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Chapter 495: Xia Tomb

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The group of chancellors did not expect that Emperor Xia would personally go on this crusade towards the Yous.h.i.+’s tribe. It should be known that there was still an exceeding Qi cultivator lurking around and it would seem that this person had surpa.s.sed the level of the walking celestial of the earth, Xuan Zhen QI Zi. If this person’s background had not been found out and with Emperor Xia simply taking his leave, unintentionally, this would be a future trouble.

If this was during common times then it would not be that bad but there was also Tianyi who was being imprisoned on top of Xia Tai.

This would even cast a layer of shadow for this future trouble. However, if Emperor Xia was a little wiser, he would not dare to take such measures

Emperor Xia’s scorching gaze swept back and forth along the group of chancellors and he burst out in laughter, “I know what all of you are worried about. I have set the date for the punitive expedition towards Yous.h.i.+ to be after half a year.”

It was then the group of chancellors slowly let go of their breath. There were also people who thought just what did Yous.h.i.+ did that offended Emperor Xia that would spur the emperor to personally go on this crusade. If they were to catch on the news of Emperor Xia going on a punitive expedition towards them, they could quickly surrender and do something to show to Emperor Xia and patch up their mistakes. Perhaps then, they could dispel this military calamity.

After all, Da Xia being the center of the universe, it was still true for the country to go crusading in all directions. Nonetheless, the underlying current within this country could only be stifled with Emperor Xia personally attending to Diqiu. With him simply leaving Diqiu to go crusading, if there were any changes, the loss practically outweighed the gain.

Emperor Xia acted willfully and this war was set. The news quickly spread and reached the Eastern Barbarians with unusual speed. Finally, it reached Mount Meng where the Yous.h.i.+ tribe was.

During this moment, Shen Lian traveled in the wide Diqiu. The side of the Xia Ca.n.a.l was the most densely populated area. Since the beginning till now, it could say that it had always been a habit for humans to settle down near waterfronts.

After all, before any life could directly absorb the Qi of heaven and earth and enter into inedia, they could not separate with water. Even some Qi cultivators who were cultivating till they reached the stage of inedia, they still needed to feed on the wind and drink the dew initially. It is only until their skills had deepened then only could they really cut off cooked food.

Diqiu is divided by East, West, South, and North and each division is entirely different.

The North City would, of course, be w.a.n.g Cheng and East City would be the residence for other aristocrat families. The South City is for the sub-first grade ruling cla.s.s. West City is where people of good and evil mingle, it could be said that this is where the lowly people are.

Nonetheless, in this land of wilderness, there were hidden dragons and snakes. The Qi dynamic there was practically multifarious. Even if Shen Lian did not go in deep it, it was also hard for him to determine what exactly was going on and what kind of formidable figures hid within.

However, no matter how formidable the other was, he could never be as formidable as Emperor Xia and him.

Generally speaking, Shen Lian was walking along the Xia Ca.n.a.l. This morning with that kind of incident that happened, the warlike Xia Clan did not panicked. Rather, they started strolling out to display the tenacity of their great country.

The confidence of the people from Xia Clan showed on their faces, which became a very striking comparison to the people in the same area.

This was the quality formed after a thousand years of undefeated battles, ever-victorious and plunders in all directions. Da Xia became the center of the universe, not only because they occupied the best land but it was also because their unique civilization and bloodlines were higher than the Four Barbarians.

Shen Lian’s mental state melted into the civilized air of Diqiu and he felt the spirit of the Xia Clan. It was vast, arrogant and n.o.ble. Shen Lian recalled a book he read once. That book was called ‘The Book of History in Chinese’. Within it, it wrote, “the gaudiness of the hat and clothes are called ‘hua’, the country with many people be called ‘Xia’.”

In the past, on Earth, there was a big country with the name ‘Xia’. That legendary dynasty was even somewhat similar to the Xia Kingdom today, they were that powerful. However, Shen Lian was truly clear that this was not Earth’s history. Not only did this place has Qi cultivators and Buddhist sects, there were even saints and demons. The people of the Xia Clan were born with divine powers and they crusaded in all directions.

