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Michael started pressing along the cave wall, trying to figure out if there were any secret rooms connected to where they are. After all, it would be weird if this group of bandits wasn’t h.o.a.rding any treasures for themselves and that they even made this abandoned dungeon as their hideout.


Michael halted in his steps and went a step back where he immediately felt some wind brus.h.i.+ng past against his skin.

“Did you find it?” Viper came over a minute later after he had picked up all of the loot scattered on the ground.

“Yeah, it’s probably this wall right here,” Michael said as he pointed at the wall before them.

“Hmm…” Viper closely inspected the wall, and he also felt some breeze coming from behind the wall.

“It’s this place then, I’ve had experienced something like this in the past where I escorted a client to raid an ancient tomb before. Let’s start looking for something inconspicuous around here”

“Alright” Michael quickly agreed, as he had already pressed every spot around the part on the wall where the wind is coming from, and nothing noteworthy happened so far.

Michael and Viper continued looking around the place for a couple of minutes before Viper suddenly spotted something out of place.

“Michael!” Viper called out while his pair of eyes are still focused on something in front of him.

“What?” Michael answered and turned towards him.

Viper looked at him, then turned around and pointed towards one of the four pillars.


Viper pointed towards the wall torch attached to the pillar.

Michael looked at the fire torch and finally realized what Viper is telling him.

Viper and Michael walked over before the pillar where the wall torch is attached to, and Michael said, “How come we never notice it?”

“Heh, it must be because this place is illuminated like there’s an electric light bulb inside this room” Viper chuckled, as he felt that whoever made this is really good to be able to fool the two of them for almost half an hour.

“That’s why we never notice this burning torch until now,” Michael added.

Michael reached out his hand towards the torch and grabbed it, and took it out of its holder, and the moment he did that, they quickly heard the rumbling sound of something moving around them.

Michael and Viper quickly turned towards the direction of where the sound is coming from and saw that the wall where there were breezes of winds earlier is slowly moving to the side, revealing what its been hiding inside all along.

“Let’s go,” Viper said as he started making his way towards the entrance of the wall, while Michael, on the other hand, was just about to put the fire torch back, before deciding to store it inside his Storage s.p.a.ce. Thinking that it might come in handy in the future.

Ignacious Fire Torch

A torch that runs by infusing mana on the mana stone. It will continue to burn for an entire month if the mana stone is filled to the brim.

Quality: Rare

“Whoa! What is that?” Viper said the moment his eyes laid on the floating orb in the middle of the bedroom size room before them.

“Don’t know, but let’s find out,” Michael said as he immediately walked towards the floating orb with careful steps as he didn’t want to step into any traps if there are any around.

Michael and Viper inspected the dark orb floating before them, and the information of the item quickly appeared in front of them.

Gate (Damaged)

A portal orb, a gateway that connects two places. Usage of this item allows someone to arrive at the other end of this gateway.

Status: 90% Complete. (Repairing)

“A portal?” Viper muttered, then he quickly turned towards Michael as he noticed that the latter went into an attacking stance.

“The heck are you doing?”

“Destroying it of course,” Michael said, as his sword started glowing.



Michael swung his sword in an arc and struck the floating orb on its side, producing a metallic sound.


“Press Impact!”

Michael kept attacking the orb, as sparks flew everywhere, and both men quickly noticed that the completion rate of the orb is dwindling every one percent every time Michael attacks it.

“Why are you attacking it anyway?” Viper just shook his head and headed towards the multiple scrolls stacked together on a small shelf, which is really out of place considering the fact that it was the only item inside this room except for the floating orb.

“Ohh, these are actually scrolls” Viper was delighted when he saw the stack of skills scrolls, and he quickly took one of them and inspected it.

There are two advanced skills for Barbarians, one for Hunters, one for Wizards and surprisingly, there’s also one for the Demon Hunter cla.s.s.

And the skills are Wrath of the Berserker, Rolling Crash, Fade Step, Blink, and Marked for Death respectively.

“Hey, Mike! Look at this, these things are actually skill scrolls!” Viper called out.

“Not now!”

“Suit yourself!” Viper shrugged his shoulders and started pocketing the skill scrolls in his Storage s.p.a.ce.

And while he was doing that, Michael is still on the process of trying to destroy the floating orb in front of him.

“Seismic Slam!”

Michael jumped in the air and raised his sword, and angrily slashed his sword towards the floating orb.

Cras.h.!.+ Bang!

“Alright!” Michael clenched his fist when the orb finally broke into pieces, but the weird thing is that the pieces didn’t fly or drop anywhere along the ground as they still floated in the air.


You have destroyed a Gateway Portal of the Sea Tribe, and temporarily averted a disaster towards Nevareth Continent and its inhabitants!

You have gained 1000 Fame and 500 Prestige!

You have leveled up!

You have leveled up !


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