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Chapter 1723: Human Love

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Zhang Ruochen gazed at them coldly and said, “Give me a reason not to kill him.”

Nine Heavenly Maiden said, “Both of you are victims. All his family was killed by the armies from Sacred Central Empire during the battle in Lingxiao Heavenly King Mansion, but there wasn’t any feud between you and Chi Wansui, nor did he attack the descendants of the previous officials from Sacred Central Empire.”

“Are you saying that this is my fault?” asked Zhang Ruochen.

“Neither of you are wrong. It’s this era that did you wrong. If you were born in a different time, there wouldn’t be so much hate and resentment between you,” said Nine Heavenly Maiden.

Zhang Ruochen looked to Qing Xiao and asked, “You don’t think I should kill him, do you?”

Qing Xiao was silent for a long while before saying, “I shouldn’t say anything unnecessary, but I do need to remind you that Chi Wansui has been blinded by hate, twisting his state of mind. Do you want to become like him? You should know that he wasn’t the start of this. Don’t you wonder why the Empress would tell them that you killed their parents?”

Obviously, Qing Xiao, Nine Heavenly Maiden and Chi Wansui all knew that Chi Kunlun and Chi Kongyue were Zhang Ruochen and Empress Chi Yao’s children, but none of them dared tell Zhang Ruochen anything about that.

That was a taboo surrounding the empress.

Zhang Ruochen stared at Chi Wansui and recalled lots of things that had happened.

He used to be both enemy and comrade-in-arms. Back then, Chi Wansui was still an honorable man with morals, and he would never exploit two innocent children.


Zhang Ruochen pulled the b.l.o.o.d.y Abyss Ancient Sword out and said, “A calamity is. .h.i.tting Kunlun’s Field soon, so I’ll spare his life for that, but what you’ve done is so despicable. I’ll teach you a lesson by destroying one of your arms.”


Zhang Ruochen wielded a cl.u.s.ter of Divine Fire Jingmie and burnt Chi Wansui’s left arm into ashes.

Chi Wansui kept gasping and shaking his body because of the agony he endured.

However, Zhang Ruochen wasn’t happy at all after doing that. Instead, he couldn’t feel more desolate and bitter as he prepared to leave.

His emotions were in a mess because Chi Kunlun and Chi Konglun had shown up. He was happy to see his kids, but he was also dismayed. Zhang Ruochen wanted to ponder how to face the two of them.

Nine Heavenly Maiden said, “Wait a sec.”

Zhang Ruochen stopped but didn’t turn around.

Nine Heavenly Maiden walked toward Zhang Ruochen. Seeing how much pain he was in, she hesitated to talk at all.

Qing Xiao didn’t mind it. He said without filter, “Kunlun’s Field needs your help this time. We need your help to get back Xumi Dojo in Truth Heavenly Domain left by Saint Monk Xumi.”

Zhang Ruochen stopped being upset and said, “I promised Luo Xu that I’d help Kunlun’s Field to pay him back for last time, but I don’t understand why you haven’t gone back to set up a defense formation now that Kunlun’s Field’s Heaven and Earth Altar is about to be conquered. What’s the point of refining in Truth Heavenly Domain?”

Nine Heavenly Maiden said, “A hundred thousand years ago, Kunlun’s Field was almost destroyed by the G.o.ds from h.e.l.l World. It was Saint Monk Xumi who sacrificed all his G.o.dly power to seal all the holes to preserve Kunlun’s Field.

“But now, Saint Monk Xumi’s G.o.dly power has almost withered away, and those holes will be opened again, after which Kunlun’s Field will become a warzone where all the ordinary people die.

“However, her majesty gave us an oracle message that Saint Monk Xumi left an object in Xumi Dojo, and if we can get that object, we can mobilize the s.p.a.ce inscriptions and time prints left by Saint Monk Xumi.

“Once those s.p.a.ce inscriptions and time prints are activated, they can be more than enough to ward off the saint kings from h.e.l.l World.”

Zhang Ruochen thought and said, “Only creatures under supreme saints can enter the battle in the large field battlefield. If there is something in Xumi Dojo that can activate the s.p.a.ce inscriptions and time prints left by Saint Monk Xumi, the monks from Kunlun’s Field might be able to fight back in the battle instead of watching their homeland being ravaged by h.e.l.l World and the secular fields under Heaven World.”

“That’s right,” said Nine Heavenly Maiden.

Zhang Ruochen asked, “When are you going to attack Xumi Dojo?”

Nine Heavenly Maiden said, “It is the monks from Heaven Field, the ruling field of the western universe, that’s occupying Xumi Dojo, and there’re also disciples from s.p.a.ce G.o.dly Palace and Time G.o.dly Palace refining there. Even after ‘All Lives Equal’, it’ll be very difficult for us to take back the dojo.’

There were a great many powerful beings from Heaven Field, and those from s.p.a.ce G.o.dly Palace and Time G.o.dly Palace had incredible skills.

It was a hard battle to fight!

Nine Heavenly Maiden continued. “Which is why we need to get very well prepared before we take action. With your help, we can attack Xumi Dojo in three days.”

