WebNovel Epic Of Caterpillar Chapter 278 – Side ; The God Of Sand And Earth; Omgramid's Origins And Fall

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Chapter 278 – Side ; The G.o.d Of Sand And Earth; Omgramid’s Origins And Fall


The day the mortal named by the System Master as Kireina, conquered the [Forgotten Labyrinths of the Unspoken Dunes Dungeon] after defeating the last boss the Ancient Dragon Athos and then stealing the owners.h.i.+p of the dungeon by using the Skill [Dungeon s.n.a.t.c.h] over the Dungeon’s Core, the G.o.d of Sand and Earth, felt trapped in a horrendous situation that he had never expected through his entire life.

Since he became a Demi-G.o.d, this G.o.d laid down, hiding on his Divine Realm while growing stronger slowly, he gathered Divine Energy through [Scripted Events] and after working very hard by himself, he created a Dungeon in the Realm of Vida.

With a Dungeon, he finally obtained a stable source of Divine Energy, due to this, he grew lazy and relaxed. The life of a G.o.d was simple and easy for him, as he was a loner, he didn’t need to obey any other G.o.d, neither he had many responsibilities, he only slumbered and gathered Divine Energy, while slowly increasing his power.

And that’s how this G.o.d thought that he would live for the rest of eternity, after countless years, he would go through divine trials, increase his powers and become a great G.o.d, and even later on, a supreme G.o.d… Or well, those were his plans.

However, everything turned into a strange direction after his dungeon, which he barely maintained or inspected every once in a thousand years, started to have problems, internal problems.

A Dungeon Boss, the Ancient Light Spirit Nefert.i.ti, freed herself from her room and began to change everything around to her liking, afterwards she even settled down in a Kingdom of her own!

The G.o.d was flabbergasted. “How dare this inferior and pitiful Spirit to go against me?” he said. He did everything he could to kill Nefert.i.ti and send her back to her room after she resp.a.w.ned, however, Nefert.i.ti was intelligent and after gathering enough energy, created powerful barriers that no simple monsters could breakthrough…

“Oh well… I guess that’s how it is, it’s just a little thing, it’s not like she can escape, she will someday die and resp.a.w.n in the Boss Room…” Thought the G.o.d. His lazy and relaxed nature made him give up on the subject incredibly quickly.

However, as if the heavens punished him for his lack of diligence, another problem surged after another… Wild monsters started to enter the dungeon and reproduced inside thanks to the Dungeon’s Skills and special traits that increased reproduction and breeding efficiency. The Dungeon was now a mess, the first half seemed to be normal, but as one went down, Undead would begin to appear, and even lower, fire monsters that came from the Lower Realm were happily inhabiting the dungeon as their new home.

After working very hard, the G.o.d managed to capture the monsters and add them to his Dungeon’s Monsters, becoming finally part of the dungeon. Some small bugs, snails and other things managed to slip off his grasp, but he did not care much about it, and kept slumbering and attending his Divine Realm.

As if the problems would never cease, some thousands of years later, the dungeon boss Zakon, the Sand Wyvern, started to act strange, and suddenly figured a way to absorb the Dungeon’s Divine Energy. With this ability, it quickly developed and nourished itself through a long period where the Dungeon was completely buried by a mountain and forgotten by the civilizations. As the years pa.s.sed, Zakon grew stronger and obtained various Skills, gaining more and more authority over his area of the Dungeon, and with the Skill [Dungeon Area a.s.similation], it absorbed in the Dungeon’s Divine Energy directly from the G.o.d himself.

The G.o.d was still slumbering as all of this happened, and when he woke up, he felt a big part of his energy completely gone!

Hurrying it up, he tried to get rid of the pest, but never managed to kill it, Zakon was incredibly strong. If compared to the final Boss, Athos, he would be almost as strong, capable of even endangering the life of an Ancient Dragon. No Monster stood any chance against it, and even when the G.o.d tried to move him to somewhere or completely kill him with his Divine Intent, it was impossible, as such things went against the rules imposed over Divine Existences by the Supreme G.o.ds.

However, as if the heavens answered his call for help, a mysterious individual entered the dungeon, successfully defeated the first bosses, and then slaughtered Zakon with its group. This was the first time that this G.o.d has seen Kireina, who would then become his most hateful enemy.

Thanking Kireina for what she had done, he gifted her plenty of things and treasures. He did not mind as such treasures were meaningless for G.o.ds, mere toys that mortal adored for whatever reason.

The G.o.d, whose name is Omgromid, was never interested in mortals as much as other G.o.ds, and usually did not understand their feelings as much. His origins were different than most, fleshy G.o.ds.

