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Chapter 497: Sneak Attack

The remaining three fire spirits leaped in surprise, and they charged at them.

“Brother Zang, let me handle these fire spirits. You all first knock down the crystal pillar.” Liu Ming recalled the flying sword with one hand. After the voice transmission, he raised both hands; a blue rainbow and golden light spots flew out immediately. They turned into dense sword shadow and golden sand mist that surged at the three fire spirits.

After Zang Xuan nodded, he led the other two outer disciples directly to the huge crystal pillar.

He groaned!

Zang Xuan’s two arms flashed with yellow spirit patterns, and his arms grew several times bigger in an instant. He bent down and slammed the ground.

The ground trembled violently. After a burst of flying sand and rocks, a giant yellow hand made of sand and stone clenched and smashed at the root of the crystal pillar without hesitation.

There was an earth-shattering noise.

The surroundings of the crystal pillar were immediately covered by dust. The whole mine pit was actually shaking.

The other two disciples next to Zang Xuan also threw a black iron ruler and the other released a green flying blade. Each turned into a black light and a green light to join the attack.

Immediately, the surface of the huge crystal pillar was flashing in red. A moment later, in the storm-like violent attack, a crackling sound came from the root.

The huge crystal pillar immediately shook for a few moments, then it fell heavily on one side. It was broken into several pieces in the huge pit.

Large red clouds burst out from the fracture, and they quickly disappeared into the distant fire clouds.

After that, Zang Xuan and the other two attacked the three fire spirits trapped by Liu Ming without hesitation.

On the other side, Liu Ming also channeled Golden Fallen Sand and Sword Controlling Technique.

After a while, the four of them joined forces to kill the three fire spirits.

“If Chen Deng’s expectation is correct, the giant fire spirit will soon return to the mine. We shall hide ourselves first.” Liu Ming said solemnly as soon as he put away the spiritual weapons.

The three nodded, then they found a hiding place in the fire clouds near the huge mine pit, and used the purple brocade again to cover up their aura.

Not far away from the canyon where the mine was located, hundreds of fire spirit beasts were under the command of more than a dozen fire spirits. They surrounded a large array of crystal clear ice crystals and attacked frantically.

With the earth-shaking sound coming out from the ice crystal barrier one after another, cl.u.s.ters of fire burst open. The momentum was so great that the surrounding s.p.a.ce vibrated.

However, under the barrage of the fire spirit army, the array looked unstable as there were many cracks on it.

In the array, Chen Deng was sweating profusely and panting. While holding the top-grade spirit stone to quickly replenish his spiritual power, he also channeled the green jade disc array in his hand to stabilize the array.

At this time, it was only half an hour after Liu Ming and others sneaked into the mine.

At the same time, four sparks flew out of the mine. When they flew over the array, they went past it without bothering it. They were going in a certain direction.

Chen Deng thought about it for a moment, and he knew that Liu Ming and the others had already succeeded in the mine, and he let out a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, a burst of crack sounds came from all sides.

Then the surrounding ice crystal barrier shattered at the same time, turning into white ice crystals of different sizes that rained down from the sky. After the fire spark around flashed, a lot of beasts rushed in.

This formation finally broke apart after more than half an hour.

Chen Deng seemed to have antic.i.p.ated this. He kept the green jade disk array in his hand, and he rode on a flying car behind him. Before he was surrounded by the beasts, he rushed toward a certain direction.

As several screams sounded, the beasts below also soared into the air, chasing after the flying car.

After about ten minutes, a howling came from the entrance of the canyon. A giant fire spirit covered in crimson flames flew here crazily, and it rushed toward the collapsed crystal pillar in the mine without stopping.

There were six fire spirits following behind it. They obviously couldn’t keep up with the speed of the giant fire spirit.

In the fire clouds near the mine, Liu Ming’s expression moved, and his lips moved slightly.

Zang Xuan and the others were shocked, and they all looked like they were facing a formidable enemy.

At this moment, a crimson light flashed in mid-air with a loud noise.

The entire huge pit shook, and a giant fire spirit of twenty meters appeared in front of the broken crystal pillar. As it looked up, its body burst into flame as it looked up and roared furiously,

“Taiqing Sect, kill, kill…”

After another weird cry, the giant fire spirit leaped into the air. Its white eyes were looking at the surroundings.


Seeing this, Liu Ming shouted. His body blurred as he rushed out of the purple light curtain. At the same time, the spiritual sword in his hand shook and turned into a dazzling blue rainbow.

Zang Xuan had already made a gesture. The purple light curtain soared into the sky and turned into the purple brocade again, then it disappeared in a flash.

