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Chapter 287. A New Start

Translator: Boko

A flag bearing the G.o.ddess of Death’s insignia, the black ring, hung in the room, and four people sat around the table that lay underneath it.

“The Supreme One spoke to me,” the priestess calmly said. Cyndia was one of the G.o.ddess of Death’s most faithful servants. “She asked that I find Krishan for you,” she added.

Eder nodded his head. He was inhabiting his original body, not an undead corpse, and wore a white coat, as if emphasizing his status as a healer.

“Where is that nasty woman now?” Sephiro asked. As always, he had curly hair, and his gleaming silver, wing-shaped bow lay at his side.

The red wyvern, Waryong, slept in his buxom.

“I don’t know yet.” Cyndia shook her head.

“You don’t know?” Sephiro tilted his head. The G.o.ddess of Death had definitely… said that she’d help them.

“But you do have a way of finding her,” Kang Oh, who’d been quietly listening in, said.

“The church’s elites and I will head to the continent and find her. We’ll also ask the other churches for their a.s.sistance,” Cyndia said. Her voice was as cold as always.

“It’ll take quite a while to find her then,” Kang Oh said.

Then, Eder said, “The G.o.ddess wants us to kill her as soon as possible.”

Kang Oh shrugged his shoulders. “I’d like to, but we have to know where she is to do that.”

“Can the G.o.ddess not use her power to find her?” Sephiro asked. ‘Shouldn’t the G.o.ddess of Death be able to do that?’

“The G.o.ddess told me that she cannot track Krishan now that she possesses two of Maya’s sources.”

“As expected…”

Kang Oh had somewhat expected this. Obtaining two of Maya’s sources had allowed Krishan to escape the G.o.ddess of Death’s prison. If that’s the case, then she should have the power to hide her location from the G.o.ddess of Death as well.

“Will you be able to find her?” Eder asked.

“It is the Supreme One’s command. I will find her without fail,” Cyndia said firmly. Her voice didn’t waver in the slightest.

“I’m counting on you.” Eder bowed his head.

He’d finally regained his body. However, this was only a ‘temporary’ arrangement. Killing Krishan and the rest of the Mayanes would allow him to remain in this body indefinitely.

“What happened to Krishan’s prisoners?” Kang Oh asked.

Krishan had captured countless people in order to both increase and maintain her power. Now that she’d left, what had happened to those people?

“Our church’s warriors have left to save them. Her creations may still be there, but without her, they no longer possess immortality,” Cyndia said.

“Please take care of the Kalma when you get the chance,” Kang Oh said. After all, they were the ones who captured the humans in the first place, and offered them to the Mayanes.

“We plan to take it slowly. Because you killed their leader, they are currently in-fighting. We’ll punish them once they’ve been weakened by all the in-fighting,” Cyndia said.

“What a good idea!” Kang Oh nodded his head.

“Select members of the church and I will soon head to the continent. I’ll let you know when I find Krishan, so… please be ready.” Cyndia glanced at Kang Oh, Eder, and Sephiro.

“Understood,” the three replied simultaneously.

“Then, if you’ll excuse me.”

Their meeting was over, so they left the Great Temple of Death.

* * *

“Eder,” Kang Oh said.


“Give it.” He firmly extended his hand.

“Give what?”

“32,000 gold,” he said. ‘Give me my money!’

“32,000 gold?”

“2,000 gold for transporting your body, and 30,000 gold for regaining your body!” Kang Oh said clearly.

“Ah!” Eder clapped his hands, and then pulled out some gold bars from his subs.p.a.ce. “Here you go.”

One gold bar was equal to 100 gold. However, it wasn’t what he had expected. There were only 20 of them! He’d only paid him 2,000 gold.

“Why only this much? Is the rest in your private safe?”

“It’s payment for transporting my body. I’ll give you the rest after we’ve killed all of the Mayanes.”

“Ah, that’s not what you promised…”

“No, it’s exactly what I promised. I promised that I would pay you when I’ve regained my body.”

“You have regained your body!”

“Not yet. If I fail the G.o.ddess’s mission, then I’ll be cursed again.”

“Tch. Then give me 10,000 gold in advance. I’ll take the 20,000 gold later.”

“No, thank you,” Eder said decisively.

“Then good luck.” Kang Oh waved his hand. ‘Forget this!’

However, Eder wasn’t affected in the least.

“Doesn’t that hurt you too? You lose all the money, and you lose the G.o.ddess’s reward. And the G.o.ddess may punish you too.”

“Mm, you used to be such a pushover. Where did that Eder go?” Kang Oh lamented.

“He’s gone.” Eder grinned. Since he had returned to his original body, he was much more expressive than before.

“Seems like you two are done talking. What are we going to do now?” Sephiro, who’d been quietly listening, b.u.t.ted in.

“Monopolize all of the dungeons here until Cyndia finds Krishan. After all, we’re the only ones who know about this place.” Kang Oh grinned.

There were so many dungeons here that no player had ever stepped foot in.

‘Some of them may be hidden dungeons, or even better, soul dungeons!’

