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Chapter 2385 – Canghai’s Fang

Without Three Lives Love Silk, he had truly lost his only way to contend against the Sea Divine Emperor.

The current Ling Xi was too tired, it was a type of mental and primordial spirit exhaustion. She was still pregnant, Long Chen could not let her make a move at a time like this.

Despite having said so much, he didn’t necessarily believe that he would really die here!

It had only given him a chance to fight back!

The number one beast in the deep sea before him, Long Chen, was like a small snake. Not only was it in terms of its body, it was also in terms of its aura.

The Sea Divine Emperor’s body shone with a blue light, transforming into a vast ocean. It covered the skies above Dragon City, the ocean water mighty and flooded Long Chen within. This Overlord of the Seas, had directly turned his surroundings into his own battlefield!

“Killing the Dragon Emperor! Killing Dragon Emperor! “

Within the Dragon City, countless people were shouting for him!

Now, with Long Chen’s appearance, the six peak experts finally no longer had the time to manage the Slaughter Heavenly Diagram. Everyone had gotten a good chance to rest, and this was also due to Long Chen’s great contribution!

However, at this time, everyone was worried about him. Could he withstand the attack of the Sea Divine Emperor?

It was time to go all out!

Either one would die, or everyone would die together! If a person could save countless of his compatriots, he would definitely die. Everyone knew that doing so was worth it.

So they admired Long Chen, treating him as the dawn of victory, an undefeated faith!

“Hehe, little guy, are you ready to die?”

In the midst of the ocean waves, a gigantic silhouette that covered the sky appeared. As the waves surged, the terrifying ocean waves condensed into a fist that was as big as a mountain and smashed towards Long Chen! This was the Great Sea Emperor Fist!

According to the legends, it was a fist technique that could shake half of the Sea G.o.d’s Domain.

This was a technique that only the Sea Emperor was able to use!

If the Slaughter Dragon City didn’t have the protection of the Slaughter Heavenly Diagram, then this punch alone would probably be able to turn the Slaughter Dragon City into dust!

And now, the only person facing this fist was Long Chen himself!

With the hope of millions of people and with an anger that nearly made him explode, everything in his bloodline was erupting. The spirit refining fire burned fiercely, and every time the blood-red flame burned, it would increase his strength, making him even more limitless!

He was now a fourth layer Ancestral Dragon!

From an Primordial Blood Spirit Dragon to a Great Void Cosmic Dragon that was as illusory as a shadow, this was the highest ranking divine dragon among the four ancestral dragon bloodlines on Long Chen’s body, possessing the most mysterious power of time!

“s.p.a.cetime reversal!”

With fury in his heart, he used the greatest ability that his Great Void Cosmic Dragon body could muster. Although it was laughable that he could use the reversal of time to fight against the Great Sea Emperor Fist, he could do it. Today was different from the past, it would not be easy for him to be defeated in an instant like before!

His roar, his cry, and his power had succeeded in charging forward. The s.p.a.ce-time reversal power collided with the Hanhai Emperor Fist, and a terrifying shock was created momentarily, because the place where they were fighting was the lowest, so the shock wave swept downwards, causing at least a million demon clan members and Sea Clan members to be thrown into the depths of the ground, and their fates unknown.

Slaughtering Dragon City was completely suspended in the air, the low ground had already been completely annihilated!

Time and s.p.a.ce reversal, was only one of Long Chen’s methods, it was just the beginning. At that time, when Sky Reversal truly managed to stop the Hanhai Emperor Fist, even if there was no true reversal, Long Chen had already escaped out of the opponent’s attack range, the Hanhai Emperor Fist brushed past his body and flew out, while Long Chen turned and dove down! At this moment, he had transformed back into the Primordial Blood Spirit Dragon!

“Blood Weeping Dragon Soul!”

This time, a million little slaying dragons swarmed forth, instantly drowning out Sea Divine Emperor’s field of vision. This was one of Long Chen’s goal, with the strength of the Sobbing Blood Dragon Soul, it could deal a lot of damage to ordinary demon beasts, but against an expert like Sea Divine Emperor, it was still too weak!

Tension, excitement, and shock; everyone clenched their teeth as they watched this soul-stirring battle. Every time Long Chen dodged an opponent’s attack, it caused everyone’s nerves to tense up, and their hearts to beat intensely.

The only thing they could do was to shout, roar, and loudly shout killing the Dragon Emperor s. This represented their hope and expectations of Long Chen!

Anyone with a discerning eye would be able to tell that Long Chen didn’t dare to face him head on, because Long Chen wasn’t his match in a direct confrontation.

Therefore, he could only choose to delay, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t attack!

The best defense was offense!

The risk of death had already sunk deep into Long Chen’s bones. With the lives of millions of people on his shoulders, how could he retreat!

“What’s the use of these little worms?”

The Sea Divine Emperor sneered, the power on his body vibrated once, and nearly turned the Blood Weeping Dragon Soul into ashes!

“Ten Thousand Deadly Claw!”

