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After the red wolves were obliterated, the humans surrounded the black wolves while remaining on guard. Originally, they were prepared to attack the black wolves right away, but thanks to Susanoo’s sudden declaration, it was put on hold.


The clan master of the Lightning G.o.d Clan, Kang MiRae, put her hand on her forehead, trying to calm herself down as much as possible, while confirming the situation with Yu IlHan.

“These guys all became your subordinates?”

Nodding, Yu IlHan gave a glance to Ericia. She, along with Flemir, walked into the front and greeted her by bowing slightly.
When she backed off slightly behind Yu IlHan and knelt, all the surviving wolves followed her. It was a complete declaration of submission.

“Oh my word…”
“Insane. Now he’s taming monsters? And on such a large scale too?”
“Just how……”

Everyone became shocked. It wouldn’t be strange for any one of them to shout ‘I can’t believe it!’ or ‘I cannot accept that!’, but no one did. That was because, if they started questioning, they had to question the very existence of Susanoo first.

“Every 4th cla.s.s being with the exception of that guy, Flemir, have all perished. If you want, you may enter the gate to confirm the corpses.”
“We do not doubt your words. However, they are monsters, and as such, we can not help but be worr-”
“I will take responsibility.”

So said Susanoo. The clan masters all subconsciously nodded their heads.

Of course, he did say this while glaring at Ericia and Flemir. It was a confirmation, saying ‘I did all this for you, so you know what will happen when you cause an accident, right?’. Of course, the wolves could not understand English, but they seemed to have noticed something and nodded like mad.

“Then, we want to confirm these guys going into the gate.”

That was very simple. When Yu IlHan ordered, Flemir made all the surviving 3 thousand black wolves go into the gate.
Some calmed down at the scene, some felt admiration, and some were overwhelmed.

“Susanoo and wolf army…”
“So no one in the world can go against him now.”
“So nothing really changed then.”

When all the normal wolves went back into the gate, all that was left was Flemir and Ericia. Flemir was still busy chewing his lips, and Ericia whispered to Yu IlHan after approaching him.

“Master, would it be rude for me to ask you for one week? I want to gather the surviving wolfkin and make a new habitat……”
“I’ll give you 2 weeks, go. If there are any Destruction Demon Army guys left, then clean them up too. Oh, take this too.”
“Ah! Thank you very much!”

When Yu IlHan took out some random unique ranked weapon and armor after rummaging around his inventory, she bowed several times in thanks and went beyond the gate with Flemir.

The humans were looking at the gate absent mindedly as it was still spitting out ominous smoke, but when Kang MiRae clapped, they all looked towards her as if entranced.

“We obtained victory.”

She declared as such.

“Thanks for your work, everyone.”

That, was like a magical declaration. Everyone present was nervous in front of a global-scale crisis, but now, they could be relieved.

Really, the short and chaotic war of the Autumn night, came to an end with this.

“Huh? Where did Susanoo go!?”
“He disappeared! Ah, the cute little boy flying in the air alone too!”1
“There were also 4 really strong people of unknown affiliation.”

Thanks to Kang MiRae gathering attention, it became easier to activated concealment. He even wondered if this was her intention in the first place. Yu IlHan left the place with the elves, Liera and Erta, and Yumir, while concealed.

“Susanoo, I need to have a showdown with Susanoo!”
“Someone drag this madman away. But it’s still a pity. I wanted to have a talk with Susanoo.”
“Retreating troops! Let’s just leave a part for guarding the gate…….”
“What do we do with this land? No one’s gonna live here.”

Thanks to Susanoo’s sudden disappearance, some were enraged, and some fell into confusion, but they couldn’t look for him forever. Since the battle had ended, it was now time to clean up.

They had to thank the forces that came to help from foreign countries, gather dead bodies of allies, look after the injured, check for any enemies that may have escaped, contact the media, contact the government, come up with compensation on a national scale for the ones whose properties were damaged, and decide what to do with the gate and…….

As the representative of the Korean ability users, and as someone who had connections with the government, military, media, and even some foreign governments, Kang MiRae’s true battle had only just started.
To be honest, thanks to Yu IlHan’s actions being too storm-like, they were still dumbfounded, but it was also thanks to him that the damage received was so little. Although some work had increased due to him, there were some that had decreased due to him as well.

Although it was a little off for a 100% pure Korean to be called ‘Susanoo’, but they couldn’t deny the fact that the name was too fitting.
He was like a storm. No one could find him, and no one could hold him down, he came and went as he wished, but somehow it didn’t feel so bad. That was even stranger.

