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Chapter 295 Forcibly Joining

Roy had already planned long ago when he said Benia’s name.

The first time he came to the world of Ashan, the mutual suspicion between Xeron and other high-rank demon heroes had caused Xeron to end up fighting alone. This time, it seemed that Xeron had grown in strength and obtained the favor of Kha-Beleth, so Xeron could be said to have the most dominant position in Eeofol. Weren’t all the demon heroes behind him following his lead?

Therefore, Roy did not dislike this tactic for being old, and it was easy to use. Roy was just deliberately creating a barrier. He directly pulled Biara’s sister into the demon camp, which was equivalent to nailing a nail into the demon camp. In case Biara and Benia had a conflict, who would they side with?

Xeron and the others naturally realized what Roy wanted to achieve, and they could not help but look at Roy strangely, feeling that this Demon Osiris was simply too evil…

Xeron was in a dilemma now.

If Roy were just an ordinary high-rank demon weaker than Xeron, then Xeron did not need to care so much. He could simply not accept Roy joining the demon camp. This way, he could save himself a lot of trouble.

But the problem was that Xeron now believed that Roy was a sealed ancient demon that escaped. Otherwise, how could he be so powerful?

If rejecting Roy from joining caused his dissatisfaction, what would happen if Roy coveted his status and challenged him? After all, among demons, the fist had always spoken the loudest. The reason he managed the current demon camp was that he was stronger than the other demon heroes.

Under such circ.u.mstances, if Roy challenged and he did not accept, his subordinates would immediately look down on him and treat him as a coward. But if he accepted the challenge, he did not have the confidence to win against Roy.

It was the same even though his backer was Kha-Beleth. What Kha-Beleth valued was only his strength. If a stronger demon took his place, as long as he continued to carry out Kha-Beleth’s plan, then Kha-Beleth would also value him…

This was the benefit of Roy’s display of strength earlier. What he was doing now was being like a tyrant, forcibly stuffing himself into Xeron’s team and joining them. And not only that, but he added, “I’ll bring another person in, but this person has a grudge with someone on your team. Maybe they’ll fight, so please forgive me!”

Forgive you… You motherf*cker! Xeron was so depressed that he wanted to vomit blood!

He now realized that this Demon Osiris was simply a thorn, not to mention that his demon name irritated him. He could easily imagine that there would be more troubles in the future if he let Demon Osiris join.

Looking at the demon heroes behind him, Xeron calculated in his heart. If he directly fought Osiris and chased him away, how high would his chances of winning be? However, just as he was thinking about this, the face of Demon Lord Kha-Beleth suddenly appeared in his mind. He suddenly remembered that this place was Ur-Hekal. If he were to fight here, it might affect the sacrificial ritual in the city. At that time, if Sovereign Kha-Beleth’s plan was hindered, he might not be able to answer to him…

Thinking of this, Xeron could only let out a long sigh. “Okay, no matter who she is, settle down in the city first!”

That’s right. Xeron could only pinch his nose and swallow the p.o.o.p Roy handed over…

The only good news now was that Biara was still far away in the kingdom of Erathia and could not return for the time being. As long as she did not return, she would not meet her sister, Benia, and there would be no conflict between them temporarily. Xeron had already thought about it. He would find a chance to send Demon Osiris out and let him lead the army to attack the cities of other countries near Eeofol, getting him to go far away.

The other demon heroes heard Xeron’s decision, but they all remained silent.

However, not speaking did not mean that they did not have any thoughts in their hearts. Demon Osiris had barged into the demon camp so domineeringly that they realized one thing—the structure of Ur-Hekal might change because a powerful demon that could oppose Xeron had appeared!

Demon Osiris came by himself, not due to Xeron’s summoning. In other words, Osiris did not need to sign a demon contract with Xeron and have to accept orders. He joined as a partner, and the souls he and his army harvested would be under his control. If Demon Osiris was more ambitious, he could force Xeron aside and seize the leaders.h.i.+p of the demon camp.

Whether this change would be good or bad, the demon heroes did not know, but it was very in line with demon style, so these demon heroes only planned to wait and see. “Grawl, bring Osiris and the others to camp in the city!” After Xeron said this, a flame pillar appeared, and he teleported away.

The other demon heroes grinned at Roy and disappeared.

Just like that, Roy successfully entered the demon camp. Under Grawl’s arrangements, they found an area in the east of the city as a station and settled down.

The hot environment and poisonous air made Giovanni and his people very uncomfortable, but they were undead creatures after all and could not die. Now, Giovanni was a little excited. He had noticed that Roy and Xeron were not on good terms, so after settling down, he looked for Roy and whispered, “Your Excellency Osiris, are you preparing to seize the power of Demon Xeron and become the leader of Eeofol?”

