WebNovel Epic Of Caterpillar Chapter 597 – [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet's Labyrinth Conquest] 59/?: The Blood Fairy Sisters Join The Battle

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Chapter 597 – [Fated Encounters: Nyzzet’s Labyrinth Conquest] 59/?: The Blood Fairy Sisters Join The Battle


Just as Zudig began to conjure a new Divine Technique, trying to get rid of the annoyances that Truhan and Celica were to him, a trio of mysterious fairies, whose size was comparable to an ant to Zudig, appeared behind him.

They were so small that not even Zudig paid them attention as he concentrated on killing the above fifty-meter-tall Giants in Truhan and Celica.

However, just as Zudig was about to attack Truhan and Celica, the three fairy ladies bodies were engulfed in an arc of red-colored light that appeared from the sky, from a small portal that Kireina created which led to her Inner Realm, which led to the sky atop her Empire, where Agatheina was giving her powers to the three Blood Fairy Sisters, the newly named Silvana, Philomena, and Timandra, formerly known as the Blood Servants summoned by Kireina many months ago, which evolved through many adversities and adventures, becoming Blood Elves and then Blood Fairies.

Their skin was pale red, and their enormous b.u.t.terfly wings exuded a crimson hue that made the entire air around them smell like blood… their eyes were crimson red and mischievous, and their long and crimson hair made them exceptional beauties with many admirers in the Empire… their resemblance to Kireina was clear as water, and some had even speculated that they might be her sisters… though the would be shocked to know that they were simply servants summoned out with her blood at first.

Three arcs of crimson light flew towards their bodies and engulfed them with it, this was Agatheina, the Vampire G.o.ddess of Blood ‘Heroic Spirit Descent’ Skill!

The Heroic Spirits of Agatheina were her children, those strong mortals that had died in battle and were Vampires, descendants of her blood. She took their souls and converted them into Heroic Spirits to serve her even after death. Their existence was similar to Spirits such as Brontes or Nereid, but more ethereal, like Nefert.i.ti.

Their strength was compared to Rank 5 Living Deities, but their purpose was different than those that were raised to G.o.dhood through conventional methods.

Their powers and purpose could only be seen when they possessed someone blessed by Agatheina… such as the Blood Fairy Sisters Trio.

Silvana, Philomena, and Timandra felt as if a new being merged into their bodies, giving them greater strength… and then, by activating the red-colored armors that covered their bodies, they shouted together.

“Now! Docking!”

Zudig heard such words from below his feet, mistaking them for ants.

“Docking…? Agh!”

However, through that, Zudig was confused and ended up affecting the cast of his Divine Technique, although this was not the original intention of the Blood Fairy Sisters Trio.

The three sisters’ armors began to expand around, as the three hugged each other tightly, although their faces could not be seen through their powerful body suits armors.

The armors began to expand to a greater height, even matching a bit of Zudig!

The armors converged even more through the power of the Heroic Spirits Descent from Agatheina, three spirits into one single being, the power seemed outstanding!

“What the?!”

Zudig felt a strong and crimson presence emerging from below himself, as an enormous metallic claw of crimson color emerged and grabbed tightly on his feet, seeping their sharp claws into his flesh, and even causing pain!

“UNGH! W-What the h.e.l.l?!” roared Zudig, flying with his enormous wings away from the being that emerged from below him, only to see forty meters tall, crimson-colored metallic giant shaped into the form of a beautiful and slender woman, with long and s.h.i.+ny b.u.t.terfly wings made out of crimson aura. There were sharp spikes all across its body, ending in two long horns atop the helmet.

The helmet that covered the ‘face’ had the shape of a mischievous woman, laughing.

The three Blood Fairy Sisters used their armors to do what was called ‘Docking’!

But was it Docking?

The three sisters found their minds connected through their combined armors.

“This feels amazing!”

“It feels as if we became one, slightly”

“So this is Docking? It’s like fusion but with the equipment!”

The three sisters were very happy and energetic, but the Heroic Spirits tried to calm them down…

“Girls, please calm down, and concentrate on the task given…”

“You stop laughing!”

