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Chapter 1754 – Sisters

Su Zhen possessed a mysterious force within him.

It was hard to say, but the truth was unclear.

Long Chen could only feel this kind of powerlessness from experts of the tribulation of reincarnation.

Under the destruction and rebirth of the Nirvana Tribulation, the strength of ordinary Nirvana Tribulation Realm warriors manifested in their strong bodies and endless Nirvana Qi. This was a very obvious and wild type of power, and the strong powers in tribulation of reincarnation, the pressure they brought to Long Chen, should be above the Immortal Soul Stage.

The oppressive power of the Primordial Spirit.

Under the suppression of Su Zhen’s primordial spirit power, it was clear that there were many unsatisfied powerhouses from the branch families. They all lowered their heads, not daring to speak.

In fact, it was a very inappropriate thing to do.

In the so-called G.o.d blood descendant, what they valued the most were bloodlines. There were people who were divided into different families in each generation, and there was only one branch of the Zongjia. However, Su Zhen had opened a new path this time, directly allowing the outsiders to join the Zongjia, enjoying the authority and status of the Zongjia. How could the branch family members be willing to accept this?

Everyone present was only a tenth of the powerful experts in the branch families.

If the others didn’t come, it could be considered as a formless protest against Su Zhen. As for the people who came, they were even more anxious for Su Zhen to change his mind.

“Still not getting out?” Su Zhen said softly.

Amongst the crowd, there was a very old looking, long-haired, qualified man who finally mustered up his courage and said: “Young City Lord, this is a very important matter, I hope Young City Lord can let the City Lord know, after all, in the Zongjia, if there is a new life, they have to go through his test, no?”

Su Zhen remained expressionless and said, “This is my business and has nothing to do with you. All of you, scram.”

After saying this, although everyone was furious, they could only leave their seats. After all, Su Zhen was currently one of the five people in power within the War G.o.d’s Ancient City. Although there were many people in the older generation who were stronger than him, the will of the Zongjia, as well as the will of the branch family, could not be resisted.

At this moment, a woman dressed in simple clothing walked in from outside.

This woman had a similar appearance to Su Zhen. She wore a blue tight suit, had a pair of blue crystal earrings in her ears, and had shoulder-length hair. She appeared valiant and valiant.

“Another expert of the same level as Su Zhen.” Long Chen thought.

After the short-haired woman walked in, all the warriors of the branch families quickly bowed and said: “Greetings, fifth young city lord.”

There were a total of five young city lords in War G.o.d’s Ancient City.

Among them, Su Zhen was ranked third.

And this woman should be his sister.

Su Yuji also respectfully bowed to the lady and said: “Yu Ji greets Fifth Aunt.”

The other party did not even put these people in their eyes. Her gaze landed on Long Chen as she said: “Third brother, is this the super dragon that you speak of?”

Only when he saw this woman did Su Zhen’s brows furrow. He no longer had an absent-minded appearance like before. He patted Long Chen’s back and said, “Yes.”

This time, second brother and the rest do not want to bother with you. I just want to say that even if you decide it for yourself, he will not be able to record it in the family tree. After all, he is not from our Su Family. Besides, I’m afraid none of us will recognize him. “

If the other four of the five young city lords could not recognize Long Chen’s ident.i.ty, then what was the use of Su Zhen admitting it himself?

The powerhouses of the branch families heaved sighs of relief.

Unexpectedly, Su Zhen didn’t mind and said, “Up to you.” I knew it, as long as I admitted it. “Let’s all go.”

Seeing that Su Zhen was still unrepentant after dying, the woman said, “Third Brother, I came to advise you because I have a good relations.h.i.+p with you. It’s better than falling out with my other brothers just because of a super divine dragon. Furthermore, Father won’t allow you to do that. Letting an outsider enter the core circle of our Martial G.o.d’s descendants is simply blasphemy to our G.o.d blood descendant. If other people from the ancient city were to hear about it, how would they laugh at us? “

With the Fifth Young City Lord taking him away, the others started to discuss with each other.

“That’s right, the Zongjia’s bloodline cannot be insulted. For him to have such an ident.i.ty, it is simply a blasphemy to her ancestors. If this news gets out, wouldn’t it make the other Zongjia of the ancient city laugh their heads off? “

“This matter is too child’s play. If Third Young Master really wants to nurture him, he can use other methods, such as the two misses not being married yet, or betrothed to him. That would be quite good, right?”

All of a sudden, everyone was talking at once.

Long Chen could feel that Su Zhen seemed to be angry.

He lightly waved his arm and said one word, “Scram.”

This word made all the powerhouses of the branch families turn pale. They immediately fled in panic.

Only the fifth young city lord remained standing. She looked at Su Zhen with an incomprehensible gaze and said, “Since that’s the case, then I won’t meddle in this anymore.” “Goodbye.”

