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Chapter 230: Blood Battle

Jiang Li got out of the wars.h.i.+p and slowly flew to the front of the flying s.h.i.+p fleet. After taking out a yellow bolt of lightning cracker, he turned around and faced all the disciples of the three sects.

“Five Elements Peak! Scripture Storage Valley! Benevolent Travel Temple! Senior Brothers and Junior Brothers, Seniors, and Elders!”

“Our ancestors of the sect have shed blood for the Great Mountain of Hundred Tempering and created this land for us.”

“Now, after a hundred years, they are standing in front of us again. I am Jiang Li, the hot-blooded in my heart is indignant!”

“Everyone, are you willing to accompany me in my madness and live and die together!”

Previously, on the battlefield, the cultivators of the three great sects had seen Jiang Li’s terrifying strength.

Even a blind person could see the vast Nine Nether Tree Realm. In this person’s hands, Core Formation cultivators were injured after colliding with him. Several Golden Core realm experts had died under his hands.

Earlier, he had forcefully endured for a long time under the attack of Situ Fengzhu’s clone.

None of the people present had the confidence to fight Jiang Li with such combat strength.

In the cultivation world, strength was status, but no one was stupid enough to look down on a Foundation Establishment cultivator like him.

Therefore, everyone was willing to listen to him seriously.

When they heard Jiang Li, the cultivators of the three great sects looked over. No one interrupted them, and they only silently responded with their actions.

Some disciples tightened the bandages on their bodies. Some disciples took out their artifacts. Some disciples also took out the same lightning crackers.

They were also living beings of the Nine Provinces and righteous cultivators of the Great Mountain Region. The anger in their hearts had long made their blood boil.

“Live and die together!”

In the next moment, thousands of yellow bolts of lightning crackers shot into the sky.

This color represented a battle invitation!

“These people of the younger generation are quite bold.”

“Alright, let’s send some of them over!”

The top-notch cultivators let go of a small opening. The monsters immediately surged out and pounced towards the flying s.h.i.+p fleet.

Although there were not many, it was enough to share some of the pressure.

Just looking at the higher-ups of the Hundred Tempering Mountain who were still hiding in the Black Lotus shadow, they were even more furious!

“Hurry up and stop this d.a.m.ned thing! If you don’t stop now, you won’t be able to escape death in the end!”

There were also cultivators who were persuading the higher-ups of the Hundred Tempering Mountain who were under the lotus shadow, hoping to make them repent.

Most of the higher-ups of the Hundred Tempering Mountain were actually very worried about the current situation. They did not know what was on the other side of the spatial crack or what was there.

There was no doubt that the Hundred Tempering Mountain actually did not have any relations.h.i.+p with the other party.

Once the monster on the other side of the crack completely broke through the s.p.a.ce and descended here, thinking about the terrifying aftershock of the attack just now, they felt that there was basically no hope of survival.

At this moment, Situ Fengzhu smiled and took two steps forward.

He gently cupped a puddle of boiling blood.

Situ Fengzhu looked at the blood carefully. His body’s instincts told him that this thing was very dangerous and that he should distance himself from it as much as possible.

His hands were corroded by blood, and the skin had already begun to fester, undergoing a strange change.

However, this Hundred Tempering Mountain’s master did not care. Instead, he revealed a joyous expression.

“Since you can’t tolerate our Hundred Tempering Mountain, let’s completely destroy this Great Mountain Region.”

With that, he raised his head and drank the ominous blood!

In the next moment, a large amount of strange energy gathered towards him, even forming an inverted vortex.

As the foreign energy poured into his body, a shocking change began to happen.

His figure rose, and his bones swelled. Two spiral horns grew on his head, and the flesh on his back swelled up. Then, four new arms broke through the flesh.

On his forehead, two cracks opened strangely. The cracks wriggled twice before opening, revealing a pair of pure black eyeb.a.l.l.s.

He spat out a breath of air, the air in front of him trembling.

“Very strong. This appearance is indeed very strong. Black Lotus, you should be glad that you didn’t lie to me.”

His large hand pressed down on Old Demon Black Lotus’s body, causing his bones to creak. His four eyes sized up the other party strangely, as if he was thinking if this guy was delicious.

This guy was also a ruthless person. Just now, he had transferred all his spiritual qi into an alchemy pill clone. Then, he decisively swallowed the blood of that unknown creature and abandoned his human ident.i.ty and body to obtain an even greater strength.

This was something that not many people in the Black Lotus Divine Sect dared to do back then.

His other five hands picked up the blood from the ground and handed it to the other top cultivators of the Hundred Tempering Mountain.

However, they looked at each other. No one dared to accept this power that was obviously not safe.

“Drink it and you will become as n.o.ble as me! This is an order!”

A few Nascent Soul cultivators and a top-notch cultivator of the Situ Clan received the blood hesitantly under the authority of the Sect Master.

