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A black torrent about tens of zhangs’ in length poured out from the dark mist and crushed on somewhere near the silver wheel.

In the thunderous sound, the rainbow light screen began to tremble under the constant attack of the forceful torrent. Cracks began to appear on some of the spirit patterns in the formation below.

“Shan Gan” could not conceal his excitement.

Winding back to the ancient time when the seal was perfectly intact, he couldn’t have left a single mark on it even with a power hundreds of times of his prime.

But now, thousands of years had gone by. Not much energy was left in the seal. The formation itself was already badly eroded. It was thousands of times weaker than it had used to be.

Under the powerful seal was a fiendish foot of the giant fiend who had ruled the Yun Chuan Continent and the Vast Ocean at large.

It was written in the ancient cla.s.sics that even when a group of brave cultivators from different clans of the Vast Ocean had managed to finally slaughter the fiendish giant, they were unable to destroy its body. Therefore, they cut its head and its limbs, put a powerful seal over them, and each hid one at a secret spot.

This Secret Realm connecting to the Suppressing Demon Tower, was one of the hiding places of its sealed parts.

But those brave cultivators tried to hide the exact location of these seals and made it known to very few people. With all these pa.s.sing years, no one knew where they were.

Then the founder of Yuan Mo Sect established the Sect in this place. He accidentally found the Secret Realm and connected the Suppressing Demon Tower that he had built to it, without knowing what was actually in it.

But it was only in recent years that there were reports about the demonic beasts going fiendish in the Tower, as if the fiendish spirit appeared out of thin air.

At that time, “Shan Gan” was at the peak of his cultivation. He devoted much time tracing the source of these fiendish transformations driven by curiosity. Finally, after decades of investigating, he found some signs of the seal in the Secret Realm and was finally convinced that this tiny Realm, which had been scoured for hundreds of times, was really the place where the fiendish giant’s body part was sealed!

That surprised and excited him.

But just when he was planning to act upon it, his attempt to break into the Stage of True Elixir Level backfired and he suffered from the reverse effect. Consequently, not only did he lose his position as Yuan Mo, the leading position of the sect, but he had to hide in the restricted area in the depth of the Yuan Mo Mountain, struggling to keep himself from Qi deviation.

With all the things happening, he completely left the matter of the seal place behind.

But when the former sect leader found that the only way to repel the danger of Qi deviation was to breathe in some true fiendish spirit, which belonged only to the true clan of fiends, he immediately recalled the place of seal in the Secret Realm. Thus, he made this adventure.

His life was at stake. So he had no heart to consider what consequences would there be if the seal was removed.

He reckoned that a severed body part of the fiendish giant would not be much of a threat after all these years.

Also, he did not plan to destroy the seal completely. It was enough just to crack it up a little and collect a single drop of true fiendish spirit.

But for these reasons, a Fake Elixir Stage cultivator such as he was would never even dare to think about breaking a powerful seal that could contain the force of the giant ancient fiend.

Plus, the body of “Shan Gan,” which the Yuan Mo reside in, was only a spirit disciple. It was only by some special forbidden art that he had managed to empower the body with some of his own powers so that he could wield his own powers at the expense of some living years of the mortal body.

But in this case, he was only able to hold on for a very short time when in battle.

The several weapons he had taken with him were also particularly chosen to break the formation. Although they were not one of the bests in his collection, they had special effect on formations and therefore, especially fitted for this situation.

He was quite worried when he saw that the formation protecting the seal was still intact. But when he tried them, the formation appeared to be less than what it appeared to be. It seemed that it was after all possible to be broken by force.

This discovery thrilled “Shan Gan,” who, without further do, kindled the weapon and used it to break the seal.

Once the lid was off that golden bottle, silver liquid sprayed out of it, joining the black torrent and empowering it immensely.

As for these several jade tablets, when they were hurled into the air, rays of silver electric arcs shot from them. The rainbow light screen quaked under the attack.

This was only possible now that this former Yuan Mo had divided his spirit into several when he had entered the Fake Elixir Stage. Otherwise, it was impossible for an ordinary Crystal Stage cultivator to control this many weapons simultaneously.

With the collective operation of so many weapons, power poured out of the body of “Shan Gan.” Within the time it takes to drink a cup of tea, he had to cash on the body’s living years again to produce power.