“Okay. Notify me in three days.”

Zhang Ruochen agreed to help not just because of his promise to Luo Xu, but also because he was very interested in Xumi Dojo, as he wanted to know what Saint Monk Xumi left in his dojo.

Qing Xiao and Nine Heavenly Maiden gave each other a look, and they both looked pleased. As long as Zhang Ruochen was willing to lend a hand, they would have a higher chance of taking back Xumi Dojo.

Zhang Ruochen turned around and wanted to leave, but then, he stopped and said, “Kunlun’s Field is likely to be in ruins if both h.e.l.l World and the secular fields from Heaven World send armies to fight there. Have you thought about how the creatures in Kunlun’s Field are going to survive that?”

Hearing that, Qing Xiao and Nine Heavenly Maiden knew that Zhang Ruochen still had Kunlun’s Field in his heart.

Nine Heavenly Maiden then said, “The Empress has chosen nine heirs and given them nine heir stamps. Each heir stamp is like an embryonic world. As the heirs get stronger, the embryonic worlds become more complete. They’ll evolve into a real world someday.

“If Kunlun’s Field really gets destroyed one day, the heirs will get as many creatures into the heir stamps as possible to provide another s.p.a.ce for them, but that’s the last thing we want to see.”

Without asking more questions, Zhang Ruochen nodded and walked into the distance.

After returning to the Moon G.o.ddess Dojo, Blackie and the Amazing Little Taoist immediately ran to Zhang Ruochen.

“How was it? How was it? Are they your children?” asked Blackie.

Zhang Ruochen was in no mood to talk about it with them. He walked deep into the dojo without saying anything.

Blackie didn’t keep pus.h.i.+ng him as it saw how upset Zhang Ruochen was. He said with a smiley face, “I have something great to tell you, that we have taken back all the dojos from Guanghan Field. And besides, I’ve set up formations in those dojos so that ordinary saint kings can’t trespa.s.s in them.”

Zhang Ruochen asked, “Saint Jade Emperor?”

Blackie sighed and said, “The Moon G.o.ddess came to Truth Heavenly Domain half a year ago and took it!”

“The Moon G.o.ddess has been to Truth Heavenly Domain?” Zhang Ruochen was a bit surprised.

Zhang Ruochen knew how strong the Moon G.o.ddess was. Since her G.o.dly power was gradually coming back, she would definitely get more benefits for Guanghan Field.

Blackie smiled seeing Zhang Ruochen’s silence. It said, “Also, after more than half a year of taming, Saint Jade Emperor has recognized me as its master, and it’s been practicing the techniques I taught it. Even if it’s following Moon G.o.ddess now, I can still tell it to do something.”


Zhang Ruochen walked right into a weapon-refining pavilion, and activated the defense formation to stop Blackie and the Amazing Little Taoist from getting in.

The Amazing Little Taoist said, “Zhang Ruochen is really upset. It seems that those two children are indeed related to him. Should we give a message to Sister Mu? Perhaps she can console him.”

Blackie rolled its eyes at the Amazing Little Taoist and said, “Are you r.e.t.a.r.ded? How can we let that girl Mu know about this? Besides, Sister Mu left with the Moon G.o.ddess, which means the Moon G.o.ddess has something vital for her to complete or even teach her better techniques. Even if we tell her, she won’t be able to get here in time.”

The Amazing Little Taoist said, “Then what should we do? What if Zhang Ruochen never recovers from this…”

“What the h.e.l.l are you talking about?”

Blackie sneered and said, “Based on what I know about him, I bet he can definitely make it through, and he must be thinking about the best way to deal with this situation. Leave him alone!”

Zhang Ruochen was sitting on the ground without refining. He looked dumbfounded.

After a whole day, Zhang Ruochen gradually recovered from the shock. He exhaled deeply and whispered to himself, “Even if I tell them I’m their father, they won’t believe me. Even if they do, they will only be in more pain.

“This is a feud between me and Chi Yao, so it shouldn’t concern any of them. They should live in happiness, not hatred.

“Why are you so cruel, even to your own children, Chi Yao? Why do you make them live in hate? Why did you give birth to them if you can’t give them love and joy? You’re indeed a merciless woman!”

But on second thought, Zhang Ruochen also couldn’t give the love and happiness Chi Yao didn’t.

Zhang Ruochen looked up, blinked his eyes, and stopped himself from crying.

Gradually, Zhang Ruochen’s eyes got dry again, and he looked firmer. He said, “Whatever! Human love will only hold me back. The most important thing is to improve my power, otherwise, I won’t be able to protect them when they run into danger.”

And then, Zhang Ruochen immersed his mind power into his lower abdomen, coming to the sh.o.r.e of Heaven Pa.s.s River.

Under Universe World, Amber Ash’s saint soul had been suppressed into a cl.u.s.ter of amber soul mist.

Zhang Ruochen heard Traceless Fairy and Shang Ziyan mention ‘Amber Ash’ before, so the saint soul was likely to have been someone remarkable when it was still alive.

He wondered how powerful the Emperor Yi Bone Staff could become after absorbing the saint soul’s mist.


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