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Chapter 1236 Six Months Later

Lin Yun wasn’t in the mood to care about other people and hastily returned to his resting place. He quickly activated the defensive array and entered the Natural Demiplane.The platform atop the peak in the center of the Natural Demiplane was covered in numerous truth runes. 108,000 truth runes were merged here, all the truth runes aside from the ones he had already comprehended were there.

He looked at the 108,000 truth runes. The mysterious aura they emitted formed an independent s.p.a.ce atop the peak and the aura kept condensing data and formulas, some even evolved into special Magic Tools.

Like the continuously changing illusion at the top of that mountain. After stepping on the peak, Lin Yun felt as if he was wrapped by a boundless mysterious ocean. The Magic Array started working on its own, but it then crashed suddenly.

The tremendous amount of mysteries made the Magic Array stop working for a moment.

He hurriedly left the peak with a wry smile. He had kept copying the truth runes for the past three months and carved them onto the peak.

The power contained within such a large number of truth runes altered the topography of the peak.

It originally looked like an ordinary mountain peak, but now, it turned into a kilometer-wide smooth platform with a wisp of metallic l.u.s.ter. A bit under 108,000 truth runes were packed into the kilometer-wide platform and there was no s.p.a.ce for Lin Yun to stand.

Floating in the air, Lin Yun took out the Spell Wheel with a wry smile. The Magic Array crashed and couldn’t be used anymore, he could only use something else if he wanted to research, and the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel was the best choice.

He picked a truth rune on the edge and immediately started using the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel to infer and decipher. Less than an hour later, that truth rune was completely deciphered and the secrets contained within were comprehended by Lin Yun.

Following Lin Yun’s comprehension, that truth rune merged and disappeared into the mountain peak.

Lin Yun suddenly looked at the Spell Wheel with a bewildered expression.

The truth runes were surrounded in data, and while Magic Tools could be used to infer the mysteries, the true core mysteries could only be calculated by the mages’ own abilities.

But Lin Yun had just used the Spell Wheel to research a truth rune!

Lin Yun clearly knew what that meant. If Magic Tools could be used to research truth runes, then his research speed would be several times faster than before!

Lin Yun used the Spell Wheel to study another truth rune before sighing in relief. He was sure of it now.

Artisans would reach a limit after studying truth runes, they wouldn’t be able to continue researching unless they made progress in their alchemy path. They would be like a building without foundations, unable to stand straight.

They would be just like a Great Master Alchemist trying to research truth runes, if they had enough time, they might be able to research one truth rune, but they would need at least ten years. And the progress they could make on their own during that time would be a lot better than what they would get from one truth rune’s mysteries.

Lin Yun suddenly remembered that in the future records regarding truth runes, there had never been a mention of someone being able to research the 108,000 truth runes. Ordinary Artisans could research a few hundred truth runes before reaching their limits and becoming unable to research new truth runes.

As for the Artisan that researched the most truth runes, he only researched over a thousand truth runes, and that was over the course of many years.

During Noscent’s peak, there was a Saint Alchemist that also researched truth runes, but it was recorded that he only researched over ten thousand truth runes, before thoroughly disappearing. Ultimately, the Whisper Crystal disappeared and the research of truth runes reached rock bottom.

Thinking of the Whisper Crystal’s evilness and linking it to the fact that the truth runes couldn’t be copied completely, Lin Yun instantly understood.

The research of these Artisans weren’t limited by their alchemy abilities, but by the Whisper Crystal itself!

It might just be calmly floating there, but that thing’s evilness made Lin Yun cast aside any thought of getting close to it. Not only were Magic Tools useless, the research was even more difficult.

But the truth runes copied onto the Demiplane could be researched and deciphered by the Spell Wheel, the difficulty was even lower than outside. Everything pointed out that there was a problem, this was due to the Whisper Crystal’s tricks.

The Starry Sky College had gotten the Whisper Crystal many years ago, but their understanding of truth runes wasn’t very high. The truth runes they comprehended might amount to a few thousands runes at best.

After all, there might be duplicates during the research, but the “endless” runes only amounted to 108,000 truth runes.

At this rate, the Starry Sky College might only comprehend a bit over ten thousand truth runes two millennia later.

That was because the power of the Whisper Crystal itself was obstructing everything. It clearly enticed others, but didn’t allow them to research many truth runes. It even restricted everyone’s Magic Tools, mages could only rely on themselves to reach the core of the truth runes. The bottleneck cast aside any doubt he had left.

This showed that the truth runes were just bait. Only some benefits were exposed, but no one could get everything.