Perhaps in their hearts, they also desired that powerful strength.

“You’re crazy! Open the barrier and let us leave!”

It was not that the others did not want to collude with him, but the current Situ Fengzhu was crazy and dangerous. It was really not a wise move to continue listening to his orders.

Moreover, they were all the Grand Elders of the Ma family and the Situ family. In terms of status, they did not need to accept the Sect Master’s control.

If they jointly made a decision, even the Sect Master could be replaced.

However, Situ Fengzhu was not a fool. Since he dared to pressure the six of them alone, he naturally had his own confidence.

With a casual wave of his hand, five fist-sized blood b.a.l.l.s floated in front of the five Grand Elders who were unwilling to submit to him.

Sect Master Situ was still Sect Master Situ. He had never come into contact with the foreign energy before. But now, in his hands, he could immediately do such a complicated thing with it.

In contrast, the sword cultivator clone had already spent a few months but could not discover any reliable method to use it. It could only barely be controlled under the suppression of the black rings.

“Elders, remember, this is your last chance to live.”

Sect Master Situ still had the same smile on his face, but at this moment, his smile became extremely sinister.

Then, he stretched out his hand and pointed. Five black lights immediately scattered from the Black Lotus above.

Before the five Grand Elders could do anything, they disappeared with the five b.a.l.l.s of blood.

Even Old Demon Black Lotus was also shocked. He did not expect that Situ Fengzhu had secretly learned so much from him.

He had just obtained the blood of madness, but it could already surpa.s.s him and directly control the lotus platform.

At the beginning, the five Grand Elders still felt disdain. After Situ Fengzhu drank that blood, although he became a little stronger, it was not too exaggerated. It was impossible for him to fight against five people.

However, in the next moment, they were completely dumbfounded.

A mournful wind roared beside them. In the pitch-black and unfamiliar world, countless bloodthirsty eyes were staring at him.

Not far away from them, there was a terrifying giant humanoid monster 800 feet tall with 88 arms on its back. It was looking down at them.

The way these monsters looked at them was the same as how they looked at these monsters. They wanted to eliminate each other quickly!

Now, they finally understood Situ Fengzhu’s meaning.

Wasn’t this blood their last chance to survive?

They hurriedly grabbed the blood ball in front of them, but above their heads, a palm that covered the sky had already pressed down.

One breath, two breaths, three breaths…

On the Hundred Tempering Mountain’s side, the other higher-ups were still waiting for the result, but after seeing that the five Grand Elders were not sent back, a Nascent Soul cultivator finally could not help but ask.

“Sect Master, where are the Grand Elders?”

He did not finish speaking, but his meaning was very obvious. He wanted to ask the Sect Master when he would let them back. He felt that the Sect Master should only be showing off his strength.

“The Grand Elders are doing great. If they are lucky and the door is above them, they can return by themselves.”

In other words, the Black Lotus only had the ability to send them over and had no way of bringing them back.

If they wanted to return from the opposite side of the crack, they had to rely on themselves.

The Hundred Tempering Mountain cultivators who were holding the blood of madness and hesitating about whether to ingest it felt a chill in their hearts. One after another, they drank the strange blood in their hands.

After the Hundred Tempering Mountain cultivators drank the blood of madness, they collapsed in pain. When they stood up again, they had already become Asura monsters.

Fifteen minutes later, none of the higher-ups of the Hundred Tempering Mountain were spared. All of them gave up their status as humans of the Nine Provinces.

At this time, at the black crack, a group of crowded monsters was blown away by the powerful energy. Two Demon Generals who were clearly transformed from humans walked out.

Of the five peak cultivators, only two returned alive.

They glanced resentfully at Situ Fengzhu who was in the Black Lotus, and then they turned around and pounced towards the higher-ups of the three great sects outside.

“Alright, a new Hundred Tempering Mountain has been born. Elders, let the world understand our terror!”

The Black Lotus shadow was also dispersed. The eyes of the group of cultivators who had already transformed into Asuras were filled with madness. They roared and directly rushed into the array of the three sects.

Now, they were no longer suppressed by the foreign energy and could be buffed by it instead.

With the help of countless monsters, the ring-shaped defense was quickly broken.

As the twelve cultivators acting as the most important dam were scattered and entangled by them, a large number of twisted monsters immediately broke through their defense.

Twisted monsters many times the scale of the cultivators roared crazily towards the outside world. The pressure on the flying s.h.i.+p fleet immediately increased.

Continuous spiritual qi pillars exploded in the air.

Jiang Li stood at the front with cultivators on his side. Beside him, the dragon Rayquaza roared wantonly. The Dragon Imprisoning Lock was flung out by him, leaving behind afterimages. The Immortal Slaying Flying Sword transformed into a black light and cut all the enemies it saw into pieces.

Below him, the shattered limbs and remains had already piled up into a small mountain!

However, the endless monsters still wanted to devour them!


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