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Chapter 1036 Broken Antique

Moreover, replacing the Magic Tool Incarnation would only reduce the power of that Magic Tool. it would be better to treat it as an ordinary staff.

As for the cultivation method of a Magic Tool Incarnation, someone would suggest a theory eight thousand years in the future… Lin Yun just ignored Dylas, he was holding rubbish, what was there to be proud about? This was only an ordinary True Spirit Magic Tool…

Dedale was too impatient, Dedale rushed over before Lin Yun could move and put his hand onto his own magic imprint. The golden liquid then reached over seven meters.

“Heavens, over seven meters! Could it be that Sir Dedale will obtain an Extraordinary Magic Tool?” Morgan exclaimed.

Although they had known that the difference was huge, they hadn’t expected it to be that great.

In the previous half an hour, the differences between everyone were between one to two meters. But Dedale’s golden liquid was over three meters higher than the 2nd highest, it was almost double the size!

No one said anything, they calmly looked at the bright light, waiting for Dedale to receive his reward.

After the light scattered, three Magic Tools appeared.

They were three burning fireb.a.l.l.s, a burning crimson fireball, a burning black fireball and a burning green fireball.

Dedale’s eyes suddenly shone after looking at these three fireb.a.l.l.s and he used mana to control them. They gave him three kinds of different sensations.

The three fireb.a.l.l.s floated around Dedale, as if there was nothing special. But everyone could see the smile on Dedale’s face.

Surprise flashed on Lin Yun’s face, he had a feeling that Dedale definitely wouldn’t get an Extraordinary Magic Tool, but he hadn’t expected him to get a set of True Spirit Magic Tools.

The difficulty of the Path of Heroes was set by the challenger, the more Beastman Hero Souls defeated at once, the better one performance was.

Those Beastman Hero Souls clearly weren’t their matches in duels, but by adding one, the difficulty would sharply increase.

The difficulty of fighting eighteen Beastman Hero Souls compared to duelling one was over a hundred times higher!

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Although Dedale went through the Path of Heroes in an hour, he had only duelled the Beastman Hero Souls.

Using this method, they still wouldn’t obtain an Extraordinary Magic Tool even if they went through the Path of Heroes in a few minutes.

If Extraordinary Magic Tools were given like that, then the reward of someone that defeated all eighteen Beastman Hero Souls would be unimaginable.

But that set of True Spirit Magic Tools wasn’t much less effective than an Extraordinary Magic Tool to Dedale.

‘These three fireb.a.l.l.s should be the Fire Magic Tool Set used by that lunatic Blood Mage at the end of the 3rd Dynasty.’

Elemental Fire, Destruction Fire, Soul Devouring Poisonfire.

The three True Spirit Magic Tools could summon three different kinds of flames. The stronger one was, the stronger the summoned flames would be.

It was said that the Elemental Fire could summon Elemental Flames that had evolved three times and whose temperature could liquefy the earth.

The Destruction Fire could even burn ashes into nothingness, while the Soul Devouring Poisonfire was so highly toxic that even souls couldn’t escape, these flames could even infect and burn Undeads to ashes.

Even though he hadn’t obtained an Extraordinary Spirit Magic Tool, Dedale was very satisfied with this True Spirit Magic Tool Set. After moving back, he started using mana to merge with the three True Spirit Magic Tools.

Ultimately, only Lin Yun had yet to collect his reward.

Dylas smiled and instigated him, “Mafa Merlin, how come you haven’t gone yet? You are the last one. You don’t need to worry about not having a reward, I’m sure there will be something, even with your catastrophic results.

“Maybe you’ll have a level 30 mana crystal… No, it might be a level 31 spirit mana crystal!

‘Yes, it must be a level 31 spirit mana crystal!”

After saying that, Dylas pulled Morgan over.

“Morgan, what do you think it’ll be? A level 31 spirit mana crystal? Or a precious treasure? Ah, it wouldn’t be so wasteful, wouldn’t it?”

Morgan forced a chuckle as he awkwardly looked at Lin Yun. What could he say, Lin Yun’s clearing time was truly embarra.s.sing.

Lin Yun ignored the eccentric Dylas and calmly walked to the wall. He was pondering about what he would get. The rewards everyone had gotten had been useful to them, but what would be useful to him?

As Lin Yun’s hands touched his magic imprint, the golden light within the translucent pillar turned berserk.

The originally calm golden liquid looked like it was about to explode, it reached ten meters in an instant, but it didn’t slow down and rushed to eighteen meters.

That translucent pillar was only eighteen meters tall, and the golden liquid reached the top in less than a second. And it didn’t look like it would stop, it kept surging, as if it wanted to keep moving upward but was unable to.

After a few seconds, the pillar embedded in the wall showed signs of shaking and looked as if it was about to explode.

In the back, the group was flabbergasted as they looked at the scene.

Dylas’ sneer had frozen, he looked at the pillar full of golden liquid with incredulity, his mouth still wide open as he was at a loss for words.

‘It actually reached the top, what’s going on? Wasn’t Mafa Merlin the slowest?

‘Isn’t the rating based on speed?

‘Is this pillar broken? How could the slowest Mafa Merlin, someone who took about five hours to pa.s.s the Path of Heroes and looked like he almost died, obtain such a high grade?

‘The golden liquid reached the peak of the 18-meter-tall pillar in an instant, are the grades really not linked to speed?

‘Impossible, absolutely impossible. The height at which the pillar rose before was in accordance with everyone’s speed, Dedale was at the highest point, while the Andlusa country b.u.mpkins were at the lowest point.

‘And the higher their golden liquid, the better their rewards, so why did this happen?

‘d.a.m.n, there is no end to it, that golden liquid had yet to calm down. Could it be that Mafa Merlin’s grade, the grade of someone that almost died in the Path of Heroes, exceeds the limits of what this pillar can display?’