As he thought of the Whisper Crystal’s evilness, Lin Yun was even more certain about his conjecture.

Lin Yun hid in the Demiplane and researched for over a day. In a day, he researched a dozen truth runes.

He thought about it for a bit and straightforwardly researched in the Demiplane. But there was an obvious flaw. After all, the matter of the 108,000 truth runes being copied couldn’t be exposed.

If the Starry Sky College knew about that method, they would spare no cost to capture him and get a hold of the 108,000 truth runes.

Lin Yun left his room and casually moved to a crystal table in a corner before starting his new research. The Spell Wheel remained on the peak to a.n.a.lyze the truth runes while Lin Yun researched at the crystal table.

The Spell Wheel was inferring crucial data, but Lin Yun had to do the last step. However, the Spell Wheel helped with the most complicated parts, saving a lot of time for Lin Yun.

Lin Yun hid in the back and the other Artisans simply ignored him. Time was precious after all, no one cared how Lin Yun did his research. They would at most throw a disdainful glance at Lin Yun’s corner every time they took a break.

Time flew by and another three months soon pa.s.sed. The six months of research concluded, but Lin Yun had already stopped researching several days ago…

Because he had already reached his limit. He had completely researched 1,800 truth runes, and the limit he reached had nothing to do with the Whisper Crystal, it was his own.

During these three months, Lin Yun already made a conjecture. If he had continued to research the truth runes, he would have been able to research at most five hundred truth runes, but he would have been unable to completely research five hundred runes within six months.

The mysteries contained within 1,800 truth runes greatly increased Lin Yun’s strength in the field of alchemy. At least when it came to theory, he was already at the peak of the Artisan realm.

It would take a long time before he could make full use of the mysteries contained within these truth runes. It was just like the Reedpush Plate, he knew how to craft it but was unable to craft it at the moment.

During the last three days, Lin Yun didn’t continue his research and instead entered his Demiplane.

1,800 truth runes had already merged with the mountain peak and there was only a small spot devoid of runes on the platform. This was the only area Lin Yun could step onto.

As for the Demiplane, its changes were even more monstrous. The mountain peak had been influenced the most by the runes, the peak already reached up to five kilometers in height, and the mountain no longer looked like an ordinary mountain, it looked more like crystal or metal. There were even some simple veined patterns on the surface of the mountain.

The Demiplane grew by a few hundred kilometers. This wasn’t a small growth, it was a huge transformation, an evolution of the Demiplane’s essence.

The land was no longer just a flat piece of land, it turned into a slope with the west land at the highest point, and the east land at the lowest point. The ground was the densest in the west, and the western sea had become narrower while the eastern sea became even more vast.

Hurricanes and lightning kept wreaking havoc on the sea and countless changes started appearing on the sea. Only through changes could life evolve, and that process was now accelerated countless times. The mana lake in the northwest corner of the Demiplane had recently remained in a dry state.

The Mana Vines had already expanded four to five times during the past three months, but they still couldn’t catch up to the mana consumption of the Demiplane during the past three months. There was a dark green wall spreading over twenty kilometers on the northwest side of the Demiplane. It was sticking out of the ground and into the sky before disappearing into the endless void.

The energies devoured by the Mana Vines transformed into mana flowing down like a waterfall before ultimately pouring into the mana lake. But as the mana reached the mana lake, it seemed to suddenly disappear as the Demiplane used it.

With the current scale of the Mana Vines, even if a small-scale void storm appeared in the endless void outside the Demiplane, it would end up absorbed by the Mana Vines and transformed into mana.

And with the existence of these Mana Vines, it would be extremely hard for an energy storm to form in a large area around the Natural Demiplane. The energy could never gather together since the Mana Vines were constantly absorbing and tearing them apart.

The volcanoes in the south kept increasing in size and number. The hot flames didn’t destroy the environment and instead nurtured hundreds of new plants. There were even some elemental lifeforms that could use simple flames being born near the volcanoes.

As for the north, the sea had condensed and formed a vast ice field spreading over dozens of kilometers. Some fist-sized Snow Elemental appeared on the ice field, they were the easiest nurtured lifeforms by this kind of environment.

The greatest benefits weren’t just the birth of some elemental lifeforms, these lifeforms were just the embryonic forms of the most advanced lifeforms.

The greatest benefit was that the land had become thicker. The western land was already three thousand times higher than the eastern land. The earth was stable and there would be no earthquake or other issues.

