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Chapter 1846 Anticlimactic : Climax

Following the instructions they had received the prior evening, Vahn, Arusha, and Arryn proceeded to the waiting room that had been a.s.signed to them. The second round of the Workshop Battle had been scheduled for the early afternoon so all partic.i.p.ants had been asked to be waiting within their respective rooms by 10:00 AM. This might seem a little early, but, by having everyone appear hours in advance, they could effectively eliminate no-shows and potential delays.

Fortunately, the Workshop wasn’t filled with idiots, so, in order to prevent contestants from feeling bored, they had been given access to a buffet, a mini-theater, and tablets that detailed the rules of the second round. Vahn found this last part particularly amusing as it also a.s.signed a rating to each of the contestants for the purpose of gambling. His own rating gave him odds of 100:1, the highest among all competing Regulars.

Since he would have access to his…o…b..ard the Archimedes until the end of the Workshop Battle, Vahn didn’t actually ‘need’ to win the second round. This gave him to the notion of s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g with the event organizers by throwing his match, effectively rewarding anyone who bet against him a total of 100x their stake. He could also turn the entire event on his head by waiting until the last round and effectively bankrupting everyone who bet on his victory.

Were it not for the spreading of certain negative rumors, Vahn wouldn’t have had any qualms about allowing someone else the chance to win the Workshop Battle. Now, however, he felt an inclination to bite back at the people who had spread negative rumors about him, essentially slapping them in the face while demonstrating who, exactly, they were trying to offend. Some might consider this a little petty, but, compared to the pettiness of those who spread such rumors, he might as well be a Saint.

With four hours pa.s.sing uneventfully, Vahn, who had been watching a movie with Arusha and Arryn flanking him, finally received a notice to move to the arena. Arusha and Arryn had received similar notifications, so, after confirming their partic.i.p.ation, the three of them were promptly teleported to the edge of a giant stone pillar.

Similar to the Seeded Tournament of the 20th Floor, the matches were scheduled to take place atop giant pillars that protruded from a ma.s.sive pool of crystal clear, icy blue, water. For the sake of time, several rounds would take place simultaneously until only a handful of contestants remained. These would then go on to partic.i.p.ate in a round-robin style tournament meant to conclusively determine who the strongest E-Rank Regular was.

One of the things that distinguished this tournament from the one Vahn had partic.i.p.ated in on the 20th Floor was that forty people would be partic.i.p.ating each round, eight per pillar of stone. As for the objective, they were required to insert peculiar plug-like weapons into grooved located at the center of each pillar. The first three people to insert their plugs into the grooves would be allowed to advance to the next round, effectively reducing the number of partic.i.p.ants for the second round to 90.

What made things interesting was how things developed following the round of eliminations. From there, people who had been chosen as ‘Gamblers’, a t.i.tle given to those who had earned the most points during the One-Shot One Opportunity Game, would be allowed to ‘purchase’ partic.i.p.ating Regulars in order to organize a team. They would then act as Team Leaders during the Tournament Finals, an event scheduled to take place two days later so that each of the newly constructed teams would have a chance to familiarize themselves with each other.

Though he could think of quite a number of flaws in the tournament structure, such as allies from the same original team conspiring together despite being pitted against one another, Vahn didn’t think it was that bad an idea from an objective standpoint. So long as everyone followed the rules, it roughly balanced out the final teams, as, even if they managed to get ahold of the most powerful partic.i.p.ant in the entire compet.i.tion, they would need to put in a considerable amount of effort just to ‘summon’ them during the final round. This made it smarter to secure more economical Regulars as there was a very real chance they could grasp victory before the most powerful partic.i.p.ants even became a factor.

Fortunately, regardless of whether or not he was able to actively partic.i.p.ate in the final round, Vahn could still complete his objective. All he needed was the island’s approximate spatial coordinates to be able to teleport there whenever he wanted. FUG would likely take exception to this, but, as their strongest member on the 30th Floor was merely an Advanced Ranker, he wasn’t particularly all that concerned. Rather, depending on how he played the current situation, he might even be able to get the other Elders of FUG to intervene with the faction that was causing him trouble…

As these thoughts were playing across his mind, Vahn was waiting for the announcer to finish their explanation of the rules so that the tournament could officially begin. It was fortunate that his team was so small, as, due to the unique structure of the event, both Arusha and Arryn had been placed in the same arena. This virtually guaranteed all three of them would make it through to the Finals as the other five members of their group weren’t particularly special. The only thing that distinguished them was their apparent hatred towards him, as, despite his 100:1 odds being published, all five of the male partic.i.p.ants seemed determined to defeat him.

Shaking his head in mild exasperation, Vahn waited until the start of the match before waving the club-like plug in a sweeping motion. He had already explained the situation to Laev-tan, so, while she was a little annoyed, she didn’t manifest for fear of getting him disqualified. This turned out to be a mercy for the other Regulars, as, despite being pushed from the platform in an instant, they were, at the very least, spared a few burns.

Ignoring the remarks of the announcer and the booing of the crowd, Vahn sauntered over to the center of the platform, smiling at Arryn and Arusha before placing his plug into one of the three grooves present. They offered slightly wry smiles in return, but, understanding what kind of being Vahn was, neither were particularly surprised by his ability to eliminate the other contestants with a casual wave of his plug. He was already at a level comparable to Rankers, and, when he went all out, even High-Rankers would struggle against him. For the average E-Rank Regular to last even a few seconds against him, the only reason imaginable was that Vahn had allowed it…

After returning to their private waiting room, Vahn was the first to take a seat on the rather lavish sofa before Arusha and Arryn promptly took their positions at his flanks. Neither had any aversion to him wrapping his arms around them, so, after unpausing their movie, he made certain to take a few liberties for their sake.