He was about to leave.

“Purplish blue.” Su Zhen had called her.

Su Zilan turned around and asked: “Is there anything else Third Bro?”

Su Zhen closed his eyes and said, “As for the compet.i.tion for the Zongjia, I, Su Zhen, will withdraw. When I hear this news, the three of them will definitely be so happy that they will go crazy, right? As long as I withdraw, then I, Su Zhen, will be considered a branch family in the future.

Su Zilan looked at Su Zhen in a daze.

Su Yuji’s face was also full of confusion.

Long Chen was more or less clear that as long as the current City Lord abdicated, the new City Lord would definitely be one of the five of them.

Could it be that Su Zhen had left early for Long Chen?

Or could it be that he didn’t have that intention at all?

Su Zilan remained silent for a long time before saying, “Third brother is truly intoxicated with the martial way, it is normal for me to not care about these things anymore. However, whether you can withdraw or not is up to Father to decide. Alright, I’ll be leaving first. “

With that, she turned and left without looking back.

Long Chen, Su Zhen and Su Yuji were the only ones left in the empty Dragon Martial Palace.

Long Chen was baffled.

What were these people trying to do?

Su Zhen did not pay any attention to them. He too turned around and directly disappeared into the deepest parts of the Dragon Martial Palace.

“Are you prepared to go back to the outer city? Or should I arrange for you to stay in the inner city? After all, you have a high status now, so I suggest that you still live in the inner city.

Su Yuji said softly.

Long Chen was not used to this place.

“Take me out.”

“Alright.” Su Yuji did not force him. Only less than a quarter of an hour had pa.s.sed, and she had already settled all the things she needed to do. Although it was a little strange, it could still be considered to have gone smoothly. Long Chen was somewhat confused. Just what kind of person was Su Zhen?

Was he truly being nice to her, or was he trying to force her into a corner?

This time walking in the outer city, Long Chen alarmed many people, many of them were pointing at him with faces full of disdain. Long Chen’s appearance this time, could be said to have violated many people’s interests.

If Su Yuji was not by their side, they would probably provoke him.

Without any danger, Long Chen left the inner city. When he arrived at the outer city, he knew the way, so he didn’t even need Su Yuji to send him off.

“Do you understand now? “My father is really doing it for your own good, and so am I. My sister is just a child, don’t bother too much with her.” Su Yuji said softly.

Long Chen nodded, and then disappeared from her sight without turning back.

Su Yuji stared at him for a long time before lowering his head and asking in a vexed voice, “What exactly does father want this little fellow to do? He really couldn’t understand it no matter how much he thought about it. All these years, he had become more and more mysterious. “However, the area of martial dao is becoming more and more sophisticated. It seems to have the momentum of completely surpa.s.sing uncle and uncle.”

Then she went back alone.

At this moment, a fiery red figure stopped in front of her.

“Yao’er.” Su Yuji’s gaze became cold and detached.

Su Yuyao laughed coldly and said: “Su Yuji, you put on an intellectual and gentle face in front of others all day, don’t you feel that you’re disgusting? What about your true nature, your devilish heart? “

Su Yuji was not angry, but said somewhat helplessly: “Are you still misunderstanding me like this? Right, I heard you and our new younger brother had a fight in three months? “

Su Yuyao scoffed, “New little brother? Stop joking, who doesn’t know that you guys are toying with Long Chen, I can only do it in front of you guys. Super Dragon? Hehe, if it was accidental kill, or a fight to the death, and not a ma.s.sacre, even if the people from Five Dragon Cities knew about it, they wouldn’t have much to say, right? “

Su Yuji remained silent as she looked at her little sister.

Su Yuyao sneered and said, “The main reason I came here to find you was because I wanted to ask you what exactly Father is up to. He just said he would withdraw from the compet.i.tion of Zongjia? Why is that? Didn’t he put in all these years of hard work just to become the next mayor? And there was also his eldest brother, he had fought outside these past few years and had obtained a large amount of military achievements. Wasn’t his purpose of increasing his strength so that his father could become the next City Lord? Isn’t it just for the sake of him becoming a city lord himself in the future? “

This question also confused Su Yuji.

But in front of Su Yuyao, she said, “You’re still a child. Besides causing trouble, what else would you do? Wouldn’t it be terrible if you knew about Father’s plan? You can go and play around. All of this has nothing to do with you, so I’m just advising you not to disrupt Father’s plans. “

Su Yu Yao’s face flushed red. She stared at Su Yuji gloomily, scolded him, and then turned and left.

After she left, Su Yuji’s gaze was also filled with killing intent.

He suddenly thought of Long Chen and thought: “Although I don’t know what father is planning to do, it’s still not wrong to build a good relations.h.i.+p with Long Chen. A painful lesson! Three months? Can the chess piece in Long Chen’s father’s hands be used? “


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