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Chapter 1699 The body can“t keep up

At this time, Song Shuhang immediately remembered the famous saying of a certain mother surnamed Zhang.The more beautiful a woman was, the more deceitful she was.

While saying that she was already dead, and even saying that he’d inherited the daoist name ‘Cheng Lin’, she would reappear every now and then.

If I still believed that you’re really dead, then I’m truly a stupid salted fish.

Moreover, what the h.e.l.l is a friend clone function? And what does “heir to the throne” mean?

Fairy Cheng Lin still had something like a ‘throne’? Although she was indeed the Jade Lake Empress, the Ancient Heavenly City had long since collapsed. Currently, the Jade Lake Secret Realm had fallen into the possession of Senior White, so where exactly was this throne of hers?

It was a pity that his ‘QR code Golden Core Composition’ didn’t have a text message function yet; otherwise, he would have definitely sent an 80,000-word rant to Fairy Cheng Lin.

When I’m free, I have to figure out how to enable the ‘text message function’!

While Song Shuhang was in thought, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword’s voice rang in his ear. “Shuhang… What did you do just now?”

“???” Song Shuhang.

Senior, I didn’t do anything. I’m cooperating with you in practicing the sword… ugh, I mean the karmic saber. Though, I may have slightly dazed off there.

Could Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword have been angered since I was dazing off while we’re practicing the saber?

Song Shuhang sincerely apologized, “I’m sorry, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword. I got distracted just now.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “It isn’t just something as simple as getting distracted, is it? Could you have remotely provoked another big shot?”

“Definitely not!” Song Shuhang said—he really hadn’t provoked any big shot just now.

Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “Then whose ‘karmic thread’ were you just entangled with? When you used the ‘karmic saber’ just now, I could clearly sense that I made contact with a ‘karmic thread’. If it weren’t for me stopping myself in time, you would have cut it apart.”

Song Shuhang’s eyes lit up when he heard this. “Could it be?”

Scarlet Heaven Sword asked, “Did you really provoke someone?”

Can you not just sit still and avoid provoking big shots for one second?

Song Shuhang explained, “No, no, no, that’s not it. Just now, I also felt that I was ‘entangled’ with karma. At the same moment, Fairy Lychee suddenly added me as a ‘friend’, the kind through the QR code Golden Core Composition. However, Fairy Lychee has not joined either the ‘Dragon Network’ or the ‘Virtuous Network’, so how was she able to add me as a friend? I was distracted because I was thinking about this issue.”

Could it be that he had simply happened to chance upon Fairy Lychee’s karma, which caused her to add him as a friend?

Or could it be that Fairy Lychee is like the two Senior Whites, and she possesses a special ‘line’? If she did possess a special line, then even without the ‘Dragon Network’ or the ‘Virtuous Network’, as long as I switched over to that line, she should be able to add me as a friend.

However, there was another problem here. He had not sent the ‘QR code Golden Core Composition’ to Fairy Lychee.

At this time, if there had been a message or call function, he would have surely tried contacting Fairy Lychee and Fairy Cheng Lin.

Song Shuhang suddenly said, “Right, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword. Why don’t we try something?”

Scarlet Heaven Sword asked, “Try what?”

Song Shuhang chuckled, and said, “I will project the ‘QR code Golden Core Composition’, and then you scan it with your mental energy.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “Didn’t I already scan it before?”

Song Shuhang continued, “I’m not done talking yet. When you scan it, I’ll use the karmic saber to entangle the karma between us, and see if I can successfully add Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword as a friend.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword replied, “Alright, this happens to work in favor of your practice of the karmic saber anyway.”


Song Shuhang first projected the ‘QR code Golden Core Composition’.

Afterward, he held Scarlet Heaven Sword and used the karmic saber. Because he was in the ‘One With the Saber’ state, he was able to easily find the karma that tied them together when he used the karmic saber.

Scarlet Heaven Sword reminded, “Make sure to only entangle the karma, and not cut it apart.”

Song Shuhang a.s.sured, “Don’t worry, Senior. You can trust my talent in saber techniques.”

If it were a sword technique or a spear technique, then there was nothing to believe in. But when it came to saber techniques, he could learn them especially fast, and when he performed them, it felt no different from an extension of his arm for him.

Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “I’ve already begun scanning it.”

At the same time, Song Shuhang swung the sword, and performed the karmic saber technique.

Saber force condensed, and with great control, Song Shuhang was able to use Scarlet Heaven Sword’s body to gently entangle with the karma between them.

Song Shuhang said, “Now, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword!”

Scarlet Heaven Sword’s mental energy once again covered Song Shuhang’s QR code Golden Core Composition.


[Unable to add ‘Song Shuhang’ as a friend, please upgrade.]

“…” Scarlet Heaven Sword.

But then, the system prompt changed suddenly.

[Changing lines, switching over to the Karmic Network.]

Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “Karmic Network? In addition to the Dragon Network and the Virtuous Network, there is also a Karmic Network?”

Song Shuhang said, “It seems that I guessed right. Alright, Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, choose to switch lines. Something similar happened for Senior White, and after switching lines, we were able to add each other as friends.”

Scarlet Heaven Sword replied, “There is no option, it just directly started switching.”

After a while.

Another new prompt appeared in front of Scarlet Heaven Sword.

[Successfully switched to the Karmic Network, trying to add ‘Song Shuhang’ as a friend. Failed to add, please enter the Karmic Network or upgrade.]

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword angrily said, “Bah, upgrade again?”

Song Shuhang asked, “Senior, it failed again?”

