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Chapter 845: Qinggang Mountain

After Liu Ming took it respectfully, he took a look at it. There was a strange beast engraved on the token. It had a long body and a pair of wings, looking similar to the legendary holy beast, kirin. A pattern of 7 stars was engraved on the other side. 3 stars above and 4 stars below, which seemed to contain a certain special meaning.

Liu Ming didn’t think much and put it into the Sumeru Ring carefully.

This thing was much more important than the 2 secret treasures in the storage talisman.

“Thank you, master. Disciple will definitely disappoint you and break through to the Pseudo Pellet State.” Liu Ming said with a solemn salute.

“It’s good for you to have this determination, but you have to maintain a calm mind so that you can break through the bottleneck. If you encounter any unsolvable problems in the Ouyang Family, you can use this talisman.” Yin Jiuling hesitated for a while, then he took out a pale yellow talisman and handed it to Liu Ming with a solemn expression.

“Disciple remembered.”

Seeing Yin Jiuling’s solemn expression, Liu Ming knew the value of this thing, so he put it away carefully.

There were only a few simple runes on this pale yellow talisman. It seemed to be just a communication talisman.

“Could it be that this talisman is the communication talisman of a big figure in the Ouyang Family…”

Liu Ming secretly guessed it. Yin Jiuling did not explain the role of this talisman, so he couldn’t ask about it.

“Well, you should go!” Yin Jiuling waved his hand and said faintly.

Liu Ming bowed again before turning around and walking out.

Half a month later, a crimson ship sailed across the sky.

Below it was low mountains and endless green plains, which seemed to be rarely populated.

Here was the Qi King in the middle of the Middle Sky Continent.

The destination of Liu Ming’s trip, Ouyang Family, was in the Chen Kingdom that was hundreds of thousands of miles away. There were more than a dozen moral kingdoms in between the Thousands Spirit Mountain Range and the Ouyang Family.

Middle Sky Continent was known as the place where the human races multiply. Although the area was vast, only a part of it was crowded with cultivators. The place with thin spirit even had few cultivators.

However, unlike the Great Xuan Kingdom where Liu Ming was on Yunchuan Island before, the mortal kingdoms in the Middle Sky Continent were more closely connected with the cultivators. In fact, many royal families were secretly supported by major sects and families; some were even the collateral of the families.

Among the 8 great families of the Middle Sky Continent, there were 2 families whose collaterals were the royal families of the mortal kingdoms.

Although the Ouyang Family was not among them, it was also inextricably linked to the Chen Kingdom where it was located.

Liu Ming rode the Daiyue Jade Boat day and night and used teleportation arrays whenever he could, but he was only ⅓ of the journey.

One day, when he was rushing, a commotion suddenly came from the leather bag around his waist.

Liu Ming’s heart moved. This bag was the one keeping Demon Flying Skull.

“Fei’er, what’s the matter?” Liu Ming asked through his mind with 1 hand on the bag.

“Master, I don’t know. For some reason, I suddenly have a palpitation.” Demon Flying Skull’s uneasy voice came from the bag.

Liu Ming frowned, then he launched a symbol at the flying boat.

The speed of the Daiyue Jade Boat slowed down immediately.

At the same time, Liu Ming had released Divine Thought around.

Bone Scorpion and Demon Flying Skull were both unusual spiritual pets. In some aspects, their spiritual sense was even more sensitive than his Divine Thought. Since Demon Flying Skull said so, there must be something going on.

Is someone setting up an ambush against me?

He still remembered the Golden Jade Sect’s people ambushed him before. The Demon Mystic Sect’s Grand Elder Wu Guang had issued a Demon Mystic Token on him.

As a result, Liu Ming only found an ordinary mortal city with thin spirit nearby.

In such a place, there shouldn’t be any high rank cultivators there.

He didn’t just give up, but he used Divine Thought to check back and forth several times. He still didn’t find anything unusual around him.

After Liu Ming pondered for a moment, he let Demon Flying Skull out of the leather bag.

A burst of black gas rolled out and turned into a boy in green clothes.

“Master, the feeling seems… to be coming from the underground. It seems to have some connection with me, and it’s very important.” Before Liu Ming could speak, Fei’er sniffed a few times and said with a trace of confusion.

Liu Ming looked a little hesitated.

Although he was eager to rush to Ouyang Family, Demon Flying Skull was his important spiritual pet, so he couldn’t ignore this.

After thinking about it, he let the Daiyue Jade Boat fly down.

Not far ahead was the small mortal city. Without wanting to attract attention, Liu Ming landed the flying boat in a spa.r.s.e maple forest below.

With a flash of red light, he put the flying boat away. After a few flashed, he went out of the forest and came to a short mountain that was 300 meters away from the city.

