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Chapter 3300 – The Great Era

Even in the world of Genesis, which was the lowest level before the era, the Lingsu Star Sea in their eyes was still far older than the Lingsu Star Sea after the era.

Of course, there were also many other beauties.

Around Ling Ji Ji Xing, there were close to thirty thousand surrounding stars, and after the era, there were less than ten thousand. Every time a battle broke out, a few would be destroyed.

After being chased to this place by the four Sovereigns of the Primal Chaos Realm, they just happened to pa.s.s by. She suddenly thought of ancestor Lingxiu. After arriving before this era, Long Chen realized that he had not even seen an Ancestral G.o.d.

Myriad Realms Ancestral G.o.d was one of the most important figures of the current Myriad Realms!

Even the weakest of the lot, the Spirit Elemental Elder G.o.ds, were not existences that Hundun Tianxin and the other Sovereigns could afford to offend.

Suddenly, Long Chen had the urge to see Elder G.o.d Ling Su.

Perhaps it was fate, but after the era, when she had lost all her memories, Long Chen was able to get to know her. If they were back before the era, it would be fate that allowed them to meet again.

Subconsciously, Long Chen approached the Lingsu Star Sea.

In the Lingsu Star Sea, the strongest was only the Celestial King. It was clear that when the five peak Half Ancestral Beings were close to the terrifying level of Unparalleled Dragon s, Ancestral G.o.d Ling Su would definitely be able to sense it if she was here!

Sure enough, it was as Long Chen expected.

At a certain moment, he felt a gaze locking onto him. It was a gentle yet mysterious gaze. Heavy and grand. It was as if the entire Lingsu Star Sea had opened her eyes and was staring at Long Chen.

That must be Elder G.o.d Ling’s gaze!

However, there were too many changes in the same era as Elder G.o.d Spirit. Perhaps even Elder G.o.d Lingxiu had lost the feeling of being as thick and heavy as a world when she looked at him.

Suddenly, light gathered before Long Chen’s eyes and a woman appeared. It was as if she had walked out from the core of the Lingsu Star Sea. When she saw this woman, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of reverence. After the era was over, there were some changes to Elder G.o.d Spirit. It was only at this moment that she truly transcended G.o.ds and demons, becoming a true ancestor.

Ancestral G.o.d of Creation.

However, Long Chen still felt warm, because although the aura of the ancient G.o.d in front of him had changed a little, his appearance and personality was exactly the same as what happened after the era. This clearly showed that the old G.o.d after the era was the real one, and she had indeed returned.

Now that Elder G.o.d Ling Su had appeared, and the four other Sovereigns had no choice but to stop outside the Lingsu Star Sea under her immense pressure.

“Everyone, you barged into my Lingsu Star Sea for no reason, why? If you want to fight, please stay away from my Lingsu Star Sea. If you accidentally hurt my world, I won’t be merciful. ” Ancestral G.o.d Ling Si spoke to Long Chen and the others with a very gentle tone that was filled with power.

Hundun Tianxin hurried over and said anxiously, “Elder G.o.d Ling Su, this person offended me and killed two of my close friends. This time, I have to capture him. Yet, he did not expect him to escape here. I hope the Elder G.o.d will be able to help me. “

Hundun Tianxin’s tone of voice was a little courteous to Elder G.o.d Ling Su. After all, she was from the eleventh stage Primal Chaos Realm. Their Elder G.o.ds were most likely far more powerful.

“The four of you are from the Chaos Clan, right?” Elder G.o.d Lingxiu gave it a glance, not panicking at all. Chaos Clan was a warlike race, renowned throughout the world. Basically, that arrogant and domineering character of hers had penetrated deep into their bones.

In the end, her gaze landed on Long Chen, and stared into his eyes. Long Chen could be considered to be familiar with her, and so they met eyes. Elder G.o.d Ling was momentarily lost in thought.

“Elder G.o.d Ling Su, you just need to kick him out of the Lingsu Star Sea area. We’ll catch him ourselves. ” Hundun Tianxin had just been severely injured by Long Chen and could not be tolerated anymore.

However, she didn’t expect that Elder G.o.d Ling Su didn’t seem to have heard her words as he looked at Long Chen and muttered, “You seem to be a little special, different from all of us. Who exactly are you?”

Long Chen was surprised by the look in the Elder G.o.d Spirit Stage G.o.d’s eyes. Maybe she could even tell that he did not belong to this world.

Seeing that Elder G.o.d Ling Su did not listen to him, Hundun Tianxin became anxious and was about to attack, but then Elder G.o.d Ling Su pressed on him gently, causing him to be unable to move even if she was at the peak of the half-Ancestor Realm.

“Tianxin, don’t be rude!”

Another Chaos Clan beside her stopped her. Even though Hundun Tianxin was unwilling, she could only give up. However, there was still a deep hatred in her eyes and she thought: “Isn’t it just The Ninth Age! What’s the big deal! My Primal Chaos Realm is not considered an Elder G.o.d, but there are people stronger than you! the lowest level world in the 9th era! “

Deep down in her heart, she didn’t place Elder G.o.d Lingxiu in her eyes at all.

