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After putting down the phone for less than an hour, Senior a.s.sistant Fang appears in front of Shan Shan. Then, grandpa Xue changes hospital. Finally this time, there is a vacant bed even though it is in an ordinary room for three patients.

This is not due to Senior a.s.sistant Fang lack of capability, but Feng Teng’s phone instruction is: “Find the best doctor but stay in an ordinary ward.”

This sentence makes Senior a.s.sistant Fang rea.s.sess Xue Shan Shan’s position in Feng Teng‘s heart. It is easy to use money but difficult to use heart. Giving such instruction shows Feng Teng is really attentive to Miss Xue.

All the things after that are simple. The Xue family needs not worry about anything at all. There are hospital ward and bed. There are also doctor and the specialist. Everyone is also amiable so all is good as long as they take good care of the old grandpa.

Before long, Miss Feng also swiftly arrives to show concern. First, she blames Shan Shan for not contacting her. Then she graciously asks about grandpa’s health condition and greets Shan Shan’s family. Unfortunately, she cannot understand Shan Shan’s aunt and uncle’s Mandarin, hence she has no choice but to give up.

After talking to Shan Shan about her current situation and finding out that the Xue family is staying in a hotel, Miss Feng immediately says: “How can they continue to live in the hotel and eat outside? I think I have an empty property nearby.”

She immediately calls Yuan Li Shu. Senior a.s.sistant Fang, who is at her side, tries to stop her, but it is too late. He is thinking there is no need for Miss Feng to steal the president’s things to do?

Yuan Li Shu has been helping Miss Feng to look after all her financial affairs. A phone call later and not long after, she drives over with the keys. She says she has hired a part-time worker to clean the property so they can move in immediately at night.

The Xue family is simply stunned by the chain of events. Mrs. Xue secretly grabs hold of  Shan Shan’s hand and asks: “Shan Shan, where did you meet such powerful friends?”

Shan Shan stares blankly for a while then says: “They are my colleagues.”

Mrs Xue does not believe her, “Colleagues can be so helpful? That Miss Feng is also your colleague?”

“She’s not my colleague.” Shan Shan thinks for a while then says, “Last year I donated some blood to Miss Feng as we have the same blood type.”

Mrs. Xue understands and says: “Then that President Feng who they mentioned is Miss Feng’s elder brother? No wonder they’re so helpful to us. Oh, all are good people. In future, you must thank people properly.”

Shan Shan hesitates and says “Yes”.

When everything is arranged well, Miss Feng and Yuan Li Shu leave first.  Senior a.s.sistant Fang stays for a moment longer then also takes his leave. Shan Shan sends Senior a.s.sistant Fang out of the hospital, and he says: “Later, I’ll report the situation here to the president. Miss Xue, is there anything else you need?”

“No.” Shan Shan thinks for a while and a little embarra.s.singly says, “Is he returning to the country the day after tomorrow? Can I go with you to the airport to pick him up?”

Senior a.s.sistant Fang smiles, “Of course you can, President Feng will definitely be very happy.”

Perhaps the right medicine has been used, grandpa Xue’s condition has improved rapidly. The Xue family is greatly relieved.

They are also mentally more relaxed, but Shan Shan is in trouble. Elder aunt does not believe Senior a.s.sistant Fang is only Shan Shan’s colleague so she keeps on questioning her. Although Mrs. Xue knows Senior a.s.sistant Fang is merely carrying out the order of Miss Feng’s big brother, he is indeed a man of striking appearance so she strongly urges Shan Shan to be more active in order not to miss out on a good man.

Shan Shan wants to speak out about Feng Teng, but she also feels it is not the right time to say it now so she simply shakes her head to deny: “He is really just a colleague.”

Before long, Shan Shan is glad she did not tell them the truth because Mrs. Xue and elder aunt are practically possessed by the devil and keep on asking her about Senior a.s.sistant Fang‘s personal affairs. However, Shan Shan only knows so much so she can only roughly tell them a bit. Only over this, they are already very excited.

Fortunately she did not mention about Boss or else it is impossible to know what will happen.

