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Chapter 423: 423

The man from before was nowhere to be seen . Instead, a ma.s.sive horse was standing on the stage . The hoofs, the mane, and the tail were made from flames; the fur itself was crimson like blood .

But the magnificent sight of the Fire Horse did not last long before it was destroyed by Xue Wei .

A resounding thunderclap echoed throughout the entire area, as a lightning bolt the size of a grown man’s arm shot down on top of the leader of the soldiers .

Although he was able to withstand a thousand flames, lightning was different, and a neigh of pain erupted from the Fire Horse’s throat .

The Fire Horse reeled backward from the hit of the lightning bolt, but not long after, another, even thicker lightning bolt descended from the skies, landing on top of the Fire Horse once more .

Realizing that no matter where he moved to, the lightning would follow him, the Fire Horse grit his teeth . Smoke was coming out from the skin and the flesh of the soldier leader as the lightning was charring his flesh .

Since he could not avoid the lightning, he would head towards Xue Wei, and they would have to face it together!

Seeing the desperate but also hate-filled eyes of the Fire Horse as it was advancing towards him, Xue Wei quickly guessed his thoughts, but he just snorted in disdain .

This was his thunder and lightning . How could it possibly hurt him?

When the Fire Horse appeared next to Xue Wei, Xue Wei did not waste any time . He looked at the horse, a cold gleam flashing in his eyes .

Kick of the Forgotten Kings!

This was one of his oldest attacks, but it was one that never got old fashioned . It was an attack that relied solely on one’s Qi, and Xue Wei’s Qi had undergone the most intense purification that was possible, not to mention that no one below the King rank could rival the density of his Qi .

When he lashed out with his leg, a lightning bolt as thick as a grown man’s leg also arrived at the same time, and the leader of the soldier was unable to withstand the combined attack . He instantly collapsed on the stage, blood trickling out from the cracks in his body which were like charcoal .

Xue Wei glanced at the defeated soldier; his eyes were cold . Although he had charred all of them, making them unable to leave their beds for at least a few months, he still felt that he had been merciful .

If they had been the winners, it would not be enough to be in bed for a few months, Xue Wei would have become a cripple .

Thinking like this, Xue Wei raised his hand, Qi gathered in his palm, and he struck the Fire Horse in front of him .

Most Primordial Beasts had a beast core instead of a dantian . It worked in the same way, but it was usually placed in the head of the beast .

Xue Wei shattered this Fire Horse’s beast core, and he was instantly crippled, becoming the same as a mortal beast . He would even be unable to take on a human shape again in the future; his intelligence would also drop to the level of a mortal beast .

Seeing the ruthless hand that Xue Wei dealt, everyone was shocked . This was much more ruthless than what they had expected, but no one dared to say anything . Everyone knew that it was already merciful not to cripple all of them, and only to take his anger out on their leader .

At the same time, in a big luxurious tent, quite far away from the arena, two experts were standing next to one another, facing towards the direction of the arena .

“He is quite ruthless,” one of them said with a smile on his face, and the other, although stoic and expressionless, nodded his head .

“I understand him, though,” the smiling expert continued . “If someone threatened to cripple me, I would do the same as him . He has already let all the others go after barbequing them slightly . But we are going to have a headache explaining the situation to the Fire Horse flock . ”

The stoic man continued being quiet, but it did not seem to trouble the man with the smile on his face . He continued to talk about Xue Wei and the battle they had just observed .

At the same time, Xue Wei stepped down from the stage, everyone was slightly frightened by him, but they were also looking at him with reverence .

Initially, they had thought that he was merely using his background to bully the Chi-Branch member, but now they knew that his strength was indeed not to be belittled . He was a real dragon amongst men .

Bai Tianyi, Hei Gou, Lin Xiao, and Luoluo were all looking at Xue Wei with narrowed eyes . They knew that he must have had the seals removed . Otherwise, his strength would not jump as much as it had, but all of them were full of pride in their friend and happy about his performance . He had brought them a good reputation .

Even Lan had to admit that Xue Wei had done an excellent job . Although he had gotten the Blessing, he had managed to get the utmost out of it . Not many could squeeze so much potential out of a Blessing .

Lan could not help but wonder what would happen if he got another Blessing . Would it be utterly useless since he already had such results? Would he improve further? Would he explode from having gotten too much Ancestral Worldpower into his system?

He was not sure, but since he did not know, he dared not gamble on it . If Xue Wei exploded, it would be quite troublesome .


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