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Chapter 2302 – Devouring World Dragon

This was exactly the temperament of the Immortal Dragon Emperor.

When he could not believe that Long Qinglan would bring about such a disaster to the human race, he was the most furious and most furious of them all. Now that the truth had been revealed, he could brazenly stand out, apologize, and take the lead to respect the new facts!

“Now, with this Aurora Art, I think everyone in the world knows the truth, so there’s no need for me to say anymore. We are all of the same race and share the same ancestors. We should unite as friends and work together from now on! “

The immortal Dragon Emperor had already made clear his att.i.tude.

“The Eternal Dragon Emperor is indeed in the wrong, but after so many years have pa.s.sed, the slander we have done towards him these past few years was enough for him to pay a heavy price. From today onwards, I hope there will be a new beginning. “

At this time, the other Dragon Emperor s stood up one after another.

They were the most authoritative people in the entire Dragon G.o.d Domain. With these words of theirs, coupled with the truth that Long Chen had provided previously, the image of Long Qinglan in the entire Dragon G.o.d Domain truly changed. Just as Long Chen had hoped, although they were lacking in terms of human nature and he was the same, what was undeniable was that their hearts were basically filled with kindness!

In that moment, the entire Dragon G.o.d Domain started to discuss, this matter needed some time to settle, and needed to be treated fairly and impartially.

Long Chen saw everything that satisfied him, and in the end, he still succeeded. From today onwards, Long Qinglan would still be their Eternal Dragon Emperor, and would be their hero. The corners of his mouth curled up into a knowing smile, and this was what he wanted to prove to the Black Emperor!

Humans were not as despicable as he had imagined.

In reality, Long Chen had also hated them. It was the same when he had left the battlefield of the G.o.ds, but when he returned to the Dragon G.o.d Domain again, he realized that it wasn’t as bad as he had imagined. There weren’t many people filled with malicious intent.

After discussing for a while, they announced that ten days from now, they would hold a grand offering that would invite all the experts in the world to partic.i.p.ate. The aim was naturally to trace back to the Eternal Dragon Emperor, and announce his official name with such a ceremony, giving him justice as he deserved.

This was the result of Long Chen’s hard work.

Although this was a form of thing, Long Chen believed that his father definitely needed it. This proud and even proud man didn’t seem to put anyone in his eyes, but he still cared about how his compatriots viewed him.

Now that there were fifteen Dragon Emperor s and so many people supporting him, the entire Dragon G.o.d Domain would definitely reform into a group because of this grand occasion. They would even wait for Long Chen to become a person at the new Long Qinglan’s level!

It was very possible!

Of course, he still needed to complete a very important task today!

That was, defeating Chen Ting and at the same time convincing him to submit!

“Amazing, truly amazing!”

Chen Ting stared blankly at him for a very long time before finally being unable to hold back his laughter. However, this time, he appeared to be in a very sorry state. Originally, he did not have a chance to retaliate, but he did not expect that Long Qinglan would actually experience a great change and directly die in the end. After that, he was scolded and blackened by everyone. Who knew how much joy he felt in his heart.

It was just that right now, his reputation had been tarnished, and he had almost lost his life. Yet right at this moment, Long Chen had avenged Long Qinglan, allowing him to once again garner the admiration and love of everyone. To Chen Ting, this was just such a mockery, yet he was actually so laughable.

“Do you understand now? Everything you say, everything you think, is your own extreme thoughts. No one could be blamed. No one was wrong, the only one in the wrong was you, so I naturally gave you a chance. Now that you have a fair fighter jet, if you can beat me, then you can leave. As for me, standing here today, other than standing up for my father, there’s also one other thing, and that is to stand up for my Dragon Slayer City’s over ten thousand brothers! Chen Ting, are you ready? “

It was only now that Long Chen finally displayed his true dominance. That pair of cold eyes exuded shocking killing intent! If the confrontation between him and Tianmu Emperor was said to have only made the crowd aware of his strength, today, he was going to show a kind of spirit, a kind of courage, and a kind of will!

He had the courage and confidence to fight fair and square with the Black h.e.l.l King, who had brought a great disaster to the human race. Currently, Long Chen’s status within the human race was constantly rising. Although some of the elders with Nine Palace Calamity had awakened, in terms of status, Long Chen was already the strongest out of the fifteen Dragon Emperor s!

Chen Ting was unrelenting even if he were to die. He believed that there was no such thing as a failure.

It was just that this time, when Long Chen was going to uphold Long Qinglan’s honor, the blow to him was just too great. If fifteen Dragon Emperor were to make a move, it would be impossible to defeat his heart, but this time, the younger and more powerful Long Chen who was standing in front of him had already lost his heart before he even made a move.

Because even he was unable to convince himself.

This must be even greater sorrow.