The afternoon of the third day, Shan Shan switches s.h.i.+ft and goes from the office to the airport in Senior a.s.sistant Fang’s car. They arrive early in the airport so Senior a.s.sistant Fang suggests to go to the café across the exit of the arrival hall to sit and wait. Shan Shan remembers how she had fallen asleep in the cafe last time so she quickly shakes her head, “I’ll wait here, but you can go and take a rest first.”

Naturally, Senior a.s.sistant Fang will not go, “No need, they shall be arriving soon.”

In fact, half an hour later, the electronic screen only shows Feng Teng’s flight arrival information. Shan Shan begins to stand on tiptoes and keeps looking around incessantly. Senior a.s.sistant Fang wants to tell her not to be so anxious but after thinking twice decides to remain silent.

Maybe President Feng seeing her this way will be even more pleased.

Before long, Feng Teng and his entourage from a distant appear in her line of vision. While walking, he is also talking to the people around him. Outstandingly handsome, his slender body appears exceptionally dazzling in the crowd. He looks svelte effortlessly as if made by heaven thereby attracting the attention of other people. Shan Shan stares at him from a distant and unconsciously feeling a little enthralled. He is engrossed in his talking and does not pay attention to the people who has come to pick him up until he notices Shan Shan standing right in front of him. His face cannot help but looks a bit surprised, “How come you are here?”

“Oh, I skipped work.” With so many people around, Shan Shan is embarra.s.sed to say she specifically comes to pick him up so she gives an irrelevant answer.

Feng Teng still has not said anything, but a young manager in his entourage teasingly says: “Aiya, it is so good to have a boyfriend who is the boss. Whereas we have no such benefit to have a family member to come and pick us up during working hours.”

Feng Teng is really in a very good mood so he also joins in to jest, “Do not worry, her salary will be deducted accordingly.”

Shan Shan weakly adds: “Do not deduct, actually I switched s.h.i.+ft ah.”

Suddenly everyone laughs, but they know how to behave appropriately so they no longer continue the teasing.  After greeting each other, they are tactful enough to walk in front.

Feng Teng holds his clothes in one hand and holds Shan Shan‘s hand in his other hand. He walks slowly, “Today, how come you are not afraid people will know about our office love affair?”

” …… ” Forget la.

Feng Teng regards her action as feeling embarra.s.sed, smiles faintly and changes the subject, “Feeling better now?”

“Much better, the rash in red patches have decreased a lot. The doctor said there is no big problem.”

“I’m asking about you.”

“Me? I have always been very good ah.”

Very good? Feng Teng raises his eyebrow, then who was crying on the phone until speechless.

“Later, we will go to visit your grandpa first.”

“Ah?” Shan Shan is somewhat caught unprepared.

“What’s the problem?”

“No, no.” Shan Shan quickly waves her hands, “Then, I will tell my mother first.”

Feng Teng is sharp enough to discover she is behaving unnaturally and frowns. “What is the matter?”

Once Shan Shan is nervous, she does not have much time to think and says right away: “I, I have not told my family yet.”

Suddenly, Feng Teng stops walking.

He turns around and the smiling expression on his face of just a moment ago has already disappeared without a trace, “You have not told them what? Me?”

“No, no, because …… ” Shan Shan wants to explain. She wants to say because grandpa is sick so it is inappropriate. She also wants to say this is ill-timed as Liu Liu has just broken up with her boyfriend. However, when she is on the verge of saying what is on her mind, she feels that these reasons are so far-fetched. Perhaps, these are not the real reasons.

She is speechless and lowers her head.

Feng Teng’s voice has gone completely cold: “Xue Shan Shan, when your parents came here, why did you not tell me?”

Shan Shan quickly explains: “After you went abroad, they suddenly came here.”

He nods his head, but the chill in his voice is unabated: “What about when your grandpa fell sick? Why you did not call me at the beginning?”

“You were having meetings overseas, I, I ……”

Feng Teng fixatedly looks at her and suddenly says: “Xue Shan Shan,  do you think we will definitely break up?”

Xue Shan Shan is tongue-tied and gapes at him.

After arriving at the car park and getting into the car, the driver asks for the destination. Feng Teng instructs flatly: “Send Miss Xue to the hospital first.”


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