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Chapter 940 Let’s Talk

The Four-Element Bomb exploded on the Origin s.h.i.+eld, instantly covering it with its overwhelming power. The surrounding elemental power instantly dispersed, only leaving behind berserk destructive power.

And this wasn’t over. Another two Four-Element Bombs. .h.i.t Dubois’ Origin s.h.i.+eld in succession and sent him flying.

Surging lightning roamed as a vortex appeared in the sky, sending another lightning river out of it and engulfing Dubois’ body.

He ragingly bellowed, “Mafa Merlin! You are dead!”

The ten-meter-thick lightning river flooded down and submerged the Thunderwind Fort, instantly destroying half of the lava pond. Lin Yun kept flas.h.i.+ng around and the lightning river kept chasing him relentlessly.

Buildings were torn into pieces, transforming into the finest powder.

In just four seconds, that thirty-meter-tall tower in the center of the Thunderwind Fort collapsed with a loud rumble.

As the tower collapsed, Dubois was suddenly roused.

Almost everything within a kilometer in the center of the Thunderwind Fort had been destroyed, and if this continued, that hidden Planar Path’s area would be destroyed too.

Lin Yun was even dodging towards that location. Within ten seconds, that area would be covered in lava, and that room certainly wouldn’t be able to resist the lava pond’s heat.

The array within also couldn’t resist the aftermath of the battle.

If the array was affected by the destruction, then let alone being discovered, that Planar Path could be thoroughly severed.

Dubois loudly ground his teeth. He had lightning roaming over his body, ready to explode, and his hair was standing straight and flickering with electricity.

Dubois was panting, bursting with rage. But he had no choice but to stop.

He had been held to a draw before, as no one had any advantage over the other. But now, it looked like he was at a bit of a disadvantage… He had been forced to use his Origin s.h.i.+eld. Using force to take back the Thunderwind Fort was impossible.

Only ruins would be left after taking it back, and there would be no Demiplane. What use would there be in that case?

Dubois ground his teeth and stopped casting. At the same time, the lightning vortex above his head also slowly dissipated.

As the lightning clouds disappeared, the dim sky recovered, and rays of suns.h.i.+ne shone brightly.

At that time, three more thick light pillars crossed over a kilometer before exploding on Dubois’ Origin s.h.i.+eld. Caught off-guard, he was sent flying.

He flipped twice in the air, and with a greenish pale expression, he couldn’t help shouting, “Mafa Merlin, let’s talk.”

Dubois managed to squeeze those words out, and in order to express his sincerity, he scattered all the lightning surrounding him, only leaving his Origin s.h.i.+eld up.

Lin Yun glanced at Dubois and disdainfully sneered.

He already knew that Dubois absolutely wouldn’t dare to continue attacking. If he did, that Planar Path would be destroyed. So what if the buildings of the Thunderwind Fort were destroyed? These could be rebuilt in a few days. But that Planar Path would cease to exist if it was destroyed.

That Demiplane had no real use for Lin Yun, but it was absolutely comparable to an Extraordinary Magic Tool to Dubois.

After scattering his Lava Incarnation, Lin Yun didn’t look at Dubois as he walked over to the square on the side.

There was a large amount of ore, smelted metal, magic metal, large excavated rocks, and precious gems.

It was clear that those rocks that exceeded three meters in size had been extracted by Beastman slaves. These Beastmen didn’t know how to extract the raw gems within. If it was done incorrectly, those precious gems hidden inside would be destroyed, and the losses would be more significant than a vein of magic metal.

These were to be personally extracted by a mage, and the extraction method of every raw gem was different. Some raw gems would be wrapped within magic metal, and using force would only result in the destruction of the gem.

Lin Yun was about to personally extract the precious gems.

No one knew what raw gem would appear in the magic metal ore veins. It couldn’t be defined, even at the peak of Noscent. It could only be roughly guessed that every magic metal ore vein could have those raw gems, and until they were excavated, no one could be certain.

This became something fun, and it would become a huge industry in the future. Ore from magic metal veins would be excavated, and mages would extract what was inside.

Many Heaven Mages liked the action of opening up raw gems. By spending a few Level 10 mana crystals, they could potentially find a treasure worth over ten thousand spirit mana crystals.

Lin Yun took out a tool and started striking that rock piece by piece, very carefully exposing the magic metal ore inside before searching for a possible raw gem there.