“This is……”

He felt nothing when he was in the air. However, the moment he landed on the ground, he keenly sensed that the veins of this place contained a lot of evil yin qi.

Liu Ming stepped on the ground, chanted a few spells in a low voice, and a circle of pale black light radiated from his hand and quickly sank into the ground.

At the same time, there was also a faint dark light in his eyes.

This was exactly the new mystic arts, h.e.l.l Soul Search, he had just learned from the Dragon Tiger h.e.l.l Prison in the past 10 years of retreat!

This mystic arts itself didn’t have any offensive power, but it was good at catching the traces of spiritual power fluctuations around it. Even the very weak spiritual power fluctuations could be sensed.

The Dragon Tiger h.e.l.l Prison skill was a ghost technique, so it was more efficient in detecting yin qi.

Speaking of which, this h.e.l.l Soul Search wasn’t created for this purpose. The essence of this technique was tracking.

According to the ancient book of the Dragon Tiger h.e.l.l Prison, once this technique had been cultivated to the highest level, as long as there was only a little bit of spiritual power from the opponent, he could still track his approximate location even if they were thousands of miles away.


When the dark light in Liu Ming’s eyes dissipated, he looked toward the east.

In the sky to the east of the short mountain, there was a gloomy feeling. The clouds seemed to be stained with a faint black color.

“Fei’er, did the strange aura you sense come from the east?” Liu Ming asked while looking at the boy behind him.

Hearing this, Demon Flying Skull closed his eyes immediately, then he opened his eyes again and replied,

“Master is right. It’s this direction indeed.”

Liu Ming nodded. After thinking about it for a while, instead of flying directly to the source of the yin qi in the east, he walked toward the gate of the small city.

As he walked, he retrieve Fei’er back into the soul-recovering bag.

As black gas tumbled out, his appearance was changed into a black face.

Although Liu Ming just checked it roughly, the source of the yin qi shouldn’t be simple as it could even make Demon Flying Skull feel frightened. He of course wouldn’t venture into that place without making clear of the situation.

The city under the mountain was very small. The city wall was just built with some crude boulders. There were more than a thousand families in the city, and there was only one main street. The city wasn’t lifely. Instead of saying it as a small city, it was more suitable to call it as a small town.

He checked with Divine Thought in the air and found that dozens of miles around this small city seemed to be very desolate. The land here was not barren, but for some reason it was almost unpopulated.

Liu Ming walked around the city at random, then he walked into a restaurant on the main street.

It was midday, and the restaurant’s business was not very good. There were only 3 tables of guests. Liu Ming sat down by the window on the 2nd floor.

“Honorable customer, what do you want to order?” Soon the staff came to greet him.

There was an inexplicable feeling in Liu Ming’s heart. He hadn’t been to a mortal restaurant for a long time. For some reason, he suddenly had an urge to try.

He did not restrain this desire as he immediately ordered a few dishes and a pot of green wine.

After a few sips, the side dishes in the restaurant had a poor taste, but the green wine here was so cool and sweet that it could bring a chill into his body. It was almost comparable to some of the spiritual tea and spiritual wine he had drunk.

“Customer seems to be a foreigner. Recently, it has become increasingly rare for foreigners to come to our Qingque City. However, within a thousand miles, our ‘baili drunk’ is the best! It just happens that it is the start of the month, so you got to have a taste of it. If you come a few days later, you may not taste such a good wine.” Seeing Liu Ming’s intoxicated expression, the staff immediately said with a hearty smile.

“Oh? Why is that so?” Liu Ming became interested.

“The green wine, baili drunk, is brewed from the green tangerine fruit on the Qinggang Mountain, which is more than 200 miles outside the east gate of the city. The yield of this fruit is very low, so green wine is difficult to buy. In the entire small town, only our shop can serve this kind of wine.” The staff said proudly.

Liu Ming’s heart moved when he heard that. The source of yin qi here seemed to be more than 200 miles east of the small town.

He said casually,

“I haven’t heard of this kind of fruit, but this green wine is really delicious. Can you tell me where this Qinggang Mountain is? I want to see it myself.”

After hearing these words, the staff looked shocked. He waved to Liu Ming again and again,

“Customer, you absolutely shouldn’t go to Qinggang Mountain!”

“Why is that? Could there be any ferocious animals in this mountain?” Liu Ming said faintly.

“Haiz, if it’s just some wild animals, it would be better! The locals call it the Green Deathland. It’s foggy all year round. It only recedes a bit in the middle of the month. Even so, only the people of the Ye Family can pick some green tangerines that grow on the edge. No one else can get out after entering it.” The staff said in a panic.

“Oh, there is such a thing? Now I’m a little curious.” Liu Ming raised his eyebrows and laughed.

TL: Is a part of the giant demon sealed here?

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