Roy was in a good mood and smiled sinisterly. “Do you think this method works?”

“It works. Of course it works!” Giovanni rubbed his hands. “It’s absolutely impossible for us outsiders to do this. But you’re different. You’re a demon. Don’t look at how the demon heroes obeyed Xeron. I can guarantee that if you defeat Xeron, they won’t hesitate to submit to you. At that time, the entire demon army of more than a million in Eeofol will all be under your command!”

Julia and Benia nodded in agreement. In occupying another’s nest, first of all, you had to have a stronger body and strength than the original owner of the nest. Only Roy could do this…

“Don’t worry. If we want to seize power, we have to take it step by step!” Roy laid lazily on his seat. “Let’s first figure out how many powerful demons there are in this city. Even if we want to kill Xeron, we first have to establish our prestige. In addition, we have to figure out what Xeron is doing to help Kha-Beleth. This so-called sacrificial ritual, what do they want to do? If this sacrificial ritual can be destroyed in Xeron’s hands, it’ll be best. At that time, once Kha-Beleth vents his anger on him, it’ll be easier for us to do things.”

Julia said, “But it seems like Xeron is already wary of you. He probably won’t let you come into contact with the sacrificial ritual.”

“Of course. In fact, I’ve already expected that even if I don’t act so aggressive, that guy will still have psychological barriers against my name!” Roy sneered. “Moreover, I estimate that he’s now wary of foreign demons or all his subordinates. I made him suffer a huge loss back then, so it’s impossible for him not to remember. Otherwise, he’s not foolish, but stupid…”

“Then, what should we do?” Benia asked. “Let’s check it ourselves!” Roy stretched out his hand, and dozens of Demon Eyes appeared in his palm. These eyes with small wings fluttered and circled around Roy’s arm before soon disappearing.

Roy smiled. “Before, my Demon Eyes still had a faint demonic aura that the angels had detected. If nothing unexpected happened, Xeron should have been able to sense them. But now, I’ve completely eliminated the aura of these Demon Eyes. They will become my best scouts. I believe that we will soon know what the so-called sacrificial ritual is.”

The Demon Eye spread out, and soon, they would spread throughout the entire city of Ur-Hekal. Even if Xeron excluded Roy, Roy could still figure out what he was doing.


“Giovanni, you, your people, and Rafaro, wander around the city if you have nothing to do!” Roy turned around and urged Giovanni. “Be arrogant. If any demon dares to provoke you, hit him back hard!”

“Understood!” Giovanni immediately understood Roy’s meaning. He was deliberately causing trouble! He rubbed his hands in eagerness and agreed. “One more thing!” Roy rubbed his demon horns and said thoughtfully, “We’ve destroyed both Dendera Fortress and Aglan Fortress. Moreover, the T-Virus infection is still spreading with these two fortresses as the center. This means that the various countries of Ashan can no longer monitor and control Eeofol. But I estimate that for such a major event as the fortresses falling, the humans, elves, and Bracadans will dispatch an enormous number of troops. Perhaps they will directly form an alliance army and enter Eeofol to attack the demons. Even if they can’t annihilate all the Eeofol demons, it’s also good to destroy one or two cities.”

“In other words, there may be a war in the near future?” Julia understood. “Then, Xeron will likely send us to fight!”

“That’s right!” Roy nodded. “The alliance army will definitely be surging with a vengeance. Our troops might not necessarily be able to win, so we have to find an excuse to avoid this war first.”

“How about the dark elves?” Benia smiled as she twisted her waist and sat down on Roy’s thigh. “Let Giovanni and the others create trouble in the city. If Xeron can’t bear it, he’ll definitely send us out as soon as possible. At that time, we can use the invasion of the Shadowbrand clan to enter the underground world to fight. The underground world is complicated, and we can use the excuse of getting lost to avoid the most intense period of the war. Perhaps, if possible, we can also come on stage near the end of the war and flank the alliance army to harvest some souls…”

“Hahaha!” Roy laughed loudly when he heard this. As expected of a succubus, Benia could be said to have seen through his thoughts. Roy felt proud of himself and could not help but reach out and pat Benia’s… b.u.t.t!

Benia’s eyes turned watery as she looked at Roy with a seductive expression.

“Um…” Roy swore that he just could not help it and had no intention of provoking Benia, but…

It’s a little bad. Why do I feel that the succubus’s pipi is so perky and firm? It feels so good. What if I become addicted in the future?


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