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Chapter 525: Green Face Ghos

At the same time, in a side hall in Xu Family Fortress, the Xu Family’s patriarch and several elders were gathering here, discussing something.

“Elder Brother, this time, Sir Liu only brings Xu Ye in. Will there be any accidents? You must know that the two ghost creatures are very powerful. If anything happens to this person, the Taiqing Sect puts the blame on us…” Xu Kaiyang said to the skinny old man with worries.

“This… probably won’t happen right!? Since this person is so conceited, he should have some skills. Moreover, Xu Ye is a cautious person. His Five Star Shield defensive ability is quite good. Even if they can’t defeat the ghost creatures, they should be able to retreat safely.” The skinny old man touched his beard and said slowly.

It may be that this person’s comforting words played a role, the other elders had all calmed down. Obviously, they also had this concern before.

The skinny old man smiled bitterly. How was he not worried about this?

Previously, he scanned through Divine Thought and found that Liu Ming, like him, was only a Condensation Period intermediate stage cultivator.

But since Liu Ming insisted, he couldn’t go against his will. If he triggered this person, it would be bad.

“Kaiyang, pa.s.s down the order. Activate all enchantments of Xu Family Fortress. In addition, release all red eyes vultures and pay close attention to the movement of the mining area. If the situation is bad, we can’t ignore Mr. Liu’s request and must rush over immediately.” After the skinny old man pondered, he said to the Xu Family’s patriarch.

“It is safer with this move.” Xu Kaiyang readily agreed, and he immediately ordered.

Just when everyone in Xu Family was worried, Liu Ming and Xu Ye had already arrived at the Xu Family’s mineral vein in the east of the Cangman Mountain.

The mineral vein here was located in a valley. The surrounding mountains were full of traces of excavation. There were some damaged woods and rubbles on the ground.

After walking for about half an hour, the two came to a mine that was several ten meters in size.

Some thick logs were randomly set up at the entrance of the mine. Looking into the cave, it was dark inside. The mine seemed to extend deep into the ground.

“Mr. Liu, those two ghost creatures are hidden in the depths of this mine.” Xu Ye, dressed as a scholar, took a look at the depths of the dark cave, and his eyes twitched.

Liu Ming nodded when he heard the words, then he stepped into the cave.

“The two ghost creatures are elusive, please be careful.” The middle-aged scholar hesitated for a while, and he still reminded.

“It’s fine, I know it in my mind.” Liu Ming looked back at the person, smiled slightly, and walked in first.

The middle-aged scholar gritted his teeth, clasped a small shield in his hand, and hurriedly followed.

The tunnel of the entire mine was winding and rugged. It continuously extended diagonally to the underground.

A piece of fluorescent stone was inlaid every short distance on the tunnel, so the light here is not too dim, but both of them were cultivators of the Condensation Period. Even in the dark, they could release Divine Thought to distinguish the road.

The two of them walked for about a quarter of an hour, and they had gone deep into the underground for tens of meters.

“There is a lot of yin air in the mine here. This mine should be producing yin attribute ores right?” Liu Ming released Divine Thought to scan around, faintly feeling a trace of yin qi in the air here, and he asked lightly.

“Sir is right. We recently discovered a yin ink mineral vein in the depths of the mine. It was originally being mined before the incident.” The middle-aged scholar looked a little nervous, and used Divine Thought to explore the surroundings without stopping.

“Oh, it’s no wonder the two ghost creatures are entrenched in the depths of the mineral veni.” Liu Ming smiled slightly. He glanced in the darkness ahead and stretched out his hand to pat the stone wall by the side.

The two walked for a while, and a fork appeared at the end of the tunnel ahead.

Under the guidance of the middle-aged scholar, the two of them walked to the right. After a few turns, the ceiling of the cave, which was originally tens of meters high, gradually became only ten meters high, and the surrounding yin qi became thicker too.

“We have entered the range of activities of the two ghost creatures.” The middle-aged scholar reminded him. At the same time, he turned his hand and took out an emerald green talisman.

Liu Ming, who was next to him, suddenly moved before he finished speaking. Xu Ye was thrown back for several ten meters after feeling tight on his shoulder.

At the same time, a yin wind whizzed past in front of him!

A black ghost hand that appeared quietly at no time, almost brushed past his body.


The ghost hand clawed out five black lines in the air. The nearby wall had five deep claw marks like it was tofu.

“Thank you Brother Liu.”

Only then did the scholar react. He thanked Liu Ming again and again. His face was pale and his back was covered with cold sweat.