Over time, Vahn had come to learn that, while they hated being objectified, the majority of women enjoyed feeling ‘wanted’ by their partner, so, whenever the opportunity presented itself, he made sure to express his affection through action rather than words. This might make him seem like an insatiable pervert from the perspective of others but the opinion of others had never mattered all that much to him. He might get annoyed by false articles and the spreading of rumors, but, so long as he could make his women happy, he had very little to complain about.

Demonstrating how fortunate he truly was, Arryn eventually grew too restless to simply sit still and enjoy the sensual ambiance. Neither she nor Arusha had been paying any attention to the movie, so, after some silent communication through their gazes, she extricated herself from Vahn’s hold, blocking his view of the large light display. Then, with her back turned to him, she looked over her shoulder with a ‘hungry’ look in her eyes as her hands slowly peeled away her skin-tight shorts.

Understanding Arryn’s intentions, a smile spread across Vahn’s face as he made no attempt to stop Arusha from liberating his dragon from its confines with her teeth. She had become rather skilled at supporting others due to her deeply ingrained perception of relations.h.i.+p hierarchies, so, with Arryn being ‘significantly’ stronger than her, she believed it was only natural that she waited her turn. This was something Vahn had been trying to remedy as of late, but, similar to Mordred, Arusha could be ‘very’ insistent when it came to her observation of an established hierarchy.

In order to make things a little easier for Arryn, Arusha showed no hesitation as she collected saliva in her mouth before taking the majority of his member into her mouth. Then, in an effort to ensure an even coating of saliva, she pulled away very slowly, her tongue wriggling around his shaft before she stopped at his glans and gave it a small kiss. This last part was something she had learned from Mira, and, though he always felt it was a little strange, Vahn didn’t particularly mind the affectionate way in which some of his women viewed his p.e.n.i.s…

Due to Vahn’s prior petting, Arryn didn’t need to make any additional preparations of her own. The moment Arusha had finished lubricating Vahn’s p.e.n.i.s, she wasted very little time in positioning her hands on his knees, a l.u.s.tful look in her eyes as she bit her bottom lip and allowed him to position himself at her entrance. Once his glans had penetrated her, sending a s.h.i.+ver throughout her body, she allowed him to guide her into a seated position, his member splitting her apart in a somewhat painful yet extremely pleasurable way.

Though she hadn’t been made aware of it, one of the modifications that had been made to her body by the Workshop included ‘calibrating’ her insides to make them as pleasurable as possible. Had it not been for Vahn, there was a very real chance she would have been sold off as a s.e.x doll of sorts the moment she had reached her limits. To that end, her internal structure had been altered in a way that quickly adapted to her partner, effectively restructuring itself to best accommodate their size and shape. As a result, she was easily able to take Vahn’s full length, and, though it caused her to feel short of breath, sensors in her brain trigged a chemical c.o.c.ktail of endorphins to effectively flood her system.

Unable to restrain herself, a sensual moan escaped Arryn’s throat as she cupped both sides of her face with an intoxicated look in her eyes. She believed this was the result of her ‘compatibility’ with Vahn, so, the moment her grabbed her arms, she began twisting her hips in a circle, stirring up her insides as a series of mad trembles ran through her body. This always gave her an irresistible desire to have Vahn treat her a little roughly, so, without fear of censure, she vocalized her thoughts in a sonorous moan, exclaiming, “Please…harder…mess me up…f.u.c.k me senseless~!!!”

Though he wasn’t unaccustomed to Arryn’s behavior whenever her ‘switch’ had been flipped, a wry smile still spread across Vahn’s face as he hooked his hands behind her knees before rising from the sofa. He then spread her legs wide in what was known as a ‘b.u.t.terfly position’ before increasing the tempo of his thrusts. This caused her words to become even more colorful, but, understanding that some women were simply more vocal than others, he didn’t let it bother him. Rather, it gave him an inclination to try a little ‘harder’, much to Arryn’s appreciation…

After a solid twenty minutes of rather intense s.e.x, Vahn finished inside of Arryn, pulling her legs together and hugging her close to him in a way he knew she enjoyed. This caused her eyes to roll into the back of her head, but, due to her unique const.i.tution, it only took a few seconds before she recovered completely. She had inexhaustible stamina even before her upgrades, so, with a Dragon’s Heart generating virtually infinite energy within her chest, she required neither food, drink, nor rest in order to continue indefinitely. Vahn could override these qualities with the use of Laws, but, as he quite enjoyed her ‘persistence’, he typically reserved such things until the very end.

Fortunately, even if she wanted to continue, Arryn was a very sensible woman, so, once he finally set her down, she gave him a rather pa.s.sionate kiss before moving to the kitchen to prepare snacks. At the same time, Vahn moved behind Arusha, who, in antic.i.p.ation for her turn, raised her b.u.t.t high as she used her elbows as support.

Arusha had always been most comfortable with doing it from behind, but, for a number of reasons, she also insisted that he grab her twin-tails as if they were reins. It gave her a sense of fulfillment to be dominated by him, so, while it was a peculiar request, Vahn ‘dutifully’ invaded her absurdly tight cavern before gripping her black and white twin-tails. Then, as he pushed himself forward, he also pulled her hair back, lifting her elbows from the sofa. This was the main reason she lowered herself to such an extent, and, though her reaction was far tamer than Arryn’s, a sensual gasp escaped her throat the moment his glans pressed against her cervix…

(A/N: Alternate t.i.tles: ‘Omae wa mou…s.h.i.+kkaku!’,’Arryn is quite the carnivore o_o…’,’Vahn is a lucky lad…’)

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