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Chapter 2215: Ident.i.ty

Waking shortly after 1 PM, the first thing Bulma noticed was the lack of Vahn’s presence at her side. A wave of melancholy washed over her, but, compared to the feelings of joy and contentment that had settled in her body since her previous liaison with Vahn, it wasn’t particularly noticeable.

Stretching out her body with a satisfying moan, Bulma earned the attention of Sarina, who, after a long nap, awoke to read manga in one of the chair-form Suspend s.h.i.+ps Vahn used to supplement a lot of the furniture within the manor.

“Finally awake?”

Hearing Sarina’s voice, Bulma’s body briefly tensed before she rose to a seated position, blankets covering her nakedness as she asked, “What are you doing here? Where’s Vahn…?”

Rolling her eyes, Sarina set aside her manga before directing the chair to hover towards the bed as she answered, “This is the master bedroom. I have as much a right to be here as you. As for Vahn, I don’t really know. I imagine he’s working on his Workshop, training Chi-Chi, or watching over Broly. He’ll tell us if we ask him but he doesn’t exactly report his actions to others. Being his wife, lover, or anything else for that matter, doesn’t give us the right to dictate his actions. Also, rather than hiding behind those blankets, why don’t you use just use the [REquip] System to get dressed? Vahn would have cleaned you before leaving.”

Though she was a little annoyed by the first half of Sarina’s statement, Bulma’s brows perked up in response to the latter. She even gave her pits a quick whiff, surprise coloring her expression as she asked, “Does he always do that…?”

Nodding her head in affirmation, Sarina explained, “Vahn never neglects aftercare. If not for the fact he has restricted himself to a single body, he would have stayed with you. Instead, I volunteered to stick around and make sure you were okay.”

Blinking several times, Bulma set aside her curiosity about Vahn’s apparent ability to create clones of himself, asking, “Why wouldn’t I be…?” in a slightly fretful tone.

Rolling her eyes a second time, Sarina exhaled an exasperated, groaning sigh as she said, “You’re overthinking things. If anything, having s.e.x with Vahn will make you stronger, smarter, and more beautiful. You don’t have to worry about being ‘broken’ by him unless you want to be.”

Hearing Sarina’s explanation, Bulma recalled how Vahn, despite being in control from start to finish, measured his actions in response to her requests and desires. He never once questioned whether or not she was sure of herself. Instead, he just went with the flow and made sure her first time was one of the most memorable experiences of her entire life…

Adopting a faint smile, Bulma muttered, “Vahn really is amazing, isn’t he…?” before heeding Sarina’s suggestion to don some clothes. In response, the latter just nodded her head before rising from the floating chair and saying, “Last night was an exception. If you’re going to be with Vahn, you’ll need to get used to sharing. It doesn’t have to be tonight, but, at some point in the near future, you need to mentally prepare yourself for a threesome…”

Though her words were directed towards Bulma, Sarina was also trying to convince herself. All of her experiences with Vahn were solo, so, the moment Bulma mustered her courage, she would be partic.i.p.ating in her first threesome. It was kind of scary, but, at the same time, she would be lying if she said she wasn’t looking forward to it.

Adopting a slight frown, Bulma contemplated Sarina’s words for several seconds before answering, “I understand. We’ll schedule something before the start of the new semester. For now, there are a couple of questions I want to ask you. After that, we’ll discuss your and Chi-Chi’s enrollments. I was able to get you registered as exchange students from the Ox-King’s Kingdom but you’ll still need to complete an entrance exam to determine your initial placement. You’ll also need to get fitted for a uniform. We won’t need them thanks to the [REquip] System but the school has a stringent policy about tracking the growth of students and keeping spare uniforms on hand.”

As someone who had a.s.sisted Vahn in performing hundreds of physical examinations, Sarina wasn’t too surprised by Bulma’s words. So long as the person taking her measurements wasn’t a man, she didn’t particularly mind having her body measurements and weight recorded. Rather, after her time in the Game Board, she had become pretty confident in her figure…



Though he had, in fact, spent time training Chi-Chi and watching over Broly, Sarina never would have been able to guess what Vahn was actually up to.

Similar to how Sis had created an ident.i.ty for him in the Nasuverse, Vahn hacked into the systems of West City to create ident.i.ties for himself, Sarina, and even Chi-Chi. The latter, despite being the literal Princess of a country, didn’t have an official birth certificate or any doc.u.mentation as the Ox-King’s Kingdom simply didn’t keep track of such things.

Fortunately, due to the destruction wrought by King Picollo, lacking doc.u.mentation wasn’t exactly rare. Most people born outside of the cities lacked proof of ident.i.ty so the government of Central City had created a process to expedite identification. In the end, the only thing you needed was a registered citizen to vouch for you, and, so long as you had enough funds to grease the wheels of bureaucracy, you could even obtain multiple ident.i.ties without drawing too much attention.