Resting was a waste of time. In that time, he could clear another dungeon, level up, gather more items, and make more money!

“I’d like to hunt with you, but… I have something I need to do,” Sephiro said.

“Which is?”

“I’m going to raise Waryong.”

“Waryong will grow on its own…”

Kang Oh had no intention of letting Sephiro slip from his grasp. ‘I still have so much use for you!’

“I got a quest to raise Waryong. The reward is tremendous. But it has a time limit, so I have to do it right away.”

Sephiro wasn’t lying!


Waryong spewed flames from its mouth. It was better than a lighter now, but it was still incredibly weak.

“I guess it can’t be helped.”

“Goodbye.” Sephiro ripped a return scroll without giving Kang Oh a chance to stop him.

“What about you, Eder?” Kang Oh stared at him. ‘Worker #1, don’t go!’ he said inwardly. However, Eder wanted to leave.

“I… also need some time for myself.”


“It’s been a long time since I’ve been in my original body, so I’ll need some time to adjust. I’ll need to check my abilities, and buy some new equipment too.”


“I’ll come back when I’m ready.”

“Alright. Come back quick.”

“Yes.” Eder left.

“So it’s just me for the time being.”

Kang Oh headed for Latnia City looking slightly lonely.

“Please save my grandchild! He hasn’t come back from Muto Cave!”

“Savior, have you heard of Clavik’s Nest? It’s an incredibly dangerous place in the forest region. Let me tell you all about it.”



Once he entered the city, he was swarmed by people.

Saving Diabol’s prisoners had maxed out his reputation with the people of Latnia City. Thus, they called him ‘Savior’ and tried to give him all sorts of quests.

“Wait a minute!” Kang Oh pulled out a detailed map of the G.o.ddess’s Land.

He would listen to what they had to say, and only accept the quests that offered a good reward or were relatively easy to complete.

“Alright. Please mark the location on the map.”

If the quest was too complicated, would take too long, or he didn’t like the reward, then he’d refuse it.

“Please find someone else.”

“How could you!?”


As a result, his reputation took a small hit, but he didn’t really care. If he wanted to get as much out of his time as possible, then he had to pick and choose which quests to take.

After accepting thirty quests, Kang Oh stopped taking requests.

“I’ll come back after I’ve completed them.”

His map was marked with all sorts of dungeons, hunting grounds, ruins, etc. that no other player had gone to before.

Sounds tasty! Kang Oh’s lips curled upwards.

* * *

In the midst of a raging blizzard, s.p.a.ce tore apart like an open zipper.

“Haa, haa.”

A beautiful woman with jade eyes and red hair appeared. Her long legs were wrapped in vines, and she was missing a wing and an arm. It was Krishan, who’d just escaped from her brutal battle with Ubist (Kang Oh)!


She gritted her teeth, looking downright venomous.

‘How dare he!?’

Her body shook with rage. She couldn’t believe that she’d almost been killed by a lowly beast. Moreover, she’d lost one of her wings, the pride of the Mayanes!

But she soon calmed down. The frigid wind helped cool her anger.

‘I have to treat myself first. Revenge can come later.’ She clasped her injured arm and moved forward.


Her form completely vanished within the blizzard.

This was Yuki-Onna’s Paradise.

* * *

Clavik’s Nest! This was the first dungeon he came to.

‘Let’s see here… It’s an underground dungeon with 10 floors, and there’s a swamp along the way.’ Kang Oh recalled the NPC’s explanation. ‘I have three quests here.’

Kill 100 Driscools!

Gather 50 Sticky Rocks!

Kill Clavik!

Driscools sp.a.w.ned in Clavik’s Nest, and Sticky Rocks were collectables that could be fished out of the swamp. As the dungeon’s master, Clavik had to be at the dungeon’s deepest point.

“Then, shall we go!?” Kang Oh stretched out, and entered the dungeon.

[Entering the dungeon, Clavik’s Nest.]

Clavik’s Nest was a dungeon within the G.o.ddess’s Land. Since it was situated in Despia’s deepest area, the dungeon’s level was extremely high.

Monsters that were around level 400 sp.a.w.ned here. Plus, the dungeon itself was vast and complex, and traps lurked in every corner.

Despite that, it only took Kang Oh half a day to reach the end. Without Eder and Sephiro’s help at that.

That’s just how strong Kang Oh was.

Although he was only level 351, he had stolen 400 stats with his demon sword. Plus, he had two demon swords at his disposal, and top-grade equipment too. Add Hyper Intuition, his experience, evasion, and control into the mix, and…

Strictly in terms of combat ability, Kang Oh’s character was over level 450. Perhaps he was closer to level 500. Thus, level 400 monsters couldn’t pose a threat to Kang Oh.


Kang Oh, who’d slaughtered any monster in his way and rapidly plowed through the dungeon, had finally encountered the dungeon’s master.

Thud! Thud!

The ground shook, and a gigantic shadow covered Kang Oh’s entire body.


Clavik let out a frightening shriek!

[You are the first to discover Two-Headed Clavik.]

It was a dinosaur.


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