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Chapter 36 – Spatial Spirit Seizing Array

The person did not care that he was seen through. He only laughed and said, “It’s a pity that my soul is at the Law Enforcement Realm but my body can only release the power of the Divine Power Realm…”

The others were greatly shaken when they heard it.

“This… He actually has a Law Enforcement Realm soul!”

“Heavens, the people of the Yin Qi sect can actually use such a method to bring the soul of a powerful cultivator into the Sage Mystic Realm!”

“He used a secret technique to transfer his cultivation strength and soul into a young disciple’s body before he entered this place. He deceived everyone and the restrictions of Sage Mystic Realm.”

“What? There’s such a secret technique? Then it’s even stronger than possession?”

“No, if it’s possession, although his cultivation can not be transferred over, his soul is actually fused with the host’s physical body. And although this person has the strength of the Law Enforcement Realm, his soul is clearly unstable.”

“Yes, most importantly, since his soul is unstable, his physical body will easily be damaged. Once his physical body is damaged, his soul will also dissipate.”

“I see. No wonder this person wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h this Illusion Heart Gra.s.s. He wants to stabilize his soul.”

“Sigh, although I don’t want to say it, this white-clothed young man is in trouble. You know that the people of the Yin Corpse Sect are extremely arrogant and cruel. He offended them by attacking that guy so severely. I’m afraid he’ll be refined into an unconscious yin corpse.”

Hearing these words, everyone shook their heads and thought Xuan Yi would end badly.

Xuan Yi was not even the slightest bit worried.

Although his strength was also suppressed to the Divine Power Realm, he was still stronger than other cultivators of the same realm!

Furthermore, his opponent’s strength was extremely weak. Once the host’s physical body was destroyed and his soul had nowhere to hide, his physical body in the outside world would also be destroyed!

Xuan Yi did not say a word, but his eyes turned cold, and killing intent could be seen within them.

Meanwhile, the black-robed young man was charging toward Xuan Yi!

“Baleful Wind Palm!”

A wave of black killing aura condensed into a powerful hand in the air, and it crashed down toward Xuan Yi.

However, faced with this overwhelming palm strike, Xuan Yi actually froze on the spot, not moving at all.

The audience watched him, thinking he’d be killed instantly.

Xuan Yi raised his eyebrows and looked at the black-clothed youth.

Before the people present could react, he waved his hands, and a streak of resplendent sword energy slashed towards the sky.

The sword was like a dragon, heading straight for the black palm in the sky.


It wasn’t as evenly matched as they had imagined. The sword energy penetrated the palm which melted like snow flakes falling into a pot of hot oil.


So strong!

This person was dangerous!

This was the only thought in the black-clothed young man’s mind.

This person was not weaker than him. In fact, he was slightly stronger than him!

He was so young and even stronger than him! His strength exceeded the first level of the Law Enforcement Realm?

How was it possible! ! !

“Could it be that there’s another soul in your body?” The black-clothed young man looked aghast.

When Song Qingxin heard this, her beautiful eyes stared at Xuan Yi. She was also doubtful that a cultivator in his early twenties could reach the Law Enforcement Realm!

Since when had such a monster appeared in the south domain?

However, Xuan Yi ignored the black-robed young man’s question.

He slashed out with his sword!

The spirit energy was extremely pure and extremely terrifying.

The black-robed young man could feel death beckoning at him from within this vast sword energy.

This meant that this sword attack was able to kill him.

Facing such a sword cultivator, he only wanted to run!

However, how could Xuan Yi let him go? The vast sword energy was like a force of nature, directly sealing off the black-robed young man’s path of retreat.

The black-clothed youth watched in a daze as the terrifying sword energy slashed towards him.

That palm strike was already his strongest attack.

He had defeated countless masters of the same level with this palm technique.

He had thought that once he launched this technique, it would at least injure him if not kill him.

Now, it seemed that he had overestimated himself and underestimated Xuan Yi.

The sword energy engulfed the black-clothed young man and slashed towards the boundary of the barrier before it slowly dissipated.

At the same time, the black-clothed young man from the Yin Corpse Sect also dissipated.


All the cultivators present swallowed at the same time.

Although the cultivation strength of the cultivator’s first level Law Enforcement Realm was suppressed due to the restriction of his physical body, he was still a powerful Law Enforcement Realm cultivator!

But he had been killed by a sword slash instantly.

How shocking it was!

“Don’t kill me, don’t kill me please…” Li Yin, who was still in the ground, was scared silly. He was buried in the ground, and his greatest protector had been killed. How could he not be afraid?

Just when everyone thought that Xuan Yi would kill him with a single sword strike, something strange happened.

They found Li Yin’s body was actually covered with spirit herbs which he had picked from the spirit herb garden.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The sounds of the formation being activated came from the s.p.a.ce.

“This is the Spirit Seizing Array!” Xuan Yi said in astonishment.

“Spirit Seizing Array? What does it mean?” Song Qingxin asked.

“It is a very weird formation. Once the formation is activated, it will forcibly seize the pure spirit from the human body. It is an extremely aggressive formation.”

Xuan Yi had read this information in the forbidden zone of the sect. However, he did not know where Sage Li had set it up. It turned out the array was here.

“Ah, why is there a spirit herb growing on my hand?!”

“Ah, I can’t see.” A blood-colored spirit herb suddenly appeared in the eye socket of a gray-clothed man.

“No, this d.a.m.ned place. I want to leave here. It’s too scary.”

“No! The spirit herb garden has already closed,” a cultivator shouted.

The thousands of disciples inside the cave were in a chaos.

Spirit energy flowed from their bodies and entered the spirit herbs growing on their bodies, feeding the spirit herbs.

The cultivators who had become the herb nutrient were those who had collected the spirit herbs.

Seeing this, Song Qing was alarmed. She would have collected some spirit herbs if Xuan Yi hadn’t stopped her. If she did, she’d be like those cultivators and become nutrient for the spirit herbs.

At this thought, she admired Xuan Yi even more.

However, at this moment, Xuan Yi was alarmed.

Once the Spirit Seizing Array was activated, it wouldn’t stop until it refined all the people in this place. Only then would the restriction on this herbal garden be removed.

In other words, everyone would die here.


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