Just as Kang MiRae took up her phone, it lightly vibrated and showed the message it had just received.

[I want to have a talk. Please contact me when you have some time.]

Quite a careful tone, contrasting to the figure that had overwhelmed all the humans and wolves alike just a moment before. Looking at that message, Kang MiRae’s heart thumped loudly for a moment. Looking at that, Na YuNa asked her while tilting her head.

“Mirae, you like work so muuuuch? It’s gonna be h.e.l.lish from now on, but why are you smiling?”
“Na YuNa, you’re going to work too.”

Smile? Nonsense. It was just her facial muscles relaxing due to the taut situation calming down as well. Or so muttered Kang MiRae as she grabbed Na YuNa by the neck.
Just then though, Kang HaJin, who was moving even more busily than Kang MiRae, ended his phone call when he approached her with a stiff face.

“Keep the private talk to later.”
“Father wants to see you.”

Kang MiRae’s expression solidified as well. Was it because she said she didn’t want to go to university? Did she do something that breached her father’s authority?
Just as she thought of some questions in her head, Kang HaJin spoke in a slightly nervous voice.

“He wants to talk about Mr. Yu IlHan.”
“……..No, I’m not going.”

She shook her head like a little child. All people that knew the Empress would be shocked if they saw this.

“I’ll set the tentative date to the day after tomorrow.”
“No, I’m not going.”
“Don’t be stubborn. There’s a phone call for you, let’s work.”
“I’m not going, I’m not going.”
“MiRae’s so cute. Peek-a-bo-Kyahak!”
“You work.”

Lightning struck Na YuNa’s head just as she found an opportunity to tease Kang MiRae. With a depressed face, Kang MiRae took up her phone.

The day after tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, eh. G.o.d dammit I don’t care any more, let’s work first.

Just as everyone started their new battle, the sun was rising beyond the horizon.

Meanwhile, Yu IlHan, who couldn’t care less about other people singing songs or dancing about him, headed home faster than anyone.
The elves were boasting about how many wolves they killed, so Yu IlHan said he killed 70 thousand to make them shut up.

“Dad, I killed a lot too! I killed thiiiiiiiiiiiiis much!”
“Yeah, I’m proud of you son.”
“Can I become stronger?”
“Of course you can.”

It wasn’t some empty words. Yu IlHan brushed Yumir’s head and checked his stats, and he found that he had changed from an Infant dragon to Kid dragon, and his level was 55. This, happened within a single day from birth.

Going over to skills, it was jaw-dropping. Perhaps due to undergoing 2nd cla.s.s advancement, there were various new pa.s.sive and active skills, and middle-tier wind magic had even rose to level 39. Concealment was even more of a spectacle at level 47. No matter how extreme the situation was…… Yu IlHan was just dumbfounded.

“Dragons are really OP beings. There was no 2nd cla.s.s quest either?”
[Dragons are races that were promised the 4th cla.s.s upon birth. There’s no way they’d have quests.] (Erta)
[But don’t you think Mir is a genius among them too? His growth is too fast. As expected of my son.] (Liera)
[Who’s your son again?] (Erta)

No cla.s.s quests? That’s even more OP! If it wasn’t for the fact that he was his son, Yu IlHan would have complained about it already, but seeing Yumir fidgeting his ever-small fingers and digging into Yu IlHan’s embrace, his boiling rage calmed down.

Yes. He’s cute so it’s okay.

[So, are you sure they won’t stab you in the back?] (Liera)

Liera, who couldn’t be with him over the gate unlike Erta, asked worriedly. Yu IlHan nodded.

“I applied the Rule skill on her and checked so it’s fine.”
[And not that you accepted her because she’s a pretty girl?] (Liera)

Yu IlHan blinked; this was a direction he had not expected an attack from.

“She’s a monster. What’s there to be ‘cute’ about?”
[Dragons are monsters too……?] (Liera)
“Huh, you’re right. So there’s no need to be so bothered about that…….?”

Yu IlHans thinking changed. Liera despaired, thinking that she shouldn’t have said that, and Erta glared at her. But fortunately, Yu IlHan added.

“It doesn’t matter in any case. They are in the end, just my subordinates. There’s no way they will like me. Rather, it will be a miracle if they don’t hate me.”
“I’m not just a subordinate. For Your Majesty, I can hand my life!”
“Th, then my soul!”
“Th, then all my records!”

The angels were relieved thanks to Yu IlHan’s words, and the elves who couldn’t hear the angels’ voices muttered slightly nonsensical things, and Yumir, who could listen to their voices from birth, was just all smiles. So cute.