“Sigh… Let’s give them a hand”

Suddenly, the three Heroic Spirits took a bit of the control of the enormous, armored giant, flying towards Zudig and then shaping its shoulders into cannons, whose Auras emerged from within them as a powerful burst of crimson energy one after another!

Flas.h.!.+ Flas.h.!.+ Flas.h.!.+

Zudig activated several barriers to defend himself from this new attacker, but each barrier was broken like gla.s.s by the cannons, reaching his body and beginning to blast the flesh, scales, and even bones off his feet.

“S-s.h.i.+t! UNNGAAAHH!”

Zudig could not help but roar in pain, although his regeneration powers quickly gave him back the lost legs, the pain and damage into his grotesque soul did not heal back as much…

“Hm, this might be not enough… Charge the Chest Cannon!” said Silvana, formerly known as Clumsy.

Clack, clas.h.!.+

The enormous metallic giant’s chest changed shapes, opening, and then showing a giant cannon, seemingly made out of some kind of advanced technology only seen in sci-fi fiction!


Crimson energy converged into one inside the enormous cannon, firing an enormous blast of pressurized Blood Attribute Aura towards Zudig.

Zudig tried to evade, but the blast of Aura followed him around as if it were a tracking missile, making him even more worried!

“S-s.h.i.+t! Go away! Blazing h.e.l.lish Inferno Breath! Divinity Devouring!” roared Zudig, opening its enormous jaws and firing a powerful sickly, green-colored breath attack made out of flames that could consume flesh and souls, enhanced by his Divinity Devouring!

Both energies clashed against each other, but Zudig seemed to have an advantage!

“Gahahaha! DIE! Succ.u.mb to the G.o.ds, mortals!” roared Zudig in frustration, anger, and a bit of the pleasure of winning against weaklings.

Even with all of their help, the Blood Fairy Sisters Trio began to be overwhelmed, charging all of their energy into the Chest Cannon, but ultimately slowly falling back.

However, this is everything they wanted.

Truhan and Celica emerged from Zudig’s blind point, raising their weapons, and engulfing themselves into their Auras, unleas.h.i.+ng a potent onslaught of slicing attacks and burning red and black flames. Zudig began to be grilled in its entirety this time!

“…What?! Where were you?! NNNGGGYAAAAAAA!

Zudig had suddenly lost track of Truhan and Celica when he was fighting with the Blood Fairy Sisters… and this was because of their supporters!

Ismena was floating around in her special armor alongside Mady and Nanako, creating Illusions with their enhanced powers granted by the armors and a.s.sisting Truhan and Celica into doing a sneak attack while Zudig had all of his attention into killing the Blood Fairy Sisters Trio!

“We did it!” said Ismena, celebrating. Her Armor was pink-colored, and covered all of her body tightly, being flexible and light. Her decorations were those of flowers and fairies, and her fairy wings were covered in the armor as well, without disrupting their ability to fly. Her long pink hair came out of her armor and made her look like a futuristic warrioress of extreme beauty.

“It seems that we can now direct our Illusions to even farther away beings than before…” said Mady. Her armor was more special than the others, covering her various tentacles and the eyes in them, enhancing the powers to greater extents. Her armor was reddish-pink, brightly s.h.i.+ning on the battlefield, but due to her Illusions, she seemed to be completely invisible. In the tip of each of her tentacles, there were now metallic jaws of dragons, snakes, and wolves, similarly to the appearance of her children.

Zudig was engulfed in the incessant attacks of Truhan and Celica, his flesh began to burn through the red and black flames, and his soul, which was rather big, began to break apart, even more, the pain was awfully hard to bear.

And because he was engulfed in their attacks, Zudig’s breath attack stopped, letting the Blood Fairy Sisters Trio emerge from within and extend their enormous metallic arms towards Zudig, giving him a few punches right into its burning gut!


“UNNGH…! You insolent… Mortals!” roared Zudig, trying to move away from Truhan and Celica but only getting even more cornered.

“Not so fast!” said the Trio of Sisters together.

Suddenly, from within their enormous giant armor, a blade appeared, covered in crimson red Aura, as if it were a lightsaber.

“b.l.o.o.d.y Symphony: Slas.h.i.+ng Dance of the Crimson Queen!” they said, converging various techniques together alongside magic into a single Sword Art!