As Omgromid was born from the amalgamation of the earth itself in the grand Continent of Vida of the Ancient Genesis, in a region called the Ancient Peaks, where high amounts of Mana flowed freely through the earth, a place where Rockmen are born, an ancient, now extinct, species of demi-humans made of rock and flesh.

Omgromid had been born from an unnatural amount of concentrated Mana, which was Divine Energy caused by the corpse of an Ancient Spirit that had died there long ago. The Mana and the natural Earth Attribute that filled the Ancient Peaks gave birth to a strange Rockmen, the strongest one ever registered in Genesis records, a Divine Species born from the earth itself, Omgromid.

Rockmen were naturally lazy individuals, due to their composition, they slept for very long years, and when they died down, their corpses would nourish the earth and create new Rockmen, this was the strange cycle of their lives. Omgromid was different, due to his abnormal amount of magic energy, although he slumbered for hundreds of years, he never died and never fell into pieces, giving birth to new Rockmen.

Due to his abnormal lifespan, he grew stronger by nouris.h.i.+ng his body with the natural Mana in the earth, which he absorbed by directly touching it with his rocky hands. As he broke through Life Walls, he suddenly evolved into a Living Deity Species with incredible ease. Some mortals, special humans, would envy this being if they were to know his story.

Due to the tradition and natural laziness of Rockmen, although Omgromid was the chief of the Rockmen, he never saw them as equals, and when the humans and other demi-humans got to know about Rockmen amazing Mana and Life Energy deeply engraved on their Magic Cores, they were hunted down to extinction.

Omgramid did not care about this, as he hid and kept cultivating, reaching G.o.dhood a few thousand years later. Since then, he gathered Divine Energy, got to know more G.o.ds, and then secluded himself on his Divine Realm. He didn’t even spectate the destruction of Genesis.

Because of his life story, Omgramid had never gone through hards.h.i.+ps, he had an easy, carefree life, that many other G.o.ds would envy, as they had gone through countless hards.h.i.+ps to reach G.o.dhood, while Omgramid only needed to sleep and absorb the energy of Genesis through his special abilities, he was truly a gifted individual.

Omgramid never cared about mortals, and never loved anyone but himself. He saw mortals as mere tools to gather Divine Energy, Kireina was one. He saw her as a tool, a new, little insect that was helpful enough to get rid of this issue for him. Due to the courtesy he had learned from other G.o.ds, who taught him to reward the measly mortals when they did something they thought “commendable”, he gifted Kireina some liquor alongside artifacts and items that the dungeon could easily produce.

“Hopefully she can come again, so I can gather more Divine Energy… It would be nice if some of her party died too, or her as well, that would give nice Divine Energy too… Oh well, I’ll leave that to fate…” Thought Omgramid as he went to slumber once again…

However, not even a month pa.s.sed, and he was suddenly awoken. Kireina came back to the dungeon, and although this would be good news, they wouldn’t be enough to wake up a G.o.d from his slumber. There was another reason for Omgramid’s surprise.

Kireina had somehow managed to refine one of his Dungeon Bosses and enslaved it, the Girtablilu Empress, Nixephine.

“What is the meaning of this? How can a mortal do such a thing!?” He yelled.

Indeed, a mortal would never be able to accomplish such a feat in their entire lives. Only G.o.ds could refine Dungeon Bosses and steal them, but that was impossible because of the Rules imposed by the Supreme G.o.ds with the support of the System. No one would ever bother Omgramid due to this, and because of this way of thinking, he had never imagined on his entire life, that something like this would happen.

Omgramid, after so many years, felt anger. True anger.

After carefully inspecting Kireina, he discovered terrible things. This ant possessed the [Dungeon s.n.a.t.c.h] Skill, who was somehow gifted to her after accomplis.h.i.+ng certain conditions. With this Skill, even a Mortal could steal a Dungeon. And because she was always talking with her group that she would do so, Omgramid believed her and became even more terrified.

Omgramid contacted some other G.o.ds, who secluded himself similar to him. Each one had a similar personality than him, as they all were lazy G.o.ds, with easy-going lifestyles.

“Just kill it!” Said one, who seemed to be made entirely of steel, resembling a talking gray mountain.

“How about you set some traps? Said another, who was made out of countless sea plants, resembling an amalgamation of seaweeds.

“Yeah, yeah… Just do that!” Said the stupidest one, who seemed to be made out of a pile of mud.

Are these truly G.o.ds?! If Kireina were to know this, her lower jaw would fall off the ground in surprise.

Omgramid wasn’t the brightest G.o.d out there, and he accepted his acquittances ideas and suggestions. Desperate, he saw how Kireina beat each boss one after another, approaching the last boss and then the dungeon core. He hurried up, selling his lifetime worth of Divine Materials, and then obtained the Crystalized Divine Energy, enough for him to do what he thought was enough… Oh G.o.ds, how wrong was he.

