he left the s.p.a.ce and returned to the fort. The people in the fort had also finished eating and were now chatting with each other.

It must be said that normal life in the fort was very idle. There wasn’t much to do in the fort. Their obligation was just to defend the area and hunt once in a while.

However, they wouldn’t hunt very often due to how dangerous the battlefield was. Once they go hunting, they would rest for a long time in order to readjust their condition.

After seeing Zhao Hai come out, everyone immediately approached him and then gave him a warm greeting. It didn’t take long before they asked him about the weapons.

Zhao Hai looked at everyone and then he smiled faintly and said, “Everyone must have been anxious. I have already prepared the weapons. Please come get them.” When they heard Zhao Hai, they all cheered. Then they surrounded him and then came one by one to get their weapons.

All those who got their weapons immediately went out and tested them. Naturally, the results were very satisfactory. The weapons made by the processing machine had always been high-quality goods.

After everyone received their weapons, almost n.o.body was left in the fort. After one hour, people began to return one by one. Everyone expressed their happiness. The weapons that Zhao Hai made satisfied their needs. They were convenient to use and were powerful.

Once everyone had returned, they all invited Zhao Hai to drink. Naturally, Zhao Hai didn’t decline. Yuan was also very happy. A lot of liquor has been taken out as everyone drank themselves dizzy.

The next morning, Zhao Hai got up early and went to the cafeteria to have breakfast. In the common hall, everyone’s expressions were miserable. It was clear that they suffered severe hangovers.

After breakfast, everyone’s situation got better. Then everyone gathered on the fort walls and looked at the situation outside. The scenery outside the fort wasn’t very beautiful. However, all of them want to hunt right now, so all of them want to head out.

Yuan was also aware of everyone’s thoughts, but didn’t say anything. And since he didn’t say anything, n.o.body said anything. After all, this place was Yuan’s territory.

Zhao Hai stood beside Yuan and then said, “Captain, didn’t you say that the Sprites had been provoking us for some time? Do you think we should teach them a lesson? Let them behave for a while?”

As soon as everyone heard Zhao Hai, they all looked at Yuan with shining eyes. Seeing everyone looking at him with expectation, Yuan sighed and said, ”You think I don’t want to attack the Sprites? However, now is not the time. The Sprites had been provoking us continuously, but we haven’t heard of any large-scale attack. It’s clear that they are waiting for us to retaliate and then ambush us. I don’t want this to happen. Therefore, I decided to stay put. Little Hai, I’ll have to trouble you to scout ahead. Only after we get a clear picture of the situation could we act.”

Zhao Hai nodded and admired Yuan’s decision. Naturally, he knew that the Sprites were waiting to ambush them outside. And they had a lot of people. Although the s.p.a.ce hadn’t completely mapped out the entire Six Realms battlefield, the Machine Field’s partially controlled territory as well as the core battlefield had already been mapped. It was because of this that Zhao Hai knew very well that a lot of Sprites were waiting to ambush them outside.

The Sprites had gathered about 1,000 people this time. They waited not far away while sending small teams to attack the Lock Mountain Range in order to lure some of them to come out. Once the pursuers went out of bounds, then they would proceed to ambush them.

It seems like the Sprites had been thinking about this for a long time. A group of 1000 people was very rare in the Six Realms Battlefield. It was almost equal to two realms worth of large troops battling all out in the core battlefield.

Zhao Hai was clear about the situation because he has seen it for himself. Meanwhile, Yuan was able to deduce it through the reports given, which was an amazing feat.

Zhao Hai left the fort and then slowly progressed towards the Sprites’ ambush location. Although he was aware of the Sprite’s position, he still had to go there in order to see the exact situation of the terrain. This way, the Machine Field would be able to deal with them better.

Zhao Hai was very careful this time so he wasn’t discovered by the Sprites. He drew a clear map of where the Sprites were and also the places where they weren’t in. Then he returned to the camp.

The technology of the Machine Field was very advanced. At this point, the Machine Field’s computer had a lot of built-in functions. For example, it could record Zhao Hai’s merit. At the same time, being a high-level computer, not only could it display images, it could also project three-dimensional recordings.

Most computers don’t have this function. Only military computers like what Zhao Hai and the others used have this ability. It was basically a virtual sand table. However, compared to a normal sand table, it was more convenient to use.

The map that Zhao Hai made was recorded in three-dimensions. Although the computer could map the entire terrain in 3D, the locations of the enemies still needed Zhao Hai’s input to be included.

This wasn’t easy work. The Sprites weren’t weak, and they also have their summons as well as formidable spiritual force. Being stealthy enough to not be discovered by them was very hard.

There’s also the Sprite Race’s ability to communicate with any non-living thing. Even if their spiritual force didn’t sense you, any old tree or rock could still inform the Sprites of your location.

Zhao Hai determined the position of the Sprites as well as their numbers. After recording everything properly, Zhao Hai felt satisfied.

Zhao Hai didn’t immediately return to the camp and instead detoured to the s.p.a.ce. Only after resting for some time did he return to the fort.

Naturally, Yuan and the others wouldn’t spend all the time on the wall to wait for him to come back. Some people had returned to their rooms to practice while some chatted with each other. The fort returned to its peaceful state.

Seeing that Zhao Hai had come back, Yuan immediately called everyone to the fort’s meeting room. When everyone was present, Yuan waved towards Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai nodded and then appeared in front of everyone and then opened his computer to release the projection. Displayed was a very clear depiction of the terrain as well as red dots on the mamp.

Zhao Hai doesn’t need to explain much since everything was clearly shown. Zhao Hai gestured towards the map and said, “This is the Sprites’ ambush region. I discovered that they had 960 people altogether. 60 of them are at Nascent Soul-level while the remaining are all at Core Formation. Every day, they would send out 30 to 50 people to poke the mountain range. Their goal is to provoke us and then retreat towards the Sprite Race’s semi-controlled territory. Because of this, we wouldn’t suspect anything and would end up in their ambush.”

Upon seeing this, Yuan couldn’t help but frown as he said, “What are the Sprites doing? Why did they send so many people? Are they completely throwing face away in order to kill us?” Everyone in the hall was silent. Although they experienced constant conflicts in the Six Realms Battlefield, these were all small-scale conflicts. Large-scale fights were incredibly rare. The actions of the Sprites this time were surprising.

Yuan turned silent for some time, then he said, “The decision for this matter is beyond my control. Report this matter to the higher-ups and let them decide. Meanwhile, immediately inform everyone in the mountain range to enter stage 1 alert level. No matter what kind of provocation the Sprites make, they aren’t allowed to fight. They shouldn’t show any signs of preparation for battle.”

Everyone complied and then went on to settle their responsibilities. After everyone left, Yuan’s brows wrinkled. Then he turned to Zhao Hai and said, “Little Hai, why do you think the Sprites are doing this? Do they want to conquer the Machine Field? Isn’t this too ambitious for them? This group isn’t a small number. If both of us really fight, the other realms would be able to get benefits for cheap. They shouldn’t be this foolish.”

Zhao Hai was also frowning, then he said, “The Sprites’ action is indeed very confusing. However, I don’t think they want an all-out war against us. If they did, then they wouldn’t have resorted to ambushes. They must have come this time to strike an important target. In order to ensure their success, they sent a lot of people.”


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