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Chapter 545 – Salon (2/2)

After hearing Tina’s pattering footsteps as she left the salon, Vahn turned his head to watch her retreating figure before looking back to see what she had been up to. He saw that ma.s.sage table now had a part of the material completely rubbed away and he understood what she had done. It was a little late to apologize for the matter so Vahn decided he would make it up to her later by creating an accessory for her. She now had a small amount of mana, so Vahn figured making her a bangle with a small crystal that emits light would be good for her.

Shortly after Tina left, Vahn heard a bit of ‘fluttering’ as Terra poked her head into the Salon with an elegant smile on her face. Vahn could see a playful glint in her eyes and was about to ask before she said, “Milan gave up her turn to tend to her little one…did you do something ‘foolish’, Master~?” Vahn winced a little at Terra’s words and explained, “I got a bit absentminded and my muscle memory took over. It seems I’ll need to practice using my [Hands of Nirvana] in a less intense manner in the future…”

Terra laughed as she ambled forward with lithe and graceful movements, allowing her tail to sway from side-to-side and then asked, “What do I need to do~?” This had been the first time Terra has shown up in Vahn’s salon and, after seeing Hestia’s and Tina’s behavior upon exiting, she had a bit of expectation. Vahn exhaled a slightly exasperated sigh through his nose because, even without being able to see her aura, her behavior let him know what she was thinking. He explained in a calm tone, “I sometimes help the girls by ma.s.saging their bodies or giving them beauty treatments. If you’d like, I can help style your hair, give you a pedicure, manicure, and even things like skin treatments and other things you may be interested in.”

While Vahn spoke, Terra listened patiently before asking, “So I get to choose, is that it~?” when his explanation had ended. Vahn nodded his head but clarified, “Yes, but I try to treat this seriously so it shouldn’t be anything s.e.x.u.a.l. I don’t mind helping you release the tensions of your body, but you’ll have to be satisfied with my efforts without pressing for more.” Terra traced her eyes around the salon during his clarification, simultaneously listening to what he was saying while thinking about how best to ‘maximize’ her benefits. From his explanation, she knew it was possible to receive quite a few ‘benefits’ as long as she didn’t pressure him too much. Considering the fact that he often got carried away, Terra smiled and said, “I would like Master to examine my body in detail and do his best to satisfy me…without doing anything ‘s.e.x.u.a.l’ of course~.”

Vahn was somewhat surprised that Terra wasn’t trying to ‘insist’ on anything and had decided to leave it up to him. He suspected she was somewhat uncertain about what kind of services he provided and simply wanted to experience something interesting. As for Terra, she saw the ‘understanding’ in Vahn’s eyes and resisted the urge to laugh by smiling wider and saying, “Please, treat my body carefully, Master…” Vahn nodded his head and confidently declared, “You can leave it to me, Terra. I have a great reputation when it comes to things like this, so I’m confident you’ll be satisfied.”

Looking around, Vahn realized he didn’t actually have a table, or any tools for that matter, that would be suitable for Terra’s use. Her wings were large, and her tail was moderately thick and jutted out of her backside instead of dangling down at a shallow angle. This meant it was very difficult for her to lay on her back unless her legs and h.i.p.s were raised to compensate. She would either need to lay on her stomach, as was normal for a ma.s.sage, or he would have to let her sit on a chair. The ‘technical’ details of giving a ma.s.sage to a humanoid True Dragon were a little hazy and Vahn began to wonder what the most ‘efficient’ method to employ would be. He would feel a little sorry for her if she left after getting ‘riled up’ instead of ‘pacified’…

Vahn searched through his shop just to see if there were items that seemed suitable for the situation before giving up since he didn’t want to eat into Terra’s time. So that she understood what he was doing, Vahn explained, “Sorry, I can’t really think of the best way to proceed since none of my techniques relate to humanoid True Dragons. It might be a bit uncomfortable at first, but can you try laying on your stomach and, ah, you can take off your robe so I can contact your skin directly…” Vahn set out a large plush ma.s.sage table that was almost twice as wide as normal. This one was made out of a memory-type material that could contort to the shape of a person’s body, so Vahn figured it would be the best temporary solution.