When everything was said and done, Vahn had Sarina’s ident.i.ty recorded as a Shamaness of the recently destroyed Tarako Tribe, a formerly famous community near Papaya Island that was wiped out more by a Typhoon. As for himself, he registered his ident.i.ty as a Pediatric Oncologist that had pa.s.sed the Medical Boards in North, East, South, and Central City. He wanted the Surgeon General of West City to think he was basically doing a ‘completionist run’ before developing the cure for a number of cancers and diseases with funding provided by Capsule Corp.

Though he was also intending to establish himself as a Great Sage or some kind of G.o.d of Martial Arts, Vahn knew Bulma was the type that enjoyed bragging. She would want to show him off in her social circles, so, rather than remain some mysterious figure without a background, he intended to become the world’s most famous physician. This would allow Capsule Corp to expand into medical sciences, but, more important than even that, it would make him and Bulma the most pre-eminent ‘power couple’ in the entire world.

Bulma was the type of woman who loved to show off, so, while it would be simple for him to tend to her needs in private, Vahn wanted to be able to support her publically as well. If he remained a recluse, people were bound to start gossiping as Bulma got on in years. Her status as the heiress of Capsule Corp, combined with the fact she was widely reputed to be the most brilliant woman in the entire world, made her one of the most high-profile people on the planet. Women wanted to be her and men wanted to be with her, so, ever since Bulma reached marriageable age, everyone had been paying close attention to see who she would end up with.

In the series he was most familiar with, Vahn suspected that the whole reason Bulma had supported Yamcha’s baseball career was to increase his status from a simple bandit to the most famous athlete on the planet. His training with Master Ros.h.i.+ made this remarkably simple, and, largely thanks to his relations.h.i.+p with Bulma, he quickly became the most coveted man on the planet.

What Bulma had failed to account for was the fact that Yamcha, even before meeting her, was weak against women. He had literally possessed a fear towards them before gradually overcoming it after spending a considerable amount of time with her. As a result, he was basically a doormat to anyone with an overbearing or persistent personality. This, combined with the fact she was busy developing new inventions and running Capsule Corp, meant it was only a matter of time until Yamcha cheated on her. Then, once it was known he was willing to cheat on her, women would have come out of the woodworks just to feel superior to the woman they had always envied…

Simply put, Bulma had shot herself in the foot. She hadn’t done it with malicious intentions, but, by forcing her expectations onto Yamcha, she ruined their chances at being happy. Before that, Yamcha was literally willing to settle down, get married, and have children. This was yet another fault in their relations.h.i.+p, as, despite wanting a boyfriend, Bulma had never even considered getting married and simply settling down.

Though Sarina seemed to hate him quite a bit, Vahn couldn’t help empathizing with Yamcha after spending time with Bulma. He even manipulated the bandit’s fate so that he would eventually seek out Master Ros.h.i.+ after a close encounter with Monster Carrot, a rabbit-like man who possessed the ability to turn anyone he touched into a carrot.

In the series Vahn was familiar with, Monster Carrot would have been defeated by Goku, who, using his Power Pole, sent the villain to the Moon. This time around, Vahn simply sealed the man’s power the moment it became clear they wouldn’t be pa.s.sing through the village he was tormenting. Since then, the villainous rabbit had cooped himself up inside his home, desperately trying to uncover the reason his powers had suddenly stopped working.

With the ability to manipulate the Flow of Fate, it wasn’t particularly difficult for Vahn to arrange a fated encounter between Yamcha and the Rabbit Mob. The Goku-lookalike actually had a heart of gold hidden beneath the veneer of a ruthless bandit, so, after saving Remote Village and receiving the recognition of the inhabitants, it was only a matter of time before he sought further validation by helping others. This would lead to him going on a journey, and, after building up his confidence, he would invariably attempt to prove himself at the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament…



After fabricating his ident.i.ty and applying for West City’s Medical License Examination, Vahn was somewhat surprised to be asked to visit Sun Wukong General Hospital. The female clerk who had processed his application ended up placing a call to the Surgeon General, who, after checking the system to make sure Vahn’s credentials were legitimate, decided to call him in for a consult.

As a Medical License from Central City allowed Doctors to practice in every other major city, Vahn would be allowed to skip the ha.s.sle of a paper exam by demonstrating his abilities and pa.s.sing an interview conducted by a Medical Tribunal. So long as he pa.s.sed, he would be allowed to begin his residency within a week.

Though residency would require him to be on-call for the better part of 2-4 years, Vahn didn’t mind. It gave him something to do while Sarina, Bulma, and Chi-Chi were at school. More importantly, as a Pediatric Oncologist, his primary responsibilities involved treating children with cancer. This was a heavy psychological burden for most, but, as someone who could literally cure cancer with a touch, Vahn was looking forward to seeing the smiling expressions of parents and children once they learn their cancer is either in remission or cured after a handful of treatments…

The mere thought of such an encounter brought a smile to Vahn’s face…



(A/N: Alternate t.i.tles: ‘Bulma already feels less b.i.t.c.hy…’,’Yamcha might be an a.s.shole but there is a reason for everything…’,’Vahn is going to be the Surgeon General by the time Bulma is finished with college xD…’)


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