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Chapter 909: Mage Army

Translator: s.h.i.+rais.h.i.+ Editor: TheAlliance

The sword puppets didn’t need to hit cannon fodder like these guys twice; one slash was enough to dismantle them into a pile of sc.r.a.p iron.

But there were too many of these cannon fodder enemies. The sword puppets could tear apart three monster puppets in one second, but during that time, there would be seven or eight more of them pouncing over and tearing apart the sword puppets by relying on numbers.

As for the casting puppets, their spells simply couldn’t reach the Grey Beastmen in the back. On the contrary, the Grey Beastmen’s spells were pressuring them. In just ten seconds, three casting puppets had been destroyed by spells.

The Grey Beastmen roared as they held the advantage, continuously ordering the monster puppets to keep charging. Several thousand monster puppets charged forward with no regard for their lives. It was even more terrifying than several thousand magic beasts forming a beast tide. Anything stopping their path would be torn to pieces.

When Lin Yun’s subordinates arrived, they saw the puppet army continuously withdrawing due to the pressure.

The Grey Beastmen mounted on monster puppets were continuously shouting while raising their arms, and the magic patterns covering their bodies shone brightly as large Meteors fell from the clouds.

Cyan tornadoes that were like snakes fiercely twisting suddenly appeared and kept blocking the charging puppets. Anything drawn in by the tornado would end up being torn apart by the innumerable Wind Blades.

A blizzard of icicles and snow froze the ground, slowing down the puppets’ movements by causing their joints to lock up. Due to their movements slowing, puppets were swarmed and torn apart by ravenous puppets.

There were even long Earth Spikes appearing out of nowhere, just like a prank. They would suddenly shoot out and force the sword puppets back, only for them to be caught by the monster puppets and fiercely torn apart.

When looking at just the puppet armies, the Grey Beastmen had the advantage in this battle, even though the Grey Beastmen had lost at least five times as many puppets as Lin Yun!

But most of the monster puppets lost were around level ten, with the strongest in their early twenties. The small number of Level 30 monster puppets weren’t damaged.

But for Lin Yun, the weakest sword puppet was Level 30!

Seeing such circ.u.mstances, Lin Yun didn’t say anything. But the mage army took the initiative to rush out. The 50-mage army was becoming more and more coordinated, and their leader, Kurumu, didn’t need to say anything. With a small movement, every mage knew what they should do.

Most of the time, they would know what to do just from feeling the minute changes within each others’ mana.

The mage army didn’t loiter when the puppet army was being suppressed; they instantly rushed forward and used Fire Elemental Incarnations.

Their Dragonscale Staves, Magic Conducting Runes, and Blazing Robes were displaying their full potential as boundless fire elements frantically converged towards the mage army.

It only took two seconds for elemental flames to condense on their own, and five seconds before everything within a hundred meters of the mage army burst into flames. Moreover, the elemental flames showed no signs of stopping their expansion.

Glaring wisps of orange flames could be seen roaming among them, emitting sun-like radiance and terrifying heatwaves.

Lin Yun’s mage army didn’t follow the conventional fighting techniques of mages, which would be to safely cast spells from a safe distance. Instead, they formed a huge mobile array and welcomed those monster puppets in, and the crimson elemental flames rapidly spread alongside the mage army.

The fastest spider rushed towards the mages, its eight blade-like legs not suffering much from the heat spreading within the raging flames.

Even if it was only a Level 25 puppet, its physical attacks would already be too much for mages’ bodies to handle.

But not a single one of the mages used a defensive spell…

The strands of orange flames roamed within the sea of fire and flitted past the spider puppet’s legs as if softly caressing them.

When it touched, the spider puppet’s eight legs quickly glowed a bright red-orange and melted within half a second.

It was only a moment later that the legless spider puppet’s body turned red like heated iron before its body rapidly melted, turning into molten metal.

After the first spider rushed into the flames, it was followed by a large number of puppet monsters fearlessly charging in. The puppets around level 10 were becoming red as elemental flames before they even made it in.