Soon, over twenty ordinary raw gems were at Lin Yun’s feet. He had a focused appearance as if the flying Dubois didn’t exist.

In the sky, Dubois’ eyelids were twitching, and his chest was violently heaving up and down. His mana fluctuations became chaotic.

It took Dubois ten seconds to suppress his rage, and only after suppressing the fire in his heart did his voice reach Lin Yun like m.u.f.fled thunder.

“Mafa Merlin, I admit that I underestimated your strength. I can’t handle you, but you can’t do anything against me. Continuing to fight wouldn’t be good for either of us. As long as you give back the Thunderwind Plane, I’ll treat anything that happened before as if it never happened, and I can forgive all the sins you committed.

“But you have to compensate me for my losses, and for the losses of everyone overseeing the Thunderwind Fort. Our grievances will wait until the matter of the Raging Flame Plane is over. Before then, I won’t make a move against you. I also won’t attack your people.”

Dubois looked very sullen. A grand Heaven Mage was actually giving ground to an Archmage.

Moreover, the other side had attacked his own headquarters and destroyed them…

The Black Tower’s experts in the Thunderwind Fort had all disappeared. It was unknown how many were killed, and these were Dubois’ entourage. Losing them was like losing a chunk of his own flesh. Especially those Archmages… That was a huge loss. He still didn’t know if the three 9th Rank Archmages had fallen…

Humiliation, it was simply a disgrace. This was a humiliation everyone would laugh at.

Dubois felt that he had made great concessions. As a Heaven Rank powerhouse, he had taken a step back. This mark of respect should be good enough.


“Haha, a fist-sized Blue Blood Gem, that’s good luck. Hmm, that giant mana reactor can be improved by an entire grade…”

Lin Yun’s luck was quite good to actually discover a fist-sized Blue Blood Gem. Its entire body was sky blue like a blue crystal, but there seemed to be a pile of dense blue blood inside. As it swayed, the blue liquid could faintly be seen flowing.

This was a precious gem even more precious than Fowl Blood Gem, it contained extremely terrifying power and could supply the mana reactor of a Low Heaven Rank puppet.

By modifying the giant mana reactor of the Grey Beastmen’s fort and adding the Blue Blood Gem and Fowl Blood Gem Gem as core fuel, the power it burst out with would be enough to allow the fort’s barrier to withstand Dubois’ attack for an extra three days.

Lin Yun took out a box and put the Blue Blood Gem inside before continuing the extraction process.

It seemed as if he hadn’t heard Dubois’”sincere” words…

Dubois almost spurted blood. Lightning spread from his body and his eyes were flickering with lightning as his mana went berserk.

Thunder started echoing above his eyes, and clouds slowly converged.

Lin Yun, who had been ignoring Dubois, reacted instantly and threw away his tools before reactivating Lava Incarnation. He remained there, attentively watching the floating Dubois.

It was as if he was saying, ‘If you want to fight, then come.’

Seeing Lin Yun’s att.i.tude, Dubois’ emerging rage was instantly extinguished.

The black clouds dissipated, and he even scattered his Origin s.h.i.+eld.

A helpless and sullen expression flashed in his eyes as he softly sighed.

“Mafa Merlin, I’ll act as if nothing happened before, and I also won’t bicker with you. We can have peace talks. You hand over the Thunderwind Fort, and from that point on, we won’t have any grievances. I also won’t retaliate.

“Let’s forget about everything. In the future, I’ll follow my path, and you follow yours, with no grudges between us.

“How about it?”

Dubois felt very gloomy. He could only stare blankly as the ores he’d collected were slowly opened by Lin Yun. There had been several ordinary raw gems and three precious raw gems, the most precious of which had been the Blue Blood Gem, which was even fist-sized.

Fighting was no longer possible, as the Planar Path was too close to this area. Once they started fighting, the Planar Path would inevitably be destroyed.

‘d.a.m.n, that d.a.m.ned guy… Alright, I’ll endure. I’ll bear with it for the sake of that Demiplane. As long as I have that Demiplane, everything else within the Raging Flame Plane is unimportant. Once I plunder the Origin Power of that Demiplane, I’ll have plenty of opportunities to deal with that Mafa Merlin.’

After a while, Lin Yun was still not reacting. A vein was twitching on Dubois’ forehead as he kept everything bottled up and asked, “Sir Merlin, peace talks?”

Lin Yun raised his head and sneered, “Haha…”


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