Trial after trial, Kireina overcame and ate each one. She was not a simple being at all! An abnormal thing that has been suddenly born in this world, a misfit.

Omgramid created more challenges, trials, dangers everywhere, and each one was successfully detected and destroyed. He had even gone as far as directly buffing his Dungeon Bosses, making the System notice him and punis.h.i.+ng him by taking some of his Divine Energy as penalties for ignoring a rule.

And because he did this several times… His Divine Energy was running incredibly low. At the last trial, where the G.o.d thought that he would be able to finally beat Kireina, something unexpected happened, again. How many unexpected things had now happened? This poor G.o.d couldn’t even count them by now, he had been living too carefree for too long, he wasn’t even capable of handling so many issues at once.

Kireina fought against the last Boss Athos and was about to beat him, but Omgramid had planned that just right at the moment that she would lower her guard, she would grant Athos the rest of his Divine Energy, turning the tables against him and beating Kireina… Or so he thought.

Kireina detected his intentions and used her Aura to eat the Divine Energy before anything could have ever happened.

It was a total loss.

A G.o.d had completely lost to a mortal.


And then, Kireina ate Athos, explored the dungeon, and then stole it with [Dungeon s.n.a.t.c.h].

Omgramid began to run low on Divine Energy, and when he tried to call his acquittances for help, if they could spare some for him, they ignored him.

“Those snakes! Did they set me up?!”

Omgramid was never settled up, these G.o.ds were just never his friends, he was wrong thinking that they had some sort of connection, they were only interested in him because of his Earth Attribute Divine Materials, nothing else.

Losing connection to his Dungeon through his Divine Soul, Omgramid felt lost… What will be of him now? His Divine Energy was almost depleted, he needed to do something!

He asked for help in places that he would never do, and even tried to join other G.o.ds’ pantheons, but was completely ignored as well. Although he was a G.o.d, above Demi-G.o.ds, various Demi-G.o.ds looked him from above, living comfortably with their pantheons, were Divine Energy was freely administrated through his members by the grace of the Supreme G.o.ds.

Omgramid didn’t have the backing of anything or anyone, he was alone…

And now, he finally realized, how stupid and naïve he was on his entire life, by choosing to live a secluded life, he never formed bonds, he never made friends and allies, and never created a way out of such situations.

Omgramid gigantic rocky body started to mutate, as his core flashed in an eerie dark light, his consciousness began to fade as his entire body shaped itself into that of a beast.

A gigantic, monkey-like being made out of minerals, gemstones and rocks fell from the sky and created rampages through unknown Realms.

However, the monster that Omgramid had become due to lack of Divine Energy to maintain his powers, had deeply engraved something on his chaotic, beast-like mind.

“Kill this ant… Kill Kireina! Rip her to shreds, pulverize her fles.h.!.+”

Kireina, unaware of what she had secretly provoked, was taken aback by a strange system message.


[A G.o.d has fallen!]

Kireina grimaced at what could this even mean, she lacked the knowledge. However, in the future, Kireina will provoke countless G.o.ds and demi-G.o.ds to fall of their divinity, becoming Fallen G.o.ds, and one day, they will all hunt her down…

Although no G.o.ds wanted to help Omgramid, the news about his fall was spread vividly around, some G.o.ds lamented his foolishness, while others said that that was what he deserved for being a secluded G.o.d.

Nonetheless, the existence of Kireina, the only mortal who had caused a G.o.d to fall, was already well known by almost every G.o.d, and some of the G.o.ds who backed up her group were starting to seem scarier than before.

Some other G.o.ds envied them as they chose such a strong mortal as an ally, while others only gave hateful glares to those who dared to back up such a being.

One of the first demi-G.o.ds who decided to help Kireina’s group, the Demi-G.o.ddess of Water and Slime, Blooia, who belonged to the Pantheon of the Supreme G.o.ddess of Life was suddenly showered in divine intents, trying to contact her and create bonds or alliances.

Blooia, who had an appearance similar to Rimuru, one of Kireina’s first summons and her wife, drank a little bit of tea as she sighed.

“Fweeh… I can’t believe that she would do such a thing…”

Her Divine Aura s.h.i.+ned brightly in countless watery and bluish colors, while she sat down in a white chair and glanced over her garden, made out of countless blue flowers, all of them being Divine Materials, surrounding the flowers there was an immense, endless lake, where countless slime-like lifeforms thrived.

“Although I don’t really regret my decision, Rimuru is just so cute, and her little daughter, Ailine, is even brighter~! It’s too bad that I cannot bless her because my Divine Energy is not enough… Hopefully, Kireina can calm down and not do foolish things for now, or her reputation with the rest of the pantheons, whenever she ascends to G.o.dhood, will be terrible…”



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