With time pa.s.sing by, wrinkles began crawling onto his youthful face; his dark hair began to turn grey.

Not long, “Shan Gan” became an old man, who looked more than sixty.

But this former Yuan Mo, paying no attention to his aging look, simply kept on empowering the weapon.

“Shan Gan” began to feel anxious.

He might not be able to hold on for too long with the remaining living years of this body.

With a quick thought, he suddenly gave a slap on the crown of his head, and a line of black smoke shot upwards, forming vaguely a bizarre face of man.

As soon as the face appeared, it started murmuring spells. At the same time, “Shan Gan” was forming signs with both his hands.

All of a sudden, the sky began to change. Gloomy grey clouds grew on the top of the rainbow light screen. The clouds swirled into a vortex and grew larger and larger as the chanting grew faster.

Instantly, the aura emitted from “Shan Gan” reached the level of Crystal Stage.

Though deafening throbbing sounded from the center of the huge vortex, nothing appeared.

Seeing this, the man’s face grew savage. He continued his chanting while “Shan Gan” from below gave a turn of his palm. A crystal black dagger appeared and, grabbing it without hesitation, he slashed his own shoulder.

An arm fell off in silence, instantly exploded into a ball of blood mist and dived into the vortex with a whoosh.

The next moment, the vortex gave out a creepy chuckle of a woman.

The chuckle made the man’s face looked painful.

Below, though “Shan Gan” maintained an expressionless face, strings of dark red blood streamed down from his ears.

The man’s stopped his chanting and, pointing at the vortex above, his let out a loud call.

Right at that moment, the woman stopped chuckling all of a sudden. Instead, a slim hand covered by turquoise scale reached out from the center of the vortex and, splitting her fingers, gave a gentle press on the s.p.a.ce below.


On the top of the rainbow light screen appeared a mus-deep giant handprint. And together with the violent attack of the magical weapons, the screen gave out m.u.f.fled booming sound and finally cracked.

After this attack, both the vortex and the slim hand disappeared in a blink.

The black face of the man let out a loud laugh and dived down into the head of “Shan Gan.”


When the expressionless face of “Shan Gan” resumed a normal expression, it suddenly transformed and “Shan Gan” vomited several lumps of black blood. All of a sudden, his hair grew completely white; wrinkles were all over his face; and his body discharged a smell of death.

Even so, “Shan Gan” let out a laugh when the vomiting stopped.

“Though this body had only a few months’ life, it’s all worth it as long as I can get a whiff of true fiendish spirit.”

Now when he said this, the glowing of these magical weapons went extinct and, with a loud boom, they all fell onto the ground.

The scroll and those jade tablets turned into a whiff of black smoke and were blown away. Countless cracks appeared on the edges of the silver wheel and obviously it met its doom as well.

The long black torrent rolled out, turned into a huge drop of black liquid, and started dripping slowing from the sky.

It was clear that at this point “Shan Gan” had used up all the powers that he can extract from the moral life of the body.

But “Shan Gan,” looking at the huge fiend foot, which was now completely exposed, he was wild with joy and looked incredibly confident in successfully extracting the fiendish spirit.

With a turn of his palm, he brought out a black calabash, and stumbled towards the giant foot.

The giant foot remained motionless in the white talisman chain, as if not at all affected by the collapse of the rainbow light screen.

Therefore, “Shan Gan” was off guard. He figure flashed a few times and stopped less than a few zhangs away from the huge foot, eyes sparkling with desire. Suddenly,


The few black standing hairs on the foot that were the nearest to him transformed into long black snakes and darted at him.

“d.a.m.n it!”

“Shan Gan” was, after all, a former Yuan Mo. Though he had no longer considered the huge foot a threat, he was still on his guard. Seeing this, he blurt out a curse and readily triggered a talisman that he had already held in his hand with a clench.

Immediately a white light shield appeared in front of him. As soon as these hair-turned black snakes bit onto the shield, they winced with a hissing sound as if meeting their natural enemy.

Seeing this, “Shan Gan” smirked and resumed to wielding the calabash in his hand. Suddenly, a whooshing sound went through his ear and the smirk froze on his face while a black snake darted out from his forehead. It turned in a whirl and fixed its blood-red eyes on “Shan Gan,” munching on something.


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