However, he still could not help but to a.s.sociate these two ‘Xia’ together. He had a feeling that there was a connection between these two.

Unknowingly, Shen Lian had walked through most of the places in Diqiu. And then, he stopped outside of a spot. That was the ancestral hall of Da Xia. Behind the ancestral hall was the Xia tomb. The head of the Xia Ca.n.a.l was there.

Shen Lian stood on the side of a stone bridge. There was a banyan tree next to him and its vines and roots s.h.i.+elded him. Even getting near the stone bridge, it was hard to see him. And his line of vision directly reached the ancestral hall. He saw that ancient, deep and serene building. It was like a ferocious beast that was lying low and deep in slumber, it neither talked nor did it say anything. However, if it was to be startled, there would be unforeseen calamities.

Uniform footsteps rang from across the stone bridge. There was a troop of sergeants clad in black armor. Their Qi of vigor rushed out from the top of their head and it condensed into a semi-substantial c.u.mulus cloud.

These sergeants were the elites of the Xia Clan. They were so full of Qi of essence that it was almost going to dissipate out, therefore it would form such a strange sight of those semi-substantial c.u.mulus clouds. Not only that, they must have lived together for a very long time and have practiced a set a.s.sa.s.sination method of joint attacks. Once they displayed it, even those of the walking celestial level would need to be careful while dealing with it.

This was the one point where the Xia Clan’s terror lied. They were trained, had pure power and could obtain strength through their bloodline. They were able to produce this kind of army troop.

An elephant could be bitten to death when there were a lot of ants. What more that these sergeants had extraordinary military force.

Under the rush of that c.u.mulus cloud of Qi of essence, any snooping through divine thoughts was hard to remain hidden. Even the divine thoughts of those on the level of celestials needed also to go deep into hiding.

However, Shen Lian only used his eyes to see, unmindfully watching.

His eyes were like mirrors as it reflected everything he saw. It did not leave any marks but it allowed him to obtain the information he needed unintentionally.

To drive the intention with unintentionality.

The leader of the sergeants was the owner of the demonic blade from this morning. His entire body was clad in black leather armor and only his eyes, mouth and nose were revealed. The person they were escorting was covered in fire and he had vibrations of Qi of vitality on his. But both of his ears were cut off.

Of course, a powerhouse like this could be killed but to have his ears cut off while he was still alive, it would seem that should have been done on his free will without resisting.

Shen Lian could see that this person had his ears cut off not long ago. That was why the Qi dynamic around him was not in conformity after he lost his pair of ears.

They continuously got closer to the ancestral hall and approximately thirty steps into the stone bridge, the leader in the leather armor stopped.

Ming Luo turned to Xin Lie and said, “Brother Lie, I will escort you until here. If you have any message to bring home, you can tell me.”

Xin Lie’s ears could not hear any sound but for him to have reached this level, he already knew what the other wanted to say by just feeling the slight vibration that was caused by the sound.

He replied, “I would need to trouble you, in general, to tell my son that to remain loyal to the monarch before his family. He does not need to miss an old man like me.”

Ming Luo nodded and said, “I will personally bring what Brother Lie has said myself. Actually, within the Xia Tomb, there is the Beginning Qi of Life that was left behind by our ancestors. With Brother Lie focusing on it, you would definitely reap the rewards. You could even enter the seventh reincarnation and there is also the possibility of cultivating it during your lifetime.”

Xin Lie smiled as he said, “I am very clear about this. In fact, I have never had any resentment towards the king. Both your loyalty and mine towards the king are the same.”

Ming Luo clasped both of his hands and said, “With these words from Brother Lie, there will definitely be a time when you could leave the Xia tomb once more. By then, I will definitely seek Brother Lie’s advice.”

Xin Lie smiled and did not answer. He turned and with big steps, he walked towards the gloomy ancestral hall. The sunlight in the sky naturally dimmed when he approached the ancestral hall.

Ming Luo watched with his own eyes as Xin Lie walked into the ancient building. He then focused his gaze to the bottom of the banyan tree that was beside the stone bridge on the other side.


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