Amidst the expectations of billions of people, Chen Ting cried like a mad demon. He suddenly laughed loudly and said, “Ready, of course we’re ready. Let’s go!” Since I, Chen Ting, have still lost to Long Qinglan in the end, I will defeat his son. This would at least prove that I am not bad! I just don’t have his kind of luck! “

Chen Ting’s body began expanding. He was going to transform into a dragon!

The fifteen Dragon Emperor s standing at the side guarded a blind spot. They would definitely not run away while fighting against Chen Ting. As for whether or not Long Chen would keep his promise if he lost the battle, that was not certain. At least they hadn’t thought about it yet.

At this time, everyone in the Dragon G.o.d Domain was looking forward to this battle. Would Long Chen let this dangerous guy go?

If he really was defeated, what should he do?

It wasn’t that they underestimated Long Chen, it was that he was too young and that the Black h.e.l.l Emperor was a cunning and scheming person. Sometimes, victory or defeat was not determined by a comparison of absolute strength, and life or death was the same.

Back then, he was even one of the youths closest to Long Qinglan, and at least when he was young, the difference wasn’t that great. It was just that later on, Long Qinglan’s progress was heaven-defying, and all of the youths were left far behind.

After displaying his peerless talent, he was devoured by his master, the inherited blood essence of the ‘World Devouring Dragon’ bestowed upon him by Dragon City’s number one Dragon Emperor.

It was even more powerful than the Great Creation Yin Yang Dragon. In The Age of Dragons, this divine dragon devoured the universe, s.p.a.ce, and world, devouring countless dimensions in its entire life, and even devoured everything within it.

The Void Refining Demon Dragon, on the other hand, was only a high level divine dragon. The World Devouring World Dragon, on the other hand, was a Ultimate Dragon, and there was a huge gap between them. At the very least, the difference in their appet.i.te was enormous, and the amount of food a single devouring World Dragon could consume was equivalent to the amount of several thousand Void Refining Demon Dragons.

Now that Chen Ting had lost his Black Hades Beast’s power and returned to being a pure human, the divine dragon he had transformed into was naturally the Devouring World Dragon!

The Black Dragon frantically appeared and rolled in the Aurora Art. Black clouds came from afar and surrounded him. This was a pitch black divine dragon. It had a huge body and a pair of black wings that were as sharp as knives. It could easily cut through the most stable s.p.a.ce in the ancient era!

But following the dragon’s body downwards, all the way to the dragon tail, what could be seen was the tip of his dragon head rolling back, and also looking at Long Chen. It was actually another dragon head, completely black, only one-third the size of the dragon head.

But it was just as fierce. When he opened his mouth, s.p.a.ce itself was annihilated, and he swallowed it into his stomach.

There were actually two dragon heads, and they grew on the head and tail!

Especially the dragon head that was on the dragon’s tail, it looked to be like the tail of a scorpion, barbed up as it glared at Long Chen like a tiger with eyes filled with resentment and killing intent.

Devouring World Dragon!

As soon as this dragon appeared, the people of the world were still shocked. In the world, there weren’t many people that could defeat this Devouring World Dragon, especially to most ordinary people.

This was a very critical battle for Long Chen, and it was not just about victory or defeat. Right now, he was representing the human race in battle against this traitor who had completely abandoned his race and soul.

It was an even more important battle to solidify his personal foundation!

That’s right, Long Chen wanted to become a Dragon Emperor killer.

Now that Long Qinglan’s problem had been resolved, he no longer had anything to hold him back. However, the Ancient Giant Demon was still trying to move the Demon Star, and the secrets of the G.o.ds’ Battlefield were limitless. The Divine General had even announced that his real body would descend to deal with him, so he didn’t know what was going on with the Spirit Sea’s Divine Corpse.

What was even more terrifying was the black jade dragon leader’s prediction that the dragon sacrifice would perish a hundred years later.

This all proved that in the entire Immortal G.o.d Realm, the entire Dragon Sacrifice Continent was in the midst of all these events. As one of them, Long Chen deeply loved this divine dragon inheritance world, so he was duty-bound to do it. Getting rid of the Black Emperor and the Twin Demons were just two of the minor matters.

Of course he wanted to live a peaceful life with Ling Xi.

But could this world be at peace?

Impossible, Long Chen seemed to have felt those eyes that were ready to move, like those unmoving devil eyes. They were greedily examining this world, not only the Immortal G.o.d Region, but also the collapsing Dragon Sacrifice Continent!

As a member of the descendant of the divine dragon, he should have shouldered this responsibility and desired to deal with it better. Therefore, he needed a supreme ident.i.ty, and that was the supreme leader of the human race, the Dragon Emperor s, to be slaughtered!

the same ident.i.ty as the Eternal Dragon Emperor.

Of course, his strength and achievements were not enough right now, but he would work hard to break through in this direction. If he succeeded, the biggest satisfaction he would get would be that Long Qinglan would definitely be proud of him.

Therefore, he had to defeat this important opponent today!


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