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Chapter 62 – Demi-Humans Gathering

When everyone was ready to go, I saved the whole house inside my Item Box and we continued our travel to the surface. While we were going upstairs, we found less monsters around so it was a rather relaxing travel, I talked and discussed pretty normal things with my wives, I also shared my plans on expanding and making a road to the b.l.o.o.d.y Sacrifice Dungeon for easier travel, and also one for the Lava Hot springs for everyone to enjoy those mineral-filled warm waters.

When we reached the fourth floor, I began to look for the River Lizardman Tribe as I quickly found them in their hidden room were, they usually live. Most of them were rather terrified, thinking that I came to finish them for good.

Because they have a rather simple intelligence, I was able to easily gain their trust with delicious food, and in about one hour, the whole tribe followed us outside. Their group was bigger than I expected, being of around 93 Lizardman. There were 48 Young Adults, 32 Kids and 13 Elderly.

I had to protect them from the monsters from the outside so I had the idea of just transporting them all on a Flying Slime. I quickly summoned a big amount of slime as I controlled it with my [Self Fluid Manipulation] and made a big capsule of solidified magic on its center and put everyone inside. I granted the big ma.s.s of slime the buff [Levitate] as it quickly began to float, and we traveled on it towards our Kingdom at max speed.

Inside the solidified magic capsule, I began to serve some food to the hungry Lizardman Folk, they all seemed very grateful. I inspected some of the children’s stats and there were a lot with interesting cla.s.ses like [Blacksmith], [Dark Knight] or [Wizard]. It seems that their low intelligence doesn’t make them appreciate their true talents and end up under developing them. This won’t happen anymore; I’m going to make everyone train! Even the Elderly will sweat blood and get stronger!

After one hour of fast travel, we descended to the surface as I was greeted by my family. Redgaria was awaiting me with the Wyvern Overlord, the Rin Sisters, and Herbell, who seemed rather different. I think he evolved.

Redgaria greeted me with a “yoo!” as I waved my hand.

“Oh, Kireina! What is that pair of horns you got there? You really look like a real demon now! Bwahaha! So, how was the adventuring?”

“Pretty good, just take a look at this”

I opened my Item Box and showed Redgaria my two [Legendary] weapons, the relaxed man quickly lost its composure as it looked at the weapons with a dazed state.

“E-Ehh?! A L-Legendary Relic?! What?! How?!”

The rest of my family looked with amus.e.m.e.nt at the s.h.i.+ny weapons, some even touched them to feel if they were the real deal.

My wives also took out their Legendary Weapons and everyone glanced at them as if they were some kind of G.o.ddesses.

Even the serious Wyvern Overlord couldn’t help but open its jaw whole.

“J-Just when I thought that I was unique for being a Legendary Sword… Haahh… I guess I am not that special…”

Redgaria noticed the big wyvern sad face as it pointed at it while laughing.

“Hahaha! That’s what happens to say that my Undead is disgusting! You should have chosen an Undead body! Right, Herbell?”

Herbell seemed dazed by the weapons as it was woken up by Redgaria question.

“A-Ah… Indeed… “

After having greeted and hugged most of the people waiting for me, I left the Lizardman group to the Rin Sisters. They all looked at me with tired expressions.

“Hahaha… I’m sorry… Maybe this can help, Activate Skill: [Supernatural Lovely Boost: All Stat, EXP Enhancement, and Healing]”


Suddenly, a bright rainbow light covered the Rin sisters as they felt an incredible energy filling all their Stamina to almost the top while refres.h.i.+ng their fatigued minds.

“W-What is this?!”

“Impressive… I don’t feel sleepy anymore…”

“Ooh! Master! This is incredible! Even better than any nap we have ever taken! Thank you very much!”

I didn’t even know that this new buff could even replace sleep. It’s rather incredible. As I saw the Rin Sisters led the entire Lizardman Tribe. I went to my Castle with my wives, Redgaria, the Wyvern Overlord and Herbell. There were important matters to discuss. A certain group of demi-humans and some humans were waiting for me.

When I entered the throne room, I was greeted by an immense group of people, from all shapes and colors. This was the first time that I’ve seen so many different and distinct races in the same place.

There were around 17 demi-humans and 5 humans.

On the demi-human group, there was a group of five harpies. Harpies on this world had wings on their arms and bird talons on their feet, while being covered on colorful feathers on its entire chest, only revealing part of the belly. The most notorious harpy was a beautiful young girl with colorful green, blue and red feathers, she had a youthful appearance and dazzling golden eyes. She looked at me almost with fascination. Why is that?

There was also a small group of what I could tell were some race of demon, there was a beautiful young demon woman with pale white skin and small horns on her forehead, she had brown hair and golden eyes, according to her status, she was a Half Paladin Lord. There were two demon brats with her, who looked at me with blushed faces. The tallest one had a muscular complexion and dark brown skin with two big black horns on each side of his head. He had red shot eyes and a handsome appearance; it was a Half Quake Lord. Lastly, the smallest brat had a pale-yellow skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes, with a horn on its forehead that seemed to be made of Thunder Spirit Stone, the brat was a Half Thunderstorm Lord. All of these demons were rather strong.