Slas.h.!.+ Slas.h.!.+ Slas.h.!.+

Slashes of crimson red energy began to emerge from their giant, red-colored light saber-like sword, bringing upon Zudig an incessant onslaught of deadly attacks, each one charged by the superior G.o.d Devour!

Slas.h.!.+ Slas.h.!.+ Slas.h.!.+

Zudig desperately tried to defend himself, conjuring countless barriers, releasing magic spells, and even whatever Divine Technique he could muster with such level of concentration… However, because of being undead, he was never used to pain, making him panic each time he experienced it, and even worst when it was directed to his soul!

Fear, tremendous fear emerged from within Zudig’s heart! Not even Kireina came to him and he was already almost dying!

“Just who… do you think I am… you… You RATS! GRRRAAAAAAAAAA!!!”


Zudig suddenly exploded into a burst of power, converging all of the power and Divine Energy he was saving into his soul and releasing it into his Divine Aura, a rotting and decaying domain formed around him as Truhan, and Celica were blown through the skies alongside the Blood Fairy Sisters.

“Well, he’s a G.o.d. Of course that he has some powerup in the middle of the fight…” muttered Kireina while glancing at the scene, she was putting more than 90% of her concentration into maintaining her Domain and creating more layers for Kheseerad to not escape, while using the other ten percent into enhancing her servants and family through many types of buffs, while also trying to curse at any time the G.o.ds they were fighting to create more opportunities for them.

Truhan, Celica, and the Blood Fairy Sisters Trio glanced at Zudig, who had received a new powerup through the release of his powers, which he was trying to save as his initial intention was to escape from this place instead of fighting to the death…

“Now that you’ve made me go all out… You better be delicious!” roared Zudig, sticking his purple tongue out of his jaw with a furious expression. His entire and enormous body healed its wounds as a sickly green Divine Aura covered his decaying undead body.

“If I am fighting for my life, I better use every tool to survive! I will not die today!” roared Zudig, opening a portal to his Divine Realm and taking out a tiny blade that could only fit on his fingertip… however, the moment he glared at it and infused his Divine Aura into it, the blade grew immensely big, matching his size!

Grabbing it with one of his clawed hands, the dark blade began to exude a deadly presence, countless dead spirits began to emerge from it, twisting in pain and agony, while being engulfed by Zudig’s Divine Aura.

“This is the Legendary Weapon of David! After I possessed his body, the blade… had some adjustments! Now succ.u.mb to my power, and learn to never raise your hands against the G.o.ds of this world, insolent worms!” roared Zudig, flying towards Truhan, Celica, and the Blood Fairy Sisters Trio at great speed.

“Necrotic Slas.h.i.+ng Blade Arts: Purgatory of Freezing Phantom Blaze! Divinity Devouring!”

Zudig raised his weapon as he clashed against the group of five, Truhan and Celica used their weapons to intercept Zudig, while unleas.h.i.+ng all of their Auras into enormous punches that began to attack his sides, shoulders, and chest enhanced by G.o.d Devour.

Meanwhile, the Blood Fairy Sisters Trio used their sword to intercept and counterattack Zudig’s Blade Arts, while unleas.h.i.+ng cannons of Blood Attribute Aura through the Cannons in their chest and shoulders.

However, Zudig this time seemed different, although before he was panicking and rather afraid, he was now completely enraged and using his full power, he seemed like he had been holding back until now, making even Truhan feel a bit overwhelmed. But amongst such overwhelming power, a smile surged in the red demon giant.

“GAHAHAHA! That is what I was looking for! A challenge! Celica! Go with the Sisters and support me from the sides!” roared Truhan, as his body was engulfed in red h.e.l.lish flames, that begun to burn through even Zudig’s Aura for a few moments!

“Wait, Truhan! …Sigh, alright!” said Celica, sighing and then smiling, understanding her husband, and moving to the Blood Fairy Sisters Trio’s side.

“Oh?! You dare come at me alone, fool? You dare approach me?!” muttered Zudig.

“How can I beat the s.h.i.+t out of you without getting near you?” said Truhan.

“Tch! Insolent rat! If you want to die so badly, come at me! I will make sure to taste your soul!” roared Zudig, flying towards Truhan while pointing his black blade against Truhan’s red axe.




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