Terra had seen what Hestia and Tina were wearing so she wasn’t surprised by the fact she had to remove her robe. She had even been waiting for Vahn to mention it so, shortly after his words fell, her robe turned into particulates and completely vanished. Though it was brief, Terra saw the ‘cursory’ glance Vahn had given her body. She knew he actually had a near-perfect memory so, though it was brief, he was likely looking over her figure in his mind. It was a little annoying, though Terra wasn’t quite sure why, and she wished he dropped his facade soon. Though she still needed to learn many things, it was difficult to ‘cope’ with knowing her Master likely thought of her as something akin to a potential mate but didn’t act on it because of his own self-imposed restrictions.

After Terra laid down on the table, Vahn noticed that her tail made an arch before curving down and resting against the top of the bed. It was impressive how distinct the line of her back was as it connected to her rather plump rump…deciding not to gawk, Vahn instead walked over, asking, “Is there any discomfort, tension, or aches within your body?” While he spoke, Vahn scanned Terra’s body with his [Eyes of Truth] with more focus than he had in the past. After his ‘exploratory’ interaction with Fenrir, he knew there were likely many things he would have to figure out through trial and error since the physiology of the ent.i.ties named through his Akas.h.i.+c Tome could have great deviations from the norm.

Terra eased up the tension in her wings and the spread out greatly as the drooped off the sides of the table, making it very difficult to move around her sides after the fact. She arched her back to make eye contact with him and said, “I haven’t had this form long enough to understand it…I’ll leave it to Master to find out if there are any issues. Please let me know if you find anything, Master…” Hearing her say things in such a way reminded Vahn that Terra only recently obtained this form, barely two weeks ago…realizing this, Vahn smiled and said, “Okay, then just let me know if anything I do is uncomfortable.”

Vahn rubbed his hands together and a powerful white light emerged from his palms to the point where small sparks emerged in the gaps between his fingers. He knew Terra’s tolerance would be very high given what he could see with his [Eyes of Truth], but Vahn still decided to start from a ‘safe’ spot. Moving toward where her feet were located, Vahn inspected the scales around her calves before placing his hands against her surprisingly cool skin. He knew her actual body temperature was quite hot, but it seemed to be contained within her body with three distinct epidermal layers, excluding the scales located at some of the places on her body.

As he had seen several times, Terra’s body was covered in strange runic patterns and Vahn noticed that they would emit a gentle green light wherever his hands pa.s.sed. With his [Eyes of Truth] active, he could see that her body actually absorbed the energy and spread it through her body even without his urging it to do so. Vahn found this interesting but he didn’t really have time to study the phenomenon in detail since that wasn’t the purpose of their current interaction. He traced his hands down her calves before lifting her feet until they were above the back’s of her knees at a ninety-degree angle. He noticed her joints were actually almost ‘perfectly’ aligned and there was almost no friction at all.

Upon closer inspection, there was a very thin cus.h.i.+on of a somewhat gaseous substance that acted as a natural lubricant and seemed to be partially comprised of source energy. Vahn turned his attention away from her knee joint and noticed that the bottoms of her feet were actually far different than he had expected. Instead of having the thin layer of scales like her calves and the top of her feet, the bottoms were very smooth and there were strange grainy patterns that looked like a fingerprint or the inside of a tree stump. It was very peculiar but, after tracing his index finger along it, Vahn found it was actually softer than even Hestia’s feet…

Terra giggled and said, “Master, my feet are very sensitive~” as she flexed her toes playfully. For Terra, her feet were one of the ‘organs’ she used to send energy into the ground or absorb it for her own use. In essence, they were similar to her ‘roots’ and it made her heartbeat quicken a bit having Vahn play around with them using his glowing white palms. She had a strange urge to try and absorb the flow of energy into her body and it made her a little giddy resisting the urge.

