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Chapter 60 – The Battle Between Two Geniuses

When the sword struck out, everyone was stunned.

This aura!

Bai Weiwei’s cultivation had improved again after coming out of the trial tower!

Was this the growth of a genius teacher?

Although Bai Weiwei’s strength had improved a lot, she was only stronger than some of the disciples here.

But looking at Bai Weiwei’s aura, did she want to take on all of them by herself?

Soon, an empty s.p.a.ce was formed in the middle of the crowd.

“I’ll go first!”

A disciple flew out and rushed towards Bai Weiwei at a high speed.

Bai Weiwei’s expression was the same as usual as she drew her sword and struck out.

Rumble, this disciple was shot and flew out, and flew upside down over a hundred feet and embedded into a mountain.

The entire place was silent.

This was the strength of a golden elixir phase cultivator?

They knew this disciple. Although his talent wasn’t very high, he had already reached the second level of the golden elixir phase!

But didn’t Bai Weiwei just step into the golden elixir phase?

Just this one move!

Looking at Bai Weiwei’s relaxed appearance, it was likely that she hadn’t even used her full strength. It was as if she had casually defeated a disciple at the second level of golden elixir phase, with just one strike strike.

It was not difficult for them to imagine if Bai Weiwei had used her full strength, this disciple would have been directly killed.

But even so, no one retreated.

There was only one thought in their hearts, and that was to defeat Bai Weiwei and become the disciple of Elder Xuan.

Another person flew out, but just like the previous one, he did not endure a few moves and was defeated with just one sword strike.

Bai Weiwei had a lunar body, so her physique was extremely strong. It wasn’t difficult for her to fight against someone of a higher level, let alone someone of the same level.

“Senior brother, are you confident?”

A disciple in the crowd asked the person beside him.

“Don’t worry, when Bai Weiwei was victorious, I naturally wouldn’t be able to defeat her. But as long as she consumes a few more rounds, then defeating her will be easy.”

There were people around who recognized this person. He was the Great Elder’s disciple, Li Feng, whose talent was not bad.

This person had even revealed a small part of himself during the meeting back then and was chosen by the Great Elder. However, he did not receive much attention under the Great Elder’s tutelage later on. Even so, he had also relied on his own efforts to reach the golden elixir phase. In the entire inner sect, everyone who had reached this stage was a favored disciple. With his talent, he should have received much attention. However, it was rumored that he had once angered the Great Elder, in the end, to the point where his talent was buried.

However, even though he was not valued by the Great Elder, his strength was still an existence that could not be underestimated in the inner sect.

Not to mention Bai Weiwei, after a few rounds of battle, even during her period of complete victory, many disciples thought that she would not be able to defeat Li Feng.

The reason why Li Feng was waiting at the back was because he wanted to make his victory more a.s.sured.

After a few rounds, Bai Weiwei’s aura was a little messy. Her tall chest was bulging, attracting the attention of countless male disciples. Her graceful figure was coveted by countless men, but they only dared to look at her. They did not dare to have any other thoughts.

This was Elder Xuan’s beloved disciple.

Who would dare to think about it.

One of them would probably be permanently blacklisted by Elder Xuan.

Even if she wasn’t Elder Xuan’s beloved disciple, just Bai Weiwei’s current appearance alone was enough to make many people stop in their tracks. Her entire body was filled with killing intent, and the tip of her sword was dripping with fresh blood.

With this appearance, the group of male disciples didn’t think that they could control her.

And beside Bai Weiwei stood Lin Yingxue, whose figure was even hotter.

They couldn’t help but think that Elder Xuan took disciples based on their looks too.

Otherwise, how could the disciples under him be better looking than the others.

“Who else is there?”

Bai Weiwei stood on the spot with a determined look in her eyes.

A loud shout caused the hearts of countless disciples to tremble.

“Who else is there!”


Li Feng squeezed out of the crowd. He didn’t fly but walked out step by step.

Against Bai Weiwei, he had mustered all his energy and didn’t dare to waste even a trace of spiritual essence.

He believed that as long as he was cautious, it would not be difficult to defeat Bai Weiwei.

His imposing manner soared, and the surrounding fallen leaves danced in the air. Lin Feng held his sword, and his fingers were dripping with sweat.

Countless disciples held their breaths. Such a battle team was rare for them. If they looked carefully, they might be able to obtain a great harvest. However, when they saw the spiritual weapon in Li Feng’s hand, they were all slightly shocked.

High-grade spiritual weapon.

Although it was inferior to Bai Weiwei’s supreme-grade spiritual weapon, it was still a high-grade spiritual weapon. Even the genius disciples in the inner sect might not have a high-grade spiritual weapon.

Bai Weiwei knew this Li Feng. He was the disciple of the Great Elder. He could be said to be a very strong existence.

At least half a month ago, Bai Weiwei couldn’t defeat him. But now, Bai Weiwei was very confident.

Standing in the crowd, Bai Weiwei’s breathing was slightly hurried.

She suddenly remembered the moment when she was sneered at by countless disciples not long ago.

And now, it was not an exaggeration to say that she was admired by countless disciples.

All of this was given by Xuan Yi.

So today, no matter what, she couldn’t lose her master’s face.

Both of them unleashed their auras and charged at each other.

Bai Weiwei did not hold back at all and directly activated her strongest skill, bringing with it a gust of wind that swept towards Li Feng like a vortex. The sand and dust around his body formed a storm. Her fair fingers held onto the sword and directly aimed at Li Feng’s chest. If this one hit, even if Li Feng did not die, he would still be heavily injured.

Facing this sharp sword, Li Feng’s gaze focused. He did not expect Bai Weiwei to use her killer move and did not dare to clash head-on. Li Feng quickly but barely dodged this sword. After that, he did not hesitate to raise his hand and thrust his sword towards Bai Weiwei, this sword didn’t use any martial skills. He was testing Bai Weiwei’s reaction ability.

A bolt of lightning exploded from Bai Weiwei’s hand. She blocked it with lightning speed, and then she used another killing move.

Soon, the fight was going back and forth, and the air exploded with sounds from time to time.

They left afterimages, and some of the disciples with low cultivation couldn’t even see their figures clearly.

“It seems that Bai Weiwei is at a disadvantage,” a few disciples with higher cultivation discussed.

“According to this trend, Bai Weiwei will lose sooner or later.”

“Look, Bai Weiwei’s aura.”

In the blink of an eye, Bai Weiwei’s aura suddenly became terrifying, and a sharp sword aura burst out from the body.

The incomparably violent sword energy directly forced the disciples who were closer to her back a few steps.

Countless people were shocked.

“This terrifying aura, it’s probably her killer move.”

On the other side, Li Feng’s aura also suddenly erupted.

This was the two people who had finished probing and were preparing to use their killer moves.

The battle in front had only lasted for a few dozen breaths, and it was clear that the two people did not look down on each other. After understanding the opponent’s approximate strength, they did not hold back.

“It’s hard to say who will win this time.”

“Not necessarily. I think Li Feng has a higher chance of winning. You can see it from his aura.”


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