If they were touched by an orange wisp, they would instantly turn into a pool of molten iron. The puppets over Level 20 were a bit better off, but once they touched the orange flames, they would immediately be crippled, as their parts would burn down and melt into strange shapes.

These glaring flames weren’t ordinary flames. They would form once elemental flames condensed together to a certain degree.

The mage army’s Magic Conducting Rune, Blazing Storm, didn’t refer to creating whirlwinds from flames, but to the incredible ferocity of the most powerful storms.

Those were sun flames, the condensation of solar wind. If they grew strong enough, they could transform into a blazing storm that could destroy everything.

It was a kind of flame so hot that it would even distort s.p.a.ce. And during the Era of G.o.ds, only G.o.ds could survive within those blazing storms in the void, which had power comparable to that of a true Void Storm.

In the future, the Blazing Army, the one that could be considered one of Noscent’s top three armies, would form a terrifying sea of fire that could cover dozens of kilometers. As the unstoppable flames of destruction spread, anyone under the Heaven Rank would die if they entered the sea of fire. Numbers became meaningless.

Lin Yun’s mage army couldn’t even compare to the weakest team of the Blazing Army yet. But they were already able to start displaying some of their frightening power.

Those raging flames similar to the sun’s radiance were a terrifying existence that could compare with h.e.l.lfire. Even a slight touch from those flames wasn’t something a low-level puppet could resist.

The frantic puppets threw themselves into the fire fearlessly, but even the strongest ones couldn’t get within thirty meters of the mage army before melting completely.

With the arrival of the mage army, the pressure on the puppet army had been alleviated.

And how could the Grey Beastmen just sit back and let the mage army wreak havoc on their forces? Just after the mage army created the incredible flames, a few monster puppets over level 30 rushed into the sea of fire.

They were headed by a roughly five-meter-tall puppet that looked similar to a Kodo. It was very ugly, but its entire body was covered in a thick layer of magic metal, and the ground shook as it ran.

That monster rushed into the sea of fire and directly ignored those elemental flames. These brilliant orange sun flames grazed its body, but they only left black burns.

Kurumu kept his composure as he slowly raised the Dragonscale Staff in his hand, instantly making the roaming sun flames frantically condense and rush towards that Kodo-like puppet.


As a result, it let out a loud cry as it fell to the ground. Its armored body had been charred black, but that wouldn’t have been enough to stop it. However, its joints had been completely melted by the terrifying flames.

As it fell, the Kodo-like puppet slid across the ground for over a hundred meters before stopping.

The other puppets that had been following its lead suffered the same fate. The outer armor of that whole group of monster puppets was made from that valuable magic metal, which put up a lot of resistance to the heat and flames, but it wasn’t as if every single component could be made out of that material.

Their joints simply couldn’t resist the raging sun flames that wormed their way in.

Seeing that the monster puppets couldn’t suppress the mage army with sheer quant.i.ty, the Grey Beastmen immediately started casting. A group of small Grey Beastmen raised their hands with their magic patterns crazily flickering.

A large number of spells of all four elements gathered together in one area and rained down at the mage army.

Fierce mana fluctuations spread as the spells fell. The four elements collided against each other and waves of fire started spurting out of the agitated sea of flames.

The orange sun flames could no longer be controlled, which slowed the mage army’s momentum.

Kurumu had a cold expression on his face, as his staff emitted a faint fluctuation, causing the elemental flames within the sea of fire to rapidly converge and condense into Fire s.h.i.+elds.

All the mages did the same action.

In an instant, over a hundred of these Fire s.h.i.+elds appeared and merged together as they a.s.sembled into a huge defensive s.h.i.+eld that blocked the Grey Beastmen’s frantic spells. And under the s.h.i.+eld, more flames were surging towards it to replenish its powers.

The Grey Beastmen’s attacks were drawn towards the dangerous mage army, greatly reducing the pressure on the puppet army.


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