Suddenly, a ray of light flashed among the Blood Weeping Dragon souls. It was a deadly red light that rushed over with the speed of a meteorite falling. It instantly stabbed into the back of the Sea Divine Emperor and tore off pieces of his fles.h.!.+

There was no anger like this.

The Primordial Blood Spirit Dragon’s Fury had unleashed its most shocking power at this moment. Before the Ocean Divine Emperor could even harm him, he had first injured the Ocean Divine Emperor!

This move wasn’t in the air above, but in the killing aura willpower. There were also the four types of internal attacks, the power of thunder, storm, fire, and frost. As long as one was attacked, this sort of thing would instantly pierce into one’s marrow!

Although the injuries on his body were not serious, the intense pain on his body caused the expression on the Sea Divine Emperor’s face to instantly change. He originally wanted to slowly play with Long Chen until he died, but at this time, he was truly infuriated.

I was actually injured by him first?

The heavens couldn’t accept this!

In that sea of fury, at some point in time, the Immovable Sea Divine Needle had appeared. It set off a tidal wave that rushed into the sky and arrived before Long Chen before he could escape.

“The Tempest of Time!”

This was the only attack that Long Chen could unleash at this critical moment. The Sea Locking Divine Needle, which was able to make the fatal attack deviate slightly, had a weak effect. When he used the Thousand Death Claw to make the Sea Divine Emperor suffer, he knew that such a fatal attack would land on his body again!

But this time, Long Chen wouldn’t lose as badly as he did with the Three Lives Secret Realm!

He knew that everyone was watching. If he were to fall, all of them would fall as well. The entire Dragon Slayer City would truly be destroyed.

“We can’t die!”

This was the belief that he was constantly muttering about.

At this time, he suddenly transformed into a fifteen dragon head Taiji Creature Dragon, whose body increased in size by a lot. The most ingenious thing was that he used one of his dragon heads, the brown dragon head representing the power of ‘trees’, to collide against the Sea Sobering Divine Needle!

With this collision, the draconic head was instantly annihilated.

However, he had successfully deflected the Soul-Fixation Needle!

had almost brushed past Long Chen!

A life dragon’s head was the core of a Taiji Creature Dragon’s life. As long as the life dragon head did not die, the other dragon heads could be reborn no matter what, especially if there was still life fire.

The exploding dragon head was instantly engulfed by the flames of life. Long Chen entered the thick mist and the injured area quickly recovered!

In this exchange, he basically did not receive any injuries, but the Sea Divine Emperor was. .h.i.t by the Myriad Death Claw.

His body felt like it was stabbed with a knife. Although it was not fatal, it was still very troublesome.

In this battle, Long Chen had changed the bodies and strengths of the three kinds of Ancestral Dragons, and perfectly combined them together. Even though his strength was not as strong as the other party’s, at least he had achieved an undefeatable state!

He noticed that the Blood Tyrant Dragon Emperor had relied on the slaughter heavenly map to completely suppress the Nine Phoenix. Defeating them was only a matter of time, it was also a matter of time, so now it all depended on who could make the best use of their time.

In any case, the Sea Divine Emperor was still in a state of fury!

He was berserk and furious. He stirred up the sea and let out the terrifying roar of the deep sea monster. It spread over five million miles, creating a terrifying vibration and rumbling sound!

Even the demons below were bleeding from their ears.

This time, there were many demi-humans who died. Basically, they were all killed by their own people, but they didn’t care about life and death.

This was because the ancient Giant Demons did not care!

“Three Dragon Emperor s, and the human race, are you ready? Are you ready to collect the corpses of your geniuses?”

He had changed. In the blink of an eye, he was a new attack, a new divine ability.

“Tooth of the Vast Ocean!”

If this place was truly the Sea G.o.d’s Realm, Sea Divine Emperor would definitely be much more powerful than he was today. After leaving the Sea G.o.d’s Domain, his strength would definitely weaken a little, and the dignified number one Ocean Emperor would be forced to remain in a stalemate with Long Chen for such a long period of time!

The sea was made up of water.

The Water G.o.d’s Fang was the sharpest weapon in the ocean, and also one of the most frightening abilities of the Sea G.o.d’s Fang, the pinnacle bloodline. He had already used this technique to fight with the Dragon Emperor before, and even the b.l.o.o.d.y Dragon Emperor could only block it.

Everyone had already seen how terrifying the Canghai’s Fang was before. At this moment, their hearts rose to their throats. This heroic and useless youth, would he be able to withstand this move and survive?

All of the burdens were placed on the Blood Tyrant Dragon Emperor!


He launched a completely suicidal attack, wanting to take care of Jiuhuang. However, the nine phoenixes clearly knew that this was the case, and they were stalling for time even more!

Obviously, Long Chen had to resist this himself!

As the sea churned, a sharp thorn suddenly appeared. That was the Canghai’s Fang!

It was entirely made of water, but it was tougher and sharper than anything else!

This Canghai’s Fang was the core of the ocean. Now, with the support of the Sea Divine Emperor, he had created such a terrifying restrictive force that Long Chen was unable to move to withstand such an attack. Even children knew that this was certain death!

Right now, there was only prayer.


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