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Chapter 494: Abrupt Change

There were roars of dragons and tigers!

The black gas on Liu Ming’s body condensed, and the mist dragon and tiger rose up. His arms were thickened by one size, and the blue veins burst out on both his arms. He even got taller for 20 cm.

When he waited for the ox-like fire spirit beast to rush to the front of him, his figure suddenly flashed and appeared like a shadow on the right side of the beast. His big arm shook and launched a punch on this beast with his punch being wrapped by black gas.

A loud “bang“.

The huge body of the ox was knocked flying by a punch. With a burst of crisp cracking noises, black blood spurted out of the beast’s mouth and nose.

The fire ox fell heavily to the ground, and it immediately smashed a huge pit several ten meters in size.

But the beast immediately rolled back up. It roared, and the black-red patterns on its body began to emit a thick red light. In a blink of an eye, a fiery red light shield was formed.

Then the beast charged at Liu Ming again. The sharp horns on its head were extremely sharp. Its momentum aura was shocking.

Liu Ming’s eyes flashed sharply, avoiding the charge of the beast with a flick of his figure, then he faded out beside the beast. His arms were already covered with scarlet scales. After his arms turned blurred, dense fist shadows were transformed.

With a few “bangs“, every fist shadow hit the light shield on the surface of the fire ox accurately, and an incredible power gushed out from it.

The fiery red light shield flashed a few times, then it shattered with a crisp sound.

Then there was a “swoosh“!

A fierce palm with five fingers spread, sharply tore open the hard skin of the fire ox, stabbed, and pulled out at great speed. There was a red heart in his hand.

The beast let out a miserable cry, and it immediately slumped to the ground. Its body twitched violently.

After a few breaths, this behemoth was lying motionless in a pool of blood.

On Liu Ming’s right hand, he was holding a fist-size fire red crystal core with blood vessels on it. It was emitting a flame-like red light.

After putting away the crystal core, Liu Ming glanced around blankly before flying into the air again. He flew away in the distance.

Two hours later.

On a low hill, a fierce scuffle was being staged. The sword lights of various colors were intertwined and collided in the air, and the roars of fire spirit beasts and the crackling sound could be heard continuously.

Liu Ming and three Taiqing Sect disciples gathered on a certain hillside. They were desperately resisting hundreds of fire spirit beasts and several fire spirits that surrounded them.

The two disciples of Taiqing Sect were the red-haired young man and Chen Deng whom Liu Ming had met at the canyon.

Chen Deng held several purple needle-shaped spiritual weapons. With a shake of his arm, several purple lights shot out. It appeared and disappeared in the horde, bringing out strands of blood from time to time.

These purple lights separated and merged at his

will, which looked extremely amazing.

The red-haired young man held a blue flag in one hand. As he kept waving it, blue clouds and water waves rolled endlessly in front of him, forming a gigantic water wall that shielded others in it and blocked the waves of fire spirit beasts from outside.

The last young disciple of Taiqing Sect, holding a painted scroll, was constantly releasing spirit swallows and two, Condensation State early stage, red toads of the size of thirty meters to battle. He seemed to get an upper hand in the battle.

In the other direction. Liu Ming was making his sword gesture silently. The small blue sword was flying in front of him, transforming into dense shadows of the sword that forced back the dozens goat-like spirit beasts above him.

A whistling sound!

Six blue sword lights transformed from the sword shadows made a surprise attack and killed six fire goats.

Then, Liu Ming made another gesture with one hand.

The six sword lights merged into a long blue rainbow. With a flash, it launched an astounding blue light at the fire spirit that spat fireb.a.l.l.s at the back and slashed it into half.

The nearby fire spirit beasts were shocked, and they all escaped.

Liu Ming summoned back the small blue sword and took the opportunity to check his surroundings. As his expression changed, he looked at the fire spirits who hadn’t joined the battle and just watched quietly outside the battle.

Liu Ming’s heart sank; he faintly felt something wrong.

At this moment, the soil slope where Liu Ming and others were standing suddenly collapsed without any sign. Several long dark-red centipedes rushed out of it, and instantly rushed toward the four disciples of the Taiqing Sect.

How keen Liu Ming was? He shook his wrist almost when the ground below him crumbled; a thick sword light had already launched out.

With a “bang“, the one that pounced on him was immediately slashed back by him.

After the red-haired young man and Chen Deng were shocked, each of them waved a big flag, and the blue water wave surged.