There was a pair of High Centaur girls, who had their lower half of that of a horse. They were rather muscular and very beautiful. With blonde hair, green eyes and a dignified aura. Their cla.s.ses were Holy Warrior and Magic Swordsman.

On the other side, there was a group of 5 Beast-men of different races.

Two of them resembled cute Earth House Cats. Having small sizes of around 112 Cm, they didn’t have humanoid faces but that of a cat, covered on fluffy hair, they were incredibly adorable. Their race was Cait Sith and both were of the Thief Cla.s.s.

There was a pair of more humanoid Beast-men that were of the Wolf Race. They had fluffy hair around their bodies and long wolf hears on top of their heads. It was a girl and a young man; they resembled a lot so I a.s.sumed they were siblings. Both had the Martial Artist Cla.s.s.

The weirdest ones were a Wind Wyvern and a h.e.l.lhound Beast-woman. The Wind Wyvern woman had a muscular appearance and was rather tall, her arms were covered on scales and long green colored wyvern wings. She had a thick tail covered on study scales and a long green hair with red eyes and a fierce look. The h.e.l.lhound woman had a very wild look, being almost naked and having a deep black skin that almost resembled charcoal and had an orange l.u.s.ter. Her black fur covered part of her arms and powerful claws. She had a small amount of fur on her hips, covering her genitalia. Her eyes sometimes would let off a red flame.

On the human side, there were three beauties and two young men. The first beauty was an archer adventurer with long brown hair and blue eyes while wearing gla.s.ses, she had a dignified look and seemed rather worried. The second beauty was a rather pet.i.te girl with a pretty big pair of b.r.e.a.s.t.s for her size, she had pink twin tails and purple eyes, her cla.s.s was Iron Defender. The third beauty was a muscular Amazona, with brown skin, long black hair and eyes and a beautiful body, her cla.s.s was Beastly Berserker.

The first young men were a small boy with a worried look. He had blonde hair and green eyes, the boy was wearing a rather nice silver armor and had a youthful face, his cla.s.s was Resplendent Knight. The second young men were a taller figure, with long black hair and red eyes, he was rather handsome too, his cla.s.s was Dual Swordsman.

I the room there were also Celica, Kizuato and Avellona groups.

When I sat down on my throne, Celica and Truhan kneeled and greeted me, telling me about the humans they killed and giving me their flesh and equipment as gifts right in front of the other humans, which made them a little bit scared. However, most demi-humans saw the pieces of human meat with disturbed grins.

“T-Thanks… There is no need to be so formal around me, you are all my family after all. Come to my side”

Celica and Truhan blushed a little as they walked at both of my sides.

“Ahaha! I’m sorry for being like this, Master. I just have to look intimidating towards the new rookies and those humans”

“We were waiting for your return, Master. We obtained some new [Legendary] relics too… But let’s talk about that later…”

“I agree…”

I looked over Kizuato who stopped kneeling down and slowly walked towards me, offering me the meat and equipment of the humans he killed.

“Master, these are the human flesh and equipment. I had to kill them in the form of defense, they didn’t listen to reason. Humans are rather stupid… I’ve also bought this big group of demi-humans, all of them are well behaved and nice people. They were waiting for your return, to finally meet their new Empress…”

Suddenly, all the demi-humans on the room kneeled without exception. Even the fierce-looking h.e.l.lhound woman kneeled without a doubt. The Harpy Girl from earlier didn’t stop to look at me with fascination. So, I spoke to her.

“You, the Harpy Girl, what’s your name?”

The Harpy Girl began to blush and looked at the ground.

“Fueeehh… I-I… M-My name is… Uuuaah…”


A Harpy man who seems to be her father or big brother patter her on the head while apologizing for her behavior.

“I’m sincerely sorry, Empress Kireina. My daughter’s name is Nephiana. And I am Kenik. We come from the Harpy Tribe that once inhabited the Windy Mountains… If it wasn’t for the humans…”

According to Kenik, the humans tricked the Harpy folk and ended up enslaving the entire tribe. He and Nephiana have been the only two who have managed to stick together after so many years. Nephiana haven’t seen her mother and sister for two years. The Human who ended up enslaving them was the Hero of Raging Winds, which I didn’t expect.

Some of the humans began to talk, saying that these demi-human slaves didn’t belong to them, but their superiors. They were just a normal adventurer party that was suddenly ma.s.sacred by my family.

The Archer Beauty, who seems to be the most intelligent and composed of the five, tried to talk with me trying to find a way for mutual understanding.

“Kireina, right? I’m sorry for our group rudeness. We never meant to attack your people. P-Please, let us go. We will make sure to alert the rest of the humans that this place is your domain, so we will never come again…”

What? Does she think that I am an idiot? Who would fall for such a thing?

I looked at the Archer Beauty with intimidating eyes, releasing a small hint of my true aura. Suddenly, the whole throne room began to feel extremely heavy, as the humans were struggling to breathe.

“Haaahhh… W-What is that aura?”

“S-So strong!”


