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Chapter 425: 425

Unfortunately, the leaders of the army camp did nothing . They would ignore the soldiers that came to complain, and some would even scold them .

Realizing that their tactic was not working, the soldiers within the Army Camp all felt dejected . By now, the rumors about Xue Wei’s treasure had reached every corner of the camp, and all of them were eager to know what kind of treasure it was .

After the battle against the Fire Horse and its friends, Xue Wei did not exit the courtyard . He was behind closed doors to familiarize himself with his cultivation base, until one day, a group of experts appeared at his doorstep .

“Xue Wei, come out and face your crimes!” someone yelled loudly, causing the entire courtyard to shake . It was clear that the speaker was at the Heavenly Saint rank, if not above .

The yell had alerted the entire Army Camp, and many hurried to the courtyard, flying there as fast as they could, and arriving just in time to see Xue Wei leisurely walk out of the front gates, looking at the group of seventeen experts that were standing outside .

The breath that they were releasing was similar to the breath of the Fire Horse he had crippled, and it did not take much thought to realize that this was the family who had come to complain .

Xue Wei leaned against the gate into the courtyard, placed his arms across his chest, and looked at the people without saying a word .

His calm and collected behavior was different from what the Fire Horses had expected; his self-a.s.sured and confident appearance was enough to impress them .

“Are you Xue Wei?” they asked as they looked at the figure clad in red in front of them, and Xue Wei answered readily, “that is I . ”

The people who had arrived took a deep breath . Even when facing someone who was on the verge of breaking through into the King rank, he was still this arrogant?

But they could not understand what was able to make Xue Wei so confident . He was so sure that they would not kill him in revenge?

Xue Wei was not worried . They were Primordial Beasts, and as long as he released the aura of a Sovereign Beast, their power would be significantly diminished . Although he might not be able to defeat them all, they could forget about killing him .

“You were the one who crippled our genius son?” One of the Sky Saints asked, her eyes narrowed, and clearly, her mood was not good .

Xue Wei looked at her, c.o.c.ked his head to the side, and smiled slightly . “I am sure you have already investigated the ins and outs of the situation,” he began . “They were the ones who challenged me, they were a whole group against me alone, and they had no good intentions towards me . It is only natural that I would return the favor . ”

The woman was stumped for words . What Xue Wei said was the truth, they had been the ones to initiate the entire episode, so how could they possibly blame Xue Wei?

But it was a true genius of their clan who had been killed . They could not just let it go either .

Seeing the complicated expressions on their faces, Xue Wei did not care too much . He did not feel guilty for what he had done, and he was not going to apologize, or do something to compensate them in other ways .

But this was not what they thought . The Patriarch of the Fire Horse Clan stepped forward . His eyes were full of greed as he looked at Xue Wei . On the way towards his courtyard, he had heard the rumors about Xue Wei possessing a treasure that could make people break through, and he was so close to breaking into the King rank, but he needed a treasure of some sort to purify his spirit body .

If he could get his hands on Xue Wei’s treasure, it would be worth losing his genius from the younger generation .

“Young man, it is always better to make one more friend instead of an enemy,” he began speaking righteously, and everyone was looking at him curiously as to see what he was going to say . “We heard that you have a treasure that can help people break through . Why don’t you give it to me in compensation, and then we let the past rest?”

Hearing this, Xue Wei sneered . This was a good idea, but Xue Wei was not going to be easily pushed around

“I do have some treasure,” Xue Wei said with a nod of his head, his words caused everyone present to hold their breath in surprise . Who would be stupid enough to admit they had a treasure in front of such a large crowd? It was basically suicide .

“But my treasure is useless to you,” Xue Wei then said . “I have Two-Colored Rainbow Pills, and I don’t mind crafting them for people, as long as they bring the resources, and an adequate fee for me . ”

Initially, the Fire Horse Clan tried pressuring Xue Wei into giving away a treasure, but instead, it became Xue Wei using their arrival to advertise himself .

Although he did not currently lack resources, he did not know how long those he had would last him, and thus he did not mind collecting a few more .

In a way, he was quite a scrooge when it came to resources . He was not willing to ever go low on resources, as it would slow down his and his friends’ cultivation speed .

The Fire Horses heard his words, and their faces turned ugly . While Two-Colored Rainbow Pills were extremely precious, they were not a treasure that could help their patriarch become a King . As such, they would not gain anything beneficial . Also, would Xue Wei really give them anything?


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