Another man took out a silver talisman from his sleeve. After the talisman turned blurred, it turned into a silver light that surged out.

The two centipedes that attacked them immediately got blocked and bounced back.

But the Taiqing Sect disciple holding the painted scroll didn’t have much actual combat experience, so his leg was being torn off by the centipede as he stumbled. He screamed in pain; blood was gushing out from his thigh.

But before he used the painted scroll to protect himself, a dark-red long tongue smashed his protective aura and pierced through his throat.

It was the attack of the giant toad that he previously fenced off.

The young man tightly covered his throat with one hand. His face was full of disbelief, and he laid dead to the ground.

At this time, the group of beasts that had retreated from the surrounding swarmed up again; the four fire spirits who were watching from afar finally drifted toward Liu Ming and others.

“Not good, let’s go!” Chen Deng finally changed his face when he saw this situation. After a low shout, he suddenly raised one hand and shrouded a hundred meters around him with countless purple light phantasms.

The five fire monkeys who had just rushed forward immediately fell to the ground with blood splashing around. Chen Deng cast a white light disc under his feet and flew away.

After the red-haired man threw the blue flag in his hand, he was also wrapped inside a blue light, and he followed behind Chen Deng.

Liu Ming on the other side made a low groan and shook his wrist. Suddenly, several huge sword lights slashed out. After breaking the formation of the fire goat, he stuck a green talisman onto himself.

“Poof“, runes appeared on his body surface, and he turned into a ball of blue light soaring into the sky. He went in the opposite direction of Chen Deng.

Those few fire spirits obviously didn’t expect Liu Ming and the other two would run so decisively. When they wanted to pursue them again, it was naturally too late.

Even if the eight firefowls rushed into the air immediately, they were killed by the trio’s counterattack easily.

Liu Ming flew in mid-air for most of an hour. Seeing that there were no spirit beasts chasing him behind him, his heart was slightly relaxed. As he was about to take out the map to confirm his position, suddenly his face changed, and his figure landed on the ground with a blur.

He then took out an emerald green talisman and patted on himself, and he disappeared into a nearby big tree in an instant.

Not long after, a scream came from the depths of the fire clouds in the distance. In that place, he sensed an unusual fluctuation of spiritual power.

Liu Ming’s thoughts turned sharply. He checked in that direction with his powerful mental power. The results made him take a cold deep breath.

Through the layers of fire clouds, on a plain far away in the distance, there were densely packed fire spirit beasts of different sizes. There were as many as three to four hundred fire spirit beasts. Behind the fire spirit beasts, there were vaguely more than 20 fire spirits surrounding a giant fire spirit about two to three times the size of a normal fire spirit.

The strange spiritual power he had just sensed was exuding from this giant fire spirit.

And in the far horizon where these fire spirits gathered, there were a few escaping lights.

This giant fire spirit was holding the corpse of a mutilated Taiqing Sect disciple in his hand, and it simply threw the corpse aside. It made a low voice at the same time.

When the human-shaped fire spirits heard this, they separated into teams. Each team consisted of two to three fire spirits, chasing the outer disciples who fled.

The hundreds of fire spirit beasts also split. More than a hundred of them followed those human-shaped fire spirits, causing the surrounding fire clouds to tumble uncertainly.

“That giant fire spirit is so powerful. It’s almost at the Crystallization Period, and it can command other fire spirits in such an orderly manner and control so many beasts, it’s intelligence must be higher than ordinary people. There are many changes in this Small Flame World, I’m afraid it must be related to this giant fire spirit. Not only its strength is powerful, but there are also a lot of guards. It is not something I can handle alone.” Liu Ming thought quickly.

He pondered for a moment, then he took out an earth escaping talisman and stuck onto himself. He turned into a yellow light that dived into the ground and went far away.

Half a day later, Liu Ming was flying in mid-air with a layer of green light on his body. There were two human-shaped fire spirits leading dozens of fire spirit beasts pursuing him.

“It’s really never ending!” Liu Ming cursed secretly.

Since encountering the giant fire spirit, he had used various concealment methods in an attempt to hide his track. He was unwilling to take risks and fight with these fire spirits. He intended to delay it until the rescue from the outside world arrived.

But the weird thing was that after trying several times, no matter what means he used to hide, he would be discovered quickly and besieged.

When he was very depressed, he suddenly changed his expression and found a crimson river a few miles away.

“Maybe I can try there…”

Liu Ming’s mind moved, and the escape light instantly accelerated. In a moment, he once again got rid of the fire spirits behind him.


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