Vahn set Terra’s legs back down and move his eyes upward, since the gap between her thighs and the clearly visible mound beneath the deep creva.s.se of her b.u.t.t cheeks. Unlike Tina, she didn’t seem to be self-conscious of it at all and was freely letting her ‘nectar’ flow. Vahn was briefly reminded about the ‘sap’ incident from a few days ago and shook it from his mind as he moved closer to her h.i.p.s so he couldn’t stare in between her thighs at such a ‘dangerous’ angle. He was about to reach out and grasp her tail but Vahn’s hands stopped short as he asked, “Do you mind if I touch your tail?” The tail of many creatures, especially those with a humanoid shape, was typically an erogenous zone and Terra’s was inordinately thick compared to other girls.

Terra giggled and craned her head back, twisting her body in an almost scary display of her flexibility as she said, “Master, please do as you wish…remember, I entrusted my body to your care. If it is something unpleasant or especially sensitive I will let you know~.” Considering she had done the same for her feet, Vahn nodded his head and lifted Terra’s tail with his left hand and ran his palm along the underside. Terra’s body trembled slightly, but she just relaxed against the table while resting her head against her arms with a calm expression and a small smile on her face. Vahn could see that her nerves were ‘pulsing’ as he touched her, but she didn’t seem to be too reactive to it. He suspected it was similar to how Fenrir’s body reacted when he touched the nerve cl.u.s.ter near her tail…

While Vahn was ma.s.saging along the length of her tail, Terra was biting the inside of her cheek and staring off at a single point in s.p.a.ce while adamantly refusing to show any reaction that would cause Vahn to cease his exploration. As he had suspected, her tail was indeed a sensitive spot for her, especially the underside near the base, and Vahn was rubbing it from base to tip with a heavy caress. She had actually stopped breathing almost entirely and was just expanding and contracting her ribs slightly to simulate the appearance of breathing. Even though she knew her Master could see into her body, that didn’t mean he was really paying attention to every process. He seemed to be very focused on her tail as he ‘manhandled’ it and even tested its flexibility by twisting it…

Vahn was surprised that Terra’s tail was actually a bit lighter than he expected but, other than the strange signals it seemed to send through her body, there wasn’t anything that special about it. The most interesting aspect was that it was like one gigantic muscle surrounding a complex segmented bone structure with a total of 37 joints. She would likely be able to show the same amount of dexterity with it as Haruhime in the future with a bit of practice since Vahn could see there were thousands of nerve endings within it. It was also strangely flexible but Vahn didn’t want to test its limits since it seemed to cause Terra a bit of discomfort as her brows furrowed slightly.

After releasing her tail, Vahn could feel a strange flow of air in the room and focused his eyes further to see that Terra was actually pulling air elemental energy into her body. He blinked and watched the flow of energy but Terra flicked her wings and Vahn flinched at the unexpected movement. The sound of a sigh sounded out and Vahn turned to see Terra’s smiling face as she explained, “Having my wings hanging off the table like this is a little uncomfortable…” Vahn nodded his head and showed an apologetic expression as he said, “Sorry, I’ll see if I can come up with a better method in the future. I think I can make something like a foldable attachment that you can rest your wings on…?”

Seeing that she had successfully distracted her Master, Terra released a sigh of relief in her mind before relaxing against the table and releasing a comfortable sigh outside, saying, “This is very comfortable…I think a tail ma.s.sage is one of my favorite things now, fufufu~.” Vahn made a mental note of Terra’s comment before inspecting around the attachment of her wings where there was a dense a.s.sortment of muscles. There were several nerves running through this area and the scales were somewhat firmer than the other areas of her body. Inside of her body, Vahn could see the secondary scapula, much thinner than those around her shoulders, and the incredibly flexible muscles that stretched along the complex arrangement of bones in her wings.