“It told me to either enter the Karmic Network or upgrade.” Scarlet Heaven Sword retracted its mental energy, and sensed that the fate between itself and Song Shuhang ended here.

Song Shuhang said, “Enter the Karmic Network? In other words… Although the Karmic Network is working and we’re connected to it, an account is needed and an operating fee must be paid?”

“…” Scarlet Heaven Sword.

Although your translation does feel like it makes the whole situation clearer, something feels wrong with it.

Song Shuhang thought, and said, “In that case, Big Sister Lychee truly isn’t simple. She might be a VIP user of the Karmic Network.”

“…” Scarlet Heaven Sword.

Sure enough, everyone has followed the trend of joining all kinds of ‘networks’. Should I ask Scarlet Heaven to register a VIP account for me later?

Song Shuhang said, “Forget it, let’s put this aside first. Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, should we continue practicing the karmic saber?”

Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “We won’t be able to stay in the One With the Sword state for much longer. It would be better for us to leave this state, and let you rest for a while.”

Song Shuhang nodded slightly and cancelled the ‘One With the Saber’ state.


Meanwhile, in the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

Since Fairy Lychee was able to successfully add ‘Song Shuhang’ as a friend, the members of the group became interested, and began to study this ‘QR code Golden Core Composition’.

Since someone had succeeded in adding him as a friend, it meant that the ‘QR code Golden Core Composition’ was working.

Next, they just had to copy Fairy Lychee’s ‘actions’, and they should be able to connect with Song Shuhang and add him as a friend.

There were several fellow daoists in the Nine Provinces Number One Group who were very interested in researching this novelty.


Time pa.s.sed especially quickly when one was closed up and practicing.

Two days had pa.s.sed, and it was already the seventh day of the seclusion.

Song Shuhang’s clone opened his eyes slowly.

The newly completed three l.u.s.trous Golden Cores plus the previous two l.u.s.trous Golden Cores had all stabilized.

It took him two days to consolidate his realm.

Of course, during this period, he and Scarlet Heaven Sword had also been entering the ‘One With the Saber’ state to practice the karmic saber technique.

Scarlet Heaven Sword said, “There are only 23 days left, you need to hurry up.”

Song Shuhang nodded. “It’s almost time. Let’s go and see Scarlet Pupil. It would be great if I could get a hint on the finis.h.i.+ng touch for the ‘Sage composition’ from him. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll have to look for another method.”

There was simply too little time, so he couldn’t bet everything on Scarlet Pupil. As the saying went, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Then, Song Shuhang’s primordial soul exited his body.

Scarlet Heaven Sword’s sword spirit emerged, protecting Song Shuhang’s primordial soul.

At this time, Fairy Creation suddenly stood up behind him and followed them, preparing to accompany Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang curiously asked, “Fairy Creation, you’re coming too?”

Fairy Creation responded, “I’m bored~ I’m tired~”

Song Shuhang’s primordial soul laughed, and said, “Okay, I understand. You can come with us, just don’t get left behind.”

A primordial soul, a sword spirit, and a fairy maiden left the Scarlet Dragon Cave, heading toward the Dragon Blood Clan Castle where Scarlet Pupil resided.

Today, there was a lot of fog outside the Black Dragon World.

When Song Shuhang’s primordial soul was flying, his sight was met with a vast expanse of white.

Had it not been for Song Shuhang locking onto the coordinates of ‘Scarlet Pupil’, this vast expanse of white fog might have caused him to lose his way.

Song Shuhang asked, “By the way, when there was no navigation system, would Fourth Stage cultivators get lost when flying across long distances in the air?”

After all, the mental energy of Fourth Stage cultivators had yet to condense into divine sense, making it unable to cover too much ground.

“Under normal circ.u.mstances, in the past, Fourth Stage cultivators would set the coordinates beforehand whenever they rode flying swords over long distances. They would set the coordinates like how you would for ‘doc.u.ments-delivering flying swords’. In addition, before modern navigation technology came into existence, the world of cultivation had magical treasures such as the ‘Simplified Mountain-River Chart’ which worked in a similar manner. Of course, there were some cultivators who had a good sense of direction that wouldn’t get lost when wandering high in the sky even without the help of auxiliary magical treasures,” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword replied.

After a short while.

Song Shuhang, Fairy Creation, and Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword stopped in the sky above a familiar castle lawn.

On the lawn, Scarlet Pupil was practicing the basic fist technique of the ❮Steel Hands Technique❯.

Senior White’s ‘Learning G.o.d System’ seemed to be rather effective.

The movements of Scarlet Pupil’s fist technique were already very smooth, and it no longer gave off a disconnected feeling like it did previously.

This young man had a firm and tenacious will, and his diligence in cultivation could make people’s hearts ache.

Song Shuhang nodded in satisfaction, feeling very pleased.

After Scarlet Pupil finished the routine, he paused, took out what should be magical liquid, and drank it in one gulp.

It was a medicine that enhanced one’s vitality, and its effect was similar to that of the ‘body tempering liquid’ and the ‘qi and blood pill’ from the main world.

Then, Scarlet Pupil began performing the fist technique again.

At the same time, he recited the fist technique chant in Chinese.

The spiritual energy between heaven and earth was drawn over, and wrapped around Scarlet Pupil’s fists.

Scarlet Pupil took a deep breath, and began to perform the fist technique.

After two moves, he suddenly stopped and spewed blood out of his mouth.

“!!!” Song Shuhang.

What happened?

Senior Scarlet Heaven said, “His body can’t keep up.”


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