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Chapter 196 – Counterattack

“Hahaha, that’s a family!”

At the moment, someone laughed happily.

How could they remember when they knew so many experts from Cult Master Realm?

“We are here to kill the sea monsters under the orders of the young master of the Xuan Family of the Heaven Region, Xuan Yi. We are all a family!”

“The Cai Family and the Xuan Family of the Heaven region have been on good terms for generations. There’s no need to be polite!”

Frost Devil and the deputy sect master looked at each other and their hearts were in turmoil.

How long had it been, and the Xuan Master already had such a huge force?

Many peerless heroes, even hundreds or thousands of years ago, might not be able to do this!

The sea demon came aggressively this time. Apart from the Middle East and the demon domain, the other large domains in the south were also attacked at the same time.

In fact, the sea demons had already taken down some of the smaller domains that were ranked at the bottom.

The Sea Demons’ targeted attacks had caused the sectlord realm experts to fall one after another.

Therefore, after rescuing the Devil Domain, the Cai Family’s patriarch led hundreds of Sectlord realm experts to the other domains with a hostile expression.

A few breaths later, in the Azure Blue Domain.


The spiritual light rumbled as tens of thousands of sea demons were defeated. The Cult Master Realm demons saw that the situation was not good and wanted to flee in fear. However, under the spiritual light of the several cult master realm cultivators, they could not resist for a few breaths before they were killed.


All of a sudden, the s.p.a.ce was torn apart again as everyone’s bodies flashed. The next domain was the Cloud Domain.

After that, there was the River Domain, the Flower Domain, the Luo Domain…

These large human regions that had been occupied by more than half welcomed the spatial fluctuations.

Behind the huge spatial crack, there were more than a hundred cult master level spirit sources washing the ground. After the sea water evaporated, all the sea demons would be exterminated.

These invading sea demons all came from a group of sea demons. Each region only had more than ten cult master level demons at most. In this situation, how could they be a match for more than a hundred cult master level demons.

In a few hours, less than half a day had pa.s.sed.

All the sea demons who dared to invade human territory were killed.

Facing the dead bodies of the sea demons, everyone’s faces were cold and merciless.

Currently, there was only one region left.

The Cai Family’s patriarch looked into the distance with killing intent in his eyes.

These sea demons were not willing to give up. Every few hundred years, there would be a surprise attack. Just as Xuan Yi said, if they were not hurt, they would definitely come again in the next few hundred years, or even dozens of years, and it would be even worse.

The only way was to kill to instill terror.

The last region would be cleared, and they would counterattack the Endless Sea!

It was the Southern Sky region.

This region was south of the southern continent, and it was closest to the endless sea. It could even be said that it was the first checkpoint to defend the endless sea.

Although there was only one sectlord in the southern sky region, he was powerful. A hundred years ago, he killed several great demons of the sea clan in one go, shocking the entire region.

Obviously, the Cai Family’s patriarch knew about this Sectlord. The power of a peak sage expert shook the s.p.a.ce and created a large black hole, swallowing all the sea demons near the black hole.

“Human, please stop now. My Ghost Demon race will retreat.”

With one attack, a large number of sea demons were killed. Seeing that the situation wasn’t good, a great demon on the spot shouted in fear.

Their past experience told them that once the human race activated the strength of a sage or above, they would definitely be serious. Therefore, if they were to face the human race head-on now, they would not be able to get a good result.


The Cai Family’s patriarch smiled. Where could they retreat to?

Since they had come, they should all stay here!


The spiritual light was magnificent. Under the colorful light, including the cult master realm great demons, all of them turned into gas and disappeared bit by bit.

“Stop, our Ghost Demon clan also has a sage expert. Do you want to fight to the death?”


Everyone sneered and tore through the s.p.a.ce, rushing toward the deep sea.

In the depths of the endless sea, the Ghost Demon Family was being chased by more than a hundred cult master level demons. The Sea Family was shocked and angry, but no one dared to make a move except for the previous few times.

Whoever tried to stop them would die!

The deep sea shook, and two huge figures rose up from the depths of the endless sea. They had green faces and sharp teeth, and they rushed toward the ghost demon clan.

Their auras enveloped the terrified ghost demon clan, protecting them.

“The Endless Sea isn’t the territory of the human race. Retreat. our sea race also has sages!”

These were the stern voices of the two sages. They looked at the Cai Family’s patriarch and gritted their teeth.

Although they were sages, they weren’t very strong, which was why they felt that they couldn’t defeat the Cai Family’s patriarch.

Moreover, they did not know that the ghost demon clan had invaded the human race. Although they did not think it was a good idea, they acted as if they did not see it because the human race was getting weaker and weaker. In fact, they even made it easier for them.

Therefore, they were able to do nothing before, but in an instant, tens of thousands of demons landed. It could be said that it was because of their indulgence that the human race collapsed in an instant.

It was also because of the ghost demon clan that the sea demons, who should have been hunted to extinction, had a chance of survival.

The Ghost Demon clan was one of the more powerful branches of the sea clan. The two great demons were dripping blood.


The Cai Family’s patriarch snorted. Colorful light surrounded him, and he was powerful and fearless.

“Sage Sea Demons?”

It was the clan’s business if they didn’t rise to the sage level. However, if they rose to the sage level, tens of thousands of sea demons of the Endless Sea clan wouldn’t be able to escape.

The Cai Family patriarch sneered, “Do you dare to awaken a Sage Realm Sea Demon?”

“Believe it or not, a peak human heavenly king realm expert can descend here!”

He was talking about Bing Yu. He knew about her existence. It wasn’t difficult for her to descend here within a few breaths!

If one did something wrong, one had to pay the price.

The Cai family patriarch raised his weapon. Colorful light rose around him, illuminating the entire endless sea.

His eyes were ice-cold. “Die!”

The aura of a sage expert at the peak of the Sage realm was brandished to his heart’s content. It carried a wanton and domineering aura as it spread across the deep sea.

Countless Sea tribes felt their legs go weak as they kneeled on the ground.

The two great demons had unsightly expressions. They clenched their fists and their auras fluctuated. A moment later, they stared at the Cai Family and the Xuan Family intently. Then, they turned around and dived back into the deep sea.

It wasn’t easy for a sea demon sage to be born. They didn’t think it was worth it to provoke a heavenly king realm expert for the sake of a mere sea tribe.

Upon seeing this, the ghost demon tribe widened their eyes in regret.

In their opinion, the ghost demon tribe was fighting for the sea tribe. But now, the humans had come, and they were the ones who had been abandoned!

“Mercy! Please…”

The Ghost Demon tribe leader pleaded, but the Xuan Family members couldn’t hold back any longer. They gathered their spiritual light and charged out!


Why didn’t they show any mercy when they attacked the human beings?

Did they regret it when their sabers were on their necks?

It was too late!

“According to the orders of the young master, all of you are to be exterminated. Not a single one of you will be spared

“The human beings are not to be humiliated. Anyone who dares to stand in their way will die. Anyone who dares to step into the territory of the human beings must die!”


Undoubtedly, the group that attacked the human beings would have to be exterminated.

Thousands of sea demons were terrified!


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