Terra’s wings had three main transitions in the structure of her bones, very similar to most birds, except that she had a total of seventeen bones in each wing compared to the six-to-eight of many of the birds he had seen. She also had greater control over her feathers than any bird Vahn had ever seen, allowing her to ‘flex’ and bend the individual feathers to cause the rustling effect that she sometimes did. Each feather had a thin line of nerves that overlapped with the mana circuits contained within and Vahn knew it had to be painful for her when he had plucked some in the past. He was amazed at her self-control and ability to resist pain without showing any signs of discomfort at all…

As he had groomed her wings in the past, Vahn knew there wasn’t nearly enough time to focus on them and he could always investigate them in detail the next time he helped her. Instead, Vahn pressed into the largest cl.u.s.ter of nerves around the base of her wings and caused her right wing to snap shut, smacking him and pinning him over her body in the same motion. Because he had caused her wing to contract fully, which had actually been his intent, Terra’s wing folded inwards and as tucked to her body, this time with Vahn in between. He had misunderstood his own position on the matter and awkwardly extricated himself from the ‘entrapment’ of her wing with a flushed face as Terra laughed, clearly finding the sudden occurrence entertaining. When he finally freed himself, something she couldn’t help with since her nerves had seized up, Terra said, “Master, if you wanted to ride on my body you should have told me to transform into my dragon form~.”

Vahn’s blushed deepened considerably as he rubbed the back of his head, saying, “I didn’t account for the ‘range’ of your wings since I’ve never really stood at this angle before…you have a great deal of power in them…ahahaha…” As if he hadn’t greatly embarra.s.sed himself, Vahn moved over to Terra’s side and lifted up her folded sing and inspected the underside of it. Much like her tail, it was a bit lighter than he expected and he found the connecting area, where the wing attached into her body, to be a curious sight. It was strange to see an extra limb attaching into the body, especially around the middle of someone’s back, but Vahn could see how all the bones and muscles were arranged. He really wanted to try and make a pair of artificial wings in the future for Maemi and Emiru since their flexibility and natural sense of balance should allow them to fly around with practice.

To avoid another accident, Vahn made Terra tuck in her left wing before he moved to the other side of her body. He understood it had to be uncomfortable to have your muscles forcibly tensed up, so Vahn made sure to ma.s.sage around the area and help them slowly ease up naturally. To make sure he didn’t get ‘slammed’ by their opening, he pressed against the fold of her wings with a bit of strength, marveling at how flexible they were. Afterward, Vahn was actually running out of time and realized that a real ma.s.sage for Terra would take much longer than normal since he didn’t have a good understanding of her body. Her wings alone could take up to two hours to groom, and it seemed like a full-body ma.s.sage would take around the same amount of time.

Realizing he wouldn’t be able to finish, Vahn explained, “We only have around nine minutes, so let me know if there is something you’re interested in and I’ll try to take care of it before we run out of time. Next time, I’ll try some other stuff…or maybe I’ll inspect your body a bit when I help you groom your wings? I’m not quite sure, hmmm…” Terra’s wings flickered a bit at his words before she looked back and said in a ‘playful’ manner, “If Master will ma.s.sage around my b.u.t.t and thighs I would be satisfied. My lower body gets very tense from moving around in this form and it would be nice to release some tension from them~.” Since there was a fair amount of truth to this statement, Terra was confident in ‘teasing’ her Master a bit as he treated most people’s words seriously.

As many of his ma.s.sages actually incorporated the b.u.t.t and thighs, Vahn knew it was an important area where people could acc.u.mulate a lot of tension. Since the number of muscles in and around Terra’s lower body actually rivaled the total number of the rest of her muscles, Vahn believed it was even more important for her. He had long noted that her b.u.t.t was very toned compared to normal and, instead of the eight-to-twelve muscles of other races, she had a total of twenty in each b.u.t.t cheek. As for her thighs, Vahn could see that her muscles were strangely ‘banded’ and there were various large groups of muscles with several supporting tendons and ligaments. Though it wasn’t as ‘fleshy’ as Tsubaki and Hephaestus, Terra had inarguably the most toned b.u.t.t of all the girls and Vahn couldn’t deny he was somewhat interested in its complex structure.

After considering it for a brief moment, Vahn reached out his hands and tested the feel, noticing it was far more durable than he expected. It was still strangely soft, but it felt taut to the touch and Vahn could see the muscles move about underneath her skin. After inserting a thread of energy into one of the nerves of the large muscle groups, Terra’s b.u.t.t flexed and twitched a bit, allowing Vahn to feel how ‘dense’ it was to the touch compared to normal. It was very strange that something could be soft and hard at the same time, but Terra’s body was anomalous in many ways so Vahn wasn’t too surprised. He leaned over her body and began to ‘mold’ her b.u.t.t gently while positioning his fingers above pressure points and infusing energy into the surrounding muscles to help them relax.