Long Chen did not know what Elder G.o.d Ling Si was trying to do either, but her eyes were numb as he sized up Long Chen. In the end, she turned around and said to Hundun Tianxin and the others, “You guys go first, I need to get to know him. At least in my territory, you can’t touch him, and even more so, you can’t fight over him here. “

“You!” No matter how patient he was, Hundun Tianxin still couldn’t hold it in. She stared angrily at Elder G.o.d Ling and laughed coldly, “The Ninth Age, the lowest level of existence in this world. What right do you have to point fingers at me! I’m telling you, don’t p.i.s.s me off. Otherwise, my Chaos Clan’s Ancestral G.o.d will kill you as she pleases! “

Facing such a threat, Ancestral G.o.d Ling was not affected in the slightest. She smiled and said, “That’s fine. Your Elder G.o.ds will be able to punish me. But, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but it’s the Divine Dragons that make decisions for all the time in the Myriad Realms. “

Hundun Tianxin was about to speak, but she had already been pulled back by the other Sovereigns, her brothers and elders. She was slightly more sensible than her. Clearly, under the control of the Divine Dragon, the duty of the Myriad Realm Elder G.o.ds was to protect the stability of their respective worlds.

The core of Ten Great Ancestor Dragon’s rule was the myriad living beings.

As a result, the Myriad Realms was now stable, peaceful, and flouris.h.i.+ng day by day. Everyone has a chance to be successful.

“Enough, Tianxin. Let’s go back first.” The other three Sovereigns all had the same intention. No matter how unwilling Hundun Tianxin was, she was still dragged away.

However, it was obvious that they would not let this matter rest.

“The world of the ninth era? Elder G.o.d of the Ninth Age? “

Long Chen had actually understood before that in this era, the ranks of the world weren’t split like dreamy grade to origin level. Even amongst the ten thousand Elder G.o.ds, there would be differences in power.

For example, the Lingsu Star Sea was the ninth era world, and Elder G.o.d Ling was the Elder G.o.d of the Ninth Age.

At this time, only Long Chen, Elder G.o.d Ling Su and the surrounding bright world remained.

Ancestral G.o.d Susu revealed a hint of a smile. “I see the goodwill in your heart. Although your killing intent is intertwining, you are still a pure child. However, you are too special. It is hard to say what it is. It is just that the difference between you and all of our existences is much greater than the difference between me and all of the living beings. “

Maybe what she felt was Long Chen coming from a different era.

“Thank you, Elder G.o.d, for saving my life.”

“It was a simple task, there is no need to thank me. However, if you want to leave this place, I will be unable to protect you. ” An Elder G.o.d who was as gentle as a mother was vastly different from the past.

Long Chen had the urge to tell her that he would reunite with her after the new era, but he didn’t know what was going on at the moment.

However, Long Chen had to leave.

“I just don’t want you to hurt me here because I see that you’re special. However, you still have to leave in the end.

Elder G.o.d Lingxiu asked.

Long Chen said: “I want to go back to Dragon Sacrifice Continent once.”

“They might intercept you on the road.”

“Then I’ll take a detour.”

Long Chen said.

His determination to return to the Dragon Sacrifice Continent was something that no one could stop.

Ancestral G.o.d Ling Su did not stop him either. Since Hundun Tianxin and the rest were still around, it would be difficult for them to leave. Therefore, he needed to wait a bit longer.

It just so happened that in this world, Long Chen was able to learn a few things from Ancestral G.o.d Ling Su. He asked, “Lingsu Star Sea is the world of the ninth era. Then, what kind of world is the Primal Chaos Realm? “

“As expected, you’re in a world that originally didn’t belong to us. “I guessed it.”

Hearing Long Chen’s question, Ancestral G.o.d Ling Su immediately understood. In fact, Long Chen’s question was a little hidden, but it was clear that everyone in the entire Ten Thousand Worlds understood his question, which was why it seemed so special to them.

“This is your secret, I won’t force you.” Ancestral G.o.d Ling Su’s next sentence made Long Chen feel more at ease. That gentle gaze of hers contained too much content. Compared to her pure and flawless self after the era, she was far inferior.

Then, Elder G.o.d Ling Si told Long Chen, “The Primal Chaos Realm is the world of the Quaternary Era. The Chaos Ancestor G.o.d is naturally an Ancestral G.o.d of the Quaternary Era. Compared to my Lingsu Star Sea, there is indeed a huge difference in level. “

Quaternary Era?

Long Chen had thought that the Primal Chaos Realm would be the second era. After all, he was the world of the eleventh stage in Long Chen’s heart. Dragon Sacrifice Continent was the highest, while Primal Chaos Realm was second.

“What age is it, exactly?”

Long Chen pondered over this question. Elder G.o.d Ling had answered all of his questions. She said, “In terms of the world, it is actually considered the level of the world. It was also the world where the world was born. The earlier the world was born, the higher the level and level. For example, Lingsu Star Sea and I were born within a very short period of time. The era was generally counted as a hundred million years old, but the era after that was different. For example, between the Eighth Age and the ninth era, there might be billions of years. A hundred million years was a small era. And the end of the era is the Grand Era. The time of the Grand Age is uncertain. “That’s why, I don’t know how long the oldest first era has been.”


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