With the stable environment, convection would happen between the northern and southern poles. As the sea water evaporated, the cycle of water in the land took form. As the heat and coldness of the northern and southern poles periodically changed, four seasons would be felt in the center of the land.

This was a hard to estimate benefit to the diversification of species. The Natural Demiplane’s important biological development was now progressing at a rapid pace.

And in the sky, the G.o.d Fire Ember serving as the Demiplane’s sun had its trajectory altered.

The G.o.d Fire Ember would rise in the east and set in the west, revolving around the entire Demiplane.

It would be daytime when the sun rose, and the Demiplane would sink into darkness once it set in the west. At that time, the great mountain would scatter a faint colored light so that the Demiplane wouldn’t thoroughly sink into darkness.

The most obvious advantage to having a day and night cycle was that the Light Law and the Darkness Law would start being nurtured into the Demiplane. And to Lin Yun, who was closely linked to the Demiplane, it would let him touch upon the two Laws ahead of time. Even if he couldn’t comprehend them at the moment, by following the Demiplane’s evolution process, he would be building a foundation.

The Eternal Dark Gold that had previously been buried in the Demiplane also fully integrated into the Demiplane. The Eternal Dark Gold’s properties were also inherited by the Demiplane. The Demiplane’s planar barrier was already powerful to an unfathomable degree.

Even if he told others the coordinates of the Demiplane, they wouldn’t be able to open a Planar Path to enter.

Lin Yun’s comprehension of the s.p.a.ce Law rapidly improved as the Demiplane grew.

Standing on the peak’s platform, Lin Yun was surrounded in countless truth runes and formulas. These were flas.h.i.+ng past him like phantoms.

Lin Yun closed his eyes and it looked like his breath merged with the entire Natural Demiplane.

Suddenly, silence swept this place and Lin Yun only opened his eyes three days later. Several hundred silver white law runes appeared before him. These silver white law runes were continuously alternating between a silver white color and a void color while Lin Yun’s surroundings were distorted.

The next moment, over 80,000 law runes floated around Lin Yun before exploding together, transforming back into the most basic runes.

Over a million runes appeared like endless stars. They curled around Lin Yun’s body until he chanted a strange word. Then, the million runes clashed with each other

One after another, law runes formed from sixteen basic runes appeared before him!

This was the most perfect and most stable law runic structure. All the runes disappeared in less than three minutes, replaced by 64,000 most perfect and most stable law runes.

The wheel shadow was floating behind Lin Yun, those law runes transformed into a flood which entered that ten-meter-tall huge wheel.

In an instant, Lin Yun’s aura felt like a cool breeze, and just like that, he advanced…

2nd Rank Heaven Mage!

Feeling his own aura, Lin Yun smiled. When the conditions were right, success would naturally follow. There had been no difficulty, no obstructions. After comprehending the truth runes and strengthening his Demiplane for half a year, Lin Yun could be said to have perfected his law comprehension and his comprehension of the Demiplane. Advancing to the 2nd Rank of the Heaven realm was something very easy.

Since he completed his breakthrough and half a year had pa.s.sed, Lin Yun instantly left his Demiplane.

While Lin Yun walked out of his residence, many of the Artisans were still taking advantage of the last moments to continue their research, hoping they could research just one more truth rune.

Zeith appeared once again, but his heart fiercely shook when he saw Lin Yun.

It shook from fear…

‘Heavens, that monstrous Mafa Merlin had another breakthrough!

‘It’s only been half a year! Heavens, he still wasn’t a Heaven Rank powerhouse half a year ago, but now, he has already reached the 2nd Rank…

‘Can anyone tell me what the h.e.l.l is going on? Is that monster really the reincarnation of a G.o.d?

‘I spent over a hundred and thirty years between my breakthrough to the Heaven Rank and my breakthrough the 2nd Rank… And even then, I’m considered a genius in the Starry Sky College. Yet, that guy not only advanced to the Heaven Rank in his thirties, he also advanced again within half a year.

‘My senses must be tricking me, right, definitely… I must have made a mistake…’

Zeith was in a daze and convinced himself that he had made a mistake.

After all, the gaps between the first three ranks weren’t too far apart, but the gap between the 3rd Rank and the 4th Rank was a big threshold. There was an even bigger gap to the 5th Rank.

Even Extraordinary Power couldn’t sense Lin Yun’s rank, nor could it break through Lin Yun’s s.h.i.+eld without him knowing about it. But Zeith’s Heaven powerhouse’s instincts were enough to feel that the threat Lin Yun emitted greatly increased. From this, Heaven powerhouses could judge the strength of their opponent…


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