Dylas’ eyes were wide open, as if he had just seen a G.o.d.

That golden liquid rose in a second or two, and the height at which it had risen had corresponded with everyone’s time. By the time the golden liquid calmed down, the reward would appear.

But now, that pillar full of golden liquid was faintly shaking. The golden liquid within was in chaos and showed no sign of calming down. Everyone could see that this was because the golden liquid was trying to continue upward but had reached the limit and had no more s.p.a.ce to occupy.

Dedale was no longer able to focus on fusing with his set of True Spirit Magic Tools, he was staring blankly at that completely golden pillar.

Everyone on the Odin side was flabbergasted, shocked and in disbelief.

On the Andlusa side, Jouyi and Harren looked at each other and saw the lack of surprise on the other’s face, they even sighed in relief.

‘h.e.l.l, Sir Mafa Merlin is truly shocking, I knew it wouldn’t be that simple. Sir Merlin definitely discovered some different secret.

‘Otherwise, with his strength, how could Sir Merlin spend that much time on the Path of Heroes and receive such heavy injuries.

‘It’s too excessive, is this pillar going to burst?

‘The golden liquid is still surging… What did Sir Merlin do for something like this to happen?’

The group was baffled. They kept thinking but couldn’t understand. They looked at that shaking pillar, worried that it would explode.

Xiuban straightened his back as he sneered at Dylas with a proud expression.

“Idiot, how could Sir Merlin be that simple. Sir Merlin is definitely the strongest, how could he be the weakest? What Sir Merlin encountered in that Path of “something” is definitely different from what we encountered.

“For Sir Merlin to get such a heavy injury, his opponents definitely had been a lot stronger than what we encountered. The golden liquid in that pillar ill.u.s.trates that perfectly.”

Dylas had a dark expression, he didn’t understand why Xiuban was so proud of himself.

On the wall, that pillar full of golden liquid slowly stopped shaking, but runes started appearing one after another.

From the very start, one rune after another appeared. Only when thirteen appeared did the golden liquid thoroughly stabilize.

In an instant, rays of light started blossoming on that huge wall. Numerous complicated patterns shone and a three-meter-big sphere of light condensed and slowly floated towards Lin Yun.

The light slowly dissipated and thirteen stone tablets the size of ordinary books appeared. The thirteen stone tablets were all ashen black and didn’t possess a single wisp of mana fluctuations, nor were they emitting any aura. They were like thirteen chunks of ma.s.s-produced inferior stone carvings.

The stone tablets were like the most common ashen black stone tablet that had been casually cut, some of the rough edges could be seen. The only things that made these stone tablets different from ordinary things was that each stone tablet had a simple rune on it.

The rune seemed very simple, but no one had any idea as to the meaning of the runes.

When the others saw that three-meter-big sphere of light, they thought that Lin Yun had obtained an Extraordinary Magic Tool, but they hadn’t expected thirteen ordinary stone tablets to appear.

Dedale frowned as he looked at the thirteen stone tablets floating in the air, doubt visible within his eyes. He had no idea what these things were.

It was the same for the others, they were all doubtful.

Everything the others obtained had a wisp of mana, even the magic books. Whether it was valuable materials or Magic Tools, they could see how precious the things were. Even if they didn’t have mana fluctuations, they had some special, strange, or powerful aura, or they even possessed a wisp of aura of a Law.

But these thirteen stone tablets didn’t, they had no mana fluctuations, no special aura. They had nothing that made people feel their power, they were thirteen ordinary ashen black stone tablets.

Although they were suspicious, they didn’t ask.

Dylas was also suspicious as he mocked Lin Yun while pointing at the pillar, “Look at that, this thing is definitely broken. The faster one was while going through the Path of Heroes, the better their reward.

“That thing definitely didn’t know how to rate you and give you a reward, so the golden liquid couldn’t calm down.

“No one should have ever spent that much time going through the Path of Heroes, and a mana crystal wasn’t enough, so it gave you thirteen pieces of garbage…”

Although Dylas was saying that, light flickered in his eyes as he was intently watching the thirteen stone tablets.

‘d.a.m.ned scoundrel, that guy definitely figured out something we didn’t know and was able to make the golden liquid rise to the top.

‘These thirteen stone tablets seem ordinary, but they are definitely a precious treasure, we just don’t know what they are.

‘That Mafa Merlin also shouldn’t know what these thirteen stone tablets are. Hmpf, that’s fine as well, they are no different from rubbish if he doesn’t know how to use them…’

No one said anything about Dylas’ mocking, and in the end, Dylas could only let out a hollow laugh.

Lin Yun’s attention was completely focused on the thirteen stone tablets, he hadn’t heard Dylas’ words.

Facing the wall, Lin Yun’s eyes were filled with unconcealable shock… Because he actually knew what these thirteen stone tablets were.

‘Fate Tablets!

‘d.a.m.n, d.a.m.n, d.a.m.n, how could these things be here?! And thirteen of them at once!’

No one knew how many Fate Tablets there were in total. At the end of the Magic Era, a total of nine Fate Tablets had been recorded in the decaying library.

‘Thirteen at once, wow!’

Lin Yun’s heart couldn’t help racing. There were very few things that could shock him now. Even earlier in the broken small world, he hadn’t been surprised when he learnt about the Greater Demon Overlord suppressed by a time seal.

But now, his heart was racing.

A Fate Tablet was a precious treasure that could cause two major forces to go to war during the peak of Noscent.

The first time a Fate Tablet appeared should have been three millennia from now. At that time, there was a mage named Novicij. He wasn’t very talented, but his understanding of magic was shocking. At 30, he advanced to the 9th Rank of the Archmage realm…


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