After coming home, Yu IlHan and co first slept. Just two hours. That was enough.

Excluding Yumir, who needed quite a lot of sleep at his age, everyone shrugged off their fatigue with a short sleep and calmly headed towards the workshop and started dismantling, Only Erta stayed behind to look after the child.

“Guys, rejoice. If you dismantle all the dragonkin, then it’s the wolves next.”
“I’m really happy, Your Majesty.”
“Haha, hahahaha……..”

Yu IlHan first took out some dragonkin corpses to let the elves dismantle them, and he himself took out the meat that had matured inside the bucket, removed any poison, and even collected Breath, which became an even more ‘thrilling’ alcoholic drink.

Then, he refilled it with dragon blood and meat. There were still a lot of dragon meat-in-waiting. To be exact, there were still 1250 of them to go. It would be enough for several generations to come!

“Guys, finish up the stuff you’re doing and come. I’ll grill you some dragon meat.”
“I’m touched, Your Majesty!”

Yu IlHan declaring to cook dragon meat in what’s supposed to be his workshop, and the elves who rejoice with his declaration. If there was chaos, this was one!

If Erta was here, she would have sighed saying that his figure was unbefitting of a father, but Liera was an angel who was on a completely different plane than her, so she said this.

[I wanna eat too. That sounds delicious.] (Liera)
“Wait a little more.”

As the poisonous stuff was mostly in the dragon blood, the dragon meat that matured in the bucket had only trivial amount of poison left. A Weak poison resistance skill would suffice, and even if one didn’t have one, it would just end with a slightly numb tongue and a DoT.

[That’s quite serious though!?] (Liera)
“It’s alright. I raised my elves strong so they all have weak poison resistance at least.”
“I have normal Poison resistance, Your Majesty.”

Boasted Phiria, who was quite well-versed in poison as expected of a thief cla.s.s. She had finished dismantling quite a bit quicker than the others.

“Good, I’ll give you one first.”
“My honor.”

Yu IlHan took out a BBQ grill (made of dragon bones) and washed it before heating it up with the Eternal Flame.
Next, he sliced some pieces of meat into bite-sized meat and put it on the grill, and when that happened, a bone-shivering sound of grilling could be heard, and a nice fragrance could be smelled.

“Wao, I’m happy at this point too.”

[The skill, Cooking, has become level 54. You can cook various dishes more proficiently, and the completed cooking will have deeper and more varied taste.]

Just grilling the dragon meat made his skill rise by 5 levels! Just that was enough compensation for maturing the meat. Yu IlHan became even happier.

Anyway, since he had promised, the first piece was for Phiria. When he picked up a piece of meat that was grilled nicely and instantly thanks to the Eternal Flame, with chopsticks, Phiria closed her eyes and took the piece with her mouth. Here was the first elf across all worlds to savour dragon meat.


Having eaten the dragon meat, Phiria couldn’t say anything and just exclaimed. Her two eyes became teary as well. Yu IlHan was curious about the taste and he took one as well.

His two eyes abruptly opened. If he could, he would have shone out with golden light from his eyes.

“Oooooh, Oooooooooooooh!”
[I knew you’d say that.] (Liera)
“It gently melts in my mouth as soon as a bite on it. On top of the being-and-not-being like chewy feeling,an absurd fragrance explodes in my mouth and it’s as if there’s a festival in my mouth! Oooh, Carnival!”
[Did you practice that line?] (Liera)

Just how delicious was it to be like that? At this point, Liera couldn’t help but check. In fact, although she had killed a lot of dragons, she never ate one.

However, just as she took Yu IlHan’s chopsticks to pick up some meat, the angel’s ring on her head rose and emitted some light. Another angel was communicating to her. Even though no one was supposed to trouble another when eating!

Liera received the incoming message while grumbling. The angel she knew well, Spiera, was saying this.

[Liera, Heaven’s Army came to a decision. As the higher existence factions related to Earth are showing suspicious movements, I will also help Yu IlHan from now on. You did say he became a 3rd cla.s.s and the number of angels he can contract increased, right?]

Due to the sudden declaration, Liera lost her words and just stood stiff.
Yu IlHan’s baggage was going to increase now.

Author’s notes

Dragons are OP from birth
Ooooooooooh! : An exclamation one has to do when eating delicious food. Even better with some oriental music. (T/N: Cooking master boy ref. Look at this for more info)
The new angel Spiera! Her position is…. martial arts master?

Translator’s notes

Translator’s notes:

Proofreader’s notes:

Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu

I imagine they thought he was flying cuz He was carried by Liera, but couldn’t see her. ↩


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