If it were for Liu Ming giving him a hand, he might be dead without protection.

Liu Ming seemed to not hear him; he looked forward with a grim expression.

In the tunnel ahead, a thick black fog appeared at some point. A tall and black shadow was in the black mist. A pair of big b.l.o.o.d.y eyes were very eye-catching, staring at Liu Ming.

“Ghost creature!”

As soon as the scholar saw the ghost in the black mist, he shouted in shock. He hurriedly crushed the talisman in his hand. A green egg-shaped light shield emerged from his body. As he chanted, the small shield in his hand enlarged and floated in front of him.

Liu Ming raised his hand, launching several inch size green wind blades. Meanwhile, he took out the small crimson sword in his other hand.

The ghost figure shook slightly, and the black mist rolled down in front of him, condensing into a black gas wall.

The wind blades flew into it, but nothing happened.

With a “bang” of the black air wall, it burst open on its own, turning into a billowing black mist that surged at Liu Ming and Xu Ye.

Seeing this, Liu Ming shook his wrist. After the crimson sword trembled slightly, a dazzling red sword light suddenly burst out from the tip of the sword.


He groaned; a scarlet sword light of forty meters long instantly blasted out, piercing through the black mist.


The red sword light pa.s.sed through the mist without stopping, and it slashed straight at the ghost behind the wall.

The ghost figure’s b.l.o.o.d.y eyes looked frightened. It spat out thick black gas to temporarily block the sword light, then it turned into black wind and escaped.

The sword light and black gas entangled and collapsed at the same time with a flash.

Seeing this, Liu Ming frowned slightly, but he did not pursue it.

As the ghost had just escaped for more than a hundred meters. On one side of the cave wall, it suddenly burst open. Dense green filaments were ejected from the wall. They turned into a large net and shrouded the ghost.

The ghost was caught off guard, and it was in the narrow mine. There was no way to dodge it. It could only scream and cast the black mist to wrap itself to defend the attack.


As soon as the big green net disappeared in a flash, the ghost figure and the black gas around it were all trapped in the net.

A quack of laughter came from the stone wall, then a black light flashed and a round head-like thing flew out of it.

It was the Demon Flying Skull!

It turned out that after Liu Ming entered the mine, he casually patted on the wall to release Demon Flying Skull and Bone Scorpion in secret. They hid in the dark and followed Liu Ming like a shadow.

With the help of these two of the Condensation Period later stage, he was not afraid of two ghost creatures in his heart.

Hearing the strange laughter of Demon Flying Skull, Liu Ming smiled slightly. As he was about to fly over, he frowned and his figure disappeared in place.

At the same time, another group of black mist had suddenly appeared behind him with a trace of afterimage.

“Mr. Liu be careful, this is another ghost creature!”

After this series of changes happened, the scholar only reacted to it. Seeing Liu Ming barely avoided the sneak attack of another ghost figure, he couldn’t help shouting in shock. He then waved one hand and took out a silver awl.

Before Xu Family’s elder cast his spiritual weapon, Liu Ming casually waved his hand to launch dense sword shadows. The shadows became a small mountain and rolled foward.

As the scarlet sword shadow flickered, a howl immediately came out from the black mist. It was full of pain.

An earth shaking noise!

Countless red lights shot out from the black mist and tore it apart, revealing the ghost creature inside.

This ghost creature had a green face with fangs, a pair of red eyes like copper bells, fine and stubby hair, and hook-like fingers.

“So it’s a green face ghost.” Liu Ming glanced and muttered to himself.

There were many scars on this ghost. It was injured by that hit just now, but it didn’t bleed; there were only strands of black gas constantly emitting out of the wound.

The green face ghost glared at Liu Ming with horror in its expression. It turned around, wanting to escape deep into the cave.

But at this moment, a giant pincer emerged from the ground in a purple flash and clamped the ghost creature’s legs like lightning.

The green face ghost was shocked. After a loud roar, its legs struggled desperately. Its ferocious claws also turned into a shadow and scratched the giant pincer.

But after a burst of m.u.f.fled sound, the silver giant pincer did not move at all. There weren’t even any mark on the surface.

In the next moment, a dark purple mist exuded from the giant pincer. As soon as it touched its legs, the skin quickly ulcerated and wilted.

The green face ghost immediately uttered a scream. As the black gas rolled out, its claws magnified and launched a more insane attack on the giant pincer. It still didn’t do anything at all.

At this moment, there was a “swoosh“.

A fuzzy shadow instantly emerged from the ground behind the ghost creature. With just a blur, it penetrated through the back of its head.


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