Vahn spent about five minutes ma.s.saging Terra’s b.u.t.t and, by the time he was finished, it was almost like her cheeks had been ‘tenderized’ a bit because they had softened up greatly. He realized that she must flex her b.u.t.t a lot when she is moving around, likely because she needed to do so in order to keep her balance. This meant that he would probably have to help her release the tensions in the area every now and then or her muscles would become rigid over time. Strangely, she didn’t really seem to have too great a reaction even though Vahn could see that her nerves were firing like fireworks. Terra had even looked back to watch him out of curiosity and, other than a small smile on her face, she was completely composed.

Finished with her b.u.t.t, Vahn smiled and said, “I’ll help relax the tension in your thighs now…this can be pretty intense for some people, so let me know if there is any discomfort.” Terra’s smile widened marginally and she said, “I can feel a bit of strangeness in my body, but it hasn’t really been anything ‘intense’ so far. My s.e.x organ seems to be releasing fluids as a result of your actions though…sorry, I don’t really have any control over it. I’ve never really had a v.a.g.i.n.a before and I think it may take me a while to get used to it…”

Vahn’s brows raised slightly at Terra’s words and he felt strange to have her apologize about such a thing…after thinking about it for a while, he realized that he was the one ‘responsible’ for her embarra.s.sment and it made him feel a little guilty. She didn’t actually process foods completely through her body, so Terra didn’t pee or defecate at all. Instead of a colon, she had a sap organ and, though she had the structure of a v.a.g.i.n.a, it was different than normal while her urethra simply didn’t exist at all. Even he didn’t know what kind of advice to give her about the matter so he just shook his head and said, “You don’t have to apologize for something like that. I know all of my ‘evolved’ subordinates have unique bodies and some peculiarities they have no control over, so I won’t blame you for such things. Sorry for causing you trouble, Terra…”

Hearing Vahn ‘apologize’ made Terra’s brain buzz a bit because she felt incredibly happy that her mild scheme had been successful. She knew that there were indeed several peculiarities between all of them, such as Fafnir’s ‘scar’ and Fenrir’s ‘hunger’, so Terra thought she could use it as an excuse. It was certainly true she was inexperienced with the organ, but her actual control over her body was rather impeccable. Even the tension in her b.u.t.t was something she had done intentionally just to get Vahn to be more forceful in his actions. Terra was actually shocked to the core about how ‘intense’ his ma.s.sage was because she was struggling to hide her response. However, as she said, she actually couldn’t do anything about the floodgates that he had opened and she didn’t want him to ‘suspect’ anything that might undermine her previous act…

Vahn began giving a deep ma.s.sage around Terra’s thighs because he had noticed that the tension in her muscles was much greater than he expected. There was an incredibly powerful aroma wafting from her body, almost like he was bathing in an ocean of dew that had been collected from a billion different flowers, but he was using his [Will of the Emperor] to power through it. The difficult part was, even though he avoided getting too close to the ‘source’, Vahn’s hands were actually getting covered in something like condensation and it almost looked like his hands were very sweaty.

There wasn’t that much time left, but Vahn didn’t want to leave any sequelae in her body and only partially finish his actions so he put in a bit more effort until her thighs and b.u.t.t were twitching a great deal under his hands. They went a little bit over the thirty minute mark, but Vahn eventually got her thighs to completely relax and Terra seemed to be very satisfied as she released a surprisingly long sigh when he was finished and smiled beautifully as she said, “Thank you, Master~.” and tried to step off of the ma.s.sage table. Vahn’s eyes were drawn to the ma.s.sive stain on the table and he had been completely caught off guard when Terra collapsed to the ground as her legs gave out…

(A/N: Alternate t.i.tles: ‘Terra is very ‘clever”,’Touch the Tail…harder (UwU)~!’,’G.o.dhand Vs. True Dragon, Victor: G.o.dhand’)



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