“I-Isn’t she just a fairy? Eh?”

I looked at the blonde boy who said that I was “just a fairy”.

“Just a fairy? Who do you think that you are referring to, human?”

The blonde boy began to sweat as he looked at me with extreme fear on his eyes.

“A-Aah… I-I’m sorry! P-Please, I’m sorry!”

After seeing the human boy struggle with my aura, while asking for forgiveness. I sealed my aura once again.

“Hmmph. Anyways. You, the human woman with the gla.s.ses, do you have a name?”

The Archer Beauty began to tremble as she said her name.

“M-My name is Charlotte…”

“Charlotte… Do you think that I would fall for such a thing? You underestimate my intelligence, don’t you? Do you think that we are stupid? Why would I let you go so freely without worries? You will probably bring even more humans with you, an even stronger army… It’s extremely obvious”

Charlotte tried to retort me.

“N-No! It’s not that!”

However, due to the rudeness of her response, my wives began to look at her with deadly glares, as Nesiphae spoke.

“Human, calm yourself. You are in no right to talk to my wife on that tone. Next time you talk like this, you will die a painful death”

After noticing the towering size of Nesiphae, Charlotte almost fainted with the horror.

“Y-Yes… I’m deeply sorry…”

I think Nesiphae went a little overboard there, I don’t want them dead. They will be more useful alive than anything.

It seems that humans couldn’t get themselves outside of this sticky situation by just talking or asking, so I decided to just make them my slaves and know them better. At the very least, they could become strong slave soldiers. I will interrogate each one about human information.

[You successfully made a Blood Pact with Human Charlotte Bartram (Archer), Human Lilith Payne (Iron Defender), Human Makesia (Beastly Berserker), Human Evan G.o.dfrey (Resplendent Knight) and Human Armand Nash (Dual Swordsman)] [62/120]

Seeing the group of unconscious humans, I commanded some Arachne Maids to take them to the Underground rooms, I will interrogate them tomorrow. I want to rest for now…

Wait… Arachne Maids?

It seems that in my absence, most of the slaves finally evolved, becoming mostly humanoids. All the little hairy spiders that worked hard around the castle became beautiful and enchanting Arachne of all sizes and forms!

And about the demi-humans, I wanted them to feel at home so I talked with the bunch for a while, everyone had different stories about being enslaved for the human tricks and lies. Some held incredible hatred for humans and wanted them dead, while others had neutral stances, as they had both meet bad and good humans.

One of the Cait Sith said with a tender voice.

“I-I think that humans are an awful race… They mocked at my people and enslaved us. Used by people for their entertainment, and when their n.o.ble child got bored of us, they tried to get rid of us by throwing us to the hungry monsters… Humans are awful! Very awful! I don’t want to meet them ever again! Snif, snif”

Seeing such a cute cat crying over the death of its family saddened me. It seems that this people has went through a lot of suffering, seeing their beloved die in horrible ways while they fought to remain alive.

I spent the rest of the day speaking with each demi-human and carefully hearing their stories. Even my wives consoled some of them. Zehe liked the Cait Siths so she put both on her lap, slowly caressing them.

Redgaria was also there, but he was mostly considered some kind of undead, so no one noticed that he was an actual human. Well, he has never considered himself one.

The Harpy Girl seemed to finally break from her shyness as she talked a lot with us, saying how much she loved this place and the freedom that they had. She looked at me with a fascinated face, calling me “Divine Empress” … Her father was a nice and strong man, although he doomed his whole tribe for his naivety, he remained with her daughter and protected as much as he could. But there were things that the humans did that he couldn’t protect her from. As he told me, she was s.e.xually a.s.saulted multiple times. I couldn’t believe that this cheerful and energetic girl has been through such things repeatedly. Demi-humans are really strong people.

After having everything settled, I gave each group a nice home for them to stay in, without any charge. I would go look for them tomorrow morning and they will begin training with the rest of the royal knights, no exceptions. I will give them a home and food, but they will give me their strength in exchange. All of them had incredible potential, even the Cait Sith.

Most of them couldn’t believe that they were given a whole home to stay in, crying from happiness.

I decided to hold a big feast welcoming all the Demi-humans on the Royal Dining Room, I invited all my people in the town too. There was new delicious food that I brought from the dungeon. These included Purified Nether Worm meat, Walking Mushroom and Lizardman Emperor meat.

The Demi-Humans were quickly accepted by my family as they gained new friends and a beautiful and warm atmosphere lasted until very late on the night.

I noticed that Wagyu Kids and her Partner were on the feast. Wagyu kids had grown incredibly large and were on an adult state already, they looked like younger versions of Wagyu, with some distinct features. They were very cheerful and even wanted to spar with me. They will grow into very strong warriors, that’s for sure.

Some groups still weren’t back from their expeditions, but they all sent me messages that everything was going fine and they would be back in one to two days from now.

When the feast finished and everyone went back home, I carried my drunk wives towards my room. Gaby also came. Everyone ended up dry from the morning s.e.x, so we all decided to just sleep for now.

Hmmm… Now that there is another girl, I think we will need a bigger bed…


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