The other two Taiqing Sect disciples also cast their spiritual weapons to release a black iron ruler and a green flying blade. As they made a gesture, a black hurricane and a giant blade light were launched.

Obviously, the giant fire spirit didn’t expect to be a.s.saulted. It was taken aback for a moment, then it roared and waved with one hand. A dark red fireball of ten meters was launched at the blue rainbow that was in front of it. It then turned around. The dark flames on its body slashed and formed a firewall to suppress the black hurricane and the green blade light.

“Boom“, the fireball collided with the blue rainbow. Red and blue halo burst open in an instant. The astounding air wave gushed out in all directions.

After the black hurricane and the green blade light were suppressed by the dark red fire wall, their light faded away in a weird sound; they were at the brink of collapse.

At this moment, the s.p.a.ce about the giant fire spirit fluctuated, and a purple grimace suddenly appeared. It dived down along with an eerie laughter. It turned into a number of fuzzy purple vines that entangled the giant fire spirit.

The giant fire spirit waved its arms trying to tear the purple vines off, but the vines dispersed and condensed like they were intangible. It couldn’t do anything about it.

At the same time, golden light appeared from the waist of the giant fire spirit. After turning blurred, the golden light condensed into a thick golden ring which was quickly tightened.

Liu Ming cast the Golden Fallen Sand, and he was keeping channeling his spiritual power into the golden ring.

The giant fire spirit screamed immediately. Under the double confinement, its body was trembling, and its blurred face showed an expression of pain.

Golden Fallen Sand was really worthy of being a superb spiritual weapon. It was so powerful that even this mighty fire spirit king, Yun He couldn’t take it.

The purple vines also shrank quickly!

Seeing Zang Xuan standing in place with sweats all over his face, most of his spiritual power was clearly exhausted.

The dark red fire wall that suppressed the black hurricane and green giant blade light also collapsed with a m.u.f.fled sound.

When the other two Taiqing Sect disciples saw this, they were overjoyed and immediately channeled their spiritual weapons to attack the giant fire spirit.

At this moment, there was a blast in the distance sky. Several fireb.a.l.l.s flashed out. The ordinary fire spirits that followed the giant fire spirit had arrived.

“You two hold down the fire spirits, Brother Zang and I will deal with this giant fire spirit!” As Liu Ming saw this, he shouted at the other two outer disciples without hesitation. At the same time, he used his mult.i.tasking ability to channel the small blue sword that was knocked back. It turned into a blue rainbow that struck at the giant fire spirit’s head.

When he was channeling most of his spiritual power at the Golden Fallen Sand, he naturally couldn’t use Sword Controlling Technique.

As the blue sword light struck the giant fire spirit’s head, “bang“, the sword light faded; the small blue sword was bounced off.

When the other two outer disciples saw this, they couldn’t help showing a look of horror. After looking at each other, they immediately flew toward the ordinary fire spirits

Loud rumbling noise sounded immediately.

The two outer disciples were fighting against these fire spirits.

Seeing that the flying sword was ineffective, Liu Ming’s face turned grim immediately. He just kept channeling the golden ring transformed by the Golden Fallen Sand.

Zang Xuan also had a solemn face.

The giant fire spirit was in pain, but it suddenly yelled and spat a mouthful of blood red flames. After a flash, it hit the purple vines and golden ring.

These b.l.o.o.d.y flames were odd. As soon as the purple vines were ignited, they snapped and melted away instantly.

Although the golden circle did not have such astounding changes, it could no longer contain the giant fire spirit that was struggling wildly.

The dark red flame on the surface of the fire spirit burst. After waving its arms fanatically, the golden ring was forced open by it.

Then a big scorched hand moved to grab the golden ring.

Seeing this, Liu Ming squinted, pointed in the air at lightning speed and said “disperse”.


The golden ring exploded first, and it turned golden light spots that dispersed away. It then blasted back toward Liu Ming.

When the giant fire spirit saw this, It was taken aback for a moment. b.l.o.o.d.y flames were ignited in the pair of white eyes. It clenched its fists and roared into the sky. It dashed toward Liu Ming in a rumbling sound.

But at this moment, a purple light flashed in Zang Xuan’s eyes. After making gestures with both hands, the grimace appeared after a s.p.a.ce fluctuation occurred above the giant fire spirit. It turned into a few purple mist vines that rooted the giant fire spirit, stopping its gigantic body.

Seeing this, Liu Ming knew that the opportunity could not be missed. He grabbed in the air and a small blue sword appeared. He shook his wrist and poured all his spiritual power into it.

Whistling noise sounded!

Numerous criss-crossing sword shadows were launched from his hand. The shadows instantly formed a sword mountain phantasm of eight hundred meters hall, pressing down on the giant fire spirit with vigorous momentum.


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